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How to prepare for CET in one month?
April 21 2024

What is the MAH-CET Exam? How to prepare for CET in one month?

Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH-CET), a computer-based management entrance examination. It includes the sections, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, data sufficiency, logical reasoning, visual reasoning, verbal ability and reasoning, and reading comprehension. The MBA CET exam is conducted mostly within the month of March, by the Directorate of Technical Education(DTE), Maharashtra. This exam grants admission within the MBA/MMS programs in various B-schools everywhere Maharashtra. The admission to the management courses is a centralized process and is roofed under the MBA CET CAP round process also referred centralized Admission Process (CAP). This exam is competitive and requires proper strategy and tips to crack MAH-CET. during this article, you'll find out how to prepare for CET in one month.

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How to prepare for CET in one month?

MBA-CET exam is a 150 minutes exam where you get to solve 200 questions each of one mark without any negative markings. There are many top colleges that one came aim for by giving MBA-CET. For cracking JBIMS one should always aim for 140 marks out of 200. This preparation strategy is made keeping in mind aiming for JBIMS.

     1.Divide sections

First and the foremost thing is to know your MAH-CET syllabus. Learn all the important topics that cover most of the questions in the CET exam. Divide the paper into 8 sections probably:

     1.  Quantitative ability:

25 questions come from this section. If you are an engineer you should definitely aim for these 25  marks. Otherwise, try achieving 15 questions correct i.e 15 marks from this section should be your aim. Focus more on your strong topics and cover all the basics. Also focus more on Arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.


    2.  Data interpretation:

25 questions come from this section as well. There are different types of charts that are asked in this section like a pie chart, line chart, bar chart, etc. One should aim for 15 questions correct i.e 15 marks in this section as well. Focus on the chart in which you feel easy and can be solved quickly.

   3. Reading comprehension:

There are three to four reading comprehension asked with 6-8 questions each. Therefore, in total there are 25 questions asked in reading comprehension. One should aim for 15 questions correct by solving two sets or three sets depending on time as well as a strategy to solve reading comprehension.

      4. Critical reasoning

This is a section that comes in logical reasoning. In total there are 15 questions of critical reasoning asked. Yet, a person should aim for 10 questions correctly answered. However this section is difficult to handle, the strategy shown in the video below will help in scoring high in this section.

5. Visual Reasoning: There are at most 25 questions asked in this section. This section is a little different from other sections as it is only included in the CET exam. One needs a lot of practice to master and succeed in this type of question. Thus, it is recommended about 15-17 questions to be correctly answered in this section. Practice in such a way that it should take not more than 20 minutes to solve this section.

     6. Logical reasoning:

This is the easiest section. Around 30 questions are asked. One should aim for all 30 marks in this section in 25 minutes. Different types of questions that are asked in this section are syllogism, blood relation,coding-decoding, etc.

      7. Puzzle:

There are about 6 puzzles asked in this section each of 5 questions. One should aim for solving at least 4 puzzles correctly. Therefore it is necessary to solve and practice CET level puzzles daily for scoring fast.

       8. Verbal Ability:

In this section also 25 questions are asked. There are different types of questions asked including vocabulary, sentence correction, etc. One should practice these types of questions daily to 15-20 correct. You can watch the below video to learn the vocabulary that is always asked in CET.

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    2. CET Mocks

After dividing the sections give a mock and see your score in each section. During your preparation for MAH-CET, do try to give 2  CET Mocks every week if your score is not coming according to your aim. Thus, focus on basics for those scoring less. This will help you to give you a realistic feel for the exams. It will help you to manage time which will help you to crack the exam. Mocks help you to check your preparation levels and where you stand when compared to other people who will be competing with you during this exam season. Mocks also help you to improve your speed and accuracy and help you to work on your weak areas.

Practice with CET Mocks

   3. Learn some shortcuts or some quick methods

Due to the difficulty level as well as the time factor of this exam, it is important to get some tricks up your sleeves. This will help you to solve questions quickly and easily. Squares, cubes, tables for ease of mental calculation as well as some shortcuts can help to solve questions in the Quantitative Aptitude section.

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    4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

After giving multiple mocks, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Work on turning your weaknesses into strengths by practicing more and giving more mocks. Refine your strengths further to succeed. Get a strategic approach while preparing can help you ace the exam. Make a strategy according to your aim and strengths.

       5. CET Mocks Analysis

Analysis of mock is one of the important things. This will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Thus it will help you form your strategy. Do a proper mock analysis of each paper. Also, look at the time you took for each section as MAH-CET is all about speed. You can see the video below to know how to do mock analysis and thus form a strategy.  

Check-out more about MAH-CET

     6. Increase Your Speed:

MAH CET 2021 Accuracy Speed

After focusing on all strengths and making a mock strategy and after analyzing it, still not able to reach your aim because of time. MBA MAH-CET is all about this time. Try to save time in different sections. Increase speed in your strengths section. This becomes a differentiating factor from CAT, where your focus is primarily on choosing the right question to solve, and not on the speed with which you solve each question. Hence, you need to build up your speed at all costs, and this can only be done through PRACTISE.

       7. Final Lap

After completing all the above things, in the last 10 days, it is important to revise your basics and stay focused on strengths and strategies. Thus remain confident in your preparation and give your best on the exam day. Learn from your mistakes and thus improve them. Revise all the shortcuts tricks and succeed.          

Here are some tips to crack the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH-CET):

Be aware of the CET Syllabus:

Students should be aware of the entire CET Syllabus. The CET Syllabus features a mix of the usual MBA exam contents – Logical and Abstract Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability. The questions on the above different topics are scattered randomly. The syllabus includes the following:

Logical and Abstract Reasoning:

Venn Diagrams, Directions, Coding-Decoding, Series, Input & Output, Directions, Symbol based Series Completion, Conditional Coding, Selection Criteria, Deductions, Linear, and Circular Arrangements.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Time and Distance, Geometry, Mensuration, Ratio and Proportion, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Time and Work, Indices and Surds, Profit ad Loss, Permutations and Combinations, Data Interpretation - Graphs, Charts, Tables, Probability

Verbal Ability:

Reading Comprehension, Jumbled paragraphs, Sentence completion, Synonyms - Antonyms, Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases, phrasal verbs, synonyms and antonyms, Similar words used in different contexts, Reading Comprehension, completion of paragraphs, One-word substitutions, Error corrections in sentences.

  1. CET Question Paper

Students should also be aware of the Question Paper Pattern. The exam is a computer-based test carrying 200 questions of a duration of 150 minutes. There are five options for each objective type question, and the students must select the correct answer option from the given choices. There is no negative marking scheme for this paper. Out of the 200 questions, 75 are from the Logical Reasoning section. Minimum weightage is given to the Abstract Reasoning section which carries 25 questions. Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension sections carry an equal number of questions, which is 50.

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     3. Read questions properly It is important to read questions thoroughly and understand them. They may be tricky and deceptive. The main trick to answer a question is to understand the question correctly.

     4. Elimination of stress

Make sure that you rest well and maintain good health. Remember it is important to unwind during the course of preparation.

Best way to prepare for MAH-CET

Put in hard work and a lot of effort as well as analyze your strengths and weaknesses and you will surely be able to crack the exam.

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