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How To Crack TISSNET
April 15 2024

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai offers a variety of courses for post-graduation, but for a management aspirant, M.A in Human Resource Management & Labour Relations is of prime interest.TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) in Mumbai offers a variety of Master's programs at its different campuses. The School of Management and Labour Studies offers the most common courses.

Masters of Arts degrees in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, Social Entrepreneurship, and Organization Growth Change, and Leadership is available to students. TISS has its own National Entrance Exam, referred to as the TISS Entrance Exam. TISS has its own entrance exam, known as TISSNET. For the academic year 2022-24, the exam will be conducted in the third week of February 2022. In this article, we will discuss how to crack TISSNET

Practice with real-time TISSNET Mocks 

The selection process to TISS is a three-step process:

  1. TISS-NET (Computer-based test) (Stage-1)
  2. TISS- PAT (Programme Aptitude Test) (Stage -2)
  3. TISS – MAT ( only for HRM & LR and ODCL - Mumbai campus) (Stage- 2)
  4. Online Personal Interview (OPI)

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10 Tips to Crack TISSNET

Now that we know the TISS selection structure let's discuss the important things you need to follow while you prepare for TISS:

  1. Strengthen your fundamentals because concepts will help you get through both Mathematics and English.
  2. Along with fundamentals, what is absolutely necessary is a stronghold at questions; which requires practice so that the comfort level with questions increases.
  3. Both current and static components of awareness need to be imbibed for a better attempt of the General Knowledge section.
  4. General knowledge questions can pop from anywhere, around anything happening in the world. You need to be aware of the vastness of this section which essentially means that you need to be aware of just about every news item in the immediate as well as far off the environment. 
  5. A strategy is not complete without application, and in this case, it is important to practice mocks to test the application of the strategy and develop a test-taking approach that works in your favor.
  6. Once you’re adept at giving mocks, start analyzing them. Analyzing mocks helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, start working on them in a manner that helps you convert your weaknesses into strengths
  8. Your strength/weakness revolves around language. And the only way to brush up on your language skills is by developing a habit to read.
  9. Along with strategy and application, what is imperative and essential is Health. You need to ensure that you eat, sleep and exercise enough.
  10. What might work in some situations is a timetable, a regular schedule that you can abide by. It not only keeps you constant but also lets you track your progress at and stage of your preceding / sequence.

More about TISS Exam

TISSNET, TISSMAT and TISSPAT Preparation: Key Changes

Since each exam pattern is different and has different objectives to test candidates on different criteria, the training plan for TISS-NET, TISS-MAT, and TISSPAT must be different. As a result, TISSNET training is close to that of other major MBA entrance exams, while TISS-MAT preparation is more oriented on business management and communication since it is only applicable to MA (HRM) and MA (HR) (ODCL).TISSPAT training is also tailored to the MA program for which the applicant has applied. TISSPAT training can vary depending on the MA program. The following are some main areas of distinction: [table id=226 /]

TISSNET Exam Pattern: Key Features

  • The exam is 100 minutes long and is conducted on a computer.
  • Exam in a single session
  • There are no negatives. Making a note
  • The total number of questions is 100.
  • The highest possible score is 100.
  • The total number of question areas is six, divided into three parts.
  • The number of questions in each section varies.

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TISSNET 2021 Exam Sections
Total Questions
General Awareness
English Proficiency
Maths and Logical Reasoning

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