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CMAT D-Day Strategy and last minute TIPS
May 09 2024

Final Strategy and Tips for CMAT With only few days left at hand in the CMAT exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA), last crucial tips to ace the exam are provided with well-versed strategies to ensure accuracy. A well planned revision will always lead to confident attempts and we at CATKing ensure last minute efforts to bag each question with minimal negative marking. 

First of all, to attempt any exam accurately and efficiently we need to break it down and analyze the nature of the paper pattern. CMAT has moderate level of difficulty with an additional compulsory section of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Each section is allotted an ideal time of 20mins. Now considering this we need to understand that CMAT is a strategy based exam. Once apt strategy is made, one can sail through all the questions untrapped. 

There are simply few crucial things to consider:

  • Avoid negative marking. Each incorrect question will cost you -5 marks i.e. -1 for negative marking and -4 for losing a correct question.
  • Speed gives thrill but will Kill. These accidents are very common in CMAT which focuses on speedy accurate attempts. Aspirants lose marks here but can be avoided of we spare just 10 secs on cross checking which answer is marked. Thus, manage your speed. Ideally allot 2mins to each question.
  • How to deal with Wrong Questions. Another common incident to witness in CMAT. Best thing to do here is if we come across any wrong question or wrong option, we Only need to IGNORE In case of two same options given, choose any one of them preferably the one that comes first alphabetically.
  • Efficient way to give mocks. So give as mocks as much as possible, we can do it every alternate day. Allot a fixed 10-15mins to GK and Innovation and Entrepreneurship sections and manage rest of the time in other sections. As per previous 5years statistics, in every 20 questions there will come 4 tricky questions and every section will definitely have 2 tricky questions which are the game changer. Try identifying them then manage to sail through them for utmost success throughout the paper.
  • Sectional as well as full time mocks with new pattern are immensely important. You can find access to CATKing dashboard and start with mocks that are specially curated by CMAT toppers of CATKing.
  • Key tips for preparation – give your special attention to the questions in mocks for Aptitude and Logical Reasoning. These will prove to give you sure shot results. For verbal section, consider solving video lectures if you have scarcity of time. After attempting and solving, consider video solutions given in the dashboard. Also, carefully read the GK and Innovation and Entrepreneurship section as these are 40% of the entire paper.
  • Remember the goal is to do attempt 80% of doable part of the paper with utmost accuracy and escape from negative marking by not getting trapped into tricky questions.

How to by heart GK: -

Reading and remembering theory part is an art that very few have mastered. We are sharing a method that is proven and given by our Rahul Sir himself so follow sincerely. Firstly, divide GK part into Static and Current Affairs then pick one section whichever seems interesting or doable to you and start giving tests for them.

Secondly, reading the last 6months of GK is a must and while reading, visualize each sentence and its meaning then quickly repeat the same sentence again for 2-3 times also, write them down in your language if time permits. These simple tricks are a sure shot to give you major difference in your preparation. You will surely accelerate your entire score drastically. Stay calm, stay composed and talk sanity check to yourself every time pressure and anxiety surrounds you. Do not miss any updates and sessions from Rahul Sir as well as all your teaching mentors.

All the Best!  

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