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Group Exercise in MICA
April 13 2024

Group Exercise in MICA lasts for 10 mins and usually, it is held between 7-8 people. You are supposed to be yourself, contribute in meaningful ways that add value to your group and not yourself. Group Exercise is done to test your approach to solve any problem and the way you handle the team dynamics. The main aim of GE is to get people to put their ideas and inclinations out in open. The agenda of any GE process at MICA is to evaluate the candidate on the following points.

Get your GEPI sorted with us -To check if the person has a opinion or a point of view on any particular topic. How well can you explain your point of view and convince others and most importantly how can you back your point of view with proper explaination and examples. -Team Player-Not every person is a born leader . Being a leader is not important, but being a team player who is actively involved in all the decisions and work is important.

Think creatively-Some times thinking creatively can open such aspects to a discussion which was not thought before or was ignored but is an important aspect. Having a creative aspect is definitely a plus at MICA. - If you can convince or get convinced – In a GE it is very important to accept a few points. Remember unlike a GD, a GE looks for a solution as a group. To sum it up-In your GE-Cooperate with others, yet assert your presence. Come up with ideas and be receptive of others’ opinions. Be a team player, don't try and cut people off. Keep a track of the time limit and strategize.

Divide the task given at hand into smaller tasks and keep completing each one as soon as possible. Bring out the MICA Passion and gear up for the most unique Group Exercise and Interview process! Half the battle is won with clearing the psychometric and getting good scores above 50 Now let's win the war to make it to MICA 

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Rahul Singh MICA Spot Offer 2009 MBA SP Jain Harvard ( SPNM )

Anisha Mukhija  MBA NMIMS 2013-15 Harvard ( PMNO ) Ex Marico and Ex Henkel And MICA Spot Offer Holders from 2013/2014/2015 to make the cut.  

Anisha Mukhija

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