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How can mock test strategies help in achieving a 99th percentile score?
May 18 2024

The CAT exam is a computer-based test. Practicing CAT mock tests online is highly beneficial as it provides a realistic test-taking experience. These mocks are designed to enhance your problem-solving skills and prepare you effectively for the actual exam. Take the CAT 2023 Mock Test below to experience the same difficulty and question pattern as the real CAT exam.

It's normal to feel worried about CAT Mock Tests!  They're designed to simulate the actual CAT exam experience, and that can be stressful.  But mock tests are a really valuable tool to help you prepare for the real CAT. Each new Mock Test is carefully curated from past CAT exam papers.

Likewise, the CAT Mocks are skillfully constructed using previous CAT question papers to offer valuable insights into the upcoming CAT exam. Whether you require high-quality CAT exam question papers or solved CAT Mock Tests, these complimentary CAT Mocks, offered at different difficulty levels, are the ideal resource for you. You can access all these Mocks and their solutions here.

Here are the top CAT mock test strategies that can help you achieve a 99th percentile score.

1. Practice and analyze: 

Solve as many questions as you can. Keep practicing regularly. Work harder on the topics that you find tough. Keep practicing all the topics even the ones you are already good at. Be careful while solving each question and concentrate completely on it.   

2. Eliminate the options

If you cannot come to one final answer then try eliminating the options. This can make the process of concluding. Most of the time, options can be eliminated using simple logic without thinking much or without even solving the complete problem. After eliminating the options, coming to a result will not be that difficult. This might also consume less time than the traditional method of solving the whole problem.  

3. Time management

Be quick with solving the problems. Don’t waste much time on a particular question. If you are not sure about an answer, keep the question for later and solve it if you have time in the end. But while solving with speed, you cannot afford to make silly mistakes. Silly mistakes are a major reason for the low percentile. You need to be careful and alert with every question. Understand the question correctly.  

4. Be in the correct state of mind

Be confident of the practice and hard work you have done to prepare for the section. Being calm and patient do wonders not just while preparing but also while appearing for the exam. Do not panic before or during the exam as it can wash away all the hard work that you did before finally appearing for the exam. Being in the right mind will give more effective results.   

5. Avoid making the same mistake

Once you analyze your mistakes, try noting them down in a book. Before solving a mock each time, have a glance through it. This will help you avoid the same mistakes. Also, try not to make new mistakes. This will help you lose fewer marks. Be careful while solving. Be quick with solving the problems. While solving with speed, you cannot afford to make silly mistakes. Silly mistakes are a major reason for the low percentile. You need to be careful and alert with every question. Understand the question correctly.  

6. Take a break

Make sure you take enough rest. Do not fatigue your brain and body. One must rest well to perform well. The amount of time you take rest is equally important to the amount of time you study. Make a schedule and make sure you just don’t study but also do other activities that you like.  

7. Try different plans of action

You can plan and implement different strategies in each of your mocks and implement the best one during the actual exam. This will give you a chance to experiment and strategize well for the exam day.   

Common mistakes to look for while analyzing CAT mock test Results

When you check your results from CAT mock tests, it’s really important to watch out for common mistakes that might affect how well you’re doing and getting ready. Here are the main errors to be careful about:

  1. Silly Mistakes: Sometimes, mistakes happen because of simple and avoidable errors. Finding and fixing these mistakes is super important for doing better in the actual CAT exam.
  2. Rushing and Wrong Guesses: Hurrying through questions or making wrong guesses can cause mistakes. Knowing where these slip-ups occur helps you get better at solving problems.
  3. Calculation Errors: If you keep making mistakes with calculations, it means you might need more practice with math to be more accurate.
  4. Concept Mistakes: Errors related to basic ideas show that you might need to go back and review the basics to make sure you understand them.
  5. Silly Mistakes from Not Paying Attention: Making lots of simple mistakes might mean you’re not paying enough attention during the test. Being mindful and staying focused can help cut down on these mistakes.
  6. Not Managing Time Well: Checking how much time you spend on each question and managing your time overall is important. You need to be smart about how you divide your time between different sections and questions.
  7. Skipping the Analysis of Mock Test Results: Not looking at your scores and how you did in the mock tests makes taking them pointless. Thoroughly analyzing your performance helps you figure out where you’re strong, where you need improvement, and what you should focus on.
  8. Forgetting to Review: Not going back to review what you’ve learned can make you forget important things. This affects how you do in mock tests and the real CAT exam.
  9. Missing Important Topics: If you forget to cover important subjects or leave out crucial parts during your preparation, it might show up as gaps in your knowledge during mock tests.
  10. Inconsistent Mock Test Practice: Doing too many or too few mock tests can slow down your progress. Keeping a good balance and practicing regularly ensures you’re getting ready effectively and keeping track of your improvement.

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