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IIT Delhi DoMS Personal Interview Experiences
September 27 2023
Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIT Delhi DoMS PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni [vc_btn title="IIM WAT PI Course" style="modern" color="primary" link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.courses.catking.in%2Fiim-wat-pi-courses%2F"]

IIT Delhi DoMS Interview Experience 1:

Mechanical Engineer 24 months experience in power plant 3 panelists Panel 1 Q.Tell me about yourself.Tell us about your Academic, work ex , your achievements.Basically make your case. Q. Few follow up questions on above answer Panel 2 Q. Do you think Competition is necessary? Q. There is a saying that Competition leads to Anxiety, Depression.how would you counter on this? Q.What are your hobbies? Q. What is the happiest moment in your life? Q. What are you most passionate about? Q. What gives you happiness? Q. What are your weaknesses? Panel 3 Q. Job Responsibilities Q. Challenges faced by you during work experience. Q. What is reheat factor? Q. What is bleeding in Turbine? Q. What is Ranking cycle? Q. How to increase efficiency in Rankine cycle? Q. Overall efficiency of Rankine cycle. Q. What is Refrigeration? Q. Have your heard about COP? What is COP? Q.There is rise in Petrol prices.As a manager how would solve this problem? Panel 1 Q. Any questions for us? CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIT Delhi DoMS Interview Experience 2:

11th March 2021, Three panelist, 2M 1F. M1: Hi , please tell me something about yourself not written in your form Me: told about my recent job role M1: so how will that help you here and I'm MBA? Me: told M1: So you work at Cognizant , which city has the highest number of employees Me: told M1: why Chennai? Why not anywhere else Me : told M1: have you heard about byjus? Me: yes sir M1: how it earns money? Me: told M1: so my 10years old daughter is taking the class you mean she is paying for it? Me: no , you as a parent are. M1: I'm good . He asked F1 to take over F1: hi, so tell me why MBA what is your long term plans Me: told F1: okay so I'm from Japan I don't know much about India, so if you have to sell something to me what are you going to market it as? Me: told F1: nice . I'm done M2: so you are from West Bengal. It's election time right? Me : yes sir M2: there's a negative news which always go about for wb, why do you think it is? And how can it be improved Me: told with some example M2: why is there less industry compared to other states like Andra TN Me: told with past events example M2: okay suppose you get a good funding to start a entrepreneurship and you get a very high paying job abroad. Which one will you choose. Me: choose first one as it was in my long term goal M2: so why and what business Me: told M2: have you heard about the term msme Me: yes told the full form M2: ok I'm done , thank you it was a pleasure talking to you. It was a smooth one. Around 10 mins.

IIT Delhi DoMS Interview Experience 3:

2M, 1F M1: 1. How are you ? tell me about yourself so that we can proceed . 2. You want to do your carrier in political and governance consulting . What is the incentive behind that ? 3. What do you mean by a well meaning politician ? M2 jumps in: 4. Do you have work ex ? were you placed ? Why didn't you approach any social entrepreneur so that you would have got a fair idea about what it is ? 5. What did you do after your grad ? there is vast difference between you and the pic on your application photo . Did you loose weight or gain weight ? F: 6. Tell me the examples of social entrepreneur who has done his b.tech from IIT and then done his MBA (Thank god I knew the answer ) 7. IIT BHU is itself a big brand . why do you want to do mba from IIT D ? M1 Again: 8. Did you apply for any political consulting firms ? 9. Why didn't you join I-pac ? 10. Why were you not interested to work in the IT dept of I-pac ? Okay thats it from our side . Do you have any question for us ? Me- sir I have known that dams IIT D has a dedicated e-cell . Are there any social entrepreneur who have done their MBA from IIT D? He gave me a good answer stating how they give incentives to someone who wants to work in social sector Interview lasted for sweet 14-15 min !! overall good experience ! grilled me a bit on the reason why i wanna get into this domain ! CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni
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