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How to Boost VARC score? | Books and sources for VARC | CAT preparation guide
March 26 2024

The VARC Section is a vital section within the CAT which tests your command over the language and your communication skills. For some of the aspirants this section is relatively easier, but for someone like me this section has always been one of those things that never fails gets my goat.


Boosting your VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension) score requires a combination of strategies

Best course to score 99 percentile in VARC

1. Read Widely: Develop a habit of reading diverse materials such as newspapers, magazines, novels, and essays. This broadens your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

2. Practice Regularly: Dedicate time to solving VARC questions from various sources like CAT (Common Admission Test) preparation books, online practice tests, and previous years' papers.

3. Focus on Grammar and Vocabulary: Strengthen your grammar rules and vocabulary through exercises, flashcards, and reading. Understanding sentence structures and word meanings helps in sentence correction and fill-in-the-blank questions.

4. Improve Comprehension Skills: Practice reading passages and answering questions within a time limit. Focus on understanding the main idea, identifying supporting details, and drawing inferences.

5. Time Management: Learn to manage your time effectively during the exam. Allocate sufficient time to each section and question, ensuring you don't get stuck on difficult ones.

6. Review Mistakes: Analyze your mistakes to understand why you got them wrong. This helps in identifying weak areas and improving performance in subsequent practice sessions.

7. Mock Tests: Take regular mock tests under exam conditions to simulate the actual test environment and improve your speed and accuracy.

8. Stay Calm and Confident: Maintain a positive attitude and stay calm during the exam. Confidence plays a crucial role in performing well.

Consistency and dedication are key to improving your VARC score. Make a study plan, stick to it, and continuously monitor your progress to achieve your target score.



The VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension) section is a crucial part of the CAT (Common Admission Test) exam, designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in English language skills. This section typically consists of questions related to reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and verbal reasoning.

Mock tests and previous years' question papers can provide valuable insights into the exam pattern and help identify areas of improvement. By adopting a systematic study plan and consistently practicing, candidates can boost their confidence and ace the VARC section of the CAT exam

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