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7 Things To Do on The Day of CAT
October 11 2023
CAT 2020 Dress Code, For the CAT exam, there are many rules and instructions to be followed. Besides taking important documents on the exam day, it is essential to follow the dress code on November 24, 2019. As any blunder can lead to inconvenience on the test day. Since strick frisking and verification will take place, candidates must take care of the attire they are planning to wear on the D-day. Last year, students who did not follow the code of conduct had to face the hassle before and during the test. As closed footwears were not allowed last year, candidates wearing them had to take the exam bare feet. So, with a few changes in the dress code this year, here are key points to note about CAT 2019 dress code. CAT 2020 Dress Code
  • Footwears not allowed: On the exam day, candidates can wear any
  • of footwear without any restrictions. Though no footwears are allowed inside the exam hall. Candidates have to remove their shoes outside the exam hall.
  • Socks are allowed: Candidates who do not feel comfortable in taking the exam bare feet have good news that they can wear socks inside the exam hall.
  • Clothes with pockets are not allowed: Students can wear any of the top, shirt, pullover, sweater, cardigans, kurta, t-shirt, etc without any pockets. Do not wear jackets, scarves, shawls on the exam day.  Even in bottom-wear try to carry something comfortable. Since nothing has been mentioned anything about pockets in bottom-wears, candidates must wear them with either less number of pockets or no pockets at all.
  • Unnatural Marks: On the test day, candidates have to go through the biometric process in which the left thumb impression will be taken. So, make sure there are no unnatural marks on the fingers. Especially, there should no marks of Heena, tattoo, etc that could create hindrance in taking a clear thumb impression.
  • Do not wear any Jewelry or Metal Items: Jewelry is not at all allowed on the exam day. In addition to that, any metallic items are also strictly prohibited. If any such item is detected than candidates have to remove them before entering the exam hall.
  • Have a Natural Look: Girls must avoid makeup on the exam day. Also, keep the hairstyle as simple as possible. Refer to a simple ponytail or braid. Also, metal clips, clusters, etc. will have to be removed before entering the exam hall. So, use simple rubber bands only. For Boys, if you have uploaded the pic without a beard then try to make sure you appear on the exam day with the same look.
  • Do not Carry Bags, Mobile Phones: Candidates must not carry prohibited items like goggles, electronic gadgets, calculators, stationery items, wallets, etc on the exam day. If students are carrying such items then they have to leave them outside and test center staff will take no responsibility for the security of candidates’ belonging.
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Anisha Mukhija

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