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CAT Exam coaching centres
April 21 2024

CAT Coaching

Many of you must be thinking that CAT is all about the motivation and dedication you put in to achieve good score, then why to opt for any coaching centre and put in a huge amount of money. These days all the content is easily available at the internet and at much lower price then why not to do self-study. Let me help you guys to understand more how preparing via a coaching centre is helpful. I am not going to compare between online or self-study, but will be just talking about the advantages that you might get by joining any coaching centre. There are Online Courses available.  If you are starting from scratch and don't have any clue about the concepts, then coaching centre will be really helpful.

They will help you understand the process of learning. A coaching institute can make you familiarise with the concepts and pattern. A coaching institute will also help in providing a mentor who can guide you in the right direction. And one advantage that is unavoidable is personal importance and focus that you will get. When you attend a coaching institute, the faculty will always tell you the most common types of questions that might come in your paper based on the past pattern. This knowledge is crucial when it comes to solving questions fast. The knowledge of how to crack each and every common type of question helps you to apply the concept quickly. 

Sitting at home or studying by yourself can sometimes slow down your speed and can even leave you less motivated. People tend to get bored after sometime. Studying with a peer group of like-minded people always helps in preparing for any such exam like CAT. Challenges that someone faces will help you to evolve and also if you get stuck somewhere, you can always ask your friend or batch mate to get it solved and clear the concept.

CAT is all about strategy. If you are not good in making and understanding strategies, solving millions of questions without any strategy in mind won’t help you in fetching good score. This is where coaching institutes can help you in learning and applying the most common strategies while attempting each section. More often, a person who cannot come up with his own test taking

Strategy ,gets benefited from the ones told by the mentors and faculties. Also it helps in improving the sections in which you are weak. To help you more with getting into correct coaching institute, there are prerequisites which can help you to choose for which coaching institute to prefer. These days there are ample of coaching centres available but definitely you need to target the best one, after all it’s about your career, your time, your money and your efforts.

Coaching Centre Choosing a centre that has dedicated itself on providing quality education to students is an important factor to look into. Along with this, the coaching centre should have a good past record in terms of placing students into top B schools. Fees can also be one of the major factors for a few. You should also look for the experience and qualification that the faculty has in that online coaching.

Feedback from past students Most coaching institutes always put up feedback form that they receive from their students and the key milestones that they have achieved. It is always advisable to check in person with any ex-students to get the ground reality before getting yourself enrolled into any coaching institute.

Demo Class It is always advisable to try few free demo classes before investing into a particular coaching institute. This provides an opportunity to the candidate to test the faculty and their way of teaching.

Get your queries answered Most students don’t ask questions because of the fear that they might end up making fun of themselves. Hence it is mandatory to check how feasible it is to approach a faculty even for any type of doubt be it any stupid doubt or a small doubt. 

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