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Crack GK based on animals
April 10 2024

We all know General Knowledge questions are an integral part of some management exams. Every student should try and maximize their marks in GK questions since they don't up more than a few seconds to answer which increases your chances of scoring higher marks. However, with the burden of preparing for the other sections, students usually don't focus on GK and hence, lose out on the opportunity of scoring high.  

Which MBA exams ask GK questions?

MBA exams that have a GK section are XAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT, MICAT, TISSNET, and MAT. Each of these exams has allocated a weightage of anywhere between 10 % to 30% to GK. This is why GK becomes an integral part of MBA exams and students need to diligently prepare for it. GK on animals is also frequently asked in all these exams, so it comes in handy if you know some of the commonly asked GK questions on animals.

What are some of the common GK questions on animals?

GK questions on animals are usually a part of static GK, so you can expect one or two questions based on animals. The following are some of the GK questions and answers related to animals that are frequently asked in management entrance exams such as XAT, IIFT, SNAP, etc.

All the Superlatives:

1 The largest living animal is the Rorqual or blue whale
2 The largest bird alive is the Ostrich
3 The smallest bird alive is the Hummingbird
4 The fastest land animal is the Cheetah
5 The largest land animal is the African bush elephant
6  The world's heaviest flying bird is the Great Bustard
7 The tallest living animal is the Giraffe
8 The bird which has the largest wingspan is the Albatros
9  The world's largest aquarium is the Sydney Aquarium
10 The fastest-moving land snake in the world is the Black Mamba
11 The world's largest zoological reserve is the Etosha National Park, Namibia
12 The oldest domestic Cat on record lives for how many years Thirty-six years
13 The largest flying mammal is the Mouse-eared bat
14 The world's largest deer is the Alaskan moose
15 The largest of all lizards is the Komodo Dragon
16 The largest known frog is the Ora
17 The longest-known frog is the Goliath Grog
18 The longest insect in the world is the Giant Stick Insect
19 The fastest-moving insect in the world is the Tropical cockroach
20 The country which is the largest exporter of hippopotamuses in Europe is Hungary
21 The largest seabird is the Albatross
22 The world's smallest animal is the Skunk like zorilla of Africa
23 The smallest member of the cat family is the Rusty-spotted cat of south India
24 The largest Kangaroo in the world is the Red Kangaroo
25 The smallest known fish is the Dwaft pygmy goby
26 The smallest dog on earth is the Chihuahua
27 The insect which has the largest population on earth is the Wasp
28 The largest Indian deer is the Sambar


african bush elephant

 The largest land animal in the world, the African Bush Elephant 

The first ones: 

29 India's first sanctuary was the Corbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh
30 The first forest show was established in Mexico in the year 1898



The Scientific ones:

31 A group of invertebrate animals which have segmented bodies and jointed limbs is called Arthropods
32 A period of dormancy in winter by some animals known as Hibernation
33 Animals having backbone (vertebra) are known as Vertebrates
34 The elephant's trunk is actually a modified Incisor
35 Butterflies come under the family Lepidoptera
36 Egg-laying mammals are called Prototherians
37 The largest division of the animal kingdom is the Arthropoda
38 Fishes evolved in which era Silurian


hibernating animals

Animals like bears, groundhogs, and squirrels go into hibernation during winter

The Interesting ones:

39  The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is the Ostrich
40 The mammal that lives at the greatest altitude is the Yak
41 A common domesticated animal that cannot taste sweet is the Cat
42 Albatross is a large Sea bird
43 Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz is famous for Study on Geese
44 A camel can remain without water for 30 days
45 A common domesticated animal that is color-blind is the Dog
46 A two-humped camel is called A Bactrian camel
47 It is widely believed that Ostrich buries its head in sand which is Not true
48 The animal revered by the Buddhists as their sacred animal is the White elephant
49 The diet of a gorilla is purely Vegetarian
50 There are how many kinds of cat species in India Fifteen
51 The whale believed to be a fish is actually a Mammal
52 The first animal to go into space was  Dog
53 The size of a newly born kangaroo is 2.5 cms
54 The organ which is missing in the Camel is the Gall bladder
55 The Archerfish catches its flies by Spitting at them
56 How many arms a giant squid has Ten
57 The whale's nostrils are situated on the Top of its head
58 A bird that lays only one egg in two years is the Albatross
59 The average pregnancy period of a female dog is 63 days
60 The fish that can taste with its whole body is the Catfish


catfish image

A Catfish can taste with its entire body!

The Only ones:

61 The only animal that sleeps on its back is Man
62 The only ape found in India is the Hoolock's Gibbon
63 The only mammal that can fly is the Bat
64 The only fish that makes a nest is the Stickleback
65 The only animal which has four knees is the Elephant


albastross image

The Albatross is the largest seabird, and it lays an egg only once in two years

Countries, continents, and other places of these animals:

66 The continent which is known as the land of Kangaroo is Australia
67 Rat snakes are found in South-East Asia
68 The country in which Yak is found is Tibet
69 The country in which kiwi is found is New Zealand
70 Wadia Institute of Himalayan Zoology is located at Delhi
71 Dudhwa National Park is located in Uttar Pradesh
72 The wildlife sanctuary where we find Asiatic lions is the Gir Forest
73 Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated in Rajasthan
74 The temple in which rats are revered, fed, and protected is the Karni Mata in Rajasthan
75 The giant stick Insect is found in Indonesia
76 Goldfish originally belongs to China
77 Snow leopards are found in Himalayas
78 Elephant fish are found in Tropical Africa
79 Ranganthittu bird sanctuary is located near Mysore
80 Penguins are found in the South pole


All the Fun groups:

81 A group of lions is called a Pride
82 A group of peacocks is called a Muster
83 A group of snakes is called a Den
84 A group of foxes is called a Skulk
85 A group of cats is called a Clutter
86 A group of eagles is called a Convocation
87 A group of hares is called a Husk
88 A group of quail is called a Bevy
89 A group of fish is called a Shoal
90 A group of sheep is called a Flock
91 A group of wolves is called a Pack
92 A group of cattle is called a Herd
93 A group of gorillas is called a Band
94 A group of elephants is called a Herd


convocation of eagles

A group of eagles is called a Convocation

Other names for some animals:

95 The female of a stag is called a Hind
96 The male of a cow is called a Bull
97 The young of an elephant is called a Calf
98 The young one of goat is called a Kid
99 The cat belongs to a family called Felidae
100 The cat which is commonly used in the hunting game is the Cheetah
101 A female rabbit is called a Doe
102 A female horse is called a Mare
103 A female pig is called a Sow
104 A fox's tail is called a Brush
105 A female Ass is called as Jenny
106 The young one of tiger is called Ligon
107 A squirrel's home is called a Drey


A last few:

108 The average weight of a blue whale is 1,20,000 kg.
109 The number of known species of mammals is 4230
110 The number of teeth a fox has is Forty-two
111 The number of bones in the giraffe's neck is Seven
112 How many arms does an octopus have Eight
113 The word hamster means Hoarder
114 The word langur means Long-tailed
115 The word reptile means To Creep


giraffe neck 7 bones

The giraffe has seven bones on its neck!

Any F.R.I.E.N.D.S connection?

116 A young kangaroo is called a Joey
117 The Science of fossils is called Paleontology


Some tips to remember GK:

  1. Sort questions into categories so that you recollect the answers when you think of the category.
  2. Keep revisiting the questions that you have learned in the past, the human brain tends to unlearn things, so make sure you keep refreshing your memory.
  3. Try to link questions and answers of static GK to things in your life, For e.g. I'm sure most of you will now recall that a young kangaroo is called joey (at least those who have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S).
  4. Also, try to visualize the answers; Eg. If you see the picture of the animal that is being talked about (like the Albatross), you have a higher chance of remembering it for longer.
  5. For Current affairs, the best way would always be to read the newspaper and keep up-to-date with the news. Mugging up current affairs at the last moment would be a complete waste of time and energy.
  6. Try to make your own notes, it has been found to be the most effective way of memorizing anything in the long term.

I hope you found this article on GK questions based on animals helpful and hope that it helps to increase your GK knowledge. Feel free to comment if you have any doubts or questions.

Happy preparations! 

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