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B-School placements at 8-year high
May 08 2024

B-School placements at 8-year high despite covid-19 disruptions

Placement of India’s management school graduates touched an eight-year high in 2019-20 despite the covid-19 pandemic impacting the last a part of the tutorial year.


The 2019-20 placement numbers indicate that companies honoured many of their job offers to management graduates, despite a troublesome economic environment. B-Schools managed to seek out replacement jobs when a number of their students faced difficulties in joining the businesses thanks to business loss. As per fresh official data, B-Schools across India placed a minimum of 115,481 graduating management students in 2019-20 against the enrollment of 237,000 of an equivalent batch in 2018-19 school year .

In 2018-19, B-Schools placed around 115,400 students, consistent with official data reviewed by Mint. This data was from over many non-IIM business schools. IIMs, due to their brand and quality, had already said that that they had an honest year of campus hiring. IIMs are autonomous and don't fall into the purview of All Indian Council of Technical Education (AICTE), professional education regulator.


Though the location of B-School graduates hovered around 49% of these enrolled, hiring trend shows endless growth, consistent with official data by AICTE. The number are often interpreted in two ways. One, almost 50% couldn't land employment during campus hiring, a standard debate on subdued employment environment and quality of employable graduates within the country. 

Two, the 2019-20 numbers are still highest since 2012 when AICTE started capturing hiring numbers from management schools during a structured way. “The number could are much higher this point as long as the pandemic wasn't there. Still an improvement than last year may be a positive sign," said a government official who declined to be named. "There were reports of companies not honouring some offers initially, but it seems the institutions and students did find replacement offers – the salary must have gotten compromised a touch though. While things in leading B-Schools were as per the trend, it's going to not be same for across the table and a few hooked in to local industrial clusters may have gotten impacted."

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Anisha Mukhija

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