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How to crack NMAT in 4 months
April 30 2024

Let's take a look at the topics you need to study before taking a look at the 4-month study plan to crack NMAT:

NMAT 2020 will have the following key areas that need to be covered

  • Language Skills- English grammar & vocabulary, reading comprehension, English usage, synonyms & antonyms, idioms, phrases, clauses, sentence error/ correction, word meaning, para jumbles, statement correction
  • Quantitative Skills- Algebra (Linear/Quadratic Equation), number systems, quantitative skills, percentage, trigonometry, ratio/ proportion, line graph, bar graph, pie charts, tables, profit and loss, arithmetic, average, 2D and 3D geometry and statistics, time, speed and distance, modern math, work/time, mixture & solution, simple/compound interest, mensuration, permutations and combinations, probability, coordinate geometry. 
  • Logical Reasoning- Coding & decoding, numeric grid, series, critical reasoning, strong arguments and weak arguments, calendars, multi-dimensional arrangements, syllogisms, puzzles, statement conclusions, arrangement, course of action, family tree, blood relations.

Start from scratch:  If students fail to answer questions within time, most of the time it is due to the lack of conceptual clarity. It is therefore important that students build up their basics by learning Quantitative Aptitude formulae, Logical Reasoning analogies to comprehend questions quickly, and understand the usage of English grammar for solving questions in the Language Skills section with top-notch accuracy.

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How to prepare for the Verbal Ability section for NMAT?

The questions are asked from topics such as − English grammar & vocabulary, fill in the blanks, idioms, phrases, clauses, word meaning, para jumbled, and others. While preparing for the NMAT Verbal ability section, it is important to work on enhancing skills to improve vocabulary and comprehension.

In order to improve the power of comprehension, read various kinds of business journals and editorial columns in the newspaper. Read books on the English language and grammar recommended by experts for this section. The key is to improve vocabulary and comprehension through extensive reading for the NMAT Verbal ability section.

How to prepare for the Quantitative ability section for NMAT?

Questions from various topics like− Mathematics, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Quantitative Skills, Average, Ratio/Proportion, etc are asked in this section of NMAT Exam. are supposed to solve all the questions from this section within 52minutes.

Thus, Students need to work on increasing their mental ability to solve any kind of problem on a set time limit. Spend time on understanding basic concepts and theorems. Make maximum usage of Vedic mathematics to sharpen mental calculation ability.

How to prepare for the Logical section for NMAT?

The logical reasoning section is the most time-consuming section of the entire paper. This section has 36 questions in total, to be solved in 40 minutes. Questions are asked from different topics such as- numerical grid, family tree, verbal reasoning, decision-making, and others.

The best way to succeed in answering all the questions from this section is to improve verbal and analytical reasoning through the practice of different question types from different sources. RS Aggarwal is the best resource for preparing for the NMAT logical reasoning section in the NMAT


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Appearing for mocks and solving Advanced Level Problems:

 Solve as many mocks as possible. Also, most importantly, do not write mocks by following the same strategy over and over again. Play on your strengths. Try out permutations and combinations of various sections and check for yourself how you can maximize your score.

Make a strategy for the exam day and finalize it. Practice 4 to 5 mocks using that strategy.  Build up an accuracy level of answering any type of question by solving advanced level problems in all the sections of NMAT by GMAC. Use shortcut tricks to solve the advanced level problems to save time. Also, keep practicing reading comprehension passages to improve reading ability.

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