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Best Guide for Preparation of CAT Quantitative Ability
May 10 2024

Let's look at what it means first before discussing how to get ready for CAT. IIMs annually conduct the CAT, or Common Admission Test, to help B-schools, including IIMs, shortlist applicants for admission to MBA and PGDM programs. For management candidates, admission to IIMs is the ultimate goal. And it is possible to do so with the appropriate preparation and approach.

 The section of CAT Quantitative Ability is considered the most time-consuming as it has lots of calculations that have to be solved within one minute per question. Even though there are many online tools for CAT quantitative aptitude preparation, for many CAT candidates, preparing for the CAT quantitative ability portion is one of the most complex and tough undertakings.

The QA part is regarded by the majority of elite CAT scorers as one of the most unexpected sections for the CAT exam. To turn the page and make fresh changes to the overall preparation, it is vital to be aware of certain tips.

 Preparing for the CAT can be made much simpler with the right quantitative aptitude advice. You may get information on what quantitative aptitude (QA) is all about, the key subjects covered in the QA portion, online tools for CAT 2022 quantitative aptitude preparation, the top preparation advice for the CAT quantitative ability, and much more. ENROL for CAT courses!

What is Quantitative Ability?

CAT 2022 will be administered online, most likely at the end of November. Three things— numerical ability, mathematical skills, and problem-solving skills—are intended to be tested in the CAT quantitative ability portion. Most MBA admission exams include a subject on quantitative aptitude or competence. The CAT's quantitative ability part typically contains questions that has elementary mathematics.

Major Topics Covered Under CAT Quantitative Ability

Algebra Modern Math Inequalities
Quadrilaterals Polygons Harmonic Progression
Factorials Shortcuts in Averages Properties Of Ratio, Proportion
Conditional Probability Infinite Geometric Progression Derangement
Remainder Concept Number System Permutation
Combination/Probability Statistics Weighted Average


How to Prepare for Quantitative Ability (QA)?

The experts' and top students' recommendations for CAT 2022 preparation are listed below. The following tips can help you ace the CAT and get higher results.


Plan your Preparation Schedule

A precise schedule is the first step in any effective preparation. So create a schedule for your CAT preparation and stick to it religiously. Spend at least three hours on QA when it comes to this portion.

The prior top performers advise starting with the fundamentals. To find out what subjects are covered in the quantitative ability component of the CAT exam, you can solve the previous year's papers. Avoid creating a monthly planner because it will be challenging to use at first.

Start With the Basics

Candidates should spend less time on difficult topics and start with the fundamental questions when studying for the CAT. Candidates must begin practicing and answering increasing numbers of questions once they have a firm understanding of each topic conceptually. Initially, solve simple examples, and then you can try solving tough ones.

Practice the Shortcut Techniques

How to correctly answer the questions within the allotted time is the first thing that springs to mind when considering how to prepare for the CAT quantitative abilities. Candidates should concentrate on mastering speed tactics so they can manage their time more effectively. You will discover the method for quickly and accurately answering QA questions.

Due to the negative grading, it is not wise to attempt too many questions that require guesswork when preparing for and answering QA section questions. You should only focus on questions that you are confident about due to negative marking.

Focus on Weak Areas

The general approach for CAT is to concentrate on your areas of improvement and work to correct any mistakes you make by practicing more. Weaker parts must be given proper weighting when creating the QA section. However, if candidates begin their preparation now then they should focus on the main areas rather than spending their time on their weaknesses.

Practice with Sectional Time

The Sectional timing for CAT will be 40 minutes for each segment. Candidates should attempt to complete the full section while keeping track of the time as a way to address the question of "How to Prepare for Quantitative Ability (QA)". It is preferable to work ahead of schedule because having a buffer time of at least 5 to 10 minutes will allow for revision on test day. Top CAT scorers advise students to highlight crucial questions and ideas so they may quickly review them at the last minute.


By following all the above-mentioned preparation tips and tricks, you will surely crack CAT 2022. So make sure you plan this strategy in your daily schedule for CAT preparation. On the day of the exam, make sure that you are relaxed mentally so that it can help your mind calm and make you perform your best. As it will help you boost your confidence and you can give your best shot during exams.

Anisha Mukhija

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