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FMS Delhi WAT-PI Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive FMS Delhi WAT-PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni [vc_btn title="IIM WAT PI Course" style="modern" color="primary" link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.courses.catking.in%2Fiim-wat-pi-courses%2F"] FMS Delhi WAT-PI Experiences 1: Interview slot: 2 to 4pm Waited for almost an hour, started at 2.50pm Two panelists (Prof Madhu and Prof Garima) Q1: Give your academic and professional background in 30sec Q2: Extempore: Topic- My Specs (coz I have one) (given 10sec to prep) Q3: Talk about your SOP Q4: Why Marketing after Maths background? Q5: Which books have you read recently? What did you like in them (as I mentioned about books in SOP as well as my interests) Q6: Which other calls do you have? --Interview over in 10mins--

FMS Delhi WAT-PI Experiences 2: 24th April 2021 (took 5 mins max including me having a coughing fit in between) Profile - Business Economics Graduate (Fresher), Gen, Female 98.94%ile - Started with extempore (work-life balance) - Why MBA? I told about my manager in the internship, they joked about how no one says they met a doctor who was a good manager - What is the efficient market hypothesis - What does an Investment Banker do? (from SOP) - Why FMS? talked about fin lab & the location being an advantage in order to get live projects That's all

FMS Delhi WAT-PI Experiences 3: 27/04) 1M , 1F ( M L Singla, Sunita Sengupta) M - Good Afternoon X X - Good Afternoon Sir. Good Afternoon Ma'am. M - Explained the process ( Extempore, SOP, PI) Now Ma'am will give you the Extempore Topic. F - Vande Bharat X - Told about the Vande Bharat Mission by Government for evacuation of People. Stopped before they stop me. M - Okay. That's Good. So, now I will go through your SOP. You have. mentioned about Theater, Treks, Photography. So, What are the drama schools apart from NSD. X - Able to tell only one M - Okay, tell about NSD. X - Perhaps another Extempore. Told about NSD and its notable Alums. M - Okay, So What camera do you use for Photography. X - Told about my camera. M - What is Camera's Aperture X - Told So, Now ma'am will ask some questions F - What do you think, why India was partitioned? X - Told F - If the partition not happened, would India be the largest country? X - No, Russia F - Which Country manufacturers highest no of semiconductor X - WTF ( I am from Civil Engineering) Told don't know. May be US or India Okay X, thank you for your time. Stay Safe! No TMAY, WHY MBA, WHY FMS Nothing CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

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