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BML Munjal Interview Experiences
October 09 2023

Manoj Kumar Yadav – MBA Class 2022

It all started with CAT examination in November 2020 when I took the exam and was looking through various websites, various portals for getting into a good MBA college.  During this process, I came across BML Munjal University, which was ranked 37th in NIRF and I thought of giving it a try and filled the form online. I tried to connect with many seniors from the college and tried to get a review about the college, and to my benefit, I received a lot of positive responses from the alumni.

January 2020, I was had to appear for GD-PI process. I was ofcourse nervous as this was my first interview of the year and also this was one of the colleges where I wanted to go, so my nervousness increased multifold.

As soon as I entered the interview room, I thought the competition would be limited but then I was surprised to find out that there were so many students who had come for the interview. At first, we were shown a presentation where we were told about college in brief, its curriculum, the pedagogy and about the immersion program at Imperial College London.  We were also given an opportunity to ask questions and clear our doubts before the GD-PI.

After the presentation, our documents were verified, and we were handed over the case study solve.  My case study was about “Vivo taking the title sponsorship of IPL”. We were asked to submit the case study in 30 minutes post which our PI was scheduled.

Personal Interview Experience:

After submission of the case discussion, I was waiting for my turn for the personal interview, I was getting very anxious as to what the questions are going to come to me. I went inside the room where I was introduced to our then Dean Dr. Vishal Talwar. I was asked to introduce myself and talk about my family, my experience, and why I want to do an MBA. He also asked me about my hobbies what do I do when I am free and how can I add value to BML Munjal University.  I was also asked questions from the case discussion which I had submitted earlier. Also, coming from BCom Hons background, I was asked why I wanted to go into marketing. There were some guesstimates questions to test my logical and analytical skills.

Overall, the interview went for approx 1 hour and it covered my areas of interest, my work experience, why I want to do MBA and why BML Munjal University.

To sum up, my whole experience of the interview was completely different than what I was expecting it to be while waiting for my turn, the interviewers made me feel so comfortable and it felt that the interview got over in just 10 mins, while it was of 1 hours, and that reflects how easy, smooth and comfortable I would have felt during the interview. I was quite happy with my interview and I felt that I may get selected but still I was curiously waiting for the results to be announced. And finally, I was thrilled to know that  I had cleared the interview and would be going to the college where  I wanted to.

Key Takeaways

  1. PI is generally based on your CV and background.
  2. Case discussion is discussed in PI
  3. Be honest about yourself don’t lie
  4. Be confident


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