Competition in CAT Exam

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Competition in CAT Exam

Understanding the Competition in CAT Exam 

Learn how to strategically prepare for CAT and make your IIM dream come true

If there is any Exam which has both the quality and quantity of students participating in it, it surely has to be the CAT exam. CAT is the superset for most of the MBA entrance exams in India, and the mindset of a CAT aspirant would be such that if he is prepared for CAT, he is almost prepared for any MBA entrance exam to happen across INDIA. Understanding the competition in CAT will help you to know where you stand and how much more effort is required to crack CAT.

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Following factors are considered to understand the level of Competition in any exam

  1. Total applicants
  2. Quality of students
  3. Difficulty level
  4. Marking Criteria

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Total applicants:

The best metric to understand the level of competition for any entrance exam is the number of applicants who are participating. For CAT the number of applicants for the year 2017 was approximately 2.5 lakhs. For NMAT, the number of applicants was about 88000 and for SNAP this number was about 65000. Even having the reputation of being the trickiest exam, the huge number of applicants for CAT shows why it is the most competitive exam.


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Quality of Students:

 It is only through CAT, that students are able to get into top B schools, mostly the IIM’s. Even if the student is not willing to appear for exams like NMAT, SNAP, or XAT, it is certain that he or she would be appearing for CAT. This is because unlike other MBA entrance exams, results of CAT exams are considered for the admission for most of the colleges.

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Difficulty Level:

 CAT is not the most difficult exam but trickiest exam to crack. There are the following factors that make CAT difficult exam to crack.

Mocks to ace the exams

  1. High Competition and quality of students
  2. Marking Criteria with negative marking
  3. Questions asked being more logical and tricky
  4. Reservation of seats in top B schools through CAT.

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Marking Criteria:

 Accuracy becomes an important point when you are competing with lakhs of students and there is a negative marking involved for each wrong answer.

Leaving all this aside, if you have a strong foundation and your concepts are clear, you may find CAT being the easiest exam, and the competition will help you instead. 

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