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How to prepare for MICA GE PI
April 19 2024

How to prepare for MICA GE PI This article is by Mr Rahul Singh (Sumit) who trained more than 100+ students in past 3 years. He has trained 30 students to MICA & they made it to the final list.

He started his own prep for MICA and converted it in 2009, Alas he couldn't live MICA dreams. SP Jain pulled him in! But, still, he lived his MICA love by training students and guiding them to MICA. By Series of MICA Mondays!

GE PI - You need art to stand out of those super passionate kids who want to live this MICA dream. There are some roles in GE PI

  • Action-oriented Role: Shaper
    • The individual proposes dividing into teams of 2-3 people to work on specific tasks.
    • They emphasize the importance of collaboration and delegation of tasks.
    • They highlight the role of "Shapers," who are described as extroverts with strong interpersonal communication skills and the ability to motivate other team members.
  • Action-oriented Role: Implementer
    • The first person is described as practical, efficient, and organized. They likely prefer structured approaches to tasks and prioritize getting things done in a systematic manner.
    • The second person is characterized as rigid and slow to change. They seem to be persistent in sticking to their ideas and may be less adaptable to new suggestions or approaches. However, if others don't accept their ideas, they either persevere until the team follows along, or they become frustrated and disengaged from the group (and Say F*&K IT ).
  • People-oriented Role: Team Worker
    • The individual encourages collaboration by suggesting that the team works together on tasks.
    • They emphasize the importance of task delegation and organization, possibly suggesting dividing tasks among team members.
    • They act as a glue for the team, providing guidance, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute, and maintaining group cohesion.
    • They also stress the importance of the group adhering to certain standards or guidelines.
  • People-oriented Role: Resource Investigator

Hey, you are good in this, you can do that, hey anyone knows how to draw, Hey anyone has any idea around advertising, we need to make an Advert. Who has great Hindi - we need to make a Skit ( to sell Condoms in Bihar )( Actual MICA GE ). This guy Aligns resources.

  • Thought-oriented Role: Monitor-Evaluator

This guy is seen saying - No NO - Time is less for this, This point is already covered, dude you just holding this sheet sorry but you can start writing down the points. Speed Bro - when would be finished this?

  • Thought-oriented Role: Specialist

This guy is seen saying 

I have done this before, I came to MICA last year too, My friend told me its very important to finish the GE.

This guy acts as a specialist. If there is a drama/enactment - He would be the one saying - I am good at dramatics I can play “ Ram “ in the skit.

He is good in Painting - he'll shout I'll do the painting.

  • Thought-oriented Role: Plants

This guy is seen saying - They are silent folks in the groups, and stay as PLants. it's like acting as “ Tree “ in the background :) and doing nothing.

But they give Shade to the protagonist . and saves him from the rain. ( They are introverts but leave a mark )

  • Thought-oriented Role: Time KEEPER!

This is my favourite role :), to be a timekeeper or not? Know more about it in the course. you d love me for that . !

This year again - I would be taking 30 students in MICAT? Want your name in it?

Best MICA GEPI Course in the country

Hope you learnt something through the How to prepare for MICA GE PI article

Anisha Mukhija

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