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IIM Amritsar Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

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 IIM Amritsar PI Experience 26

Profile 73.9 (Journalism and Mass Communication) Work Ex - 3+ years in HR P1: Male Young (Very Friendly) P2: Female Young (Friendly & Sweet) asked most questions. Greeted both of them. P1: Tell me about yourself. Answered P1: why HR domain you did Mass Communication Answered P1: Asked Most of the questions related to my work experience - Recruitment and selection difference - layoff & solution - most difficult situation Answered P2: About extra curricular activities & views on Russia Ukraine war impact on India ? Answered Opted second choice of Business Analytics why BA and what do you know about it ? Overall it was mix of interview conversational plus Rapid fire they wanted me to speak I think.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 27

13th Feb, afternoon slot B Arch Two female panelists 1. Intro 2. Why MBA, you did Architecture from top institute, why do want to leave it. 3. My opinion on Central Vista 4. What is economy 5. How do you justify sustainability as a concept 6. Budget 2 likes and 2 dislikes Second panelist 1. Same, why mba. Had good discussion. They did cross question on everything what I said. Basically, tried to make it look stressful. 2. In the end, your hobbies, Cricket current happenings. For me particularly, I feel they didn't want me to do MBA but be confident if any such situation arises for you guys.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 28

Profile : 10th - 9.8, 12th - 95.8%, btech - 7.72 cgpa IIIT Bhubaneswar Electronics and telecommunication engineering Two panelists both male (P1 - 45-50) (P2 - 60+) P1: Show your car score card P1: what is ground penetrating radar and it's applications. Me: Answered P1: tell me about your role in the internship Me: Answered P1: what is GST on cosmetics (as i mentioned in my internship I had to deal with a client company which was a cosmetics company) Me: I was not sure though I said 18% P1: what are the challenges faced by Nyka Me: Answered few P2: why did you prefer business analytics Me : answered P2: draw the graph of x^3 Me : shown P2: is it increasing or decreasing at 0, how would you predict Me: answered. P2: what knowledge do you have on programing Me: answered Some cross- questions P1: what calls do you have  Me : Answered  Overall the interview was good, no grilling.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 29

P1: -Why MBA? -Why marketing? -Are you sure about marketing? Why not any other field?  -Then he picked up colgate, OLA,zomato and asked qstns on segmenting and targeting, what segment would we concentrate upon?, why?, how can we Segmentize the market?.. And many other such qstns.. Basically we ended by finding what all possible segments should be targeted by OLA Then came P2: -2 qstns on stats (idr coz never heard before)  -Bihar CM -MLA -MLC -No. Of legislative seats -Governor (ex and new)  -Some facts on budget and economic survey -What is presented a day before budget, who presented it (There were a few more qstns by P2.. I don't remember)

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 30

1M 1F panelists Questions- -Introduction about me and my place of origin -Work ex related questions -Hobbies related questions -News of Maharashtra - since i am from Maharashtra -1 sir was from maths background - he asked probability and stats questions -General knowledge - MPs from Maharashtra -What newspaper do i follow 15 min interview - chill panelists no grill

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 31

Shubham Thakur 90/70.15/68.97/Cat 94.05 GEM(Aeronautical engineering) Work experience - 36 months (Drone industry) 2 panelists:- 1 Male professor, 1 female alumni F 1. Introduce yourself. 2. What are you currently reading and key takeaways from it? 3. Why MBA in Business Analytics? 4. What is difference between Descriptive and Predictive Analytics? 5. What is machine learning? 6. What is paris agreement? 7. What is India's stand on climate change and what are we doing for it? 8. What is gig economy? M 1. What calls do you have? 2. Give me an example of company using business analytics. 3. Why do you collect stones? 4. What is the current situation of drone industry? 5. What is government doing to boost drone industry? 6. What is full form of PLI? Time: 15mins

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 32

93.08%iple M OBC Eng 78/78/91 workx 2.5+ TCS Panel - F and M, in their forties F- Tell me about ur job, hobies. Me- Gave quick intro F- Asked me about my job Me- Give brief about my client (telecom) and what I do for them F- Asked some telecom related queries Me- gave all answers, they were pretty much satisfied M- after all telecom discussion, asked me if privatisation will be good for BSNL Me- I agreed with privatisation thing and gave some points how BSNL is lagging in terms of technology, pretty much avg answer (Maam left at this moment) M- asked on what factors a company should relocate to any country Me- Gave 3 points, M was satisfied M- who conducts elections in India Me- ECI M- Tell me about ECI's top position holders now.

Me- Couldn't answer this said don't know exact names M- Tell me 2 fundamental rights Me- told about freedom to move (article 19) and freedom to practice religion (don't know article no) M- asked me u r engineer u know about statistics Me- yes M- tell if 2*2 and 2*3 matrices can be multiplied? Me- I said no (thought 3*3), he said to rethink, he repeated the question, so said Yes. M- what will be order of resultant matrixe Me- 2*3 M- Tell the disadvantages of mean Me- I told if we have any very small or large value then it will not give correct indication, in that case we should use Median M- he said ok you can leave now thanks.

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 33

 GEF 2 male panelist Good morning sir to both then I asked I hope I am Clearly audible He smiled and said so you are clearly audible You have worked in tata so what are your roles and responsibilities Told at last I mentioned I have been now a senior and responsible resource as I provide KT Then he said with 2 years you are senior I said no sir as compared to entry level I have upskilled and my manager expectations Q1. Explain Block Chain - I told about Satoshi nakamoto crypto currency and hash codes Q2 Difference between VOLTE and LTE - Explained the latency Q3. Explain CE Economy - I was not sure what that is instead i said i am not aware will read about this Q4. Then he said you have mentioned adventure sports as hobby please elaborate on this - I mentioned that i was part of ncc annual training and activities Q5. Explain Network Neutrality - Told Q6. What is cap ex? - Told Over to P2 Q1.

 Explain Moonlight - I told about Wipro and all what it is and is it ethical and why people practice it (Cross question : What's your take on it?) - I said "I think it's quite unethical because it's threat to the current company's confidential data" Q2. You have background in programming. Explain difference between c++ c Java - Told all the points and why I prefer Java (Cross question: So you say Java is more superior?) - I said "No sir, Java is better when it comes to memory management JVM and exception handling and code redundancy as it has pre-defined methods" (Then he was convinced) Q3. How will you add two numbers without using+ operator? - Knew it told Q4. He asked "Why do you want to do MBA?" - I gave prepared answer Q5. You mentioned you want to serve in leadership roles and explain the difference between manager and a leader - Told with example Q6. What all calls you hold? - Told Then P1 at last asked how will IIM Amritsar help you with your aspirations I told positives about institute The meeting ended

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 34

 GEM 10/9/8 98.93 %ile 4 months Work ex

  1. Tell me about yourself 2. Why change your stream to MBA when you have done Engineering? 3. What is 3PL and 4PL? 4. What is Intermodal Logistics and Multimodal Logistics? 5. What is Milk Run? 6. Some last mile delivery partners? 7. What is BRICS? 8. News about China 9. Latest Business news 10. Asked about my research papers

Before starting they mentioned they don’t have much time.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 35

I was the last candidate in my panel. Also the first one to arrive (6.30AM) For Document verification purposes - Those students who are in the last year of graduation, please bring your "recent" course completion certificate. They have the undertaking but better to avoid the situation. Panelist - 1M (35 years around) 1F (55 years) M1- Introduce yourself (Since I have a Life Sciences background, they asked what all are the subjects exactly and why did you choose this specific subject in masters) F1- Why have you filled for both PGP and HRM F1- what is the role of an HR Manager M1- Since your peers will be from a different background, do you think that will be a disadvantage ? M- What are your views on cervical cancer (I had popped this specific word intentionally so that they ask related questions further) F- what all vaccines are available for cancers F- Indian companies involved in vaccine production M- We heard a lot about RT PCR during Covid.

What is RT PCR? M- What are your hobbies F- Since you are last in the panel, choose a topic on your own. F- Which web series have you watched recently (he had also watched this series, cross questioning done) M- Govt is targeting which cancer to spread awareness M- Why is lung cancer so prevalent in India. Also what can be done to reduce cervical cancer in India since it the highest affected state. ( Again I would say they are just trying to make a good conversation and they actually want to know you. ) PS- Mention the words intentionally to move the interview in a specific direction

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 36

15-20 mins 2 panelists - 1M 1F Both late 20s or early 30s Both Finance/Economics Faculty Male panelist - - How are you etc? - Let's talk abt ur extra curriculars - Why do you do this? - Let's talk abt ur professional qualifications - What is Portfolio optimisation? - What is VaR? - How many regressions do you know? - Measures of risk - Have you used it in real life application? - Do u invest in stocks? (Beech mein Mera video glitch ho raha tha but audio was clear toh uske liye I apologised n they said to continue eventually it fixed itself) Female Panelist - - How are you? (Again!) - Why MBA? - Why the gap after work? - How do u assess the culture of the place? - What role do u play in improving/declining culture? - Difference between Shareholders n Stakeholders - Give examples - Big news of last week apart from Hindenburg n Adani - Views on how OTT affecting society - Difference between Layoffs, downsizing n rightsizing

  • Any questions you have? I asked one but they refused to answer etc

My recco - don't make guesses, coz they'll grill u as to why u guessed it that way or y don't u know the specifics Quite chill, panelists were cheerful, kept smiling etc

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 38

 Fore - Why mba after engineering? - Why gap year? - Tell me about family business?(i mentioned it because of gap year) - Percentile? - Famous IT people who turned to mba field? BAQ - Who represents the budget and where? - Who released world risk list 2023? - Third was something from IMF? Extempore - - Does global warming cause natural disaster?

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 1

2 Panelists (P1-->m, P2 - - >f) Interview started right on time at 4:20pm P1: Tell me something about yourself P1: What do you mean by data governance (I mentioned it as part of my work ex) P1: Asked more questions related to it, like how policies would affect the overall framework, used case for it being effectively used, what is GDPR, where it is used etc. P1: Why MBA in business Analytics(I mentioned it as my first preference in the application form) P1: What are the key skills needed to succeed in this field.(forgot to mention about most integral skill - - >statistics) P1: Programing languages known P1: 12th Mathematics related questions (what is maxima, minima, difference between local maxima and global maxima etc) Me: Answered some basics which I could recollect. Handed over to P2 More of HR questions: P2: Have you ever faced failure in life and how did you overcame it: Me: Mentioned 2 true stories.

P2: What have you done from your side to increase your business knowledge (I mentioned couple of times in my interview that I want to gain business acumen from the course) Me: I try to keep up with business news via newspapers P2: What is the latest you have read. Me: I mentioned about Future group vs Reliance conflict. P2: Explain the conflict. P2: Can you please show us the certificates of extra-curricular mentioned in the resume. Me: showed the physical copies (Took 3-4 mins to search those out but they were patient during that time) P2: Thanks for your time. You can leave the meeting. Time (25-30mins) Overall: It was a good learning experience. The panelist also explained me few things which I missed during my answers. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Join our GDPI Course with IIM, NMIMS, SP Jain Alumnis

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 2

Accounts and Finance fresher 2 panelists both Male 1. Tell me about yourself 2. As I mentioned about team work... state one incident of team work 3. Tell me about your subjects 4. Tell your opinion about budget on the personal finance front 5. Economic conditions during the pandemic 6. How did government manage the pandemic 7. 2 portfolio ministers of Maharashtra except the CM 8. Why mba general as I can see your inclination towards finance so you could take a specialised finance course 9. Why not mba hr as second choice...why mba business analytics 10. As you're good in academics do a pg and phd and become a professor...why mba As I spoke the other panelist was like you want to make your future bright and not others...is it like that 11. Who is your favourite teacher Overall a very chill interview... both the panelists were smiling and laughing throughout Get your GDPI sorted with us to get selected into IIMs

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 3

 P1 and P2 (both female in mid 30s) Q:You have a job and you are doing well so why MBA? Q:Discussion on quantum computing, privacy, facebook current news, whatsapp data policy, how is data secured. What is your take on privacy now a days, more discussion on Australlian govt.'s new law for google and facebook. Q:Difference between cloud and server. Please explain what is cloud. Q:what other calls do you have? Q:Tell me when did Jharkhand become a state( since I am from Jharkhand). Q:Tell us about Jharkhand Q:what do you know about Amritsar and Punjab. Q:what do you like to do in your free time ? Q:Do u have any questions for us? Okay thankyou have a nice day.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 4

19 months workex(Infosys+TCS) 1. Tell me about your self 2. What is special about Lucknow 3. 5 monuments 4. Plan a one day trip 5. What is factors effecting the planed trip 6. What is meant by tehjeeb and name some nawabs 7. What is your role in TCS 8. What you serve to your clients 9. What is meant by machine learning and type of machine learning 10. Give two examples for supervised and unsupervised learning 11. What is industrial 4.0 ,what is business 4.0 12. What are new products from TCS 13. What are you extra curricular skillls 14. What is Indian reform ?what is GDPR? 15. Full form of GDPR

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 5

GEM 98.45 ECE 20 months Workex as Product Manager. Q1. Tell me something about Yourself? Answered. Q2. Tell us more about your Job Role? Q3. Tell us how IP Camera is different from Web Cameras? Answered. Q4. Do you do front Ending with sales or at the Back End? Answered. Q5. Any extracurricular Activites during College and School? Answered. Q6. Any news that you are following recently? Told about Australia vs Google news. Q7. What's your opinion on it? Told Australian Government is right and if many more countries come with such steps. Google cannot come up with threats like they would leave their countries. Q8. Why MBA Answered. Q9. Do you think it is a best time to do an MBA and quit your Job? Said in Today's hindu there was a headline that 45 years with comorbid conditions will be vaccinated from 1st March. Apart from it Johnson and Johnson Vaccine has been declared 86 percent effective and there is a V shape recovery so by the time I graduate i.e in 2023 things would be under control. Q10. Name different schemes that are taken by govt 1. ATMA Nirbhar Swastha Bharat abhyan 2. Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Made in India 3. Ujwalla yojna. 4. Western Economic and eastern Economic Freight corridor. Stopped me and said that is okay. Q11. Do you have any questions for us? No. End lasted about 15 minutes.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 6

Two panelist: M and F 1. F: So Tell me about yourself - Told the practiced one 2. M: So What is Data Science? You have filled for Data Science na. - No Sir regular PGP only 3. M: Ok then also what do know about Data Science - Sir 150 years back oil was called black gold, same is true for Data today. Any firm which has more data today can make influence. Data science is something to analyse and interpret available data in my opinion. 4. M: Do you know what is Industry 4.0? - Sir Industrial revolution started in 17 th century in Britain and we have come along way today to Industrial Revolution 4.0. Here most of the facility in industries are digitised to make things more eco and user frindly. 5. M: So Industry 4.0 is all about enhancing GUI( Graphical User Interface) - Sir GUI might form a chunk of it but its not all abt it. Industry 4.0 also aims to reduce digital divide and make services available to both who are at cities and who are extreme locations. 6. M: So why do you want to do an MBA? - Sir I want to work for diversified areas and grow up to some eminent positions 7. M: You already have 3years work ex and within a year you will rise to significant leadership roles, why need to go for MBA - Sir its true, but currently I am working at the grassroot level of oil field and its a very niche field.

I want to work for more diverse industries and experience them. 8. M: But you will again hop on to different company after two years and keep on doing that - No sir, I come today to this decision after analysing my work area thoroughly within these years. 9. M: I will return later, Mam want to ask something 10. F: Ok Do you know what standard deviation is - Mam I dont know much but its the measure of how much a set of data deviates from its mean 11. F: Ok Now tell me What will be the probability of getting atleast two heads when we toss four coins together. Basic twelth class Mathematics - Mam, I can get that it will be 2/8 or 1/4 probability of getting two heads . 12. F: But I told atleast what about other cases - Oh Sorry mam, I cannot formulate the cases at present but it would definitely be more than 1/4. 13. M: Okk where are you posted at present ? - I am at Rajahmundry in AP at present 14. M: Okk then can you guess the no of cricket balls would be required by Rajahmundry in a month. Take your time and come at a number and tell me how you reached that no. - (Took some time) Sir I am not at the city but at some remote location, if I guess there would atleast five to six sports complex in the city and if we take the survey of those complexes about their usage and extrapolate those numbers to other local people who play cricket then we can guess a number 15.

M: Tell me a number - Sir I guess around 1500 to 2000 per month 16. M: How you came to that number like what assumptions you supposed - Sir I supposed that a sports complex might require 50 balls per day 17. M: 50 balls per day! - Oh sorry sir 5 balls per day 18. M: So you are talking abt leather ball or tennis ball - Sir leather ball for sports complexes and tennis one for local cricket. 19. M: What is the full form of CAA - Sir its Citizen Amendment Act 20. M: What does it say? - Sir its an Amendment Act which says that people belonging to six religions who in minorities in neighbouring countries can settle in India more conveniently after following certain procedures. 21. M: Okk Why it is that the oil production from Cauvery Basin is intermittent but it is good and stable from KG Basin - Sir first thing is that the formation in southern Indian is very difficult to drill. Second is that land acquisition is comparatively difficult in Tamil Nadu for drilling as compared to AP. Also Kakinada which is near to KG Basin can prove to be Next Mumbai High and the development is going on. 22.

M: What is the future of Shale Gas in India? - Sir Shale Gas is great but it requires huge money and infrastructure. Right now it is difficult to drill Shale Formation in India because of lack of infrastructure. 23. M: What would be the break even cost of Shale Gas in market? - Sir thats a very difficult question for me to answer. At present it costs us around $30 per barrel to drill and we sell at around 49$. But if I want to guess break even point for Shale Gas then I would go for around 60$. 24. M: Ok thats from our side. Please show us your CAT admit card. - Sorry sir it was not mentioned in any mail to keep admit card. I have only Adhar Card and other documents with me at present 25. F: Ok no problem its just a formality. It was nice talking to you. You may now leave the call - It was pleasure Mam. Thank You Overall I felt the interview was stressfull. The faculty didn’t smile throughout the process except at the end of the interview. The probability question went bad and my approach was totaly wrong. The guesstimate also I think did not go well. Other than that I tried to answer well. It was a long interview (more than half an hour) and in the middle I felt that I am the only candidate today for them( they had total 10 people in second half). Thanks Kickstart your IIM WAT-PI Preparation now with our expert mentors

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 7

 B TECH ELECTRICAL FRESHER 1. Introduce yourself 2. Tour academic as well as non academic achievements. 3. No technical questions on graduation. 4. Why MBA ? 5. Why MBA right after your graduation why don't you go for work ex first? 6. What are the different forms of art. (I told themselves in introduction that i draw sketches and paintings. They even asked that show your paintings) 7. Questions on graphs. Draw graph of y= x^2 and y= x^3 - x 8. Tricky Questions on Statistics ( take your time to solve these questions) For more GD Topics

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 8

10th March 2021 Panelists - 1 M and 1 F (both in mid 30s) 2 years of work ex in Doordarshan and a Digital marketing agency 1. Introduce yourself 2. You worked as a Production Manager in Doordarshan, what is the difference between a Production Manager of a broadcasting industry and a manufacturing industry. 3. What are the OTT platforms? 4. How would you market the OTT shows? 5. What is SEO? 6. Give me an example where you want to do paid promotion and non paid promotion? 7. Who heads Lok Sabha? Who is currently heading Lok Sabha? (Tried to confuse me with Rajya Sabha) 8. Who are Cabinet Ministers? How many female Cabinet Ministers are there in India? Name 5 of them. 9. Name 5 indian companies that come under Forbes 500 list. 10. What is happening in the retail sector? (Asked me about the tussle between Reliance and Amazon) 11. Do you have any National level achievement in sports? 12. Do you have any questions for us? Thank you so much, you may log off now.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 9

22/03/21 Two panelists 1M, 1F M: hi show your cat score card please Me: done M: okay so tell me about yourself Me: told M: so what do you do at office do you code lead team exactly what Me: told M: so what exactly is an accelerator Me: told M: you have an interesting job Me: yes sir. M: ma'am would you like to take over? F : so what does your name mean? Me: told F : interesting, so tell me something about Bengal election Me: told F : what's special in it Me : told about part manifesto and all F: why is nandigram important for this election Me: told F: why is it famous Me: told F: what is big O Me: told F: what is the difference between insertion and bubble sort Me: told F: what do you read in paper Me: told some latest stuff F: tell something about your extra curricular activities Me: told F: why government wants to ban cryptocurrency Me : told F: I'm good , sir anything else M: yes, which other IIM calls you have Me : told M: whom are you planning to vote? Me: I've decided but can't say! Will do it on 10th. M: oh yours is on 10th? Me: yes sir. M: okay thanks it was great talking to you thanks. Me: thank you both. Very chilled out interview, no cross question. Around 12mins Join our GDPI Course with IIM, NMIMS, SP Jain Alumnis

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 10

 Dt- 17-02-2022 2 Panelists (1M 1F) Very chilled Physics background (BS-MS) F So Ashish tell me about your strengths and weaknesses Said 3 strengths and 2 weakness (She joked, so ashish has less weaknesses and more strengths) F You mentioned research work.. waht was that Said M what was the journal Said F tell me some instances where you showed your strengths Said M So Ashish tell me some key differences you noticed btwn Kerala(college) and Bihar (home town) M So have you noticed any female wearing burkha in Kerala and Bihar: Said yes ( he said kerala governor has stated that here all cultures use similar dressing style) [M so you have work ex.. tell me about that Said i don't have any M so you did some project on energy and conservation Said no sir.

 I Guess there is some confusion ] F tell me what you do in free time. Said a few F any sports F tell me name of any international volleyball player Said Don't know F any sports you are interested in Said not as such M interested in politics Said a bit.. not too much M Chairman of UGC Didn't know M what's UGC Said fund granting committee.. provides fund to big institutes M Can I ask about computer Said we can try Asked 6 components of computer Didn't know MB to GB conversion But vs byte Said M which state recently got tap supply to all cities ( saud i guess indore not sure) Which country adopted 3 child/couple policy Didn't know Which country funded Indian hockey team Didn't know F asked no of states Said 28 Recent addictions said uttrakhand and Telangana F what about Ladakh Said added as UT recently M Defence Minister Said can't recall.. starts with R ? F Road and transport Minister Didn't know M financie Minister Said Home Minister Said [Overall Chill experience.. and calm.. Guess GK was not so good ]

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 11

 Dt- 20 Feb 2022 They asked if I was well Then they asked how I liked the online learning that happened the past years (2021 graduate) They asked a lot of engineers go into further mtech why dont you do so.. They asked why do I not do a job first and gain some work ex Then the other panelist took over and he asked what states have elections (couldnt say all states) Asked about budget PM Gatishakti Asked about ABG(couldnt answer) Asked about any other scams (still no)

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 12

 IIM AMRITSAR Morning Slot 22-2-22 1. Tell me something about yourself that is not in your CV. 2. Why MBA and this shift from Metallurgy background to MBA. 3. Extra and co- curricular activities and your learnings from it. 4. What is Politics. 5. Gold mines in India. 6. How will you define Indian politics today. 7. First Indian to win Olympic medal in Badminton. Hardly 8-10 mins interview. Soft grilling on TMAY and Why MBA part. Kickstart your IIM WAT-PI Preparation now with our expert mentors

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 13

Dt- 22-02-2022 My PI heavily revolved around my long term goal which I had mentioned as becoming a travel entrepreneur. They asked me how I would set up my business. What all do I need to set up etc. Then follow my questions. Questions on why marketing? And which company? Opinion on Diversity and Inclusiveness. Hobbies and Interests. Justify your gap year. What activities did you take up apart from studies? Why your results in first 2 semesters were a bit low? What did you do to improve in later semesters? For more GD Topics

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 14

 IIM Amritsar interview on 22nd February, 2022 My profile: CAT: 96.18 B.A.(H) English (Final Year) One female, one male (F1,M1) M1: TMAY (Finally someone asked this) M1: Why do you want to do MBA? You should go towards writing. M1: Do you know about finance, mathematics and statistics? (I am English Honours student, itna deep mein thodi pata hoga, I said I have basic knowledge.) M1: Okay then tell about Law of Large Numbers? (Haven't even heard of this) M1: Tell about distribution system, uniform and all? (Why, why me!!!) F1: Why marketing? F1: What is content marketing? Which companies? F1: Tell about ABG Shipyard? F1: What is NPA? F1: What is government doing? No grilling but why those stats questions!!!!!! Overall if we take away the stats questions everything was good good. ? Get your GDPI sorted with us to get selected into IIMs

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 15

 24/02/2022 (joining time - 9:30 am) ( no ID check) Waiting time - less than an hour. Duration: ~16 minutes. 2 panelists (O, T) O: How are you? ( replicated) Thanks for asking. O: Introduce yourself. O: Tell us something about your district. Any historical relevance? O: Difference between 1824 & 1857 Sepoy mutiny. O: Why is your 3rd semester grades low? ( a few follow up questions) O: Tell an instance where you exhibited leadership qualities. O: Tell about what's happening in Ukraine. O: Hasn't the war already broken up? O: Current CEO of Zoom. O: Who's the VC of JNU? O: CEO of Microsoft? O: Some ship incident in Sweden.

O: What is your hobby? What's the last book you've read? (asked the name of the author of a book he named) O: OK,I'm now transferring you to my fellow panelist. T: How are you doing? (replicated) T: Do you have any work ex or are you a fresher? T: Which discipline? T: OK,great! So in your undergrad you've learnt about the theoretical aspects. Why are you shifting towards an applied branch? T: Tell us an application of maths that you can make use of in management. (told very good :) ) (a few follow up questions) T: What's your favourite subject and why it interests you?(very good) T: Do you know about PnC? Illustrate using 2 practical examples. (said very good again) T: Any projects you did in your final year? T: What do you do in your free time? (said great) T: Thank you! [May I leave sir, T: Yes,you may!] ( T seemed impressed, O was agreeing with my answers)

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 16

Dt- 24 Feb 2022 9/9/8 BTech NIT UK Mechanical Engineering Experience 1.6 yr L&T and edtech startup P1 (M 40) P2 ( M 30) Extempore "Tourism in Uttarakhand" P1 1. Asked about startup 2. Role 3. Projects done 4. Lot of questions on 3D printing 5. ATL AIC initiative by Gov of India 6.Future of additive manufacturing. 7. Subtractive manufacturing P2 1. BharatPe controversy 2. Biggest company in terms of value. (Apple) 3. value of apple ( 3 trillion dollar) 4. Value of dollar (75.08)

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 17

 #IIM Amritsar Interview Experience - 24/02/2022 #EWS/Engineer/Male 1) Introduce yourself. 2) What is low pass filter? Its transfer function? 3) What is meant by differentiation. Differentiation of triangular function. 4) What is integration? Integration of triangular function. 5) How would you explain differentiation and integration to a lay man? 6) Types of transformers? Which transformer is used to distribute power to our houses? What are its specifications? 7) What is an electrical grid? How many grids does India have? 8) What is smart grid and what are it's features? Does India have a smart grid?

What are the other nations which have smart grids? 9) Frequency of power supply in india? Countries having different power frequency and what is the value? 10) Why MBA? Give a genuine answer not a coaching institute one. 11) Why MBA now and not after 2 years of job? 12) What news do you follow? What is the latest news now? 13)You are a gold medalist. You will have a great career in your own domain (electrical). Why don't you go for MS? 14) What projects have you done? Explain? (Told 2 of them - One was based on sustainable development) 15)Cross question. What is sustainable development? What are its goals? Which body is responsible for working sustainable development in India? 16) What ia your take on Russia-ukraine war? What are the chances of 3rd world war? Thank you. We are done with your interview. All the best.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 18

 IIM AMRITSAR INTERVIEW - 24/02/2022 Engineer-1.5yrs exp IT Statistics mean median mode practical implementation java OOPS properties and their explanations Why MBA when u already work in Leading technology company 2nd interviewer started Do you read business news what is your take in economics today - crypto related few things(because i mentioned i have little exp in crypto invest) - income tax slabs (i told mine and my relaxation) he said you only keep information related to u then few questions on leadership then asked about some person whom i didnt knew lastly any CEO u admire and why thnx and regards hope it helps Kickstart your IIM WAT-PI Preparation now with our expert mentors

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 19

 Dt- 25 Feb 2022 2 panelist Waited 57 minutes before interview Q) Show me any identity card (didn't carried any, checked the drawer, Passport was there, so showed that) Q) Which ministry issues passport Q) What is written in the first page Q) what do you mean by republic in republic of India Q) How many states have you been Q) Cultural Difference between North and South India Q) Cultural Difference between Orissa and West Bengal Q) Different between Hyderabadi biryani and Kolkata Biryani Q) Other IIM calls Q) When was B interview ( answered 14th Feb) They laughed and asked Significance of 14th Feb Q) How was the interview Q) How good you are in maths Q) Taxicab Number ( heard first time) Q) X^0 ? Q) How will you prove or explain X^0=1 to a 6 class child For more GD Topics

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 20

 IIM Amritsar - 25/02/2022 2male *Asked about my 12 degree as it's different than others. Told about my college and how it is diffy from other colleges. *Asked about work and what I do and why MBA from thereon *Primary key and foreign key differences with example *Make belief tables and told to write queries and gave multiple scenarios *Asked about agility and waterflow models of coding. Difference and all *Closest election wala state from your state and seats.overall seats MLA in all the election wala states *Why UP election matters *Should UP be divided in smaller states and consequences and things to keep in mind *Lastly cat ka score card manga #i'm a mech engineer working in IT, 2 yrs workex, 98.3 in CAT# Get your GDPI sorted with us to get selected into IIMs

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 21

IIM Amritsar - 25/02/2022 Mechanical Engineer - 27 months experience P1(Female) P2(Male) P1 - Tell me about yourself. P1- I have gone through your resume and you are a good technical person. Tell me what skills are you looking for after completing MBA? P1- Can you state one incident at your workplace which made you think to do an MBA? P1 - Do you have an idea about what all courses are we providing? P1 - Which domain you will prefer and why? P2 - So you are mechanical. Are you able to recall laws of thermodynamics? P2- Carnot Engine? P2- How AC works? P2 - So you are interested in stock market. Do you know about Bollinger bands? P2 - What type of trading have you done to win zerodha 60 day challenge. Explain some technical indicators. P2 - Have you heard about RSI? P2 - What is fibnocii retracement? Levels? P2- How is fibnocii levels calculated? P2 - Is there any practical usage for that levels? Why people likes those levels? It was nice talking to you. You can log off..!

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 22

Dt- 25/02/2022 Started with the meaning of my name Then about the references i mentioned as one of them was a former advisor of un and unesco Then about my company and the diff between consulting and real firm Why mba Why do i want to shift from civil engg to mba and not mtech Then two 11 12 maths questions which i couldnt answer Then ukraine and russia issue Then about my father and my role model Then graduation related questions Recent election predictions Thats it No grilling. Good panelists. But i messed up in two maths related questions.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 23

 Dt- 26/02/2022 Panel 5 (10 mins waiting time) 2 male panelists Duration 7-8 mins 1. Tell me about yourself (I mentioned content writing) 2. On which genre do you write? How did you get those internships? What was your pay there? 3. How are you in maths? 4. What is variance? Standard deviation? Mode? Binomial distribution 5. Sum of first 100 natural numbers and formula 6. Sum of GP series 7. What other calls do you have and their interview dates? Only 1 panelist asked questions. Very chill and short interview.

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IIM Amritsar PI Experience 24

Dt- 27 Feb 2022 Done with my iim amritsar interview, 2 times my system crashed I don't know how panelist will perceive it. Q1. Tell me about yourself Q2. Why mba Q3. Types of depreciation Q4. Accounting principle used for depreciation. Q5. Formula of integration and differentiation Q6. Tell me some buisness news Q7. Causes for global chip shortage Q8. Do you follow stock market Q9. Current liability for a manufacturer Q10. Any questions for us Kickstart your IIM WAT-PI Preparation now with our expert mentors

IIM Amritsar PI Experience 25

 Dt- 28 Feb 2022 2 members both male in late 30s M1- tell me something about yourself - why mba - what finance subjects you have learned in UPSC -why not do job - why interests you in finance M2 - share market related questions -10 companies ranked by market cap - ceo of TCS and tata group -your business role model -what did wareen buffets annual letter said -Ev companies in india -Problem for tesla to get in -which states welcomed him -ev policy - do you have any questions For more GD Topics

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