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How to Prepare for SNAP Exam?
April 01 2024

SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) is a popular MBA entrance examination conducted by the Symbiosis International University (SIU) for admission to its MBA and other management courses. The exam consists of four sections: General English, Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Analytical & Logical Reasoning, and Current Affairs. The difficulty level of the SNAP exam questions is considered easy to moderate, which is why candidates who follow a strict strategic preparation habit have a good chance of qualifying for the exam.

The syllabus for SNAP aligns with other MBA entrance examinations like CAT, MAT, XAT, and more. Therefore, candidates preparing for these exams don’t have to put additional effort into SNAP exam preparation. However, candidates should remember that even though SNAP is considered an easier exam, dedicating a considerable amount of time and effort to exam-focused preparation in the final phase of SNAP 2023 is essential.

Thorough practice of specific SNAP-related questions and exercises is crucial for admission to top SIU institutes. Candidates should focus on building a strong foundation in the basics of each section, followed by regular practice of previous year papers, sample papers, and mock tests. Additionally, candidates should stay updated with the latest news and current affairs to excel in the Current Affairs section.

With a comprehensive guide for SNAP exam preparation, candidates can perform well. By focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, being consistent in their preparation, and following a strict routine, candidates can achieve their goals and secure admission to their desired institute.

How to Prepare for SNAP?

The ideal duration for SNAP preparation in 2023 is estimated to be three to six months. Science and technology stream graduates may need less time for SNAP exam preparation. In contrast, candidates from non-technical backgrounds may need additional time to crack the SNAP exam.

Candidates planning to appear for SNAP 2023 must know the essential details of starting a focused preparation. Here are the crucial steps candidates should follow for their SNAP exam preparation:

1. Know the Syllabus 

The primary step in SNAP exam preparation is determining the SNAP exam syllabus and topics for the exam. SNAP exam consists of three sections- General English, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude. Candidates must focus on understanding the fundamental concepts of each topic so they can accurately solve their related questions in the SNAP exam.

2. Set a Study Plan 

After knowing the SNAP syllabus, candidates should formulate a study plan to complete covering each topic within a specific deadline. To develop an effective study plan, candidates must break down the syllabus into smaller sections, considering their knowledge and topic weightage. 

To gain a solid grasp of each topic, candidates should allocate a timeframe based on their complexity. Additionally, candidates must allow time for revision and test series. Setting achievable daily, weekly, or monthly goals is also effective in increasing motivation and avoiding distractions. 

3. Practise SNAP Mock Tests 

Regular practice through SNAP mock tests and sample papers is essential for success in the SNAP exam. After completing the SNAP syllabus, candidates must start solving previous years’ question papers and simulated mock tests. Further, they should evaluate their performance with the answer key to determine their strengths and areas of improvement. 

Practising the SNAP mock test helps candidates familiarise themselves with the exam pattern, refining time management skills and boosting confidence. It’s advisable to attempt a variety of mock tests to experience different difficulty levels and question styles, aiding in enhancing candidates’ problem-solving ability and overall exam temperament.

4. Practise Previous Year Papers

SNAP question papers are typical of easy to moderate difficulty. In the last two years, the difficulty level of SNAP has fallen significantly. It now just has 60 questions to answer in 60 minutes. The SNAP 2022 exam includes negative markings or RC sections. Candidates studying for the exam should practice SNAP previous year exams to obtain a sense of the types of questions asked and the weightage assigned to each topic. The SNAP question papers will give them important insights into how and what to study for the exam. On this page, you may find the previous year's SNAP exam question papers for reference.

Why is it important to complete SNAP Question Papers?

  • Solving SNAP previous year papers allows the candidate to become acquainted with the types of questions that will be asked in the exam.

  • Candidates can analyze their preparation level by solving SNAP question papers and sample papers, i.e. which parts they are good in and which need work.

  • Sometimes the same questions are posed two years in a row. If a candidate has practiced the previous year's SNAP question papers, he or she will be able to solve the question quickly and accurately.

  • Solving SNAP sample papers enhances a candidate's overall efficiency. Sample papers educate candidates on how to strike the correct balance between speed and accuracy.

Anisha Mukhija

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