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How To Get 99 Percentile In SNAP 2024
April 05 2024

The SNAP Test is a common aptitude test administered by Symbiosis International (Deemed) University for admission to MBA/PGDM programs offered by its 15 constituent institutes. Symbiosis Institute Bangalore and Pune, are ranked among Tier 1 B-schools of India in terms of MBA courses and placement offers. SNAP will be conducted on 18th December, 8th January, and 15th January this year. This exam is considered comparatively easier than CAT and XAT, and hence scoring 99 percentile and above should not be a tough task for aspirants preparing for CAT.


How difficult is the SNAP exam?

SNAP is considered to be one of the easiest exams among all the MBA entrance exams in India. 

  • SNAP is the only entrance exam that has a duration of 60 minutes. There will be 60 questions, to be attempted within the 60 minutes.
  • The level of the exam is very easy, much easier than CAT, XAT, or CET. And even 35 to 40 correct answers can secure the candidate a good percentile.
  • The exam will be conducted thrice a year, and an option of any 2 attempts will be given to the SNAP candidates. Out of these two attempts, the best one will be considered to determine the candidate’s ranks and percentile.
  • Since the syllabus of CAT and SNAP are not very different, and only these exams differ in respect of the level of difficulties, hence the only extra effort a SNAP candidate needs to make is to give a lot of SNAP mock tests.
  • The Verbal Ability section consists of very easy Reading Comprehensions, which are majorly based on facts, opinions, or current affairs. Hence, this section becomes the least time taking section, and easiest too.
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SNAP Exam Pattern:

There are a total of 60 questions that have to be attempted in 60 minutes, the exam pattern is divided into three sections- Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning. The sectional scoring pattern of SNAP 2024:  

Sections Total Questions (MCQs) Marking Scheme Maximum Marks
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 15 +1 for a correct answer and -0.25 for a wrong answer 15
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 20 +1 for a correct answer and -0.25 for a wrong answer 20
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 25 +1 for a correct answer and -0.25 for a wrong answer 25
Total 60   60

NOTE: Unlike the CAT exam, the candidate has the choice, to begin with, any of the three sections of the exam. Also, there is no sectional timer for the exam.

SNAP score vs percentile:

SNAP is less competitive and probably the easiest MBA exam, hence getting 99 percentile or above is not very tricky. Given below is a comparison of SNAP scores with percentile:

Scores Percentile
43 < 99%
40  97%
39  95%
35.5 90%
34 85%
32.5 80%


Some Last-minute Strategies to score 99 percentile in SNAP:

  1. Give at least 5 mock tests while preparing for the exam.
  2. As it is a speed-based exam, appear for the exam with a fresh mind.
  3. For the Verbal Ability section, prepare well with the vocabulary for the find the errors questions, because these questions will hardly take 2 minutes to attempt.
  4. In the Logical Reasoning section, Blood Relations and Directions being the easiest and most scoring should be practiced well while preparing.
  5. For the Quantitative Aptitude section, Vedic Math and shortcuts for solving mathematical problems can save a lot of time, and also help you score well.


How many questions should be attempted to score 99 percentile in SNAP:

Being a speed-based text, your strategy should be to attempt as many questions correctly as possible. Here’s what your strategy of attempting questions from each section should look like-  

Section Number of questions How many to attempt correctly
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 25 20
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 20 12-15
Verbal Ability 15 10-12


Topper’s Tips to get 99 percentile in SNAP: Rahan Singha Roy’s blueprint:

SNAP topper Rahan scored 99.98%, here are the strategies that helped him ace the exam:

  1. Answer at least 45 questions correctly, and do not try to risk/guess more than 3 questions.
  2. Since SNAP is a speed-based exam, do not give too much time to a single question. Be quick and smart.
  3. There is no sectional time limit in SNAP, therefore you can start with the section you're most confident in.
  4. His strategy was to start from the Verbal Ability section, and he invested around 2 minutes for 5-6 questions. His advice is to invest less time here (in the Verbal section) so that you’ve got more time for the rest of the sections.
  5. Move on to the next question, if you feel you are stuck in the question.


Rahan’s final piece of advice to the B-school aspirants-

B-school aspirants should sit for the CAT exam because preparing for CAT opens your doorway to crack many other b-school exams such as XAT, NMAT, MAH CET, SNAP, etc. The syllabus for SNAP is not much different from CAT, hence diligently preparing for CAT will help understand all the basics. The strategy is to give more exams and as many mock tests as possible. Again, do not put all the eggs in one basket. Do not go for just one exam, try to give almost all the MBA entrance exams. Try to get the in-hall experience of sitting for a MBA entrance-exam, with this your chances of getting into the top-notch B-schools are higher.  

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Anisha Mukhija

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