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Career opportunities in Enterprise Resource Management
April 15 2024
In order to get on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) career path, you need skills in an ERP software package -- not necessarily in a particular technology like networking or programming. If you're interested in pursuing a career in ERP, or if your company has just implemented an ERP system, you definitely want to seek out formal training. Business enterprise training in ERP systems can be applied across a broad range of industries, offering diverse career opportunities and flexibility, and also applies to specific careers and titles, including:
  • Director of ERP Development
  • ERP Application Analyst
  • SAP Team Lead
  • Director of SAP Business Analysis
  • ERP Consultant
  • ERP Operations Director
  • ERP Trainer
  • ERP Training Manager
  • SAP Project Manager
  • Senior Director of ERP Implementation
ERP is applicable and in high-demand across a multitude industries. Here are just a few of the coordinated SAP solutions by industry your ERP specialization prepares you to work within:
· Aerospace and Defense · Banking · Consumer Products · Oil and Gas · Sports and Entertainment · Retail · Telecommunications · Consumer Products · High Tech · Public Sector
Let’s explore a few of the potential career paths in the growing field of enterprise resource planning:

ERP Business Analyst

ERP business analysts must have a strong grasp of how potential ERP solutions converge with business needs and goals. Typically,these professionals assist with implementing and maintaining ERP systems, with responsibility for business systems analysis, workflow analysis and technical communications.

ERP Technical/Functional Analyst

An ERP technical/functional analyst may act as a liaison between technical support staff and end users, including through providing expertise and guidance relating to ERP systems.

ERP Technical Developer

ERP technical developers may have responsibility for recognizing and evaluating potential problems within ERP systems, and developing and implementing appropriate responses to resolve those issues. They may also be tasked with upgrading enterprise resource planning systems in conjunction with evolving business needs and organizational processes. ERP course is designed for educating a professional who is already working or even aspiring for a good career in a field that makes use of ERP products for showing good performance.And for a competent ERP professional, securing good position and high remuneration is not a difficult thing to achieve.
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