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IIM-CAP Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 156

P1(Female) – 40-45
P2(Male) – 40-45

Non Engineer
MA Political Science
90.2/83.85/ 9.2
CAT 93.65

Q: Tell me about yourself
Q: Why MBA?
Q: What did you do in Sukma?
Q: What is CSR?
Q: Do you wish to join any NGO?
Q: What specialization?
Q: What is Rationality?
Q: What is rational decision making and is there any difference between Rational Decision Making and Decision Making?
Q: What is root cause analysis?

Q: Asked about Plant Diversity subject studied in graduation?
Q: What is the perspective of farmers towards plant diversity and how cropping diversity is important?
Q: You studied water resources, so what is water scenario in Marathwada region of Maharashtra?
Q: Who is infra minister of India?
(Told infra comes under various ministries like rail civil aviation road but basic money allocation is by MoFinance)
Q: Who is MP from your constituency?
(Nitin Gadkari and ministry told)
Q: Who is Governor of Maharashtra?
(Expected coz changed yesterday)
Q: Asked about Nagpur (hometown)
Q: What is RSS?
(Facts about it)
Q: Who is the current Chief?
Q: Where is the HQ in Nagpur?

Thank you it was lovely talking to you…

14-15 mins.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 157

(4 mins)

Q: Where was lithium found recently in India?
Q: Applications of lithium in industry effect for india
Q: Is JK state or UT?
(I guess I told UT..)
Q: Why MBA?
Q: Geographical identity of West Bengal
Q: Neighboring states of WB
Q: What did I study in mining economics.

Fun fact- ID bhi check nahi hua tha 

IIM CAP Interview Experience 158

GEM fresher (gap yr) 9/9/7 98.94

1F, 1M (30s)

F –
Q: You have been waiting so long, on a scale from 1 to 10 how is ur patience level? (Last interview)
Q: What were u doing after graduation? (armed forces)
Q: Mba is second choice?
Q: Why weren’t u selected?
Q: Similarities and difference between officer and manager
Q: So u like reading? Have u read art of war? 2 lessons from it?
Q: What ideology do u think iims stand for?
Q: Which other country’s armed forces has an ideology u like?

M –
Q: Do u want to be a leader or a manager
Q: Difference between leader and manager
Q: Oldest iim? After that? A or B?
Q: Other iim calls? ( Only Rohtak )
Q: Govt suddenly opened so many, what are the negatives, wouldn’t the education be subpar?
Q: What is enthalpy
Q: What is thermodynamics
Q: Governor of UP (domicile)
Q: Governor of Karnataka (resident)
Q: Sports ministry
Q: One negative in budget (except angel tax)
Q: What is percentage share of education (ans education for prev)
Q: What is share in developed countries
Q: What was biggest focus in budget
Q: Target under gati shakti

Nice. Log off.

Completely messed up the end, didn’t know the values

IIM CAP Interview Experience 159

Bhargav Satishbhai Patel
General Engineer Male
Acads- 8/7/7.5
Two Panelists (P1-35yrs (Female), P2-35yrs (Male))
Interview Time: 17 Minutes
P1(Was in the mood of grilling)
P2(Was making the mood)
P1- Ok, Bhargav. Good Morning
Me: Good Morning
P1- Can you tell me about yourself?
Me: Spoke 4-5 lines and interrupted.
P1- But, how would MBA help you in all this?
Me: Explained in 2-3 lines
P1- But, MBA is generally seen as a heavy curriculum, there’s much load in it. How will you cop-up?
Me: Explained
P1- But how this Digital Marketing Course would help you?
Me: Explained
P1- Ok, how Digital Marketing will help you into progressing your career ahead?
Me: (Had a little bit argument and QnA around this topic, was satisfied a little bit)
P1- What subjects are you comfortable in?
Me: Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing,.. Stopped, But she wanted more, I didn’t want to but have to speak AI & ML
P1- Ok, how ChatGPT will be a danger to the companies?
Me: I was defining ChatGPT and coming on the point but interrupted. 
P1- But how it will prove the question that I asked?
Me: Explained
P1- You have done Digital Marketing. What is the Top Level Funnel?
P1- How you will use this Top-Level funnel towards the public?
Me: Explained
(Now here comes the P2)
P2- What are your hobbies?
Me: I love to play cricket
P2- Who got ICC Cricketer of the Year Award?
Me: Told
P2- Who got ICC T20 Cricketer of the year award?
Me: Told (He wasn’t aware and said Mohammad Rizwan, I explained him that it’s Suryakumar Yadav)
P2- Ok, what is Digital Currency?
Me: Explained, and said it has been introduced in India in December 2022. Was going to speak that it is in discussion yet, and not released for public exchange.
P2- But, it hasn’t introduced, it in the discussion.
Me: Ok
P2- Can you tell me something about Budget on Fiscal Deficit?
Me: Told the exact figures and compared it.
P2- What is RBI?
Me: Explained
P2- Was is the aim of RBI?
Me: Told, but wasn’t satisfied
P2: Boy, what is the overall aim?
Me: Told again but differently.
P2- Ok, who is the Governor of RBI?
Me: Shaktikanta Das
P2- What was his role earlier?
Me: Revenue Secretary of India
P2- Who is Finance Minister?
Me: Nirmala Sitharaman
P2- You are from Gujarat, but have pursued your graduation from Noida? Why so?
Me: Explained
P2- Mam, you want to ask him anything?
P1- Any Indian Companies you think that are doing good in the market?
Me: (I read about Zerodha’s making profit in LinkedIn) Mam, Zerodha
P1- What is the Profit?
Me: I don’t know mam, but it was a jump of 80% profit than it’s last year.
P1- But you should know na. Ok, what is Zerodha?
Me: Told
P1- Which are its competition?
Me: Told
P1- Difference between Groww and Zeridha. Why Zerodha is preferred?
Me: Told
P1- But said the users are equal in both the platforms
Me- Told
P1- You can leave now?
Overall, I think my performance was above 50%,..!! What do you think, plz give me some feedback

IIM CAP Interview Experience 160

Interview lasted for 14 mins
2 panelists

Q: Why mba after Mathematics Hons?
Q: News you’re reading tell me in 5 sentences?
(I told about Adani-hindenburg issue)
Q: Asked more questions on this
Q: What is short-selling?
Q: Is it legal in India?
Q: Industries in which adani dealing
Second panellist,
Q: He asked all the academics questions
Q: What is Conditional Probability?
Q: What were all the subjects in the chronological order like year wise in your grad?
Q: What are isomorphic group?
Q: Mean Value Theorem
Q: Real world use of Triple Integration.
That’s it

IIM CAP Interview Experience 161

Profile: NEM 8.8/79.6/75.87
Cat percentile: 97.29
2 panelist – 1 female and 1 male professor

1. Meaning of name
2. Which state? It famous for what stuff?
3. Tourists spots
4. Tell us about educational background
5. Fav subject in graduation
6. Topics you’ve learned in it
7. What is Significance of turnover and inventory?
8. What is analysis?
9. Why it is used?
10. How to calculate PAT (profit after tax)?
11. Tell us about extra-curricular
12. Which is your fav book? Why?

Overall Panelist we’re chill and friendly. No why mba, no TMSY, no current affairs.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 162

CAP Interview
9/8/8 92.09% B.Pharma
2P 1 M 1F

1M- Greetings
1M- Quickly Introduce Your Self In 1Min
1M- What Are The Subjects You Studied In Class 12th?
1M- Why Do You Want To Do MBA After B.Pharma?
1M- So You Studied Physics, Tell Me The Second Law Of Thermodynamics
(Not Answered)
1M- You Are From Science Background, But Are You Aware Of The Difference Between Partial And Full Differentiation?
(Not Answered)
1M- So Tell Me The Key Highlights Of Recent Budget
1M- Are You Aware Of The Term MSME?
1M- Which Category It Falls Into?
(Not Answered)
1M- Are You Aware Of Economics And Financial Terms?
(Told No But Do Read Newspaper)
1M- Asked Me A Term Doesn’t Even Heard Of It – Micro Inclusion Or Something
1M- Do You Think India Was Able To Tackle Covid 19 Pandemic?
1M- What Percent Of Indias GDP Was Given To Health Care?
(Told Roughly Around 3%) -He Said It’s Little Less Than 3%
1M – Have You Ever Shown Any Leadership Qualities?
(Told About Event Organized N All)
1M – Have You Faced Any Challenge In That?
1M- You Said You Are Associated With Community Service. Brief About It
(Told About NGO Which I M Part Or)
1M- Ok Tell Me Any Real Life Example Of Mathematical Application
1M- Ok Handing You To Next Panelist
2F- You Are Looking Nervous. Your Interview Is Going So Well! Why Are You Nervous?
(Told That I Joined Through Laptop But All Of The Sudden It Got Freezed And Not Working So I Have To Join By My Phone)
2F- It’s Completely Fine, Don’t Be Nervous
(I Said Ok)
2F- So You Did B.Pharma, Our Country Need More Of People From Medical Background. Why Do You Want To Change?
2F- What’s Your Take On India’s Health Infrastructure?
2F- Have You Won Or Done Anything National Or International And Won Something?
(Told Attended A National Seminar)
2F- Have You Done Anything Extracurricular?
2F- So You Like Photography, Can You Tell Different Kinds Of Lenses?
(Told I Do Mobile Photography) -She Laughed
2F- Ok Do You Know What Exactly Was The Budget Allocated To Health Care This Year?
(Said Less Than 3% Of India’s GD) -She Laughed Again
2F- You Coming From A B. Pharma, How Will You Contribute To An MBA Class?
2F- So You Have Done Something From Prayagraj?
(Said My College Was There)
2F- What Was The Name Of Your College Before?
2F- Ok My Last Question, What Is Your Take On Changing Names Of Places Frequent These Days?

Ok Thank You ! Best Of Luck! Now You Can Leave The Meeting!

IIM CAP Interview Experience 163

CAP interview, 14 Feb 2023, Afternoon slot
Panelists – 2 male, 40+

-Tell me about yourself
-Tell us more about your work. KPI responsibilities. What does the day as GM look like?
-Challenges – personal.
-India auto sector questions, EV related questions – how’s the industry doing-past and current trends correlation ? – What is its future-why? Challenges with EV, why?
-How does induction motor work?
-Favorite subject?
-Challenges in power transmission in India.
-Which renewable source is best according to you?
-What kind of turbine is used in hydropower plant?
(Mentioned Reaction turbine, he was waiting for more, I suppose)
-We’ll ask you basic GK now, just to check your awareness. But before that, it appears that you’re not currently working. Was taking gap a conscious decision? Why?
-Whats IBRD? Full form batao, what does it do?
-Since you mentioned it (UPSC background + said something about multilateral organisations), we’ll stick to the genre for you.
-What’s full form of UNICEF? Full form of UNESCO
-Where’s HQ of World Bank?
-Where’s ICJ located?
(Answered but they gave 2 wrong options and made me choose from that)

Answered most questions except turbine one. Didn’t look satisfied with induction motor answer. Panelists seemed to be in the mood to make fun, were constantly joking so no clue how the interview actually went.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 164

CAP Interview
-Tell me about yourself
-What are you doing currently?
-Components of IC engine (Though I am not from mechanical)
-What is Balance Sheet? (I am not from Finance)
-How to make Balance Sheet? (I am not from Finance)
-What are interest rates applied by RBI?
-What is GDP formula? (Couldn’t recall)
-What was the final year project title? (Told him but he asked it again)

-Who is Harsh Singh? (No Idea)
-Who is Rajesh something name? (No Idea) Then 2 more random names,
-Who is Mahavir Singh?
-What is the instrument used to measure power of an eye?
-What are the different types of tie knots?

No qs related to workex or acads or Hr qs
Just a very bad grilling interview
I told them all the time:- I cannot recall, Sorry IDK..

Even UPSC interview is better than this.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 165

15th Feb, 2023. IIM CAP Interview.

9/9/7 – Fresher, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering.

2 panelists, 1 M and 1 F.

Q: Tell me about yourself.
[Asked questions about Blockchain – field of interest]
Q: How is Blockchain used in Finance industry?
Q: Gave some example of Blockchain used in everyday life and asked advantages of it.
Q: How to deal with unstructured data?
Q: Did you study Maths?
Q: What is Limit and give examples?
Q: What is Time function?
And a bunch of maths questions that I wasn’t aware of.

Q: How did you prepare yourself for interview?
Q: What is the greatest commitment you have in life?
Q: If you were to open a startup, what domain would you choose?
Q: What specialisation? [told Product Management]
Q: Asked qualities of product manager
Q: Any successful product managers you know of

Logged off.

Overall: Both were grilling a lot and were not getting convinced with any answer.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 1

1.Questions related to worked (spent atleast 10mins, discussing about the competitors, strengths and weaknesses, then a couple of follow-ups)

2. Difference between data mining and data analytics

3. Crops covered under MSP? (I didn’t know about a lot said a few)

4. Will AI remove the need of manual intervention? How will you secure the workforce working under the threats of AI?

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 2

1Male 1 Female
Very chill Interview
I’m Bcom fresher
Extempore: New education policy

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Lot of questions on academics

3. Explain business model of handicraft industry because I told I’m interested in art

4. Some concepts of finance

No Gk no grilling

IIM CAP Interview Experience 3

My meeting started , i was not asked to introduce myself i just said goodmorning sir and he greeted back and straight comes first questions!

1. You are working with xyz company?
A. I was working previously, currently i am not working

2. Your work experience influenced you for mba?
A. Gave an honest answer obviously a convincing one

3. There are two companies HUL and PNG what can HUL do better to promote their detergent sales over png?
A. Honestly i did not know much , but i thought from the point of view of a business which i would run, if suppose HUL were to be my own company, and the answer was still very convincing to them.

4. If there are 5 members in your team and 2 of them exit before the day of the meeting what will you do?
A. Simple answer, not let my motivation level drop and see to it that the motivation of others aswell do not drop , apart from that try if there is any scope to get those employees back , make the other half of the team motivated in such a way that each one delivers the best in their capacity and appreciate them ….etc…etc points.( i had to many things to talk about so i jst did not want to stop)

5. How many iim calls do you have ?

6. Do you read the news? Why are the farm laws in news?

We already finished up 15mins in this discussion, the senior most professors wanted to ask more but the other panelist alerted him about time and the interview was wrapped up on a positive note

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 4

15th Jan 2021
Metallurgy Student NIT

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. What’s your class Rank?

3. Tell me a bit about your Final Year Project?
Told about how no project alloted yet, then told about the project I had undergone in my internship and told about the project I will be allotted in a week as final year project.

4. What is Magnetic Flux?
Mentioned vaguely as number of magnetic field lines per unit area.

5. SI Unit?
Don’t remember

6. What is a function?
Asked if it is in relation to mathematics or Computer Science. Told the definition and explained practical usage

7. What is polymorphism?

8. Example?
Used the example of triangles.

9. Tell me the loop programming for a prime number?

10. Name 3 cabinet ministers in US of Indian Origin?
Kamala Harris and Dr. Vivek Murthy. Couldnt remember more. That cracked them up a bit.

11. Tell me three qualities a manager should not have as communication skills?

Thank you. You can now leave.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 5

1. Tell me about Yourself

2. E vehicles and current infrastructure in india

3. Chief of defense staff

4. How can you contribute being an electrical engineer to the management field

5. Game theory… explain it to a layman

6. Unique things about your hometown

7. Why MBA?

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 6

1. Asked me what is so special about my CV and me.

2. Opened my marksheet and started asking questions from any subject which caught his eyes.

3. Asked me about t-test, f-test, anova (bec I have a subject of statistics)

4. Why do you want to pursue MBA? (Whatever I said, they said everybody says the same. Are you enrolled in some coaching institute, because you have same answer)

5. What is a startup?

6. What idea do you have for a startup?

7. What do you want to learn in MBA?

8. Studied Indian economy?

9. How do we measure an economy?

10. What is GDP?

11. Fiscal deficit.

12. 3-4 points of budget.

One of the panelist was smiling throughout, other was scolding me no matter what I answer.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 7

Two panelists 1 M 1 F

F initiated the interview

F: So how has been your waiting time
Me : answered, some convo about it

F : Okay so which state you are from
Me: Punjab ( ofc farm bills followed, but before i could say anything about it, the question about what is grown in J& K followed)
Answered : Saffron and apple, some convo about it in which when asked about typical climate requirements, answered that i don’t know about it, she replied yeah it’s absolutely fine

Followed by which other calls do you have

Which 5 iim under cap you will like to target

Tell me what you know
Answered( Acads, my father’s business)

Questions followed about my business, margin, products, type and then why mba if you’re doing good in business

F says okay I’m done

M: Tell me about your acads
Answered (Favorite one- Principles of Marketing)

M: Difference between marketing and sales
Explained with example

M: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years

So okay we’re done, thankyou

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 8

Profile BE Computers Acads 80/63/66

Workex: 18 month in TCS

Q1: Tell me about yourself

Q2: Explain about Agile methodology

Q3: Case scenario, how will you clarify certain requirements with customer when you are using Aglie methodology

Q4: General quant question…. when 2 dice are throw find the probability of number 4 occurring twice

Q5: Question on certain certifications which i had done (Blockchain)

Q6: Why MBA

Q7: Current affairs 2 questions. Current situation of India vs england match

Q8: President of India

Over all experience was good!

IIM CAP Interview Experience 9


1) Tell me about yourself

2) are you into reading ( I said not much, because I rarely read books)

3)then they asked are you into GK

4) Deputy CM of Haryana

5) Minister of skill development and entrepreneurship

6) Your hobbies

7) What is design according to you. (I am from design background)
They started grilling me on every word I was saying, and went into depth in that only.

8) Which subject you would like to study in MBA.

9) 4Ps of marketing

Then they said thank you, it was nice talking to you

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 10

EWS Male 95.54 2+ yrs workex

Panelists F P1(30+) M P2(30+)

P1: Tell us about yourself

P1: Can you tell us more about your work ex (told)

P1: Why MBA?

P1: What are the main funding options for MSMEs nowadays?

P2: What are your thoughts on the OTT regulation. Should content be censored?

P2: Your graduation marks are very low. How will you compete with the peers at IIM?

P1: How many Indians have received Oscar? (Told 3 out of 5)

P1: Can you tell us about your family background?

P1: What do you know about the Amazon vs Reliance Future Deal? (Told, but could’ve added more to it)

Asked to leave. P1 was extremely chilled and P2 seemed not so interested, but overall a chilled out interview and no out of the box questions.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 11

Duration- Around 7-8 minutes-

1. Introduce yourself

2. Work Ex- Questions..
BS VI- How diesel vehicles are coping up with the norms

3. How come you landed up in Mechanical Industry (I am an electrical engineer)

4. How would you contribute to the society (Since I mentioned in intro)

5. How you handled projects in the college

6. Asked about Strength (In indirect manner)

7. GK

8. Hometown, when was it established

9. Grad. City

10. Recently, Why is Chanda Kocher in news ?

11. Do you really need to do MBA to contribute to society
(told them about curriculum, pedagogy….Diverse backgrounds peer learning problem identification)

12. Is transformer a electrical device or an electronic device (Stated Electrical-+ but I think it is both)

13. Why we use transformers?

Overall it was a good learning experience… (Chilled out interview)

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 12

3 years work ex at itc
P1 : Male, P2 : Female

P1 : Take a minute to introduce yourself ( background , interests )

P1. : Do you only write or publish

P1 : Any sport interests?

P1 : Do you follow cricket?

P2 : Tell about ITC?

P2 : Full form of ITC ?

P1 : various businesses of itc?

P2 : When is diversification done and how ?

P2 : what do you understand by diversification

P2 : An indian company which has started diversification

P1 : Do you read newspaper ?

P1 : Tell one indian and international news

P2 : What is preventive maintenance

P2 : Example of preventive maintenance

P2 : Why is preventive maintenance done

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 13

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Remaining 70% on my workex(software engineer)

3. Which company, who was your clients, roles and responsibilities, what kind of problems so you manage, difference in P1,P2 problems. How do you categorize p1 and P2.

4. Challenging situations faced by you.

5. Why did you leave such a nice company

6. Remaining 30% – 3-4 questions on why finance, why equity research, career goals
That’s it

IIM CAP Interview Experience 14

Two panelists..both were friendly

Q:tell me about yourself

Q:what are the languages you learned in Btech(since I am a computer graduate).

Q:difference between c++ and java.

Q:what is portability?

Q:Name OSI layers.

Q:what is difference between compiler and interpreter.

Q:what is polymorphism?

Q:tell me your views on women empowerment.

Q:okay name a scheme on the same which was launched in 2015/2016.

Q:asked about work experience and what did you learn from it.

Q:what are your hobbies?

okay thankyou…you can leave.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 15

2 Panelists (Both Male) – 10-15 mins (Not sure)

1. Tell Us Something About Yourself

2. So you are a photographer, why did Kodak go out of business?

3. Any other examples of companies that suffered the same fate?

4. So you were in NSS? (No further questions)

5. Current Role?

6. How did you handle a crisis at your workplace?

7. What is the difference between ICE Vehicles and EV?

8. What do you in your free time? (No further questions)

9. What is the point of putting in so many cameras in phones? Does it make sense? Why have they still not replaced DSLRs?

10. Any questions from us?

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 16

CAP panel 38 1 M(P1) , 1F(P2)

P1: please show us your I’d ( asked why I look different in photo)

P1: okay so tell me something about yourself (told)

P2: ok so how long have you been working?
Me : told

P2: okay tell me something that you do there and what you learned
Me : told

P1: okay so can you elaborate
Me : told

P1: can you name 3 BI tools?
Me : Told

Then P1 asked a bunch of questions regarding my workex but it was mostly interaction based
P1: How do you suggest on which data you store in cloud and which in on prem
Me : told

P1: do you want to tell something more about your work
Me : told

P1: okay so is your annual rating done?
Me : yes sir

P1: what is your managers feedback? Both positive negative
Me : told

P1: do you follow news?
Me : yes sir

P1: okay you follow epaper or hardcopy
Me: told

P1: okay what’s going on in international news
Me: told

P1: what’s going on in technology world
Me: told

P1: okay whats cryptocurrency
Me : told

P1: what is the technology behind it can you give some brief?
Me : told

P2: so tell me with whatever you have worked with how will MBA help you and what you want to do after it
Me : told

P1: hey what are your interest you where telling
Me: card making and swimming

P1: can you show something
Me : sir I don’t have hardcopy here can I show soft one?

P1: yes sure
Me : showed
P1 got impressed said nice. Then he told all the best nice to meet you and asked to leave.

It was a very chilled out interview, both were smiling and were equally polite and soft spoken.
Lasted for about 15-20 mins

IIM CAP Interview Experience 17

Male engineer 19 months workex(Infosys+TCS)

1. Describe your work role & responsibilities

2. What particular you handle

3. Why switch from technical domain to management

4. Why switch from Infosys to TCS

5. Why the project framework distributed in interface level

6. What is the one thing you done that is valuable for your team

7. What actually your family business

8. What initiative you took for your business

9. What is strength and weakness

10. In 9 iims which IIM you choose and why?

11. What is Unicorn?(not been able to answer)

All the questions answered but I was stammering also told that stammering as weakness and prefer IIM is IIM bodhgaya

IIM CAP Interview Experience 18

F1 – Male (45 years) F2 – Female (45 years)

F1- Introduce Yourself
Gave an well prepared answer

F1- How travelling to various places shaped you as a person
Gave the answer

F2- Tell me one such Leadership Opportunity of yourself
Gave the answer

F2- What is the current news that grabbed your attention
Farm laws

F2- Why it grabbed your attention
Gave the answer

F2- What do you think? Why farmers are protesting?
Gave the answer

Thank You X. Have a Good Day.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 19

2 Men seemed chilled out, I think from sambalpur.
5yr workex hotels aviation and FMCG

1. Introduce yourself?

2. Thoughts on Airbnb vs hotels?

3. What’s the full form of FMCG?

4. What do you thin about Low cost airlines

5. Oldest airline?

6. Flag carrier of Australia?

7. Flag carrier of Germany?

8. Flag carrier of Austria?

9. Flag carrier of Singapore?

10. Flag carrier of India?

11. What’s the logo on air India?

12. Do you know the story of Indian airline and air India?

13. What’s the capital of orisa?

14. Tell me more about orisa?

15. What’s the most important law for civil aviation?

16. What’s the full form of DGCA?

17. Aircraft of US Pres?

18. Aircraft of Indian Pm?

19. Chopper of US pres?

20. Do you read business news?

21. What’s CII?

22. Who’s the food processing Minister?

23. Who’s the aviation minister?

24. Who’s the tourism minister?

25. Area of circle ?

26. Volume of cone?

28. What’s imaginary number?

29. What’s complex number?

30. What’s LCM and HCF of 4 and 8?

31. Tell me about your extracurricular?

32. Why don’t you have a certificates for the same?

33. It was refreshing to meet you, all the best and wishing you the same!

IIM CAP Interview Experience 20

GEM Fresher – Mechanical Engg
Cat %ile – 99.25
Acad Profile – 95/92.4/82

P1 –
1. What’s your passion?

2. Give Eg.

3. What is formula racing? Why does it interest you?

4. Why is it not so famous in India?

5. What would you do to improve its awareness in India?

6. Why MBA?

7. Why don’t you go for a job after grad instead of MBA?

8. Further justification and cross questioning on the same

P2 –
1. Questions on competitions and extra curriculars

2. What did you learn from these experiences?

3. What is second law of thermo?

4. What is enthalpy?

5. Which MBA qualities does a 3 second F1 pitstop showcase?

6. Where do you see yourself in the future?

7. What kind of food tech startup would you wanna start?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 21

2 male panelists

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Who is the CEO of the company I am working

3. A basic question on computer coding

4. Graph of y=log x

5. Question on linear equations

6. What are Subsiadary and associate companies.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 22

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why MBA

3. Major projects ?

4. Why this project

5. Gave a case to implement my project
Did that

6. Hometown related question

7. What you did in free time

In the end they were quite satisfied with the interview, so was I.
Overall super chill interview and panelists were good too.
We talked for about 15 mins approx .

IIM CAP Interview Experience 23

Mechanical Engineering Fresher – Chilled Panel

1. Asked with who is the father of Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi ?

2. Father of Rahul Gandhi ?

3. What is Mohr Circle ?

4. Capital of Myanmar?

5. Glimpse on Big Data, Kryptocurrency, Bitcoin ?

6. Which mba would u like Specialized or General ?

7. No. of States in India ?

8. Expectations from B-School ?

9. What can ur peers learn from u ?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 24

14 months workex. Undegrad – EEE
Two profs

1. What calls did you get? (No tell me about yourself)

2. Which college and which stream?

3. Tell me the difference between electronics and communication.

4. Explain the difference between diode and transistor and mention the applications.

5. Defence minister and health minister.

6. Any extracurricular activities.

1. What is the integration of x^3?

2. What is a function and how do you check it?

3. How to find the maxima and minima?

4. Do you have any questions for us?

Now you can log off

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 25

Background: 95.0/83.17/9.21 CSE
Software Engineer
Work ex: 19 months

P1 (male):
1. Tell us something which is not there in your CV?

2. What have been your favourite subjects?
(Let’s discuss some questions on data structures and DBMS)

3. What is the difference between trees and graphs?

4. What are ACID properties? Explain in detail?

5. Difference between Data integrity and data consistency?

6. Which all peaks you have trekked? (question coz of hobbies)

7. Tell us about the highest peaks in India? Where is Kudremukh located?

9. Number of States in India.

10. Puzzle problem (you have 100 coins, segregate them in 7 lots so that you can have each number)

P2 (male):
(Almost all the questions have been discussed from various backgrounds)
1. What is cryptocurrency?

2. How is the crypto price decided?

3. What do you do at your current company?

4. With the kind of package you are earning, do you think going for an MBA in current scenarios is a good idea as you might not get similar returns?

5. Which all IIMs do you have calls from?

Great, all the best for your future and other interviews.
Take care, bye.
Time: around 15 minutes

IIM CAP Interview Experience 26

GEM (93/90/6.75) 20 months workex (procurement and supply chain)

Two ladies, one male prof

1. Tell us about your work
(Detailed answer)

2. What do you mean by supply chain

3. Who are the people in a supply chain

1. I see you’re interested in data science

2. What do you know about python

3. How is it different from other languages

4. Why is it called python (Male laughs)

1. Name one company which uses spend management software

2. Why is spend management needed if ERP system is there

3. Don’t be nervous we won’t judge you, nahi pata toh boldo

4. Which company would use spend management software

You may leave. Total time 10 mins.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 27

Panelists – 1M,1F

– The female panelists told me that she was from same college as me

– why mba

– why not CA

– what all studied in corporate law

– what all studied in hrm

– tell about npv

– my hobbies ( painting and dancing)

– famous indian painters

– famous Kathak dancers

– Italian Prime Minister

– Mudras of kathak

IIM CAP Interview Experience 28

There were 2 panelists, both male.

1) introduce yourself

2) my qualification

3) why m.com

4) questions related to commerce background(if anybody want to know the question, dm me)

5)if i give you a no. How will u check whether it is a prime no. Or not.

6)what are prime no.s

7) why my marks decreased in grad and in m.com.

8) why mba

9) why i started taking care of street dogs(my hobby)

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 29

1. Tell me a bit about yourself

2. Grilled me on my poor scores

3. Asked why MBA is the right path for you? Why don’t you go and do a Master’s.

4. How will you cope up here?

5. Why MBA? What is your USP? Which employer from campus you want to work with?

6. What are your thoughts on TikTok ban?

7. Explain your role in your work ex?

8. What are the disadvantages of your sector?

9. How the current food aggregator app have helped your sector?

10. Who is the Defence minister of India?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 30

Two panelists 1st Male 40s 2nd Female 40s

F- Asked about temp of Delhi

F- Asked to take care about myself

M- Started with relationship of Freq, amplitude and speed of light

F- why were my marks in 2nd semester low (explained)

F- Any Recent News about Delhi( mentioned about Disha Ravi and Farmers protest)

F- You said you have interest in Cricket. Asked about Chinaman bowling( Gave ex of Kuldeep Yadav, but wasn’t able to answer the originaton of Chinaman bowling). They tried to confuse me on relating it to china

F- what is Kelvin

M- Top 3 IIMs in Cap( tongue slipped and mentioned Vishakapatnam) he corrected me

M- No. OF IIMs in India, CaP IIMs no. And names

M- Which other calls do you have

F- what is Kalkaji famous for (I live in Kalkaji)

M- Niti Ayog and Sensex
Male panelist was continuously trying to confuse me as much as he could
Female one was quite chill

IIM CAP Interview Experience 31

1)what are you doing nowadays?

2) introduction

Few maths questions
3) solve a!+b!+c!= 100a+10b+c

4) diffrentiate x^x

5) integrate x logx

6) what do you do in free time (mentioned chess)?

7) how many squares of all parameter are there in a chess board?

8) support it’s a 3d chess board like a cube how many cubes of different parameters it has now?

9) what are you achievements?

10) tell us about ur college

11) what do you like to read?

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 32

2 Panelists (P1–>m40+ , P2 – – >m50+)

P1: Tell me something about yourself.

P1: What is data governance.

P1: Tell me a use case you have implement for you customer.

P1: Any subjects from graduation you remember. (I answered Data structures and source code and estimation theory)

P1: What is source code.

P1: What are analog and digital signals

P1: Name a scenario where analog signal is still used.

Done handed over to P2.

P2: What are your interests?

P2: How many hours of NGO work you did last year.

P2: What else apart from NGO work.(I was part of college basketball team)

P2: What all level you have played the sport.

P2: what have you read in recent business news.

P2: Done, thanks for your time.

Overall: time 10-12 mins. They seemed to be in a bit of hurry and seemed they needed exact pinpoint answers and no background to it. Apart from that they were easy going.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 33

Interview time-15min 2 male panelists said we wont ask why mba q and those kind of questions since u might have already prepared so

1. Tell us about your work ex-(domain ML/AI)

2. In what fields are ML applied?

3. How face recognition lock works in phone?

4. What is activation function in neural networks?

5. An Indian lady recently is placed at powerful position outside India. Who is she?-Kamala Harris

6. Why is she in news?-Meena Harris

7. For how many days are farm protests going on?(exact no of days)

8. Due to which party(govt or farmers) is the resolution of farm protest not out yet.

9. Do u think it is right to protest for repealing any law you dont like?

10. Tell us about an aircraft recently inducted in Airforce? Details on it-Rafale deal and its manufacturers

11. Recently PM presented a bweapon to our army. Name it-Arjuna Tank

12. Yesterday a space phenomenon took place. What was it?-Dont know

13.Nation Education Policy.

14. If we offer you all 9iims which will you choose? and why?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 34

BBA (Finance and Accounting)

Panel: 2 Male, Early 50s
(South India Most Probably)

P1: Introduce yourself
Da da da da……. (In between P1: Arrey great! , seems like he was a dog lover)

P1: We appreciate what you’re doing to contribute to the society. How will you help an organisation contribute to the environment?
Explained a business plan that I had in mind

P1; What are financial statements?

P1: If we have this then why do we need Cost and Management accounting?
Tried to explain….I mixed up thing, I misunderstood the question
Had little discussion on this then he said it’s alright
(Point cut on this part for sure )

P1: So you had Corporate Tax Planning in your course….That includes Income Tax too, right?
I smiled innocently 

P1: If you want me to change the subject then I can do that, you’ve that liberty
Me in my mind : “That’s what she said” 
Sir, you can go for Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

P1: Multiple question on the subject
Tried my best to answer, I think I did fine. Little up and down but okay.

P1: Can you tell me the meaning of “Muchas Gracias”
“Thankyou so much”

P1: Can you introduce yourself in Spanish?
Spoke and then told the meaning  (Very short)
(I had Spanish as a subject)

P1: Okay that’s it from my side Jatin

P2: How comfortable are you with Mathematics?
Told them I’m pretty comfortable if I’m practicing regularly

P2: When is LCM = HCF?
Me in mind : Okay, not so comfortable afterall
It didn’t hit me at that time
I said sorry I can’t recall…..

P2: It’s okay, name the neighbouring countries of India

P2: Which all states share boundary with Pakistan?

P2: There’s one more
*Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma Flashed*
Sir, Gujrat

P2: Okay, I’m done now.
You can leave 

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 35

CSE background

1. Tell me about yourself in 5 sentences
So then i told about my hobby abt throwball and painting

1. Tell me few folk arts in india

2. 5 women ceo

3. 5 politicians

4. Then they asked about my final year project paper which I had published in international journal

5. Deputy president

1. Budget 2021

2. Asked me about semiconductors

3. Relation between semiconductors

IIM CAP Interview Experience 36

1. Tell me about yourself

2. As you studied communication skills, give me barriers of Communication ( College: 1st Year Subject)

3. Take a stand on (in favour/ against) the people writing stuffs on Internet but getting jailed under UAPA and other acts. I think, Madam was checking me how I speak on PREP (Point Reason Example Point)

Then came Sir:
4. Why MBA, Why just after BTECH only.

5. Why don’t you take experience instead of MBA?

6. Which company would you choose TATA vs Reliance if they are giving same profile Job with a logic?

7. How do you define a good company, every company follows Govt. Rules

8. I said how they treat employees, charity…bla bla bla
At the end I said something like it should be value based

9. What do you mean by value?

10. If You are a businessman, got an opportunity to open a company – which one would you go for Profits or Welfare to society

11. Don’t you think welfare will eat away Profits

In short asking me more where I stopped with the word

IIM CAP Interview Experience 37

ECE Fresher

1. What are you doing right now

2. Why didn’t you join your job
(Cross questioning on this)

3. Why MBA

5. Difference between electrical and electronics

5. Difference between ceiling fan and table fan

6. Which language did you study

7. Difference between C and C++

8. What is polymorphism

9. Example of polymorphism

10. What is your hometown famous for

11. What are the problems faced by marathwada

12. If you are the CM of maharashtra, what will you do for the marathwada region

13. Recently why were Sachin tendulkar and Lata mangeshkar in the news

14. Who is the Home minister of maharashtra 16. Who is the governor of maharashtra

15. What are your hobbies

16. Can you recite few lines of your poetry

17. Who is your favorite poet

18. Do you want to become like her

19. How are you as a leader

20. What is your take on Indian Economy

21. Why is the budget always in deficit

22. If there is deficit, revenues are more or expenditures.

23. What do we do to increase the revenues

24. Who is the governor of RBI

25. What are the functions of the governor

26. How many States are there in India

27. How many Union territories

28. What are the new union territories added

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 38

P1( around 50s) P2( around 40s)

P1- okay so Aman, you are an electrical engineer, tell me how a grid fails (gave a specific condition of whole nation turning the grid off at once).
We had a little discussion on this, he cornered me after applying 3-4 conditions.
I had to say “sorry, I don’t know”
He mocked me by saying, “God, you are an electrical engineer”.
Then he said “okay don’t worry.”

P1- tell me how do they transmit broadband internet facility with help of transmission wires.
I said, there are two thin telephone wires on the same tower of transmission wires.
He said it’s not telephone wires, it’s called something else (he didn’t seem to recall)
He left this topic here itself.

P1- so you are from Madhya Pradesh, tell me one thing you’d like to change
I said there should be more solar farms
He said what is your plan for the same
I said government should incentivise use of personal solar panels and get people to set their own solar power plants at home itself.
He was convinced.

Handed me to P2
P2- Aman, tell me some freedom fighter from Madhya Pradesh.
I couldn’t recollect, so said “I can’t recollect at the moment, I am sorry”
He said it’s okay

P2- Tell me Aman, why MBA?
I gave him my answer, he was convinced by it( no follow up questions)

P2- which sector employs most of MP
I said agriculture

We had talks on farm laws, their pros and cons and further any prospective solutions
He asked if I know agriculture value chain
I didn’t know so I apologised for the same.
He said it’s okay

P1- tell me Aman, one thing from engineering which you will bring to management
I asked his permission to share a little incident from my college, he agreed
I told him the story and said the thing was curiosity
He seemed convinced and a little impressed

Then they wished me all the best and asked me to log off
I thanked them and left

IIM CAP Interview Experience 39

10th/12th/grad(CSE) – 90/94.1/79.8
2 male panelists- M1,M2.

M1- asked my CAT id and 10,12,grad scores

M1: good good.
Not many extra curriculars he murmured .(i was kinda shocked i had a bungee diving certification a scuba diving certification, google student ambassador program etc.which i had certificates for..And i had a lot to speak about paintings i sold in art galleries and band performances)

M1: you’ve done grad in CSE right?
Me:i said yes sir..and also a lot of extracurriculars i can talk about as well sir.

M1:smiled and said thats ok!

M1: tell me about digital divide..( i couldn’t hear divide.)
Me:Told about digital tech.

M1: No, im not satisfied.
Then asked how do you think this has widened inequalities. Which is when i relaized he asked divide..i said the whole history of the digital divide in covid terms with some percentages..(also added that i wanted to give this interview in the traditional way and not digitally).

M1: good good!

M1: said what do you think when so many people dont have broadband access. I am against this digital thing..what is your opinion..
Me: said abhi infrastructure utna hai na..policies aarahe hai.. it will get better and i belive it should be the way forward..
Seemed satisfied..said good good! And moved to next panelist..

M2: why mba after 3 years intech field.
Me: here i plugged in all the extra cirriculars..it is not with just technical background sir.. i had experience selling hyper realistic paintings. NGO’s i was part of clubs ive been part of.. over all these journeys I garnered interest for mba..and gave stock,well prepared answer of why MBA.

M2: ok you’re from Hyderabad right? On the outer ring road what is the tech they use to capture your vehicle speed?
Me: (wasn’t sure of the exact tech so tried to manage)..
Sir it has to do with the similar tech that we use in cricket sir. While bowling at the release point we capture the image and determine the speed at which it is being bowled..the same we use here on roads with the help of cameras..(he seemed satisfied ).

M2: what do you think is the economic importance of outer ring road.
Me: gave a well prepared answer as to how road infra sector would provide jobs and would have a multiplicative effect on the GDP.

M2: good good! Tell me about HITECH CITY.. how does it provide employment (it’s an IT hub in Hyderabad)
Me: said in detail it’s and IT hub. Just my company houses about 3000 people sir.. if we extrapolate and see with so many offices. This place provides employment opportunities for a lot of people.

M2: what about the rural people then? Isn’t HITECH CITY providing employment only to the educated?
Me: no sir, rural people can be involved in transport facilities and security services, if given some training prior to their joining!

M2:ok ok! If i were to come from delhi.. tell me the places you would suggest for me to see.
Me: told then 4-5 places.. cuisines and hospitality of people here.(he seemed satisfied!)

M1,M2: ok Abbhilash! Good! Wish you all the best! You can leave.

P.S: make sure you here things properly and be confident of whatever you speak!
Panelists were calm and smiling all the while!.
Overall a good experience!

IIM CAP Interview Experience 40

Economics Grad

1. Game theory .

2. Zero sum game .

3. MinMax strategy .

4. Prisoners dilemma.

5. Linear regression model .

6. Hypotheses testing and how is it done .

7. Relationship between Elasticity and total revenue .

8. What is oligopoly .

9. Give examples .

10. Duopoly .

11. Explain characteristics of both the markets .

12. Why is there non price competition in oligopoly.

13. Characteristics of non price competition.

14. Types of oligopoly .

15. Location and time based discrimination .

16. How do you make a histogram.

17. Does it include discrete or continuous data when plotting.

18. What is bullish and bearish in stock markets.

19. Stock indexes of Japan and USA

20. Peculiar characteristics of pie chart and compare it with histogram .
And done.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 41

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. Mango production (Que from my intro)

3. Farm laws (Due to my farming background)

4. L&T construction work profile (my company)

5. Why MBA

6. Why MBA After MTech from IIT

7. Why MBA after only 5-6 months experience

8. Why IIM Ahmedabad

9. Farming festivals in India

10. I am from Navodaya Vidyalaya.. So why only elite institutions such as Navodaya got the funding from Central Government.

11. Caste issues in Ahmednagar (my district)

12. What type of education is required to build the future of farmers

13. Engineers are going for management studies.. good or bad.. and why

IIM CAP Interview Experience 42

1.abt my work ex

2.why mba if u r dng well in ur coorporate sector

3.strengths and question on it and ethics of company. If every one is ethical thn why scams happen in company .

4.capital of haryana,goa,sikkim

5. Five languages in south.

6.whom do chandigarh police report to.

7.de morgon law (can’t answer tht).

8.squares and rectangles in chess board.

2 panelist one guy is from quite cool and othr one is rapid in questions.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 43

Background- GEM Fresher (Computer Science)

1. Why MBA without Work ex?

2. What’s your backup plan?

3. Hobbies
Me- Football, Volleyball and Reading

4. Which book have you read recently?
Me- Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

5. Name of Harry’s parents.

6. Main viliian in Harry potter.

7. Real name of Lord Voldemort.

8. Middle name of Hermione.

9. Any other books you have read.
Me- A Kite Runner and told some others as well.

10. Major take back from A Kite Runner.

11. First microprocessor.
Me- Don’t know

12. What are multidimensional array?

13. Different algorithms.

14. Indians who have won nobel prize.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 44

2 panelists


1.Started off with grilling with about the diverse background and why a shift again.
– Stood my ground firmly and they didn’t cross question me any further.
Basically a Why MBA but twisted it to create stress.

2. Went ahead and asked about the specialization I had in mind and why.
– Gave a balanced answer considering I’m a fresher and do not possess in-depth knowledge but keen on marketing.

3.Played around with marketing and tried to demean it to an extent when I brought sales into the picture which helps them to close the leads.

4. Started confusing me about who does the lead generation.

5. Asked me to give 4 point of differentiation between B2B and B2C.
– I managed to give 3 and said I couldn’t think of another right away at this point.(Didn’t say anything or cross questioned)

6. Asked me about inductive and deductive logic and which one is top down and bottom up.

7. Asked me about empiricism and rationalism.
– Answered one properly.
Messed up with another, couldn’t articulate exactly.

8. Asked me about existentialism.
– Related to the current generation and marketing in terms of consumer behavior.

9. Asked me about Media ethics.
I flustered initially but gave a few points.Talked about yellow journalism and also how journalists are being called terrorists under UAPA or sedition charges.

10. Asked me about NEP.
Gave 3-4 points and didn’t delve any further.

Both the panelists were almost asking question simultaneously so didn’t keep a track of who was asking what.
That’s all.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 45

Two panelists
1st Male 40s 2nd Female 40s

F- Asked about temp of Delhi

F- Asked to take care about myself

M- Started with relationship of Freq, amplitude and speed of light

F- why were my marks in 2nd semester low (explained)

F- Any Recent News about Delhi( mentioned about Disha Ravi and Farmers protest)

F- You said you have interest in Cricket. Asked about Chinaman bowling
( Gave ex of Kuldeep Yadav, but wasn’t able to answer the originaton of Chinaman bowling). They tried to confuse me on relating it to china

F- what is Kelvin

M- Top 3 IIMs in Cap( tongue slipped and mentioned Vishakapatnam) he corrected me

M- No. OF IIMs in India, CaP IIMs no. And names

M- Which other calls do you have

F- what is Kalkaji famous for (I live in Kalkaji)

M- Niti Ayog and Sensex
Male panelist was continuously trying to confuse me as much as he could
Female one was quite chill

IIM CAP Interview Experience 46

1) Tell me something about yourself

2) your cat percentile

3) what other calls you have

4) you dont have calls from ILK, why?

5) Major ports of Gujarat

6) GIFT city?

7) why it was build

8) Leaders of Opposition in Gujarat

9) Which party Shankar singh vaghela was earlier

10) What is your pan card number

11) where the data is stored of pan card

12) which ministry

Thats it from our side
Very random Interview – 7 8 minutes

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 47

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. Internship related

3. valuation method in detail

4. City description in detail

5. speciality,religion,river origination

6. 3 companies to work with ceo names

7. what are mutual funds

8. current 3 stocks to pick

9. private company which valuation to use

10. do mutual funds only invest in equity? where else do they invest

11. how will mba enhance your knowledge

barely went for 6-7minutes
panelist were rushing through the questions

IIM CAP Interview Experience 48

F (early 30s) M (late 30s)

F: So you have played basketball what’s your height?

F: What 3 things have you learned from basketball in life

F: Where did you do your bba from?

F: Law of diminishing marginal utility?

F: apply on which goods?

F: giffen goods?

F: contribution of adam something
Didnt know

F: any fav subjects?

F: What were your subjects in last semester?

F: Porter’s 5 forces model?

F: what regions come under ncr?

F: number of lines in metro?
Asked if i can count. She told me to name all of them

F: 2 famous places to organise protest in delhi

M: What did you do after graduating?

M: Plans after completing mba?

M: did you study accounting and finance? Which one is your fav
Told that I don’t have a fav but i know the basics from both

M: what comes in a balance sheet?

M: what comes under cash flow statements?

M: diff bw marketing and selling

M: which marketing book you followed in college?

M: any other famous names in marketing other than kotler?

M: what is one china policy?
Didnt know

M: what do you know about future group?

M: owner of future group?
Mispronounced the last name.

M: famous future groups outlet.

You may leave now.

V chill panelists. 10-15 minutes

IIM CAP Interview Experience 49

English(H) Grad
Workex SBI PO( 22 months)

1.Meaning of Name

2.Introduce Yourself

3. Which books you have read

4. it has tragic ending so why did you like it.

5.You indentify yourslf with which character in the book

6. You are already in a respectable post in a secure job with good money..so why MBA

7 Do you think bookish knowledge is better than experience?

8 . How did you convince your parents that you are leaving this job for higher studies.

9. Tell me about your hometown

10. You are an martial artist.. so how is your martial art different from Karate.

11. Did you think of doin executive MBA?

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 50

Profile: B.a hons Economics, fresher

Q1: introduce yourself, Family background

Q2: why mba, why not get some experience first

Q3: what is leadership
Difference b/w manager and leader

Q4. Gdp of india

Q5. Which two vaccines are approved in india and who manufactured

Q6. Who is esther dufflo

Q7. How would you justify your low grad marks

Q8. Rigorous iim course, how do we know you won’t slack off

Q9. Which is your most important certificate

IIM CAP Interview Experience 51

Profile CAT:98.45 GEM ECE Workex 20 months.

Q1. Tell me something About Yourself.

Q2. Where do you Work?

Q3. Where is the company headquartered?

Q4. What products does it Sell.

Q5. What is the turnover?

Q6. What is the Product that contributes to maximum turnover?

Q7. Ok how do you gather requirements?

Q8. Who are your End Customers?

Q9. Why did your company choose B2B rather than B2C?

Q10. Who are your competitors?

Q11. Who are your Local Competitors?

Q12. What is the market share of IP Cameras and what Market share do you acquire?
Answered but wrong percentage calculation. Panelist corrected me.

Q13. How do you provide internet to IP Cameras.

Q14. Why do you require Cameras in Banking Industry.

Q15. Does your role involve the business side only or Technical Side to?
I said I don’t do coding but know how each and every component effects the entire design as a whole with some examples.

Q16. Why do you want to do an MBA you are doing pretty good in your Company?
Answered that Product Management as a Domain is diversified and How I have worked in an IT domain product Management. The diversification of knowledge that we get in B school can help me diversify my opportunities too.

Q17. How do you think is startup culture doing in India?
Spoke about it being on a high as recent tax deference given by central government in tax, Aatmanirbhar Bharat and PLI Scheme.

Q18. Name 5 women in important positions
Could answer only 3.

Q19. Have you done any extracurricular work apart from Academics.

Q20. Strengths

Q21. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 6 years.
Answered want to lead a team of Associate Product Managers and whatever Knowledge that I have acquired in an IIM propogate the same.

Q22. What is your CAT percentile and your Attempt?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 52

2 Females and 1 Male
All in their 40s

F1- Introduce yourself

F1- Asked about my bachelor’s degree.

F1- Asked some questions related to course.

F1- Asked about GitHub and it’s acquisition

F1- Asked about My LinkedIn profile

F1- Asked about Twitter and it’s Controversy

F1- Asked about lady CFO of Twitter

F2- Asked about my hobbies

F2- Asked about books I have read

M1- Asked about difference between writings of different poets.

M1- Asked about 3 companies acquired by Mukesh Ambani

M1- Asked about Elon musk and AI

M1- Asked to solve a question
Question was- there are 4 people and 1 torch ….they have to cross a bridge but at a time only 2 person can go and they will require torch …and each person takes different time to reach the other side…what is the shortest time taken to cross the bridge by all 4 people.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 53

Accounting and Finance fresher

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why accounting and finance

3. Why not CA

4. Why mba better than CA

5. What is difference between accounting profit and economic profit

6. What is opportunity cost

7. What is sunk cost

8. Is advertisement a sunk cost? R & D ?

9. Is R & D accountable in India? In US?

10. Do you watch OTT series? Did u watch Harshad Mehta scam series? Handed to P2

11. Where did Bharatnatyam originate from

12. What are other classical dance forms other thanby Bharatnatyam

12. Difference between kathakali and Bharatnatyam

13. Some famous Bharatnatyam dancers

IIM CAP Interview Experience 54

BE in CSE with 29 workex
Panelists : 1M 1F

F started:
1. How are you doing?

2. Tell me about yourself?

3. Why MBA?

4. Doing an MBA don’t you think you will be missing out on experience?

5. Role model from business world and why?

Switched to M:
1. Since I was from cse he asked about my fav subject.

2. What is diff between supervised and unsupervised learning?

3. Steps involved during initial stages of data warehousing?

4. K means clustering?

5. Hard and soft cluster?

6. Which female indian athelete you follow?

7. Recent fdi to invest in india?

8. I said Tesla.

9. Ceo of Tesla?

10. Have you read any books or articles about him?

11. U said in ur intro that you did some social activity can you elaborate?

Overall they were friendly and even if you couldn’t answer some questions then they were ok with it.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 55

Cat – 96.4 %ile
Profile 8/8/9
Workex 8 months
2 panelists both male – 30 to 40 yrs

Q1) what special prep have you done for this interview

Q2) tell 10 major news events happening outside our country

Q3) Fav subject from grad? – he didn’t know anything from it so asked second fav subject 

Q4) what kind of os is used in grid computing?

Q5) example of such os?

Q6) is Hadoop an os or a tool?

Q7) is environment same as operating system, or are they different?

Q8) panelist 2 – what are user stories? (Workex)

Q9) IT companies wfh benefits

Q10) Last question – do you know what’s happening with general motors? (Didn’t know)

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 56


Q1. Where are your ancestors from?

Q2. Why the name Punjab?

Q3. Of those 5 reviews, which ones flow through Pakistan?

Q4. What are tha major principles of architecture?

Q5. What was all the fuss about IIM Ahmedabad building?

Q6. Who were the architects?

Q7. Tell me one best thing about you apart from your strengths

Q8. 5 learnings from your internship?

Q9. Why MBA? Why not Project Management?

Q10. 2 reasons why should we select you?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 57

General, female, commerce with 20 months experience at GS

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Meaning of name

3. Rules of accounting, follow up question

4. Questions on operating surplus

5. Questions on hobbies

6. Questions about my work experience, questions about the company

7. Role model from work and what about them inspires you

8. 10 year plan and follow up

They seemed to be in a massive hurry to finish up

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 58

Engineering, ECE
Workex Educational Sector( 18 months,Family Business )
IT Sector(15 months)
2 Male panelists

1.)Introduce Yourself

2.)Why did you switch from IT to Education Sector.

3.)Why do you want to work for anyone else when you can work for your own company.

4.)So you think working for others is better than working in your family business.

5.)Tell me more about your college.

6.)What are the courses offered in your college

7.)Asked me about affliation related details

8.) Primary Education privatisation,advantages and disadvantages. 3 points each.

9.)What should be changed in govt.Schools to improve the quality and number of students,3 points

10.)National Educational Policy, 3points

11.)Technology will wipe out most of the current jobs in 20-30 years from now. If you would suggest to the next generation about which course they should take it to cope up with the Industry.

12.)How do you suggest AI will affect History studying students.
It started of smoothly but they grilled a little on my work experience I turned it around when general topics started.
Overall it went okayish.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 59

B.com graduate
Cat percentile- 94.65

1) tell us something about yourself

2) why are attrition rates so high for icici bank

3) tell us about your ngo (discussion on it)

4) what were your favourite subjects during graduation

5) what is positioning
Cross questioning on that

6) tell us about your family

7) what other calls do you have

8) rank them

9) southern states of india
(Missed Telangana here)

IIM CAP Interview Experience 60

CSE Engineer, 8 month workex

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What did you study in CSE

3. Which national level thing you won

4. Which Data Structures did you study

5. Explain Stacks and Queues

6. Give real life example concerning stacks and queues

7. Where is FIFO and LIFO used in industry

8. Important points about budget

9. How many degrees does and hour and minute hand complete in a minute

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 61

1. Cse engineer, fresher

2. Where are you from? have you visited campus of IIM Udaipur?

3. What does your father and mother does?

4. Do you have any siblings? What do they do?

5. Why MBA?

6. How can you make your father’s business digitally present everywhere?

Thank you it was nice to meet you.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 62

Fresher, Maths hons.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why MBA

3. Cross product and dot product

4. Significance of hyperbola and ellipse

5. What do you do in free time

6. Differentiate between good fat and bad fat

7. What about vegetable oil, is it good fat?

8. 5 international fashion brands

9. What kind of clothes does ZARA designs

10. Head quarter of gucci and prada

IIM CAP Interview Experience 63

ECE fresher
1. Meaning of your name

2. Are you actually valuable?(meaning of my name is gold)

3. discussed about scooty accident that happened a month back

4. What are your hobbies

5. Difference between transistor and diode

6. Difference in their applications

7. What is an oligopoly market(couldn’t answer this)

8. Why MBA as a fresher

9. Some positive news that you have read in newspaper recently

10. Economic reforms Government has taken to revive the economy post pandemic

11. What is Demand?

12. GDP growth rate of West Bengal

13. Some famous personalities from Bengal and their contribution

14. Gender diversity situation in WB

15. Some economic reforms you want to suggest to the WB govt.?

Answered all questions except the market mentioned, couldn’t frame some answers as well as I would have liked to, maybe panicked a bit

IIM CAP Interview Experience 64

B. Arch , 11 months work ex in Blockchain startup:

P1(M- Early 30s):
1. Introduce Yourself?

2. Will you be able to do MBA due to its variety of courses?

3. Name Indian Chess players?

4. What is Blockchain in layman’s terms?

5. Why quit job?

P2(M-Late 40s) :
1. Objective of Blockchain?

2. Explain the live project?

3. Plan B, if no B-school?

4. Successful Indian Startups?

5. Venture Capital? Unicorn?

6. Finance Minister of India?

7. Key takeaways from Budget?

I did not know Unicorn

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 65

Btech CSE, 31 months experience as web developer

Panel 1(M)
1. Basic info about extra curricular activities.

2. What subjects in graduation?

3. Questions on machine learning – decision tree

4. Logistic regression?

5. Genetic Algorithm related questions ( Asked because I mentioned it )

6. Why MBA?

Panel2 (F)

Key highlights of budget

IIM CAP Interview Experience 66

P1 what does your name means?

P1 whats the difference between 22k gold and 24 k gold .

P1: introduce yourself

P1: what is your favourite subject
Told marketing

P1: why

P1 what is skimming pricing

P1 give examples

P1 tell different types of classical dance
Told( i am a classical dancer)

P1 :is folk dance different from classical dance

P1 what is reconciliation balance sheet
Told but got a bit confused

P2 we see a lot of women exploitation cases filled but only few of them are actually being punished. Why

P2 being a girl did you face any problem in pursuing mba

P2 other than safety concerns. On general note.
Gave the answer

My network got disturbed. I rejoined , he said he could hear my answer , he was happ( bas beech m hi ruk gye pura ni bola ab ptani )

Anyways. Thank you you can leave

IIM CAP Interview Experience 67

1. Where are you?

2. Companies are saving a lot in this time?
(We who have children face a lot of issues)

3. Career Goals

4. Which all calls

5. Why not ABC

6. Why in decision making role but not in decision taking

7. Why not MBA in ISB (told about my AVP)

8. When will we talk about Men Empowerment?

9. Why need to make everyone equal.

10. Do u cook

11. Diff between Degi Mirch and Kashmiri Mirch

12. Famous things about Patiala

13. Asked about Patiala Peg and I shared an anecdote related to it on why it’s called so?

14. Symbol of Yo and why its Yo?

Best of Luck
Nice talking to you

Very Very Chill
Both panelists and Me were laughing thoroughout the interview

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 68


1. Tell me about yourself

2. ABC costing

3. Inventory management tools

4. difference between monetary and fiscal policy and its importance in the economy

5. Digital Marketing

6. what is Augmented and Virtual Reality

7. Search Engine optimisation

8. companies having online and offline presence

1. How many PM after independence

2. who is PV Narasimha Rao

3. who is Medha Pathak

4. Narmada Bachao Andolan

IIM CAP Interview Experience 69

Both were pretty old

Male panelist asked the following questions
1.Tell me about yourself?

2.what is turing machine?

3.What is blockchain?

4.Why Mba?Why not switch your job?

5.Since i was from mumbai he asked why do you think covid cases increasing in your state?

Female panelist asked the following
1. Again she stressed on why MBA ?She said you can easily find a management level job and learn

2.How many hours do you think it is necessary to study for CAT!?

3.How much preparation time for the interview

IIM CAP Interview Experience 70

Bsc (zoology hons) background
1. Why is Haryana in the eye of the nation?

2. Showed me a pulse candy and asked me to compare its production with farming products

3. Asked to compare supply chain of both the products

4. Argued how the 1st farm law can be beneficiary

5. Why particullary small farmers are against it?

6. What is the emotional quotient

7 . How it can connected to farmers and farming land

8. Watson Crick Model

9. Peptide bond

10. Why MBA from science

11. Which all places i have travelled

12. What are the borders that are found in north east india

13. Differentiate arithmetic & Geometric mean

14. Plans for the day.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 71

Dt- 13/02/2022

95/90/8.5 CAT – 98.64

Introduce yourself
Indias policy for climate agreement
Russia ukraine conflict
Some questions on portfolios of ministers
Some questions on budget

Job role
Some questions related to that
Extra curriculars
I mentioned cricket so some questions on that

Pretty chill interview , nothing academic

IIM CAP Interview Experience 72

Dt- 13 Feb 2022

Just 12-15 mins 

P1: Tell us abt yourself and why mba

P1: Why mechanical engineer is opting mba

P2: What is Pvt Ltd and only Ltd

P1: Name any three international events which have affected the indian economy recently

P2: What steps govt is taking for semiconductor shortage

P1: What do you do to pass time?

P2: Express what you learnt from the last book you read?

P1: Any other questions??

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 73

Dt- 13/02/2022 ,
25 mins
Stochastic Dynamic Programming
Linear Programming
Otto and Diesel cycle
ESG score of my company
What is deming award
5S in quality management
Total productive management
Naval base near my work location
Hierarchy of air force.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 74

Dt- 13 Feb 2022

15-17 mins
Work ex 3 years
Why mba
Why product management
Technical questions related to water treatment
Sedimentation/RO/neutral pH
Current news
Up elections
How will you learn from your peers? As the majority will be from engineering background?
Cryptocurrency explain in detail.
Overall good experience, panel was smiling.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 75

Dt- 14 Feb 2022 ,  Forenoon
CAT- 97.65 / B.A. (Hons.) English/ 34 months work ex
1. Why MBA after studying english literature? What do you think you learnt in literature that’ll help here?
2. You studied a lot of subjects in graduation. Can you tell me what auteur’s theory is?
3. You must have studied a lot of women writers as well. What can you tell me about them?
4. A lot has been happening in the country lately. Do you think an empathetic voice of a leader is missing?
5. You studied a lot of subjects such as lineal algebra, differential equations during graduation. Does a literature course offer such subjects as well?
6. Since you are from literature background, how do you think communication plays a role in the managing of a business, especially in the pandemic?
7. Do you think in the future, there’ll be companies that will offer specifically content writing services or any industry that will have a huge need for this and why?

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of U.P.?
2. What is the literacy rate of UP?
3. What do you think of the budget?
4. You have done your graduation in English Literature. Why not master’s? What are you hoping to learn in a management program to further your professional career?
5. If you were the manager or administrator of a village in U.P., what would you do to improve the village’s condition?

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 76

14th feb 9:30 slot.
Interview started at 11:55
2M 40s age 24 min approx.

P1: Give a brief intro:
A: Gave very short and precise.
P1: You are from CSE background. What platform you use for testing.
A: Answered
P1: what subject you liked in Graduation
A: Python, C++.
P1: C++ is associated with a thing called OOPs. What is it?
A: defined OOps and shared its pillars.
P1: should we use Python or C++?
A: Depends on the use case.
P1: who can use Python?
A: Python is designed to be used by everyone specially those who are not very familiar with programming. It is a very high level Programming lang and has function very similar to english language.
P1: you mentioned you do scripting. Is scripting and Programming the same thing.
A: No sir they are not.

Done on my end.

P2: Your grades in 12th and Grad degraded. Why so?
A: Gave reason.
P2: You have good score in 1st year. Then degraded in second year, again climbed in 3rd and 4th year. How many semesters you got promoted.?
A: Only one sir, pandemic constructed multiple sources of learning which I utilised and got an edge. It helped me score better.
P2: Dont you think it would be better to have corporate exp of 2 more years and then go for MBA. You are a kid right now.
A: Yes sir, that is certainly one case and a good suggestion but I believe institutes has broad diversity and peer learning can help me learn from experience. I am also willing to have some experience in the corporate world before I go for having something of my own. So I will be having chances to learn things that I might miss.
P2: There is a component TF in your Payslip?
A: I did not notice sir.
P2: You are going to do MBA, you must be aware of it.
A: I will definitely go throught every aspect afte the interview.
P2: Did you read newspaper?
A: Yes. There were headlines regarding IPL auction, ABG scam and mention of MLAs not adapting digital platform.
P2: what is this about ?
A: The recent session of the assembly was taken online and even after provide every resource and a privite instructor to each MLA only 10% of them are aware of the new methods and others could not join.
P2: Which is the largest state in terms of land?
A: Uttar Pradesh, sorry Rajasthan
P2: What is Uttar Pradesh largest in?
A: Population, I misunderstood the two terms.
P2: Who is your current CM?
A: Mr Ashok Gehlot.
P2: Which party he belongs to?
A: Indian National Congress.
P2: who is defense minister of Rajasthan?
A: I took few seconds. I am not very sure of it but i guess we don’t have one.
P2: What did you in 16-17? Visited Kota?
A: No sir, I took coaching from Churu.
P2: How many rivers flow from Rajasthan?
A: I am unable to recall sir.
P2: What other things Kota has, other than Coachings
A: Seven wonders, A Dam and Chambal river.
P2: Where do Chambal Originates from?
A: I am unable to recall the exact place but it doesnt originates from Rajasthan but Madhya Pradesh.
P2: what states does Rajasthan share its boundary?
A: Can I have a min sir?
I started counting
P2: You can name them instead of counting.
A: UP, MP, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi.(Delhi is wrong though)
P2: Okay we are good to go. You can leave.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 77

Dt- 14 Feb 2022

1M, 1F
Started with my work experience
F: What do you do, explain
F: what are the users you help
F: what are privileged users
F: why do you want to leave your job
F: What exposure will you get through MBA which your job won’t provide

M: went through my marksheet and said you have low grades in research and professional communication in the first year of college, why?
I told them that I might have missed something there but as you can see I have improved my grades and got A further in rest of the semesters and… I was continuing about research but he interrupted
Told me that even after low grades you went on and published 3 papers

I told him I was about to mention that
M: what papers did you publish
M: how do you choose a journal for publishing
M: tell me about your extra curriculars

F: about Atma nirbhar bharat


IIM CAP Interview Experience 78

Dt- 14/02/2022

P1 40M
P2 30F

1. Introduction
I mentioned sustainability as an interest
2. Sustainable development goals
3. Did you have network synthesis lab? What did you do?
4. what is linear //something// circuit?
I said I can not recall.
5. Asked about workshop lab. Why is it needed to teach? Is there any need in future of the same for you?

1. Do you have any management electives?
2. What is difference between PERT and CPM?
3. Explain scrashing/scratching?(not sure what it is. related to project management)
4. Why MBA as a fresher? why not gain experience
5. are you apply for placements?
I told them I have a job offer with a fintech firm already but I want to pursue an mba right away. explained why
6. what do you do in your free time?
told them i write
7. What do you write about?
Mentioned global news as well
8. What are some happenings around the world that you know.
Mentioned Hijab row and Ukraine
9. Talk about any of them. whatever you know
Talked about Ukraine.
10. Any questions for us.

Overall a very chill interview. I was stressed as this was my first but they really helped me get comfortable. Couldn’t prepare acads at all so I flunked there a little but managed to drive it the other way.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 79

Dt- 15 Feb 2022

I have done BA with Geography as specialisation

1. What is FAANG
2. What’s metaverse?
3. What is market capitalisation of companies in FAANG? I told them about revenue, they said it’s different.
4. What is cloud?
5. What is cloud computing?
6. Where are data stored in cloud storage? Which place?
7. What’s Amazon Web Services?
8. What’s web services?
9. What separates India and Srilanka?
10. What’s the name of the bridge that connected India and Srilanka???
11. Name some submerged cities in india
12. Which ruler from Junagarh denied to join India at time of independence? What did India do to get them?
13. What’s the difference between Mountain Plateau Plane and Valley?
14. Questions about work ex.
15. Extempore on education should be free for all, close all private schools.
16. Who is CM of UP?
17. Previous CM
18. Where did both contest the elections from?
19. How many seats are there in UP?
20. Significance of Anuradhapuram in our history

IIM CAP Interview Experience 80

Dt- 15/02/2022

2 panelist around 40. Around 20 mins.
P1: where is your moutashce (as per pic application form)?
Me: Trimmed it off.
P1: have u trimmed it off for yesterday (14 feb)
Me: XD
P1: from where u are joining
Me: delhi
P2: districts in delhi ?
Me: told
P1: in which district dwarka is?
Me: told
P1: your role and responsibility ?
Me: told
P2: asked a bit more about role and client – bpm,.
P2: open source applications, freemium applications with examples?
Me: told
P1: what is uml?
Me: no idea.
P2: your favourite subject ?
me: data structures
P1: real world application of linkedlist?
Me: while booking trains (station data of a train stored in linkedlist, so that addition or deletion of stations in route can be carried out)
P2: one more?
Me: corporate structure data.

P1: why mba?
Me: told about internships, current role, knowledge for business side which I need and aspiration to move into product management.
P1: your district and national level acheivements?
Me: told about ncat,smart india hackathon , tcs codevita .


IIM CAP Interview Experience 81

Dt- 15/02/2022

Mechanical Engineer – 2.4 yrs workex – CNC grinding industry
cat %ile – 90.62

1) Difference between agile and lean manufacturing.
2) Difference between manager and leader.
3) Are you a technical person or people’s person.
4) Challenges faced during workex.
5) Frequency of contact with customer.
6) How will you approach a customer even if he is wrong?
7) Roles of scrum master. Challenges faced. How you motivated the team.
8) Which is your fav subject?
9) Types of engines?
10) Are you following current affairs? Any good thing happened in budget which is good for stock market?
11) Challenges in EV sector.
12) What management field you are inclined to?
13) Which finance roles are you looking upto?
14) Do you think academics can define a person’s quality?
15) Have you taken up any positions of responsibities during the college? Explain about the challenges.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 82

Dt- 15/02/2022

There were two male interviewers…
Questions on
Q. How do we pronounce your name and what it means.
A. Explained
Q. Tell us about yourself.
A. Gave prepared answer.
Q. Difference between string based musical instrument and other instruments. [question on my interest]
A. Answered
Q. [technical question for my Data Engineer profile] what is the best data type to store data apart from Arrays?
A. Explained
Q. Explain lists and dataframe difference in layman terms.[based on previous question]
A. Explained in terms of excel sheet.
Q. Why MBA?
A. Gave prepared answer. (Were smiling)
Q. Did you prepare for this interview.
A. I said yes, I did but my answers are genuine because I relate to the reason for pursuing MBA in my day to day professional life.
Q. How do you keep yourself updated with news?
A. Answered
Q. Russia and Ukraine crisis
A. Explained
Q. Do you have any questions for us?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 83

Dt- 16th Feb 2022, Forenoon (15-20 mins)
BCom, MCom (Marketing)
WorkEx: 30 months (Swiggy, HealthifyMe Social Media Marketing)
2 Panelists: Both male and around 35-45 age

M1: What do you want to become in the future (Told about becoming a brand manager)
M1: How would you set up social media of an institute as a brand manager (Told about brand guidelines and strategies)
M1: If IIM Trichi wants to get emails of aspiring students for sending placement report, what would be the strategy (Told about lead magnets and plan)
M1: That’s all from my side (looked satisfied with the answers)
M2: Why are you marks less (Told that I was into sports and was the secretary of a committee, multiple extracurricular activities) – Not convinced
M2: Asked about gap year after PG (Said that I prepared and cleared NET)
M2: Difference between Customer, Buyer and Consumer (Said 2 but forgot the last point)
M2: You are a marketer and you do not know this? (He smirked. I apologised)
M2: What’s the difference between want and need? (Said)
M2: There is a lot of false promises while selling credit cards and insurance. How would you solve this issue? (Talked about org goals, management and increasing quality checks – He looked satisfied with the answer)
M2: That’s all from my side. Do you have any questions for us? (I was taken aback and asked if they have any feedback for me. He said it’s not an appropriate question. P.S: You guys please don’t ask this)
M2: That’s all. You may leave now.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 84

Dt- 16/02/2022

Civil engineer, 3 years in family business, 1 year of corporate experience.

P1- Tell me about yourself.
Me- Answered

P1- tell me about the business module of you family business.
Me- Answered

P2- follow-up questions on the marketing.
Me- Answered

P1- Difference between prepaid and credit card.
Me- Answered

P2- who is the competitors of visa
Me- Answered

P2- Two questions on fluid mechanics.
Me- could only answer one

P1- recent news about ISRO
Me- I asked for a moment to recall and then answered.

P2- Do you want to ask anything from us.
Me- I had no Idea. I said as such no. Thankyou.

Overall experience- They dint grilled much.

Interview lasted around 13-15 mins.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 85

Dt- 16/02/2022

98.76/fresher engineer cse

-Introduce yourself
– mentioned SIH competition, asked about that
– asked about academic
C, C++, java difference
Processor companies for computer ( can recall only intel)
Super class
Prime number from one to 10 program
How to write code the process
Which platform you use for coding
In which lang you code

Tell about the latest 3 news except ukraine and Russia

Tell about varanasi,( my home town is varanasi) something that no one knows

Extracurricular achievements

IIM CAP Interview Experience 86

Dt- 16feb 2022- 11:50 = 13-15 min
Profile – GEM 8.2/90.2/64 (paint technology) 2018, 41month work ex Tata motors ,Quality Dept.
2 Panelist Both female F1 30-35 F2 40-45
F2 – asked to show Id , then docs not visible on portal so share screen, ( i didn’t have online so showed hardcopy Aadhaar 10TH 12TH AND GRAD marksheet)
F2 – tell me about your job- told
then question on testing as I am in Quality
F1- Why MBA as u r senior manager and already in a good company with 4 years of work ex- told
F2- difference B/W leader and manager – told
F1- do u follow GK – i said honestly not into news but following for 2 months
asked about news other than Ukraine Russia issue and Canada issue.
told about ISRO rocket and death of bappi lahiri.
F1- Extra curricular achievements
told I am cofounder of dramatics club
follow-up question u said u r in performing arts tell your favorite dialogue and do it quickly
Said Kitne admi the – sholey.
they were smiling and said u can log off now.

overall Good experience.
it was fun and easy.
more of a conversation
seems satisfied.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 87

Dt- 16/02/2022

Fresher/Bcom (H)
Wait Time: 3.5 hours
Two Panelists: Both Male (30s & 50s)

P1: What were you doing so long since you had to wait a lot?
Me: Was reading a couple of articles.
P1: About what? And continued on that path with follow up questions.
P1: What is your opinion on the recent Shark Tank India show? Who is your favourite Shark?
Me: Ashneer Grover.
P1: But he is in the news recently for negative things. Apart from him, which Shark do you like?
P1: Which ratio is used to determine the liquidity of a company? Asked more on that.

P2: What is the difference between product and service?
P2: Explain in more detail with the 4 Ps and 7 Ps of product and service marketing respectively.
P2: Do you know the 4 As of Marketing?
P2: What are your hobbies?
Me: Mentioned travelling.
P2: Which places have you been to?
P2: What is integrated marketing communication?
P2: Have you read about ITC E Choupal?
P2: Why is ethics important for a business?

P1: If I have a shoe business and I take out a couple of pair of shoes from my own business for my use, how would you record that transaction?
P1: Tell me in just ONE LINE why should we select you?

P1 was smiling but at the same time firm in his approach. P2 was polite but didn’t seem to bother much as he was looking elsewhere while asking the questions.

Duration: 15-20 minutes

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 88

Dt- 16/02/2022

CA, B.com. 2+ years work ex
2 panelists P1 (male, 50s), P2 (male, early 30s).
P1 Asked me to show id
P1 – Tell me about yourself
Me- Told them about my personal bg, articleship and current job. Explained what i did in current job.

P1- Difference between financial management and financial accounting

P1-Difference between cost accounting and management accounting

P1-Tell us 4 broad categories of ratios.
– I could tell only 3

P1- What is acid test ratio.
– Told formula.

P1- To reconfirm he asked again what do we deduct from current assets while calculating acid test ratio.
– Told

P1-Difference between cash flow and fund flow statement
– Told

P1- Now moving to capital markets, What is market capitalisation?

P1-How many companies are there in BSE sensex?

P1-What are blue chip companies?

P1-Different between operating and financial leverage.
– Answered incorrectly

P1- Is operating leverage good for a company?
– Told

P2- What are your extra curricular interest?
I told about what i did in high school and what i do now
P2 -Have you participated in any tournaments? (Related to my interest)
– Told

P1- Seven sisters of India?
– I forgot about Nagaland and Tripura and I added Sikkim incorrectly. He cross questioned if Sikkim is really a part of 7 sisters and i said yes. But i was wrong.

P1- Where are you currently stationed at?
– Told

P1- There are two houses in India which is house of states?
– I got confused and said idk

Then he asked which is house of people.
– then i answered correctly that it is Lok sabha and the other one is Rajya Sabha.

Okay thanks now you can log off.
~15 mins

Overall Interviewers were patient enough to listen all my answers and seemed satisfied with most of the answers.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 89

Dt- 16/02/2022

Electrical Engineer Male || EWS 93.64%ile
1) Introduce yourself
2) Why did you leave your job? Why did you join IT sector job and not a core job?
3) Difference between generator and alternator?
4) Latest android version and its features?
5) Latest privacy feature for smartphones by google?
6) Latest version of MS office?
7) RBI Governor
8) Capital of Indonesia
9) 5 covid-19 vaccines
10) 3 summer flowers and 3 winter flowers
11) Why MBA now and not after 2 years of job?
12) Father of Computer
13) 5 core sector companies in India
14) Currency of UK and European Union

A few more very random Current affairs questions (which I can’t remember now)

It was like a rapid fire round.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 90

Dt- 17-Feb-22 96.66 GEM 30 months workex
1 Male 1 Female profs

M- What did you do in the last 2 years of pandemic
M- What do you think when will India reach 50% renewable energy
M- Why switching from such a good company & renewable energy which is the future.
F- Initiatives taken by your organization for clean & Green Energy
F- What initiatives would you take as a manager for reducing carbon footprint
M- lt.governor of Delhi (came out of nowhere)
M- RBI Governor, what was he before being the governer
F- Basic operation of fan
F- Function of transformer
M- Hobbies
F- Ronaldo Euro 2020 coca cola bottle incident?
Which other player did it.

Around 16-18 minutes interview

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 91

Dt- 17th Feb 2022

GEM – 30 months work ex in Big 4

Panellists 1M 1F, both 30-40yo

M: State your name and CAT reg no.

M: Tell me about yourself – Told

F: You said you worked with many clients, so why MBA? – Told

M: You wrote a research paper, tell us a little about it – Told

M: What is Bayes theorem?

M: Simple probability question

M: What are your weaknesses? – Told Current Affairs (now I think I shouldn’t have)

M: Who is the president of world bank?

M: Who is president of education ministry?

M: Who is president of xyz ministry?

F: Tell me which states all CAP IIMs are located in?

F: How will you get to Udaipur from Bangalore? – I told I’ll take a flight

F: Assume no flights, by road how? – Told

F: Have you heard of SAARC? Is India a part of it?

F: Why was SAARC formed?

M: You have not mentioned any co-curriculars, do you want to mention now? – told about research paper

F: Can you show proof of that? – Screenshare and showed invite from the conference

M: Thank you, you may leave the meeting now

IIM CAP Interview Experience 92

Dt- 17/02/2022

2 Panelists (1M 1F) Very chilled
Physics background (BS-MS)

F So Ashish tell me about your strengths and weaknesses
Said 3 strengths and 2 weakness
(She joked, so ashish has less weaknesses and more strengths)

F You mentioned research work.. waht was that

M what was the journal

F tell me some instances where you showed your strengths

M So Ashish tell me some key differences you noticed btwn Kerala(college) and Bihar (home town)

M So have you noticed any female wearing burkha in Kerala and Bihar:
Said yes
( he said kerala governor has stated that here all cultures use similar dressing style)

[M so you have work ex.. tell me about that
Said i don’t have any
M so you did some project on energy and conservation
Said no sir.
I Guess there is some confusion ]

F tell me what you do in free time.
Said a few

F any sports
F tell me name of any international volleyball player
Said Don’t know

F any sports you are interested in
Said not as such

M interested in politics
Said a bit.. not too much

M Chairman of UGC
Didn’t know
M what’s UGC
Said fund granting committee.. provides fund to big institutes

M Can I ask about computer
Said we can try

Asked 6 components of computer
Didn’t know

MB to GB conversion
But vs byte

M which state recently got tap supply to all cities ( saud i guess indore not sure)

Which country adopted 3 child/couple policy
Didn’t know

Which country funded Indian hockey team
Didn’t know

F asked no of states
Said 28
Recent addictions said uttrakhand and Telangana
F what about Ladakh
Said added as UT recently

M Defence Minister
Said can’t recall.. starts with R 

F Road and transport Minister
Didn’t know

M financie Minister

Home Minister

[Overall Chill experience.. and calm..
Guess GK was not so good ]

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 93

Dt- 17/02/2022

Electrical Engineering(2021), No work ex , ST
Today 9.30 am slot
Wait time- 1 hr 15 mins
Panelist: 2 Male Professors
1.Tell us about yourself, examples in college you showed leadership?
2.Tell something about your family?
3. name some telecom service provider outside India?
4.Is Monarchy type govt. or party ruling for 25-30 years good or bad and why?
5. IIMs present in Uttarakhand, MP and Odisha?
6.Name a present lady CM other than the CM of Westbengal?
7.Name CM of 5 states other than Delhi, WB, UP and Odisha?
1.extra curricular activities
2.Give some examples of where renewable energy is produced?
3.types of renewable energy sources
Lasted 15-16 mins

IIM CAP Interview Experience 94

Dt- 17/02/22(Morning slot)
GEM 98.38%ile and 30 months experience in Infosys
1 Male and 1 female panelist

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Have you faced an ethical dillema at your workplace? How did you handle it.
3. Have you read the budget? Explain 3 salient points of the union budget.
I mentioned ECLGS, Crypto Tax and Electric Vehicle promotion through Battery swapping system.
4. How can Infosys and other IT companies contribute to the Digital India campaign. Also mention a few past contributions.
5. The government announced 75k Crores for semiconductor industry in India. What are your thoughts on it.
I explained the entire semiconductors shortage issue due to disrupted supply chains and labour issues in Taiwan and China which creates an opportunity for India to become a semiconductor hub.

6. What other calls you have? Why do you think you didn’t get calls from any of the big 6 IIMs?

1. Is employee well being important? How important is it for employers?
2. How can HRs use gamification for measuring employee performance and productivity.
3. Why MBA and why now?
4. What do you bring to the table when we take you in as a student?

Overall the interview went well and was not stressful at all. It probably lasted 12-15 minutes. The panelists were very nice to me and seemed satisfied with all of my answers(they were nodding whenever I made an important point).

IIM CAP Interview Experience 95

Dt- 17 Feb 2022

CAT 92.92
Fresher, Female, EWS, Dentist
2 panelists 1M 1F Both mid 40s
Where do you see yourself 7 years from now?
What will be your contribution after MBA?
What are the gaps that you noticed in the industry and how do you plan to overcome them?
M- What is the difference between growth and development?
Which one is the broader term? Which is more important with respect to a country?
Who wrote Wings of Fire? Answered Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, asked if anyone co-authored? I didn’t know.
Finance Minister
Minister of Health
Chairman of UGC
Some young India newspaper (had no idea about it)

Overall- grilled a bit on the initial part regarding my roles and contribution in the future part but were later content.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 96

Dt- 17 Feb 2022


1M 1F

1. What are ur hobbies?
2. Are uh interested in politics?
3. Why is stock market volatile?
4. Governor of Maharashtra?
5. Chief justice of India
6. Defence Minister
7. Finance Minister
8. Commerce Minister
9. Difference between Positive and Negative Marketing
10. What are 7 sisters
11. Difference between Customer Satisfaction n Customer Delight
12. What is B2B n B2C marketing?
13. When did Premier league start? (Football tournament)
14. World’s biggest football Stadium?
15. 7 P’s of Marketing
16. What do uh expect as leader from ur team?
17. Why MBA right after Graduation?
18. When did uh get delighted n Satisfied?
19. When do uh feel happy? When Delighted or when ur Satisfied?
20. What are ur subject in graduation?
21. Tell 5 things about urself

Male panelist asked more questions compared to female.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 97

Dt- Feb 17 2022, 2:10 pm, 20 min
Two male professors, one mid 40, another mid 50

My profile – 10/99.6/95.5, male – chemical engineer fresher.

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Why MBA?
3. Why marketing?
4. What skills that you have would be helpful for a sales stint ?
5. Any recent advancements in chemical engineering sector…
6. What are your hobbies?

1. What are the skills that will be helpful from chemical engineering?
2. When did you realise that your interests are towards management?
3. Do you follow news?
4. Ukrainian Russia issue impact on Indian citizens
5. One thing before the budget you focused on keenly for this year budget to fulfill.
6. I mentioned formula 1 as my favourite sport. So, what was the final race controversy all about? Is it justifiable?
7. One person who you loved but wasn’t retained by the franchise?

Overall most of the questions were in my comfort zone. No Rapid GK. More questions on detailed perspective and my interested domain.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 98

17th Feb 2022
Wait time 2hrs
Btech (oil,fats and surfactants technology)
Workex – 14 months at Adani Wilmar refinery

There were 2 panelists
P1- Tmay (answered)
– seems like you’ve prepared this answer very well.
– Explain the chemical structure of soap
– so you’re basically from a chemical background, tell us about some fun experiments that you performed
– tell us about your research paper
– what is biodegradation (did a project on biodegradable polymers)
-tell me if chemical companies should be banned because they are the main polluters.(told them no, as majority of the products we use are made using chemicals)
– what steps does a factory take to reduce the effluent and emissions

P2- so you’re from Nagpur, tell me something about the city.
– how would you market the famous Nagpuri orange to US
– tell me about a situation where you had to take charge and display leadership.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 99

Feb 17th 2022, afternoon slot, 20 mins
9.7/95.7/9.27 – Electrical Engineering fresher.

P1 –
1. What is the meaning of your name. -Kiranmai
2. How will you connect it with MBA.
3. Now connect your grad with why you want to pursue an MBA.

P2 –
1.where are you from.
2.What is so special about Tirupati(my native)
3. What are your hobbies.
4. Compare Goa and Puducherry and say which is better (I am from NIT Puducherry)
5. Tell me about East India Company
6. If WW3 happens which sector will be effected more. Asked some cross questions.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 100

Dt- 17 Feb 2022

GEM (Automotive Design Engineering)
CAT 94.85%ile
2 Male profs, both btw 30-40.
Q. Tell us about Academic and family background.
Q. What is GET? (Graduate Engineer trainee)
Q. As I was having work ex in Royal Enfield most of the follow up questions were from there only.
Q. Fav Subject?
Q. Do you know about DTSI?
(Digital twin spark ignition) bajaj
Q. What about EV’s, what is the future?
Q. Which calls did you get?
Q. What will you do if not MBA?
Q. What is SAE? About college competition. (Be aware of what you have added in the certificates)
Q. Again most of the questions revolved around my company and what I did there.
Q. Question about profitability of R.E
Q. Do you have any questions?
Told me to enjoy.
Thanks, you can leave.
Answered almost all the questions, barring a few. There was no grilling at all, didn’t even asked about engineering subjects no current affairs.
Overall pretty chill interview.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 101

Dt- 18 Feb 2022

10/12/UG – 95/87.9/75.8
CAT 97.25%le
GNEM (Bcom) fresher
1. Introduce yourself
2. Are you still pursuing Bcom? When are you expecting your results?
3. What is the biggest bank fraud in India?
4. Asked me whether I read newspaper regularly( I said yes)
5. Said, it has been in news in last 3,4 days (I was like damn)
6. Different financial statements?
7. What’s happening at NSE(Couldn’t answer. Said that I only remember that prices of stocks are getting effected due to Russia-Ukraine Conflict)
8. Do you know Chitra Ramakrishna?
9. You’ve scored 10 points in Business statistics subject, what is that? (Mentioned all the other topics, but forgot to say Mean, Median and Mode)
10. Key takeaways from budget?
11. Which specialisation you want to do? ( I said marketing)
12. 7 P’s of marketing?
Looked dissatisfied.
1. Seems like you only participated in all the events, didnt you win any of the tournaments? (I was like I was allowed to play nationals only after securing gold in all the state tournaments.)
2. Asked me to show the certificates.
3. Why can’t I continue with boxing? (Answered and also mentioned my future plans)
4. What is depreciation? (Explained it with examples and also explained types of measuring depreciation)
5. What is Goodwill? ( Explained in general, but he wanted me to explain in commerce point of view. (Fumbled alot here and couldn’t recollect)
6. Asked what type of workouts we do? (Explained it. Told what will we do from Monday to Saturday)
7. What topics are covered in Banking Subject in your UG?
8. How many banking classes have been conducted in your college? (I said I’ve no idea because I don’t even attend a single class. He was like damn)
9. What’s your Graduation percentage?
10. What your ranking in your college? ( I said top 3 and he was like damnnn how can you even do that? You don’t even attend the classes and stood in top 3?)
11. Then how do you study for the exams?
He literally got surprised after last 2 questions. And then okay you can log out.

18 Min interview

IIM CAP Interview Experience 102

18feb 2022- 11:50 = 13-15 min
Profile – GEM 8.2/90.2/64 (paint technology) 2018, 41month work ex Tata motors ,Quality Dept.
2 Panelist Both female F1 30-35 F2 40-45
F2 – asked to show Id , then docs not visible on portal so share screen, ( i didn’t have online so showed hardcopy Aadhaar 10TH 12TH AND GRAD marksheet)
F2 – tell me about your job- told
then question on testing as I am in Quality
F1- Why MBA as u r senior manager and already in a good company with 4 years of work ex- told
F2- difference B/W leader and manager – told
F1- do u follow GK – i said honestly not into news but following for 2 months
asked about news other than Ukraine Russia issue and Canada issue.
told about ISRO rocket and death of bappi lahiri.
F1- Extra curricular achievements
told I am cofounder of dramatics club
follow-up question u said u r in performing arts tell your favorite dialogue and do it quickly
Said Kitne admi the – sholey.
they were smiling and said u can log off now.

overall Good experience.
it was fun and easy.
more of a conversation
seems satisfied.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 103

Dt- 18/02/2022

(General, No work ex, Commerce Fresher and CA Finalist)

1) Why should we select you

2) Something about jainism if you’re comfortable with sharing

3)Then given my CA background, many questions related to that like what is IFRS, GAAP, Revenue recognition, Deferred tax assets and liab with ex, etc

4) Latest Financial news

Then over to Panelist 2:-

1)Why Microsoft acquired a gaming Company (since i mentioned that above)

2) About my hobbies

3)About Facebook metaverse

4) How would you create and manage a Portfolio

5) Why stocks of different industries are selected and follow up questions

6)Current NSE news

7) Lastly they asked Any preferred IIM?

Overall a good experience and 18-20 mins interview
(Technical questions on just CA part, rest normal conversation type)

IIM CAP Interview Experience 104

Date: 18th Feb; Slot time: 9:30 AM; Wait time: 1 hour
Panel: 1 Male and 1 Female

No Tell me about yourself question asked.
Started with electronics questions.
1. What are the types of Gates?
2. Explain universal gates.
3. What is Modem?
4. What is IC?
5. About work experience. What a typical day looks like?
6. What are the challenges you faced in your work.
7. Who has acquired Flipkart?
8. They asked me if I follow cricket. I said no. So didn’t ask anything on that. But they were going to ask questions on IPL auction.
9. Questions on extra-curricular activities.
10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
11. Why MBA after engineering?

Lasted 18-20 mins.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 105

19/02/2022- Morning 9:30
Bcom Hons final year

1. Quickly introduce yourself
Me- Introduced my self (education/internships)
Questions about my internships and how it helped me.

2. You are from Rourkela right you must know about RSP, have you visited there?
Me- yes sir I know but it requires I’d card to visit and I don’t have so i haven’t visted

3. You are a final year commerce student, tell me 3 CSR Rsp does
Me- tried to answer but interrupted in between
Again tried but interrupted.

4. Questions on my surname, gotra
This came out of the blue and I was not expecting 
1. I will give you three items tell me whether they will debit balance or credit balance in trial balance
I) insurance – debit balance
II) Pre-paid insurance- Debit (I said credit)
III) outstanding expenses- credit
2. What are your hobbies
Me answered
3. One odisha minister who is recently included in cabinet who is he?
Me- Don’t know sir
1. Asked about family
2. You are from odisha so your first preference would be iim Sambalpur right?
Me- IIM Trichy and explained why
Any questions for us
Me- No sir
You can log off

Not much grilling and almost 0 academic questions,
No current affairs, etc.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 106

Dt- 18/02/2022

Engineer Fresher, ECE, Nit Kurukshetra

Slot – 9:30 AM
Started at 10:30
2 panelists (M1, M2 )

M1: Tell me about yourself
Me: Gave a prepared answer
M1: Why MBA
Me: Gave a prepared answer
M1:Who is your fav football player (I have mentioned football as my hobby)
Me: Leo Messi
M1: What are 2 things which you can learn from Messi and can be used when you became a manager
Me: Answered
M1: What is normal distribution, When do we use mean, median. How are mean and mode useful in assessing the given distribution
Me: Answered

Over to M2
M2: You are from ECE. Tell me the diff between Electronics and Electrical engineering.
Me: Answered
M2: What is a diode. Is it an electrical or electronics component?
Me: Answered
M2: You are from Andhra Pradesh. Tell me about Warangal
Me: It’s in Telangana now after bifurcation. It is famous for 1000 pillars temple. And it also has NIT.
M2: Do you read any newspaper
M2: Tell me what are recent news you have come across.
Me: 1. Russia – Ukraine ( Asked me to explain in detail. Explained )
2. Karantaka hijab case ( Showed no interest and asked any other news)
3. ABG Shipyard Scam ( Asked me to explain in detail. Explained )
M2: We are done. You can log out now.

Overall a chill interview. More like a conversation. Their faces looked like they are fed up with taking interviews

IIM CAP Interview Experience 107

Dt- 19/02/2022

Btech in IT
2 panel 1M 1F

Why did you take the break?
Wished to do mba in break or before that?
Why MBA?
Current affair sources?
LIC IPO updates?
Data mining algo?
Market basket analysis?
What’s NLP?
How can we use NLP in Finance?


Chill interview. Panel didn’t grill much. Overall went great

IIM CAP Interview Experience 108

Dt- 19/02/2022

CAP – 4yr+ workex

Q1-  Tell us about yourself. (Told as prepared)
Q2- since you are mechanical engg.. So tell me what are different types of engines
(Had difficulty as didn’t remember)
Q3- What do you understand by sustainability?
Q4 – Explain more, what are SDGs?
(Had difficulty in answering)
Q5 – what are digital and analogue signals?
(Tried to explain whatever i remember but he wasn’t convinced)
Q6 – What are longitudes and Latitudes..?
Q7 – Tell me the path of river Ganges origin to end?
(Almost told)


Q1- You mentioned you participated in Quiz which landed you the job.. Tell me abt it briefly?
Q2 – As i can see You have participated in various olympiads in school.. So where you got 1st rank in city.. Can u tell me how many schools participated in that?
(didn’t remember so said no)
Q3 – Kept asking about sports, painting and quiz certificates from school/clg days(Told)
Q4- How do you manage your team, what difficulties do u face ?
(told in brief )
Q5 – since u have intrest in painting, what can you say about cartoons?

Total duration 12-14mins. P1 was in grilling mood P2 was okay.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 109

Dt- 19/02/2022

– 21 Months Experience
– BTech

9:30 Reporting time
My turn came around at 12:45

P1 – M – 30-40 y/o
P2 – M – 40+

– Introduce yourself
– Followup Question
– Y change domain to Management?

– Are you aware of Current happenings in World?
– Budget 2022 Views
– Is there any policy hat helps India in dealing with Pandemic ? ( Tried a lil and told not aware)
– Questioned regarding my CAT score variation between sections

Overall the whole interview was decent . Both the panelists were good listeners and let me complete even though mine was almost towards the end.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 110

Dt- 19 Feb 2022

Obc Male fresher
2 panelists 1F 1M both in there 30s P3

1) Tell us about yourself
2) What was the problems faced by the food industry (as i mentioned cloud kitchen in my into)
3) What was the problems that you have faced?
4) What dl u expect from mba.
5) why mba now
6)fo you know about kotler (idk)
7) Who is amartya sen
8) what are the recent news apart from politics
9) strength weakness

1) working of ball bearing
2) why is bearung used
3) friction is good or bad
Areas where friction is good

Thank you

IIM CAP Interview Experience 111

Dt- 19/02/2022

1M & 1F

Chemical Engineer
One year Work Ex

1. What is your role in company?
(Quick questions about work…)
2. From Transcript they jumped to Humanity and social science subject (which was in 2nd year) and asked about game theory and said you have studied this subject in 2018.
3. What do you know about Industrial Sociology?
4. Asked about Industrial strike that happened at Gurugram (Hint – 10 years ago)
5. Asked about name of automobile manufacturer at Gurugram.
6. What is economic recession?
7. What is Vertical Integration?
8. From where naptha form in refinery?
9. How polymer is produced?
10. About co-curricular and extracurricular?
11. Why MBA.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 112

X/XII//BCOM/CAT 71.33/82.57/68.62/97.12
Lasted 15-20 minutes

I had the most strange interview
Exchanged greetings
P1- so you’re from katihar
Do you know X(random person)?
Me- Sir I’ve heard the name but i am not sure
Then p1 said i will ask some questions if you know say yes otherwise no..no hard feelings..
P1- So tell me what is the relation between Katihar and Mahabharata
Me- (Thinking asa toh kch kabhi suna bhi nahi) i said I don’t know sir
P1- okay..what is the relation between Katihar and Mughal empire
Me – (thinking ye kya puch rhe ho sir..itna toh kabhi suna v nahi apne hi jagah k baare m) said I don’t know sir
P1- okay what is the relation between Katihar and British Empire
Me- i am sorry sir I don’t know
P1 said okay no problem
Then he asked a random question which i answers correctly
Then P2 took over
P2- what are financial ratios
Me- looking a bit relieved i answered it
P2- tell me 2 financial ratios and their explain them
Me- Answered and explained well

Then out of no where
P2- in recent times the society is moving towards love marrige and the live in culture is growing…what is your opinion on live in relationship… will you do a arranged marriage or a love marriage?
I didn’t know what to answer to that question..but i answered i would go for love marriage..my parents have no problem in any choice
Again P2 questioned why would you want to get married..why not just live together without commitment as supreme court has allowed live in marriage and surrogacy is also allowed
Me- (Thinking sir kyu kr rhe ho mre sath asa..at this point i literally though that my interview is completely ruined)
so i answered sir it’s the choices of the couple and its about their emotions and sense of commitment.
P2- what will you do?
Me- Sir I will get married one day
P2- Have you discussed this with your partner? Do you have one?
Me- No sir I don’t have a gf now…(at this point i could hear P1 laughing at the questions and discussions)
and i said THE SEARCH GOING ON SIR (P1 burst into laugh completely) and we laughed for half a minute.
P2- okay… before logging off tell me who is the governor of bihar
P2- who is the CM of bihar
P2- Okay harsh all the best you can log off
P1 ( who asked random questions) – okay harsh beta bye…all the best for your search and future

No introduction…no WHY MBA
In the second part of the interview mostly P2 spoke..giving some hypothetical situation wrt questions.. I don’t know what to make of this interview but second part was very chilled and there was no grilling from any of the panelist.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 113

CAT 95.83%ile
Two panelist both male
Above 45 age

Panelist 1:

What is your name mean?
Other names of Mahadeva?
Does it make you religious?

What does your father do?
What’s his rank?

How does a Car AC works?
How is thet different from domestice AC?
How does it cools?
How does then a heater in car works?
What hapens to cooling jacket when heater is working?
What are Internal and External Combustion engines?
What happens when we put petrol in disel engine and diesel in petrol engine?
Elaborate your answe
What are propellers?
How does a propeller work?
What are jet engines? How do the work?

Panelist 2:
Why do you choose mechanical engineering?
Do you know any mechanical industry leaders?
What happened to Bajaj group?
Anand Mahindra is of which group?
How does a mechanical engineer better than other engineers?

What qualities should a leader have?
Should he take decisions himself?

Do you know any current affairs of yesterday?
What is today (19 Feb)?

What are your hobbies?
So you travelled somewhere last year?
Which places you travelled in South India?
So how is South India different from say Maharashtra or North India?
Name all jyotirlinga.
How many of them are in South India?
How many in Maharashtra?

How many IIMs are there?
Which IIM you want to join?

Do you have any questions for us?
Thanks, you can log off now

Chill interview, bit of grilling. Weird that mythology was asked.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 114

Dt- 20/02/2022

Mechanical engineer
Mentioned automobile love in intro
So all went in engineering and automobile direction

1st tell me about yourself
2nd mechanical engineering question
3rd automobile sector related
4th why not do engineering sector only if want to go automobile
5th in budget anything related to automobile
6th battery swapping policy
And what would u do to promote it
7th unesco office
8th indian manufactured automobile exported in other countries
9th why marketing difference sales and marketing
10th does sales even think about customer needs
11th 4th president of india
12th latin America something
Straight away said no clue

IIM CAP Interview Experience 115

16feb 2022- 11:50 = 13-15 min
Profile – GEM 8.2/90.2/64 (paint technology) 2018, 41month work ex Tata motors ,Quality Dept.
2 Panelist Both female F1 30-35 F2 40-45
F2 – asked to show Id , then docs not visible on portal so share screen, ( i didn’t have online so showed hardcopy Aadhaar 10TH 12TH AND GRAD marksheet)
F2 – tell me about your job- told
then question on testing as I am in Quality
F1- Why MBA as u r senior manager and already in a good company with 4 years of work ex- told
F2- difference B/W leader and manager – told
F1- do u follow GK – i said honestly not into news but following for 2 months
asked about news other than Ukraine Russia issue and Canada issue.
told about ISRO rocket and death of bappi lahiri.
F1- Extra curricular achievements
told I am cofounder of dramatics club
follow-up question u said u r in performing arts tell your favorite dialogue and do it quickly
Said Kitne admi the – sholey.
they were smiling and said u can log off now.

overall Good experience.
it was fun and easy.
more of a conversation
seems satisfied.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 116

Dt- 20/02/2022

Cap interview questions
P1- male 50+
1. Which IIM would you prefer.
2. What would you add to the college
3. What is your exp and what do you do in your org
4. How did it help in your managerial skills.
What are your hobbies and questions on that
5. How have sports impacted your managerial skills.
6. Some questions on technology

P2- female 40 years
1. If you are USA, How will you help in the Russia Ukraine crisis.
2. Sports budget, IT budget
3. How will budget impact it industry and what will be the major changes In technology in the future.

Interview was about 20 mins. Panelists were friendly

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 117

Dt- 20 Feb 2022

Two panelists
P1 Male
P2 Female

Introduce yourself.
What leadership qualities do you have?
Asked about various clubs I was part of in college.
Asked about some ECA apart from the form.
What is your grad subject? Electronics.
What is your fav subject? I answered Stats.
Do you know Probability theories? I didn’t, so said no.
What would you criticize about Budget 2022?
Why MBA just after grad? Could have gone to work ex.
What are other calls do you have?

So you know stats. Tell me the difference between mean and mode.
Asked about any real-life application of mean and mode.
Gave a situation and asked which one would I choose between mean and mode.
What is the difference between correlation and regression?
What are X and Y in regression analysis?
Why Marketing? I had said I want to do MBA in Marketing.
Organic marketing vs Inorganic marketing
Why marketing medium is used most these days? I said digital marketing.
What is the reason behind using that?
What other mediums could we use for marketing?
What are the 4Ps of marketing?
Which P is most important of those.
What do you know about Nifty?
What is happening in Ukraine these days?
Why is Russia aggressive towards Ukraine? The reason behind this.

Interview Concluded.

The panelists seemed very bland compared to other interviews I have given.
Took long pauses before asking anything and didn’t seem interested in anything.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 118

Dt- 20/02/2022

P1 male , P2 female

-asked about a factory in kanpur (I’m from kanpur)
-My interviewer said that imagine I’m ashneer Grover. Now pitch yourself as a product to me.
– asked me the districts that come in between when one has to go from kanpur to Kozhikode and lot of cross question on the way about every state.
Full form of atnd – ibm,
-where are Microsoft and Google office in India
– they kind marketing strategy used when ads Make older (grandparents) type of people, a part of advertising . (I told them I want to do specialisation in marketing)
– what are relays ( because I’m from eee department)
– how would you market a water bottle
– city of lakes, oranges, City where helecopter crash happened .
– what is sustainability index rank of India, human development index rank of India
– why can GDP not be properly calculated for india
– name of the person who died in helicopter crash.
– difference between efficiency and effectiveness

IIM CAP Interview Experience 119

21st Feb 2022, Afternoon Slot
CAT- 97.86; Bcom Hons Fresher
(1 Male and 1 Female Panelist)

Male asked first:
Q: Tell me about yourself
Q: Interesting, so you are in your final year?
Q: I see your Marksheet here and there is a subject called money and banking so I’ll ask you simple things about it. (Didn’t know about the subject but said yes sir pls do)
Q: What came first: money or govt?
Q: okay great, what can be considered as money but not legal tender?
Q: Is crypto money?
Q: How do you think price of crypto is determined? It’s currently at around 43000 USD
Q: You must have read that the price of crypto fluctuates a lot. Why do you think that happens?
Q: You have a good score, what all calls do you have?
Q: okay and how many interviews have you given? (Told that Kozhikode is done)
Q: what was asked in your Kozhikode interview?
Q: There is this lady called Chitra Ramakrishna in news lately. Who is she? (Told and also mentioned why is she in the news)
Q: What do you think, Is the case baseless or justified? (Told that investigation is still ongoing but many proofs have been discovered that do point at the shady things that occurred during her tenure like mails have been recovered with sensitive and classified information)
Q: okay, whom do you think is this unidentified Yogi? (Told that I read some people are pointing towards one of her colleague whose name I’m unable to recollect but other than that I don’t know who the yogi can be)
Q: very well, I’m done from my side. Ma’am can take over.

Female Panelist enters

Q: Do you know about SWOT?
Q: Tell me your Strengths and Weaknesses?
Q: Interesting, you are from Bcom so let me ask you some basic fin stuff
Q: what is credit risk and default risk?
Q: How do we treat Deferred Revenue Expenditure?
Q: What do you do in your free time?
Q: There is some news about an institute to be opened abroad. (Told about FTA and an IIT that will be set up in UAE)
Q: Okay as my last question, describe yourself in 3 words to me!
Thank you, I’m done.

Very chill interview. Felt like a conversation the entire time and panelists were friendly.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 120

Dt- 20/02/2022

GEM, 34 months work ex
Forenoon session
2 panelist 1M 1F

Male panelist
– tell me smthing abt urself.
– why mba?
– where do u see urself in 10 yrs? (Told ops man or prod man)
Counter : u had to work with lot of customers and have exposure in sales and BD, so why not go to marketing?
– Do u follow what’s happening in business world? Tell us some news.(Told)
– Do you follow political news? (Said I am not involved but keep up from time to time)
– which states are having elections? (Said punjab & UP)
Counter – any other states? (Couldn’t say)
He answered that goa is going to be one of the states and asked how is it important for west bengal (i live in WB)(Couldn’t answer)
asked him why and he laughed and replied that TMC is taking part that’s why

Female panelist
– u like machines ( cuz i told so in my intro) what comes to mind when I say SPOT? (couldn’t answer)
– What do u like doing in ur free time? (Told cooking)
– Name 1 dish each – chinese, Mexican, thai (Told)
– what’s unique about hydrabadi dum biriyani? How does it differ from kolkata biriyani? (Told)
– why is it called ‘dum’ biriyani? (Told)

20 mins. Minimum grilling. Panelists were very nice.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 121

21 Feb 2022. Two panelists. Both male.
Post grad in physics. Work ex: 13 months.
1. Why MBA? Why are you wasting your time, you already have a master’s degree?
2. Name all the CAP IIMs with their respective states in anti clockwise way.
3. What is myopia and hypermetropia? What are the lenses used to correct them?

4. What news paper do you read? Who is the editor of TOI?
5. What is g and G? Relation between them.
6. Name 5 Indian FMCG companies.

Total time: 7-8 mins.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 122

Dt- 21 Feb 2022

My PI heavily revolved around my long term goal which I had mentioned as becoming a travel entrepreneur. They asked me how I would set up my business. What all do I need to set up etc. Then follow my questions.

Questions on why marketing? And which company?

Opinion on Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Hobbies and Interests.

Justify your gap year. What activities did you take up apart from studies?

Why your results in first 2 semesters were a bit low? What did you do to improve in later semesters?

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 123

8/8/7, 89.34%le ,4 years work ex
Computer Engineering Graduate

Panel 1 – Male
2.Why MBA after 4 years of work ex
3.Why Quit the Job
4.What is expected salary after work Ex
5.UKrain Russia Crisis(full for m form USSR)
6.Union Territories in India
7.Significant Extra Curricular Achievement

Panel 2 – Female
1.About My Company
2.what SEBI
3.What is IPO ,Primary Market
4.Start Up India – What are conditions
5.What is Startup ,Innovation
6.What is Nifty
7.Why stock markets are known as Barometer of economy

IIM CAP Interview Experience 124

Dt- 21/02/2022

female mining engineer
Forenoon session
2 panelist 1M 1M

Male panelist
– tell me smthing abt urself.
– question on why did you leave ur job
-why mining engineer?
– Question on whether it was my choice
– What is six sigma?(as i have done 2 six sigma project)
-what is six sigma company?
-how many defects is allowed in six sigma?
-info about my projects what did i reduce?
-year on which india pleges to be carbon neutral?
– how do you measure carbon emissions?
-more questions on carbon emissions?(I can’t recall one term he asked regarding emission)
-what is sebi?
-what is co location?(as I mentioned about nse’s chitra)
-full form of sebi?
-role of sebi?
-measures taken to curb environmental degradation by mining?
-family background?
-why mba?
-what is your preference for cap clg?
-do you have any relatives in iim?
-why vedanta is in news today?( Company where i used to work)
Some questions i might have missed as i cant recall
Overall chill interview

IIM CAP Interview Experience 125

B.Sc.(Life Science), Fresher
Waiting time was around 1 hour 40 minutes
Two Panelists (Male in 50s, Female in mid-30s)

Neither introduction nor tell me something about yourself was asked.
P1- As I can see in your profile that you are currently doing B.Sc. but now you are completely changing your career to the field of management. How will you justify your action?
Me- Told them why I opted for B.Sc. in this field because the syllabus in this was aligned to my NEET Prep. And told them the answer of Why MBA?
P1- How many times have you appeared for NEET?
Me- Told them and also mentioned that I was 99+ percentiler in NEET -2021. But I left the MBBS seat.
(Now my whole interview revolved around this topic of NEET)
P1- Which medical colleges you were getting? Why you did so? What if you left this field of MBA after completing it just like you did in MBBS? Have you ever regretted your decision? Is there any chance that you will regret that after 2 years?
P1- Tell me something about Lab-Grown Meat.

P2- First of all, tell me when was the time you decided to drop the idea of pursuing MBBS? Are you sure about doing an MBA?
(Told her that I gave my best in the time span of 2 months for my CAT Prep after NEET)
P2- Being from such a different background, how will you be able to cope with the MBA curriculum?
P2- Asked some inorganic chemistry questions and some questions related to botany and scientific names, about blockchain. (As I am having Zoo, Bot and Chem in my graduation.)
P2- So, at last, I am asking you again that are you sure na you have chosen the right path for your career and you will not regret it. (I assured her)

The interview ended after 11 to 12 minutes.
Overall, it was not like an interview for me, it was just like a conversation about my life. So, everything was pretty chill(a hell more chilled than what I have expected). And nobody even asked a single question from G.K. and current affairs.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 126

Panel 13
Slot 2 time 10.30 (interview at 12.15)
GEM; 7 months of work experience in Software Development

1. Introduce yourself and Why MBA. Please tell us anything apart from learning and helping society.
2. What was the favourite course in HSS?
3. What books did u analyzed?
4. What is the controversy around Midnight’s Children?
5. Was DeMo good or bad and why?

1. Give me the glimpse of OTT industry.
2. Business model of OTT
3. List the stakeholders.
4. Tell me an increasing function with a decreasing rate.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 127

2 MALE PANELISTS ( M1 50yrs old, M2 35yrs old)
M1- Tell me something about your for 3 mins?
Me- Told a prepared answer but interrupted at the end
M1 – Asked are comfortable in Mechanical subjects or Should I ask TCS work ex?
Me- Said you can ask on both sir
M1- Choose two subjects
Me- Thermodynamics and Automobiles
M1- What are Carnot cycle and why it is not possible in real life?
Me- ( very happy because on the very few topics i read yesterday) Told a clear answer 100% efficiency not possible and temperature constant not possible
M1- About TCS life and what you have learnt?
Me – Said a very clear answer
M1- Are you native Telugu or moved?
Me- Native Telugu and told a bit of family background
M1 – After parting apart as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh what are the challenges your stated faced?
Me – Said a clear answer about capital issue, IT and Core industry issues
M1 – What government should do to bring up industries in Andhra?
Me – Said special incentives to be provided and suitable land to setup the industry.
M1 – Do you think government issuing money in the name of subsidiaries will help the people?
Me – I was against this what the govt is doing, it makes people lazy to work and also causes huge debts which AP is facing right now.

Now M2
M2 – Tell me two global issues happening right now
Me – Ukraine Russia geographical conflict
M2 – When and Why it started
Me – Crimea annexation in 2014 and in October 2021 Russia moved 1.3 Lakh military troops near borders of Ukraine
Me – Semi conductor issue production line stopped in Eastern Asia and India announced 75,000 crores in budget 2022. Said great chance for India to become a leading semiconductor hub.

A very chill interview for 10mins, no grilling and panelists accepted my opinions.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 128

17 Months, Consulting

– Tell me a bit about yourself, haven’t come across this degree in a while, do elaborate on that
– You are working in Management Consulting already, why do you want to do an MBA, what value would it add
– Mention a scenario wherein you’ve settled a dispute in your professional experience [+ Some followup questions on agriculture, which was the focus of the project I mentioned in this answer]
– Union Minister for Agriculture
– Union Minister for Jal Shakti
– Union Minister for Women and Child Dev
– Chief Election Commissioner of India

– What kind of research do you carry out in your projects?
– Have you designed a survey?
– Why are you not aiming for a PhD if you’re already into research?
– Hobbies?
– What’s the origin of the term A Capella (mentioned in previous answer)?

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 129

Agriculture graduate

Panel 1 female

1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. Why not msc why mba
On Which position i want to get?
3. Which company i would like to select
4. Extempore :
Where there is a will there is a way
5. Who is lok sabha speaker
6. Who is transport and road minister
7. Who is a agriculture minister
8. Women and child development
9. Home minister
10. Finance minister

P2 female
1. Who is minister of steel industry as i told i belong to steel industry
2. What are problematic soils and their reclamation
3. Do yo like gardening do you practice it
4. Asked that she has a plant thats not growing and is stunted what could she do
5. Then told the symptoms that it have some red spots what is that how could she treat them
How do i pass my time i told i watch tom and jerry
Then asked why so what u learnt who invented it

Do you have any questions?
Thanku It was nice talking to you
You may log off

IIM CAP Interview Experience 130

Dt- 22/02/2022

Hotel management grad
2 panelist ( both female )

P1 – what were you doing, u waited quite long .. ?
Ans- Was watching russian news

P1 – tell me about it ..
P1 – what impact is gonna have on geopolitics , whats ur opinion?

P1- what calls do you have? Is it first interview
Certainly not ma’am had tapmi interview and now cap ,

P1 how it went
Excellent ma’am , it was critical thinking based and situation based.

P1- tell me about urself?
Told (ab toh ratt gya hai by god)

P1 which specialisation you want to opt.

P1- what was ur role in bangalore and how it was different than new delhi
P1 – ohhh you look like some aggressive sales person , sell me a pen 
(I was like bhai online pen bechu)
However sold ….

P1 – what challenges you faced (3 challenges)

Panel 2
Namashkaram ma’am how are you!
P2- i am good
Why do you want to do mba , when u already have required soft skills
(I was like chadao mat meko)
Told prepared answer

P2 – you are a hotel owner , ur business is affected by covid , how will ur hotel survive (take time and tell)

But ma’am that depends ur hotel is in goa or bangalore, completely location dependent
P2- ok choose ur location
(I choosed bangalore)
Told how to

P2- what concept oyo follows –
Told its based on air bnb concept , a higher version of it and fly light model
(She was arguing airbnb and oyo is different)
I told yes it is , concept is somewhat similar
P2 – ok anyways , do you follow current affairs or only geopolitics
(I said pls go ahead)

Asked 2 questions
Ans – don’t know ma’am

Lasted 20 mins approx wished me luck. Khatam

IIM CAP Interview Experience 131

23rd Feb 2022

2 Male panelists.

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Asked about controversey in final F1 race (I mentioned F1 as one of my interests)
3. Can AI could replace Human intervention with refereeing.
4. It has been 30 months at Wipro, why did you not look out for change
5. What kind of solutions would you want to implement to boost Entrepreneurship around Jharkhand and Ranchi.

P2 took over.
6. Are you from Madurai
7. How far is it from Tiruppur(Where I come from)
8. How far is it from Chennai
9. What are your opinions on Jallikattu
10. Leave the Human PoV, Do you think Animals would feel right about being treated so?
11. Walk me through the architecture of Meenakshi Temple and stories behind the place.

P1 took over
12. Types of keys in Database.
13. Difference between primary key and foreign key
14. What is super key.

Interview went around 15-20 mins.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 132


( fresher ) experience –Btech ME

• How are you suboor all good?
• What is your native place famous for?
• Tell me something about Aligarh Muslim university
• You have worked in formula student team, what’s the diff btw 2 stroke and four stroke engine, which is more efficient and why.
• Fav subject in engineering.
• Any 3 formula 1 drivers, one from India.
• How many Prime numbers are there from 1-10 (I don’t know why he asked this simple one )
• How EV is different from CV
• What is carnot cycle what assumptions it takes into consideration? ( This is only where I was not able to recall completely the assumptions taken into consideration in Carnot cycle….but overall it was great experience , panelists were quite friendly.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 133

23 Feb 2022. Two panelists. Both male. Electrical engg from bit mesra,ranchi Work ex: 24 months

1. Why is 5g delayed in india
2.what are all the g’s and how are they different
3.what is your company doing in 5g ecosystem
4.what is your role in your 5g team
5.5 cultural aspects ranchi is famous for
6. Restaurants we should visit while in ranchi
7. 1 cuisine should try in ranchi
8. 5 cats catch 5 mice in 5 mins so how much 1 cat will take to catch 1 mice
9.If u r out with a frnd in a restaurant and who doesnt get along with ur other frnds and is socially an introvert,and they see u there with him,what will u do

All over superchill interview.Panel was chill and smiling throughout.They seemed to be obsessed about restaurants and food they can try

Total time: 10-15 mins.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 134

23 feb 2022

Waiting time- Almost 4 hours(I was the last one)

Duration-18 minutes

Graduated in B.com hons(Fresher)

2 male panelists of age around 60(P1),45 (P2)

P1-Reason for gap- told

P2-Which college in delhi university -told

P1-You have done a finance course and marketing course.Why you left finance- told

Which field u will prefer in mba- told

Why targetting is done in marketing- told

Who are target customers- told

Your favourite ad and its target segment- told

P2- Steps need to be taken for the Development in U.P(I am from U.P)- While I was answering they cut me in between

P1-Is democracy of fool- they cross questioned on this a bit

P1-Singapore mai kisne kaha ki democracy is of fools- I said i don’t know sir

Has democracy not done any benefit?- told
(The reason they started asking me questions on democracy is because in one of my answers I mentioned this word democracy)

P1-What is market capitalisation- told.

P1-Any questions for us- I asked a question

Ok you can leave


Overall the interview was very chill, nowhere near a stress interview,more like a conversation.

Tip- (1)Try to not say a word that you are not comfortable dealing with because they can pick up that word and start asking you questions related to it.

(2) They can try changing your opinion on something but if you r sure about what you are saying then don’t fall in the trap and stick to your opinion and state reasons for the same.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

IIM CAP Interview Experience 135

OBC-EM- 24/02/2022
CSE Engg and 16 monhts work ex

Joining time 8:30 – 23Feb 2022
Interview start time: 9PM
14 ppl in room and I was the 1st one. They gave us the order list

I enter the room at 9am.
Total interview time: 13min (including verification)

M1: Pls show all your documents and certificates, including achievements.
M1: Can you explaing about the scholarship and how much amount did you get?
M1: Extempore on Data theft by social media platforms
Me: took 1 min to make points and 2 min to speak, as I speak the two panelist started to talk amongst themselves and one even went away. They did not pay attension and I completed speaking.
M1: Can I ask you basic maths question
M1: integration of e^logx
M1: can you plot graph of e^logx
M1: What is super class and a class
M1: How does modulation for analog to digital work?
M1: What is a micro processor
M1: tell me about your job
F1: Can you talk about the internship at e-cmmerece company, what did you do.
F1: Can you talk about challenges faced by e-coomerece companies is last 1-2 years.
F1: What according to you are leadership like qualities
M1: can you name some ppl that you think inspire
M1: Who regulates the IT industry in india.

The interview was overall chill and no grilling,some academic questions did not go that well for me but other questions were easy.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 136

CSE Engg and 16 monhts work ex

Joining time 1:30 – 23Feb 2022
I was the 7th one.I enter the room at 3PM. Interview lasted for about 12-13 minutes.

F1: Tell us about your job
F1: what have you done in college?
F1: Who do you report to and your organisational structure.
…. Lots of question around job and the clients I deal with
F1: Thoughts on budget?
F2: Is it not better to have work-ex before doing MBA? Your thoughts (I have work-ex though)
F2: What are the big cloud providers
F2: Name some ERP products of your company
F2: Why do you think is it good for managers to have technical knowledge?
F2: Which field do you want to work in or what are the kind of companies you want to work with post your MBA?
F2: Can you name the states in which all CAP IIM’s are? (The will share the IIM list)

Super chill interview, both female panelists were friendly.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 137

23 feb 2022

Waiting time- Almost 4 hours(I was the last one)

Duration-18 minutes

Graduated in B.com hons(Fresher)

2 male panelists of age around 60(P1),45 (P2)

P1-Reason for gap- told

P2-Which college in delhi university -told

P1-You have done a finance course and marketing course.Why you left finance- told

Which field u will prefer in mba- told

Why targetting is done in marketing- told

Who are target customers- told

Your favourite ad and its target segment- told

P2- Steps need to be taken for the Development in U.P(I am from U.P)- While I was answering they cut me in between

P1-Is democracy of fool- they cross questioned on this a bit

P1-Singapore mai kisne kaha ki democracy is of fools- I said i don’t know sir

Has democracy not done any benefit?- told
(The reason they started asking me questions on democracy is because in one of my answers I mentioned this word democracy)

P1-What is market capitalisation- told.

P1-Any questions for us- I asked a question

Ok you can leave


Overall the interview was very chill, nowhere near a stress interview,more like a conversation.

Tip- (1)Try to not say a word that you are not comfortable dealing with because they can pick up that word and start asking you questions related to it.

(2) They can try changing your opinion on something but if you r sure about what you are saying then don’t fall in the trap and stick to your opinion and state reasons for the same.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 138


Panel – 2 members
Profile – grad (CSE) with workex

Introduce yourself
Why is binary language used ?
Russia-ukraine situation
Questions on Work ex
Gave a small Puzzle
Why mba
Largest mobile phone manufacturer
Few Gk questions on my native state
Why should we not select you ?
Why should we select you ?
What can you add to the institution ?

Overall it was a good experience. They were quite accommodating.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 139

24/02/2022 (joining time – 9:30 am)
( no ID check)
Waiting time – less than an hour.
Duration: ~16 minutes.
2 panelists (O, T)
O: How are you? ( replicated) Thanks for asking.
O: Introduce yourself.
O: Tell us something about your district. Any historical relevance?
O: Difference between 1824 & 1857 Sepoy mutiny.
O: Why is your 3rd semester grades low?
( a few follow up questions)
O: Tell an instance where you exhibited leadership qualities.
O: Tell about what’s happening in Ukraine.
O: Hasn’t the war already broken up?
O: Current CEO of Zoom.
O: Who’s the VC of JNU?
O: CEO of Microsoft?
O: Some ship incident in Sweden.
O: What is your hobby? What’s the last book you’ve read? (asked the name of the author of a book he named)
O: OK,I’m now transferring you to my fellow panelist.
T: How are you doing? (replicated)
T: Do you have any work ex or are you a fresher?
T: Which discipline?
T: OK,great! So in your undergrad you’ve learnt about the theoretical aspects. Why are you shifting towards an applied branch?
T: Tell us an application of maths that you can make use of in management. (told very good  )
(a few follow up questions)
T: What’s your favourite subject and why it interests you?(very good)
T: Do you know about PnC? Illustrate using 2 practical examples. (said very good again)
T: Any projects you did in your final year?
T: What do you do in your free time? (said great)
T: Thank you!
[May I leave sir, T: Yes,you may!]
( T seemed impressed, O was agreeing with my answers)

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 140

24th Feb 2022
2 female panelists
Panel 1:
Introduce yourself
Explain your work profile.
What is the difference between data scientist and data analyst? (I work as a data scientist)
What are your hobbies or what other things do you do apart from work. (Mentioned that I volunteer for an NGO)
What do you do there and how did you come across the NGO?
Do you think social activities apart from work are important? Why?
Why MBA?

Panel 2:
Explain the process of inventory management and name the client you did it for (Had mentioned this when they asked to explain my job profile)
What is the profile of your company?
How will an MBA contribute to you and how will you contribute to it?
Have you read the budget? Tell me one or two things (Mentioned digital assets being taxed)
Name a few digital assets. What is crypto? What platform hosts it?
Who is the corporate affairs minister?
Who is the defense minister?
Nykaa has been in the news, do you know why?
Who is the founder of Nykaa

Overall, it was chill. No pressure and didn’t probe much

IIM CAP Interview Experience 141

24 Feb’22
GEM 83/82/64
CAT – 92.5
BE Mech
Work ex – 7 years
2 Male panel

Why not EMBA but 2 year MBA full program?
What role and salary structure you aspire after MBA?
5 reasons why Russia wants to invade Ukraine?
Why General Management?
Favourite CEO?
1 instance where your team benefited from you?

IIM CAP Interview Experience 142

Date: 22-Feb-2022
Two panelist, 1M 1F
The panelist were friendly, no grilling, overall we had a fun discussion.

1. They started with Tell me about yourself.
2. Relation between unemployment and inflation. -explained
3. Are we facing the same situation in India – I declined (thought was, increase in pay scale offered by various sectors)
4. Contribution of IT sector in GDP
5. Why is India touted as a service sector what is the rationale behind it.
6. Why is dead is called Dead Sea.
7. Same question with respect to Red and Black Sea.
8. Where is Suez Canal located, which two water bodies it joins.
9. Where is Mauritius.
10. Question regarding fencing (I played nationals which is why this question)
11. They asked me about my state as well a little bit, more focused on the smart city aspect.
Wasn’t aware of the exact location of Mauritius took a wild guess, which cracked them up a little bit.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 143

P1 and P2, both males
What other IIM calls do you have and which would you like to join?
What are the developments around Ukraine Russia issue?
(so far so good, I thought for a moment this is going smooth, only to be disheartened)
Do you know why and where Indonesia is shifting its capital? (didn’t know)
Which 2 countries’ flag has a weapon on it? (i knew saudi arabia has a white sword in green bg so told, didn’t know any other)
What is PETA? Where is it headquartered? (i only knew it works towards the welfare of animals didn’t know anything else)
What is the difference between red crescent and red cross? (don’t know, by this time i was smiling wide to overcompensate for my “don’t know”s, also wondering from where do these people come up with such random questions)
How will you contribute to the batch? (chalo, something to finally talk about)
Why has ML emerged only recently? (told about data availability and computational power, this panelist either was finding my face funny or had a perpetual natural smile)
Have you used regression? (i told no but i am currently using XGBoost and explained it to him with example)
How is it diff from Random Forests? (told)
Have you used CNN and do you remember how does it work?(fumbled here and couldn’t answer, his smile widened :’) )
What is PnC? How many total no of P and C will be there if I were to select any number of numbers from 1-10? (took some time and probably told incorrect ans here)
What’s the difference between structured and unstructured data (explained with example)
Paseena nikaal diya, heavily grilled

IIM CAP Interview Experience 144

CAT – 97.68 – 25/02/2022
Profile – GEM (10-8-8) with 15 months workex
2 Female Panelists F1,F2
1. Introduce yourself
2. Is your workex different from your core engineering?
3. What is your role in the company?
4. Questions around projects in the workex
5. What is the difference between strategy and planning?
6. Hobbies – why you love football, favourite player and why
7. Questions on ABG shipyard scam/fraud
8. What is NPA?

F2 took over
1. What does your company do?
2. Revenue, competitors
3. Tell me 1 or 2 clients
4. What do you know about Pfizer?
5. 2-3 more questions around pharma
6. What is Bharat pe controversy?
7. What is corporate governance?
8. What is GNP & GDP?
9. Do you have a state or national level achievement? (Said No, mostly at college/school level only)
10. Thank you and good luck

No questions on engineering bg or GK. No grilling questions as such.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 145

Dt – 25/02/2022

CAT :- 86.1
civil engg
joining time :-9:30 23 feb 2022 interview lasted for 10 minutes
M1:- why MBA after MTech
M1:-you can choose Phd or make career in academic profession
M1:- extra curricular activities
M1:- co-curricular activities
M1:- what is etf ?
M2:- nifty and sensex?
M2:- stock exchange of USA?
M2:- which sector got affected most in corona?
m2:- name of vaccine ?

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 146

Forenoon(Sequence given ~ 9:50; Interview starts just after; 1st in sequence)

Panel – 2F (one b/w 40-50; one b/w 30-40)
F1: So XX, can you quickly brief about yourself.
F1: So you have mentioned manga in your hobbies, I have also read many manga and magazines. So how do they convey character’s expression.
F1: So you have done B.Tech from ECE working in XYZ at a decent salary. Your future prospects look good. Why do you want to do MBA? Why do you want to switch now?
F1: So are you following current affairs?
F1: Okay world history too?
F1: Any recent world news.
F1: What are recent development in Russia-Ukraine war?
F1: When is world environment day?
F1: When is women day?
F1: Which animal is in there in WWF logo?
*Turned off her mic and hand it over to F2
F2: So you talked about anime and manga. Which all anime you have watched?
F2: Why they are different from conventional cartoons?
F2: So which is your fav acad subject?
F2: Acha which subject you didn’t like?
F2: There should be some subject you didn’t like.I also had many subjects which I didn’t like.
F2: Okay. So tell me what are semiconductors.
F2: Where are they used?
F2: What are IC?
F2: What are diodes.
F2: So you are from engineering background so I am assuming you are good in mathematics.
F2: Hope so? (* Smiling)
F2: What is differentiation of tan x?
F2: There is nothing to do on pen-paper.
F2: What is the differentiation of e^x?
F2: What do you mean by differentiation?
F2: What is real life use of? what does it gives us?
F2: What is integration?
F2: what is area under the curve?
F2 okay I have given enough hints.
F2: So you are working in XYZ company in IT so I guess (assuming) you have programming knowledge. Which programming language did you learn?
F2: What is a compiler?
F2: Thank you! You can log off now.

*Both the panelists were smiling throughout the interview. Very chill interview. didn’t grill.
Finished in under 10 minutes.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 147

Dt- 26/02/2022

Started with the meaning of my name
Then about the references i mentioned as one of them was a former advisor of un and unesco
Then about my company and the diff between consulting and real firm
Why mba
Why do i want to shift from civil engg to mba and not mtech
Then two 11 12 maths questions which i couldnt answer
Then ukraine and russia issue
Then about my father and my role model
Then graduation related questions
Recent election predictions
Thats it

No grilling. Good panelists. But i messed up in two maths related questions.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 148

GEM cat 92
7 months Work ex in metallurgy
1. Tell me about your job role.
2.Quality measures.
3. How do you coordinated production operations.
4. What is ISI and ISO.
5.Which companies are considered private limited.
6. Why mba.
7. JIT
8.Inventory management.
9. JIT advantages.
10. Name 5 alloys.
11. What will we get mixing lead and Tin.
12.Do you ever faced any hardship.
13. Any conflict with in organization.
14. Dollar w.r.t. rupee.
15. Why crude oil price is increasing.
16. Have you ever participated in state/ district level competition.
Overall 25 mins.

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 149

Dt- 26 Feb 2022

2 panelist 1 aged and 1 young

Q. Tell me something about yourself?
Q. 5 qualities of GD required in a good candidate?
Q. Already working in Infosys then why mba?
Q. You said leadership quality…so why not bba and why b.tech?
Q. Hobbies?
Q. National Game of Bangladesh?
Q. Who recieved Nobel price 2021?
Q. All the padma awards in ranking?
Q. Highest civilian and military honour of our country?
Q. Calibre of AK47?
Q. National game of country?
Q. Sub you like and why? Sub you don’t like and why?
Q. Semiconductors working, uses, Optical fibre complete working, material used?
Q. Area of sphere and how is it derived?
Q. Principle differences between LCD and LED?
Q. What is intermittent fasting?
Q. One panelist said….you like cardio exercise…..I am fat…how would you suggest a complete plan of 3 months to get me fit?
I said you already look so fit to me …..panelists started laughing for 1 min…
Then told the plan.

Thank you….you may leave.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 150

Dt- 27/02/2022

GEM 98.95, 8 months IT workex, ECE

2. What is robotics?
3. Why robotics is important in country like India where employment is such a big challenge?
4. What is a robotics arm?
5. When did India won the first 50 over worldcup?
6. What is the name of 1983 worldcup? Who was the main sponsor?
7. Who was the main sponsor of 1987 worldcup?

8. What is your daily activity in your company?
9.What is cloud?
10. Tell me diffrent cloud services types?
11. What is public, private, community, hybrid cloud?
12. When did the capital of India changed to Delhi from Kolkata?
13. Why MBA?
14. What is your future after MBA?

2 Male Panelist, 15 min time, Intriguing interview

IIM CAP Interview Experience 151

GEM – 9/7/7 , CAT 96 percentile, 4.5 years IT experience
2 male panelists
On which project r u working?
Are u following Agile methodology? Why?
What are your roles?
Favourite subject in academics?
(I told him subject but told him its been long I’ve passed engineering. He smiled and didn’t ask questions about academics)

If you r manager of team and ur team is not performing well, what actions will u take?
Who is microsoft ceo? Google ceo? Ukraine president?
If u r head of pune city, what actions will u take for development?
What is the current economic scenario of India?
What other calls do u have?
If not selected what is ur plan B?

Overall panelist were good. No grilling. 

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 152

9/9/7 Electrical Engg. 9 months work ex

2. Where’s france( I work in a French bank)
3. Countries bordering France
4. Name the sea between Japan and USA
5. How many oceans are there and name them
6. Where’s North sea
7. Where’s red and black sea
8. What’s Nash equilibrium, give an example
9. Game theory- zero sum game.
10. Did you like electrical engineering, then why mba?
11. Any scholarships you got?
12. What software do you use in your work.
It was more of a geography interview than a mba one

IIM CAP Interview Experience 153


2.6 years of work ex in TCS

1)Tell me about yourselves
2)Tell me about your client compnay and your work
3)Difference between Manual testing and automation testing.
4)Why everything should not be automated and whether manual testing should be there in future and if yes why what is the reason
5)who is India’s vice president
6)which states share border with Bangladesh
7)equation of straight line
8)what all calls you have and if clear all of them which one do you select
9)Tell me about your family
10)Should I invest in LIC IPO and why(I said father is an lic manager)
11)what is the percentage share of lic in insurance sector in india
12)How much do you rate yourselves out of ten.I said 8
13)I asked how much do they rate me.They said they cannot reveal but they enjoyed talking me.

IIM CAP Interview Experience 154

Dt- 27/02/2022

2-1/2 years work ex
2ps Both M
2)what sports do you play
3)which sports have major leagues in India (told a few and they asked more )
4)why was ur state divided (Telangana)
5)why MBA
6)what are your long term goals.
7)Hobbies and sports and asked a few questions on them
8)Asked about painting in my room
9) Questions on languages I know as I mentioned them
Overall a pretty chill interview the panelists were laughing throughout the interview it was like a conversation

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IIM CAP Interview Experience 155

27 Feb Afternoon
GEM Fresher Electronics and Instrumentation
CAT – 99.83

Number of panel members – 2
1 F(40s), 1M(40s)
Interview experience
Greetings exchanged:
F – Please introduce yourself
M- Asked me if I have placement as I was in final year
M – You still want to do an MBA? Or take placement
Mentioned about how I still want to do MBA, and my ultimate aim
M – Asked me to describe the consulting industry in brief ( told)
M – Asked about internship experience( in pharma company)
M – Asked about NGO experience (extracurricular)
F – Asked about Pharma industry in India and strengths
F – Asked about Aatmanirbhar Bharat and if any impact on Pharma industry
F – You have mentioned about your NGO experience, asked a few government schemes related to social empowerment in general ( Could only recall MNREGA)
F – Asked about NIFTY and stocks( Politely told I don’t have enough knowledge)
F – Asked about AIMS( I don’t know why but was able to speak little bit)
F – I am done
M – Any hobbies ( no cross question)
M – okay we are done

A normal interview, lasted around 10 minutes. Felt like panelists were a bit tired of taking interviews, no excitement as such from the beginning. However I maintained a smiling face!

CAP 20

CAP 2023
GEM 9/9/8
15months workex
20mins interview. 1F 40s 1M 30s

Q.Tell us about you academic journey
Q. Hobbies
Q. Certifications
Q. Other college calls and pref
Q. Why prefer that college
Q. Views on International exposure in MBA
Q. Where do you see yourself in 5years
Q. How do you follow Current Affairs
Q. What are the last 3 RBI governors (said only current one)
Q. You know only one did you start reading newspaper just for interviews?
Q. Today’s business news
Q. Suggestions for Indian government to make our economy better
Q. Situation where your company is in losses and if you release actual reports your share prices will go down. Will you share the actual report or manipulate prices. Why?
Q. ICICI full form
Q. Cultural barriers i faced while working with foreign clients. How understanding foreign cultural will help here?
Q. Reduction components in your salary.
Q. Parameters you look for in MBA colleges and quantify them.
You can leave.

It didn’t go well but the questions were actually damn good. (20mins long)

GEM 9/9/8
15months workex
20mins interview. 1F 40s 1M 30s

Q.Tell us about you academic journey
Q. Hobbies
Q. Certifications
Q. Other college calls and pref
Q. Why prefer that college
Q. Views on International exposure in MBA
Q. Where do you see yourself in 5years
Q. How do you follow Current Affairs
Q. What are the last 3 RBI governors (said only current one)
Q. You know only one did you start reading newspaper just for interviews?
Q. Today’s business news
Q. Suggestions for Indian government to make our economy better
Q. Situation where your company is in losses and if you release actual reports your share prices will go down. Will you share the actual report or manipulate prices. Why?
Q. ICICI full form
Q. Cultural barriers i faced while working with foreign clients. How understanding foreign cultural will help here?
Q. Reduction components in your salary.
Q. Parameters you look for in MBA colleges and quantify them.
You can leave.

It didn’t go well but the questions were actually damn good. (20mins long)

CAP 2023
GEM 9/9/8
15months workex
20mins interview. 1F 40s 1M 30s

Q.Tell us about you academic journey
Q. Hobbies
Q. Certifications
Q. Other college calls and pref
Q. Why prefer that college
Q. Views on International exposure in MBA
Q. Where do you see yourself in 5years
Q. How do you follow Current Affairs
Q. What are the last 3 RBI governors (said only current one)
Q. You know only one did you start reading newspaper just for interviews?
Q. Today’s business news
Q. Suggestions for Indian government to make our economy better
Q. Situation where your company is in losses and if you release actual reports your share prices will go down. Will you share the actual report or manipulate prices. Why?
Q. ICICI full form
Q. Cultural barriers i faced while working with foreign clients. How understanding foreign cultural will help here?
Q. Reduction components in your salary.
Q. Parameters you look for in MBA colleges and quantify them.
You can leave.

It didn’t go well but the questions were actually damn good. (20mins long)

CAP interview morning slot 10th serial number : – Non-Engineering (Integrated MSc in chemistry)
95/88.2/8.2 cat – 92.57 NC OBC
2 male panellists (1 punjabi) .. early 40s
Punjabi guys starts
Q2) why did u jump from chem to MBA?
Q3) what was your CAT %? What other calls do you have?
Q4) what were your subjects during your graduation?
Q5) extempore on the topic “Blue sea” (I tried stalling for time by asking them to clarify the topic ;D)
Mentioned the movie ‘waterworld’ and the Punjabi guy seemed to have seen this movie 
Q6) what is a city surrounded by water on all sides (told any city in Andaman and N islands)
Q7) what is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Q8) how do u reach there?
Q9) have you heard of venice?
Q10) how do u stay upto date with news?
Q11) why do u think newspapers or channels are not good?
2nd guy comes
Q12) what do you do in your free time (movies tv series and games)
2M – so u basically waste time
Tried defending my hobbies
Q13) what are the real scenarios that u think movies and tv series tell us?
Q14) you think romance movies show realuty?
Q15) last movie you saw from this genre? (I told – the last living boy in new york)
Explained it in 2 lines (it is about a guy and his father falling in love with the same woman)
Q16) you think this is a realistic setting? (me – yes compared to MCU or DC)
Q17) so you are telling me that a guy and his father loving the same woman is more realistic than a man in suit fighting villains (me – yes sir in my opinion. YES)
Q18) which IIM will you join if u convert
Q19) have you ever led a team?
Q20) what are the problems you faced?
Q21) how did u solve them?
Q22) do you have any Q for us?
U may log off
It wasn’t a grilling interview… one can steer the interview towards the way they want if they can. The 2nd guy was trying to cut in between and put pressure. But it was ok. Just smile and remain calm.
Good luck to all 

CAP Round Experience
Date – 23-Feb-2023
GEM 9/9/7 96.94
9 Months Experience

P1 – Female in her 30s
P2 – Male in his 50s

Started with usual greetings.
P1 said I really like the background. I Just smiled and said thanks.

Now the interview started.
P1 – Briefly tell us about yourself.
P1 – Talked about some controversy that my current company was involved in few years back.
P1 – Asked about the competition in the market and how my company is planning to cut through the market. Asked about the other top players.
P1 – National Education Policy (NEP 2020) – this came out of nowhere.
P1 – Education Minister of India.

P1 said I am done. Now P2 started.

P2 – Asked about my role in the current organisation. Talked about Android, Kotlin, Java.
P2 – Asked about my branch during Engineering.
P2 – Favourite Subject. Asked 1 question from it.
P2 – Final Year project.
P2 – 2 Puzzles.

Said I am done. You can leave now.

IIM CAP round
Bcom graduation 2022
Cat 93 percentile
P1- good afternoon, what is your meaning of name, where do you live and where it is situated
Me- answered
P2- after graduation, why do you not think of CA or for any job
Me- Answered that I Am stock broker
P1- oh you are stock broker, whats is your role and how do you suggest stocks to your client and how you make money for yourself (trading or long term)
Me- Answered
P2- there is trend of discount brokerage, how you deal with it?
P1- how much clients do you have and why Mba if you are still going good
P2- PE ratio and EPS ratio
P1- any tips do you suggest us and why ?
P2- after mba you get a chance to do investment banking, that time you also give a free tip like today
P2- if any client come to you that your tip make him loss how you deal with it
P1- okay, it was good and always make your client profitable
Thanks you may logogf

Cap 2023
Cat 97.75 , acads ( 88,56,72)
Mechanical engineering,fresher ,Nc-obc
Two male teacher 35 years old may be
So it starts like this 1)So , akash tell me about yourself. What kind of person you are .
2) what’s the difference between be and btech according to you ?
Answered it :- I think so be is more theory base and btech is combo of theory and practical
3) why do u think be is just theory base ?
Answered it , after hearing me they both laugh as it was funny answer .
4) so akash are you spiritual guy
5) so cau u stay spiritual without being religious? Elaborate.
Yes . Tell them how
6) why mba
7) how is mba related to your field
Answered :- it’s not directly related to my field ,but in some ways it is related to the activities of which I have been part of since my childhood
8) so you are good in sports ,do u stay updated with sports news too?
9) tell me about current fifa World Cup ,who hosted it ? ( I did mentioned cricket chess and kabaddi in my form , so that’s why i guess they asked me of football,)
10) who were semifinalist
11) how’s chess related to mba
12) any recent news in chess world
Told him visit gujrati a day before yesterday defeated magnus carlsen
13) then he asked me kbc question 
( 7 sister, president, finance minister, it minister, C.J , governor)
14 ) do you know background of our current governor
15 ) which is the newest iim
16 ) which is the oldest ?
Firstly said ahmedabad and then sir I guess it is Calcutta not ahmedabad. He laughed it’s ok we usually say abc that’s why it’s obvious to say ahmedabad
17) do u know anything about recent budget tell me anything you know .
Answered:- I told about FAME , which is ev article and the amount it got
18 ) so do you think ev produce no pollution
Answered :- may be sir it does but not that much as compared to petrol diesel vehicle
19 ) tell me again will you do mba or leave it in between if u find out it is nothing but much of theory knowledge
Answered it

CAP Round experience
97.99, GEM, 24 Month work ex, 8/8/8

Two panelist 1M 1F- poor audio from their end

P1-Asked me about Bangalore and Delhi, what I like and dislike?
I said I love Delhi and Bangalore not so much, gave an example of people not being interactive here in Bangalore, 2nd most congested city etc. And I believe P2 took it to her heart basically 10 mins of Bangalore vs Delhi went on

P1-Can you give any example of cause based marketing
Talked about Apple and Samsung saying smaller phone boxes save the environment, but they said do you agree, I said no

P1-Asked a technical term related to marketing
Didn’t answer

P2-You seem very critical about the people in Bangalore, I tried to defend myself but messed up big time.

P2-Randomly took 2 subjects from my marksheet, and asked any innovative project you’ve heard of?

P2-What is neural networks?
Absolutely had no clue except that it is the backbone of AI

P2-Asked about my hobbies, told and then again she said you are contradicting your nature, at one end you say you like interactive people and you have so many hobbies, Didn’t understand her point, I said yes I will try to look Bangalore people with a different perspective. She laughed

P1- Ok you can logoff and enjoy your stay in Bangalore

Overall pretty chill interview but I guess I messed up by saying I don’t like Bangalore that much

CAP Experience
93.31, GEM Fresher, 7/7/8
2 panelists: 1M, 1F


1) where are you joining us from?

2) full form of Noida?

3) no. Of sectors in Noida?

4) No. Of sectors in Greater Noida

5) tell me something about yourself


1) Why mba?

2) did you work? No? Why?


3) since you said you’re interested in defence, what is your opinion with respect to our capabilities technology wise as compared to those of US, China, Japan?

4) Why did you say Airforce is better in terms of technology? Elaborate on that please.

5) rafale, mig 29, sukhoi, mig 21 bison ar which generation?6) tejas is which generation? What modification would you make to develop navy version of tejas?

6) do you follow current affairs?

7) ceo of niti aayog?

8) minister of commerce?

9) Vice President?

10) what are 2 ministries that are on central level but not on state level?

You may log off now.

Male panelist was in the mood to grill it seems. Interview was conversational and was fun until the 2nd round of questions from M panelist.

Interview went on for about 30 minutes.

NC-OBC 8/7/7 90.51
14 months workex Data Scientist
10-15minute Interview 1 Male 50 and 1F 30s
Q. Tell me something about your self
Q. Dance related question(western dance)
Q Electrical Engineering difference between windmill and fan
Q.SUPPLY chain analytics Project
Q. Governor of uttrakhand and Rbi
Q joshimath crisis
Q NLP used.. told about text generation and speech recognition and chatgpt working

Profile : 9/8/9/93.4percentile
Q2. Why MBA so early ? (Fresher) (discussed a lot)
Q3. Any recent new
Q4. Hindenberg vs Adani
Q5. Where is lithium found in India?
Q6. Any business leader role model.
Q7. What is the problem faced by people of odisha?
Q8. Effect of rising temperature on Indian economy

CAP interview
15-17 minutes

what do you think about train projects coming up in Maharashtra?(As i’m from Maharashtra)
Why people are throwing stones on Vande Bharat express and what we can do?
Name any known politician from your region
What is the impact of diversion of Shivsena on Maharashtra?
What are your hobbies?

Asked full form of my college name.
Who is founder of my college.
How to calculate velocity of fluid in pipe?
where are you currently working?
What are your responsibilities?
Why you want ti leave such a good company and join the MBA?
Any hobbies?

Thank you and best of luck.
You may leave.

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