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CAT mock taking strategy
May 03 2024

It is always said that preparing for CAT topics without taking mock exams is incomplete preparation. Taking mocks is extremely important and cannot be stressed more. 

There are 2 ways to give mocks-

Agenda 1: Complete your 40-day challenge and then give 1 mock. This method is for those students who are sincere and just a little push in the right place will keep them on track. 

Agenda 2: Directly start your preparation by giving a mock first. This is for people who are repeaters or topper’s strategy. It can also be followed by people who are preparing for a long time.

Disclaimer- Mocks are depression-prone, so you won’t be able to score much. This is because it keeps you grounded in terms of your performance and preparation context.

CAT mock-taking strategy

  • Mocks will crack your heads as well but you will only score here if you are consistent and constantly at it and trying without affecting your preparation, come what may.
  • These experimental mocks are given there because, for the last 2yrs, the CAT exam paper pattern has changed every year due to Covid constraints, so, to adapt to this dynamic nature of the paper, we have introduced experimental mocks so that our students must ready for all the circumstances.
  • We have mocks from the past 3-4 years cumulatively curated for the aspirants by IIM students. Every 3rd mock in every month shall be an experimental mock. In September, you will get the last experimental mock and by October 1st week the paper pattern for the coming exam shall be revealed to you as to how many questions will be asked and what shall be the duration of the exam.
  • At CATKing, we shall do a full detailed analysis of the paper so stay tuned. Anybody serious about their CAT preparation shall pledge to give a minimum of 25 mocks, come what may. CATKing mocks are the best mocks in the country to prepare because once you are done taking your mock, an alum from FMS will attempt the paper in front of you so you get to learn how to solve and the next day, another alumnus of IIM Lucknow shall solve the entire paper in a live class of 3hrs and explain the approaches behind each question.

Work hard and success awaits you !!    

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Anisha Mukhija

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