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How to prepare for CAT in 7 months
April 15 2024

To prepare for CAT, First, Believe in yourself, believe that "you are the best"  and  "you can do it" because if you doubt this fact then it's not going to happen.

There are 3 sections to prepare for CAT.

  1. Quantitative aptitude ( 34 marks)
  2. Data interpretation and logical reasoning ( 32 marks)
  3. Verbal ability ( 34 marks)

Study strategy for 99%ile+:

  1. Read the book Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis to enhance your vocabulary. It is available on a number of coaching institute websites. This will help you to crack the reading comprehension in the verbal section.
  2. Learn mathematics squares, cubes, tables. This will help you to solve the Data Interpretation section with ease.
  3. Read 1 novel per week for the next 7 months. Check out the must-read books on  https://catking.in/2016/02/16/10-must-read-books-for-an-mba-aspirant/ . Also read the front page, editorial page and business page from economic times/mint for the next 7 months. I also read business magazines  like Forbes, Business World. This will help you in comprehending data with speed.
  4. Complete the basic quant, verbal, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning till 30th June thoroughly with revision .
  5. Move to the next/ difficult level. Complete these books by 31st august. You can refer catking books that are available at catking.in or Arun Sharma books.
  6. Simultaneously start giving mock tests from 1st June. Give 1 test per week. 20 mocks would be more than sufficient for you to crack the exam with 99+ %ile. Check the solutions, thoroughly. For every question that you were unable to answer, try to genuinely understand the solution provided by the institute. If you're still unclear about the method, ask a friend or shoot a query on one of the many online CAT prep forums.
  7. Read newspapers on the laptop as CAT is an online test and reading the online newspapers will help you comprehend the online data with ease.
  8. Focus on strategic learning.
  9. "Stay Glued".Devote 1-2 hours to Cat every day from now.
  10. Practice/Polish on a daily basis. Things to note about your preparation through:

a) CAT is a timed test - So make sure that you solve questions quickly. Gauge a question and skip it if you feel that it will take more time. Target the low-hanging fruits first.

b) A computer-based test - So make sure that you are at ease with the format and scrolling, parsing etc.

c) A test of accuracy - So make sure that your accuracy is above 80%. Make calculated educated guesses if you really have to. t is usually easier than the Mock CATs you will attempt - So don't lose heart if you aren't scoring very well in the mocks. Focus on making that percentile cross the 95%ile marks in the mocks. If you follow this plan diligently, and consistently focus on and improve your weak areas, cracking the Common Admission Test will not be difficult. There will be times when you will think that prepare for CAT is tough.

There will be times when you will think the Common Admission Test is not worth it. There will be times when you will think that your life depends on the exam. There will be times when you will completely drop the plan of ever getting an MBA.But keep calm, and carry on.There will be unforeseen roadblocks but carry on.Very few test-takers have any real thought to preparing systematically, so carry on.

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