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IIM Kozhikode WAT-PI Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Kozhikode WAT-PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

Preparing for CAT? It is the exam to get admission into any of the IIMs. Also, the CAT exam is considered the toughest of all exams. After the exams, it is equally important to prepare for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. In this article, you will know more about the IIM Kozhikode Real PI experiences shared by candidates.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 46

Two panelists: M1 and M2 both between 40-50 age bracket.
Profile: BA Political Science, Fresher 9/8/7
8:00 am slot I was second in my panel.

M1: So, S, introduce yourself
S: I am from X, I did my schooling in Delhi and am currently in Z college. (Interrupts)
M1: Why did you do schooling in Delhi if you are from X?
S: My father is in a transferable job. Continue to give a description of what I did my graduation in.
M1: What subjects did you have in 12th?
S: Science with Maths
M1: Then why did you transition to an Arts subject for graduation? Were you originally planning on engineering?
S: No sir, I was not. I had applied abroad but due to Covid had to study in India. I was interested in one of my minor subjects(International Relations) and thought that taking an Arts major subject(Political Science) would work better for me.
M2: How did you do in your graduation?
S: Told that I could not do well in one semester due to Covid as lectures were pre-recorded and learning outcomes were poor. (These subjects were from Economics)
M1: You mention that you are reticent as one of your weaknesses, why is that? Do you not like people or not like talking to people?
S: Sir, I like people (interrupts)
M1: Not all people are likeable, there are bad people also.
S: Yes Sir, I like to talk to people and being reticent prevents me from doing so. How can I develop my personality if I am not open to learning from others by speaking to them?
M1: What have you done to improve this?
S: Sir, I have joined some clubs for public speaking. I try to speak regularly in group discussion and classes in College.
M1: Do you know about G20?
S: Told what it is and how India is President this year. Some follow ups were asked like what is Global South and why G20 is important? What India can do in it and so on.
M2: So, S, what else do you do?
S: I like reading, writing, playing basketball and weight training.
M2: Oh! Weight training, you must give me some tips
S: I said you should try using Kettlebell, I have gotten good results using it.
M2: Tell me something simpler to use
S: You can use the rowing machine.
M2: You are giving these fancy names look at me, I am lazy and can’t do all this. You are an International Relations student. You should be diplomatic, laughs, look at the person then give advice.
M2: Do you like Maths?
S: Yes
M2: That was not a very confident ‘Yes’.
S: Not as confident as a Statistics or Maths major but Yes. M2 smiles
M2: What is an irrational number? Give three examples
S: Said that is not terminating when expressed as decimals and not repeating also. Said Pi and Euler’s constant are examples
M2: What is Euler’s constant?
S: I don’t know Sir
M2: Laughs, you just remembered and said it, Okay I’ll give you that, give another one
S: Sir I will have to find example of fraction which is non terminating it’ll take time
M2: Okay then leave it. You have mentioned writing a book in your answer. What is it about?
S: Sir it is based on the Bhagavata Purana and about twelve people who are the greatest devotees of God, there is one chapter on each of them.
M2: What qualities do these people have that they are great devotees?
S: Sir they are dispassionate, see God in everyone and practice devotion by remembering and taking the names of God constantly.
M2: What other calls do you have?
S: A, I and S
M2: You don’t like Economics very much(As marks were poor in these subjects), we teach it in Management
S: Sir, If I try I will be able to cope with it, I had in my 12th as well.
M2: Okay S, that’s all from our side. Do you have any questions for us?
S: No Sir.
M2: You may leave and close the door behind you.

IIM-K Interview Experience 47

Profile: 9/7/7
Work Ex 2 years
Interview lasted for 15 mins
2 Panelists, one in his 40’s and other in her 20’s

Q1 Tell me something about yourself
Answered well prepared question

Q2 You did your btech then Mtech now you want to do MBA when do you plan to Kickstart your career? (Smiling)
Answered that I want to learn and all that…

Q3 Then work ex related questions.. IRCON

Q4. Competitors of IRCON

Q5. Director of Engineering colleges

Q6. Director of Delhi Metro ( I have internship in Delhi metro)
Had no idea

Q7 Current International news

Q8 Extra curricular activities

Q9 Difference between NCC and NSS ( I have certificate of NSS)

Q10 Why MBA ONCE AGAIN… and short term and long term goals

Thank you that’s it… You can leave…
Overall chill Interview.. good experience

IIM-K Interview Experience 48



Category: General
CAT – 99.97%ile
Academic profile – Non-Engineer (BBA) – 79.33 / 77.4 / 54.8
Work Ex: 54 months+ (Diverse), CFA, CFO at a start-up, CIO at a Delhi based wealth management and investment advisory firm etc.
Time: 02:55 pm

Panellist 1: Finance, Accounting & Control
Panellist 2: Strategic Management

Q1. Tell me about yourself apart from what is on your Personal Data Form

I am avid football enthusiast, and a former India U-19 player who was selected in a 25 men recruitment camp by Bayern Munich hosted by Allianz on a professional contract of 2 years for their Reserve team, it however did not materialise due to my academic commitments and the scope of professional football player appearing grim in line with the rules of this country.

However, I have not given up my passion for football, only the means of approach has changed, I wanted to be professional footballer player and now, in future I aspire to make meaningful professional contribution in the management and operating function of one of the best football clubs

If you read my SOP, I have mentioned my ultimate goal and what I stand to gain from an MBA from one of the best institutions in the country for management, and it is through that ultimate professional landing / enterprise, I intend to achieve one of my other goals that is also very close to my heart and my sporting endeavours.

I fully intend to deliver on what I promised to myself when I started panning out what I want to do, short term and long term and where do I want to be when my hair turn grey.

Q2. Which is your favourite football club? Who is your favourite player? Which position did you play?

Chelsea Football Club, it is in South West London, and currently post the new owner takeover, they are in a period of transition. My favourite player – Ronaldinho. My primary position was Left Wing however, I have also played at False Striker position.

Q3. Reading your form and your answer to the first question, don’t you think your appetite and your ambitions are big in contrast to the average MBA student?

With all due respect, I would like to disagree. Factually speaking, there is a 1% crowd that graduates from some of the finest B schools in the land and goes on to become the most successful entrepreneurs, for example lets take Ashneer Grover. Would you also say, what they have done for themselves and say society by extension, is big enough for it to be a tall aspiration?

And honestly speaking, I intend to be in that 1% club that doesn’t want to settle for anything less than any of the folks that made it big after stepping foot in any of the premier B schools.

I intend to be a part of the fraternity that graduates these lawns in 2025, and meaningfully create the world for myself I wanted and give back to the society at the same time in any possible form.

And lastly, again with all due respect, appetite and ambitions are always relative.

Q4. Tell us about your start-up

Q5. Questions specific to previous industry during my job years

Q6. What I learnt working in one of the most unorganised industry in the country and how we ensured to still be a billion dollar enterprise growing at 25-30% pre, during and after COVID?

Q7. Adani-Hindenburg conflict

IIM-K Interview Experience 49

9/9/8 GNEM (NIFT-Fashion Technology)

-what did you have in breakfast?
-Where are you from?
-Home minister of Ghaziabad
-CM of Maharashtra
-Why south Indian food then?
-Describe the blazer you are wearing
-Difference between double breasted and single breasted blazer
-Is Arrow an Indian company or international?
-What about Peter England? (one more)
-What is your course all about? (Fashion Technology)
-Which retail giants owns the above mentioned brands?
-What are your hobbies? (I said football and weightlifting)
-Which country was at third place in the FIFA World Cup?
-Where is Croatia?
-Who came fourth?
-Where is Morocco?
-What about Istanbul? Istanbul is the capital of which place?
-How much do you lift? (Was talking about snatch told him I do conventional and compound movements more)
-Talked about having abs then caloric surplus, deficit and BMI
-Thoughts on Metaverse and AI in fashion Industry
-What is currently going on in Pakistan?
-What are the reasons?
-What would you do if you are appointed as PM of Pakistan?
-What did RBI increase repo-rate ?
-Thank you, Any questions for us?

IIM-K Interview Experience 50

Panel 2

Me – Well rehearsed answer
P1- Graduated in 2020, Job in 2022
Me – Intended to do an MBA after college, Family health situation, Prime caretaker
P1 – Favorite Subjects, Do you even remember
Me – I partly remeber, Thermo and Heat Transfer
P1- What is Enthalpy
Me – Explained Internal energy and then added Work so Enthalpy ( forgot its PV) 
P1- Ramble something law of conservation, Total Energy
Me -….. Sorry Sir I am mixing up the two
P1- What is diff between Heat and Temp?
Me- answered
P1- So how are the too related by formula?
Me – Said thermometry scales and then with full confidence gave the definition of Heat capacity of water instead of Centigrade scale
P1- How much is 1 ATM?
Me – 101,325 PA
P1 – So PA is SI units?
Me – Yes
P1 – Dimensions of Pressure?
Me – ML-1T-2
P1 – What is force and torque?
Me- Explained the formula with some fumbles
P2 – Do you know any Business terms?
Me – Inventory Turnover and fumbled again
P2- What is Average Inventory?
Me – Explained
P2- How do you calculate the Turnover?
Me – Explained
P2- What is the inventory turnover of TCS?
Me – They are service provider, no inventory thus this ratio does not apply to them
P2- What about Power Plants?
Me- Whatever is generated is immediately transmitted to Distribution companies
P2- No they do have some inventory
Me – Answered about raw material such as coal but cant be done same for renewable
P2: What 5 companies are owned by Adity Birla Group?
Me –  More Super market, Some Life Insurance Company and Ultratech Cement (by guessing)
P2: What companies are owned by Anil Ambani? 
Me – Sorry Sir, At the moment what he owns I do not know (He still owns something)
P2: So what are you reading?
Me – Green Hydrogen Mission and rambled good long
P2- What is all these grey, blue, Green?
Me Explained
P2 What else have you read?
Me – Aero India, Uber Tata deal, Ola Tamil Nadu Deal
P2- Any international news?
Me – Ohio Derailment and Chemical spillage, Biden in Kyiv
P2- Which company was blamed for Spillage?
Me – Sorry Sir I am not aware
P2- So you are from Ghaziabad, Why is it named so?
Me – In 13 th century, Some ruler named Mr.Ghaziuddin , idk the surname built the city and named it after himself (they chuckled at Mr. Ghaziuddin)
P2- And how you know this? (with smirk)
Me – Read it last year on Wikipedia
They bursted into laughter..

Extempore – What do you want Political, Social or Business
Me – I will try social

Topic Role of Engineers in Social upliftment of Women 

Time – 18-20 mins

IIM-K Interview Experience 51

SC 86 CAT BBA Fresher
2 Panelists

P1: Why were your grad marks low and increased in the last year? Is it because of covid lockdown
Ans: I was able to give more time to studies as earlier i was into extracurricular activities
P1: Smiled and said interesting answer or is it because of online studies
Ans: I told him that in our universities we needed to be prepared for viva of complete syllabus also, it was not just only about objective exams
P1: Asked about the gap year
Ans: Answered and also told them about the internship that I did
P1: Asked about the internship
P1: Why do you call it an internship, why not a job
Ans: Told them it was more of learning for me
P1: Did they pay you? If yes then how much?
Ans: yes sir 20K/month
P1: What does your dad do ?
Ans: Told them about business and discussed about it
P1: Books you’ve studied in grad?
Ans: told them about marketing books
P1: Okay so how many Ps are there in Marketing 5 or 7?
Ans: We were taught about the 7 Ps till now and told them all
P1: Okay so do you think in Mba there will be more Ps?
Ans: Yes sir
P1: How many?
Ans: I said 14 ( they were shocked and laughed)
P1: Who told you that there are 14 Ps
Ans: I told them sir I just feel and I have heard somewhere
P1: Handed me a pen and paper and ask me to write more Ps that you think can be there in MBA
Ans: I was thinking too much but couldn’t write and put down the pencil and they said it’s okay
Then I said Performance
P2 (WHO WAS BUSY WITH IPAD THE WHOLE TIME) asked: How performance?
P1: You did multiple online courses, tell me what is SEO? (as I did a course)
P1: Okay so tell me if I have a biryani business and want my website to show up at 1st rank on a search engine, can it happen?
Ans: Yes sir its possible using keywords related to business
P1: I just want to use only one word BIRYANI in search and can you make it appear on 1st rank by tomorrow?
Ans: I told them sir it’s possible but it will take time and if you want this early you can go for SEM
P1: I don’t want to spend anything and also i have talked to a marketing agency they are saying they can do it overnight (They were just making a situation though)
Ans: Then I said sir as per my knowledge, through seo it will happen eventually by some algorithms and continued to talk about algorithms
P1: Interrupted… and ask other panelists to ask me some questions

P2: Asked me about my state-level certificates and my athletic events
P2: Why did you choose this particular event ?
P2: Different between Long Jump and Triple Jump
Ans: Long discussion happened
P2: What are the different steps in the triple jump called?
P2: Okay so you know that. What is the world record, and by whom?
P2: When was that made?
Ans: IDK
P2: What is Frosberry?
P2: Did you have science in high school
Ans: No sir Commerce
P2: Oh I was about to ask the best angle to achieve the farther jump in physics
Ans: Discussed speed and jump height a bit and technique learned
P2: So according to you who is an Indian Sportsman who can influence you and has a bright career ahead and pls don’t say Virat Kohli
Ans: (Sunil Chhetri came up in my mind but i didn’t know much about him)
I answered Neeraj chopra and his recent achievements
They seemed satisfied with my answer
P2: What are the qualities that he possesses?
P2: Who is the President of the Indian Olympic Association?
Ans: IDK
P2: That person is from track events
Ans: PT Usha ( I read it recently and just struck my mind)
P2: Are you sure
(P1 Gave a side look to P2 and smiled)
P2: Okay so that’s all from our side do you have any questions for us?
Ans: (I didn’t prepare this and i thought to ask about the student exchange program but it would be followed by some more questions which I didn’t know so to evade this)

Ended up asking, ‘Sir, how is the climate in Kozhikode compared to Delhi because I have never been there?’

They both laughed and said you can google it but there you will experience more rain than Delhi.

Thank You!

Have a nice day Sir!

Later I checked and yeah there are 14 Ps and performance was one of them and PT Usha was also right..

IIM-K Interview Experience 52


I was the last in my panel no 4.
Entered the room and wished the panelists 
M1 : You must be bored of waiting for your turn
Me : Yes Sir 
M1 :  You got highest marks in first semester. What happened after that?
M2 : Breakup or what?
Me : No Sir  I was doing good but just could not come 1st. I was always in top 5 of the class.
M1:  Do you have any proof?
Me : Showed the certificate
M1 : He took my file and started looking at all the certificates
M1: Tell me few Indian Historians
Me : Gave the names
M1 : Why is history categorized as ancient, medieval, etc. What is the reason?
Me : Gave the rough timelines and reason on basis of developmemts etc. 
M2 : What is a Civil Society?
Me : Answered
M1 : Started talking about the PGP LSM course and have I applied?
Me : Yes Sir
M1: Are you good at Maths?
Me : Not very but can try.
M1: What is mean median mode?
Me : Gave the definition
M1 :  Write a linear equation
Me : Wrote X+5 = Y
M1 : Plot on Graph
Me : Plotted but the panelist were constantly changing values so got little confused
M2: Tell me how many rooms in this building ?
Me : Took some time and calculated based on no of floors and room no of the interview room 
M2: Have you seen the building it is like very old and monument types what will be it’s age ?
Me : Gave a rough idea around 50 years
M2: Tell me about the room how as a histotian will you analyze it?
Me : Was not very sure but gave rough idea by examining the walls and objects in the room
M2 : What is inflation? Good or bad
Me : Answered
M2 : How does RBI control inflation?
Me : Repo rate gave the current one
M1 : Asked if you are the only sibling?
Me : One sister 
M1 : What does she do?
Me : Answered
M1 : What does your father do?
Me : Businessman in Lucknow
M2 : Ok that’s all Thank you 
Me : Greeted them and left

Overall it was a chill interview with no questions on home city, no intro , why MBA? , Hobbies , GK and CA
Students before me were all asked many questions on GK.


IIM-K Interview Experience 53


Time alloted -25 mins
Topic – Technology transition – Is it good or bad for Demographics Dividend

Interview (25mins)
Two Panelist – M1 and M2

*Usual greetings

M1 – So you did your graduation from an IIM, aren’t you tired of IIMs that you want to jump in again?
Answered – related to to why MBA
M1 – Why did you leave IIM Indore?
M1 – Explain even further
M1 – Tell us something about your family background

M1 transferred the batton to M2

M2 – What are you hobbies and interests?
M2 – Give an example where economics came in geopolitics
( Mentioned understanding economics of geo politics as my hobby )
Answered ( talked about max cap on Russian oil. Intended geopolitical moving using economic means )
M2 – Do you think max cap on Russian oil is effective?
M2 – How is Russian evading this max cap on oil?
Answered ( geo tagging, insurance and China as proxy )
M2 – How is India benefiting from buying oil from Russia?
M2 – If India is buying oil at cheaper rates, why aren’t the prices going down?
Answered ( tax revenue and fiscal debt reduction )
M2 – What is OPEC?
Answered ( called it a cartel )
M2 – Are you sure it is a cartel cause I think cartels are related to illegal activities?
Answered ( gave economic definition of Cartels )
M2 – What work you did with Aatma Prakash Foundation?

M2 passed on the batton to M1

M1 – Do you have any questions for us?
Asked ( Asked them to tell me more about director of IIMK, as I read his recent book )
M1 – Answered
M2 – Do you have any questions for me?
Asked ( IIMK is considered very beautiful and as I’ve never been there, could you please share your experience )
M2 – Answered
M1 – Your face says that you hate IIMI, do you?
M2 – IIMK is a place of natural beauty, unlike IIMI where all you see is dried grass and heat
M1 – That’s all, you can go now

IIM-K Interview Experience 54

Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata
BTech CS (2.5 yes workex) 9/9/8
WAT: Government should handover higher education to private sector
– Are you working? Where? What is the kind of work you do? What would your boss say about you?

Very jovial joking about why they’re trying to kick out such a good employee and letting me go for MBA

– Convince me how you can start a business? (I nowhere mentioned I want to) a little condescending about how MBA then if you can’t start a business
– What are the news you’re following, don’t say Adani? What is the valuation of the tata deals?
– What are the rivers in West Bengal?
– Name the states along east coast and west coast. Name the ports along the same.
: Vasco da Gama, East India Company stuff
– Why is Darjeeling tea more famous? We also have tea in Kerala. (Started with tell me about Darjeeling except it’s beautiful since you come from Darjeeling)
– Similar other questions…..

Passed on to the male panelist who said I could leave then asked where’s your office, made a lil joke about Geetanjali working in Gitanjali Park.
That was all.
Kinda weird…

IIM-K Interview Experience 55

Radisson Blu, Delhi

P1- Where are you from?
Told them, Lucknow
P1- do you know where exactly IIM Lucknow is?
Told them
P1- do you have IIM L call?
Told them yes
P1- what all calls do you have?
Told them all the BLACKI calls
P1- should we even take your interview then ?
Everyone smiled
P1- how is tar made?
Couldn’t recall at that moment.
P1- Tag line of kerela. Told them
P1 – you only tell me the topics you want questions from.
I stated some topics
P1- i am 70 and want to loose weight would you recommend me HIIT
Explain the age factor and everything
P2 only asked one question – name some noble prize winners in chemistry from India
Didn’t read about it, told them I’ll learn about it afterwards

Interview went for 10 min or so but felt weird maybe because i was the last candidate in my panel.

IIM-K Interview Experience 56

2 male panelist

M1- You studied in DU, tell me who is Bahadur Shah Zafar?
Me- Sir I haven’t revised history.
M1- ye bhi revise krna hota h? Acha kidhr rehta tha vo? Guess hi krlo
M1- toh nizamuddin kidhr rehta tha? ( Was laughing like anything)
M1- 3 saal ghum rahi thi Delhi mein..mujhe pta h udhr pdhayi ni krte..bs admission lekar enjoy krte h
Me- No sir, My college was very acads focused.
M1- ye toh saare DU ke colleges kehte h..kon mana krta h
Me- No sir, we don’t even have DUSU. Our principal doesn’t allow anything that can hinder acads.
M1- protest ni huye ispe? Tum ni gyi protest karne?
Me- It had happened by other students but the principal has been keen about not allowing DUSU in our college.
M1- Okay. Who is the president of India? Where does she live?
Me- Smt. Draupadi Murmu, She lives in Rastrapati bhawan.
M1- What is the road name that connects India Gate and Rashtrapati bhavan?
Me- Previously known as Rajpath but now renamed as Karm path
M1- Pakka karm path
Me- No sir, kartavya path
M1- dekhlo Modi ji ne phir naam change na kr diya ho..roz upsc syllabus bdha dete h
M2- Who is Birsa Munda?
Me- He was a freedom fighter.(interrupted)
M2- freedom fighter or fighter m kya difference hai? Why you called him a freedom fighter?
Me- He was fighting for his own and his communities land that Britishers were trying to take away. Also heavy taxation.
M2- kal mai Khana khane gya , 34% to tax hi tha. Isse acha to Britishers hi rkhte
Me- No sir, these taxes are used for developing our country but Britishers used to use it for their country.
M2- matlab idhr krta kaam to justify kr skte the
Me- No sir, they shouldn’t have had any day in our country. It isn’t there place.
M1- Train se aayi na Kolkata. Vahi lekr aaye the. Wapis mt chale Jana train se. Hippocracy mt karo. Kyu uske train mein chadhi. Itna bdhiya kaam krke Gaye h Britishers
Me- Sir the wrongdoings cannot be justified by any positive steps. Also the train would have come eventually to India.
M1- ni aata train India..mai bta rha hu na.
Jharkhand mein itna Christian conversion kyu kra rahe hai?
Me- Sir the purpose of religion is to serve. Whichever one chooses how does it matter?
M1- bilkul matter krta h.. politics h ye sb .bina convert kiye serve krte na phir. Btao which state does the president of India belongs to?
Me- She belongs to Orissa but she has served as a governor in jharkhand previously.
M1- dekho sb bolte h minority ko bna diya president. Sb politics h sb politics haiiiii. Usko hi kyu bnaya? Kisi or ko kyu ni bnaya?
Me- Sir, it’s good to have a minority representation. It acts as a hope to the minority communities.
M2- how many countries are there in the world?
Me- Sir, around 243( interrupted)
M2- how many participate with UN?
Me- I am not aware sir
M2- around 190. Name the south African countries.
Me- Nigeria.. rest unable to recall
M2-What is south Africa famous for?
Me- Lithium cobalt mica
M2- one more very famous mineral
Me- Yes sure, i remember i have seen a documentary. It is used in making cosmetics but i am unable to recall the name.
M2- Okay you can leave.
M1- Who was the experience?
Me- Sir I was expecting biology questions.
M1- phir se ek round kr lete h na
M2- aree jaane do bechari ko

IIM-K Interview Experience 1

Date & Time: 10.04.2021, 11:35 A.M. Online.
10th/12th/Grad: 10/93%/9
UG – B.Sc. (Hindu College)
CAT – 98.62%ile
The interview was supposed to start at 12:10 P.M. At 11:30, I received a call from IIMK that my interview is in the next 5 min. Join asap. Thank God, I was ready. I quickly joined and there was almost 2 min waiting time only.
Duration ~ 15 minutes.
Panel: There were 2 members (1 Male, 1 Female).
P1(Male) – In the early 50s or late 40s.
P2(Female) – In the early 40s.

A student coordinator checked my ID.

Me: Good morning, sir. Good morning, ma’am.
P1: Good morning, XXt. So, you graduated from Hindu college last year.
Me: No sir, I am currently in my final year.
P1: okay okay, you have around 9 CGPA in graduation. How would you like to comment on this? I think they are very good according to DU.
Me: They are decent sir. But not very good as marking in DU varies from course to course and in our course, we get more than 9.5 as well.
P1: Still they are very good! Don’t you think?
Me: Probably sir (They started laughing)

P1: You don’t have to be that modest. Anyways, what do your parents do?
Me: Told.
P1: Do you have any siblings?
Me: Yes sir, she is 3 years older than me.
P1: Oh! What is she doing right now?
Me: Sir, she is a probationary officer in SBI.
P1: Do you have any gf?
Me: No sir! (started smiling)
P1: Why? You look handsome! Why don’t you have any?
Me: (looking at the camera) sorry sir, can you see me? I guess there is some connectivity problem.
P1: No! No! It’s fine. We can see you.
Me: Your question made me think for a moment that there was some camera problem. (I started smiling)
(They also started laughing) (It might not sound funny now, but at that time, it was kinda funny)
(Now, P2 starts asking)
P2: Your course is Physical science with chemistry! What do you study in this?
Me: Ma’am Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
P2: What is the major subject here? Chemistry?
Me: There is no major subject ma’am. All the subjects have the same weightage.
P2: So, why is it named so?
Me: Ma’am, It’s just another fancier name of B.Sc. Programme. (Smiles)
P2: You have very good academic consistency. Why don’t you continue Science? Why MBA?
P1: Are Haan haan! I forgot to ask this!
Me: Told how I am working with a venture, got interested in management and how MBA will help me in
my goals! (Basically, the rehearsed answer)
P2: Tell us some recent news.
Me: Talked about Coronavirus second wave and its impact, RBI monetary policy review, and New CJI appointment.
P2: What other calls do you have?
P2: So, this is your best call!
Me: It is one of the best.
P2: oh cmon! Which will you choose then?
Me: Ma’am, currently I am not in a position to answer this question as I only have interview letters from these places, not final admission offers.
P2: What if you convert all of them! what will be your preference order?
Me: Firstly, I will be very fortunate and happy to convert all my calls. (Smiling)
(Cutting in between)
P2: No buttering. Just tell us the order.
P2: That’s it from our side Ankit. Do you have any questions for us?

Me: While going through the IIMK website, I came across Business Simulation Lab. How exactly are students allowed to access that? Is there any extra fee or something?
P1: That we won’t tell you now. You join here and find that on your own.
Me: Ok sir, Thank you so much!
P1: au revoir (Bye in French) (I have written in Form-B that I know French.)
Me: (started smiling) au revoir, merci beaucoup monsieur. (Bye, thank you so much sir)
(Now, Sir started telling ma’am that he also studied French)
P1: Acha, tell me, My name is Ankit in French.
Me: je m’appelle Ankit. (I was thinking like Basics 101)
P1: I love you in French.
Me: Je t’aime.
(They started laughing.)
P1: You can log off now.
Me: (smiles) reste en sécurité sir, means stay safe sir.
(We all again smiled and I log off)

Overall Experience
Definitely, the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever had, more like a normal conversation with the panelists.

Result – Converted!

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IIM-K Interview Experience 2

Interview time: 10min.
Bcom Hons. from DU (Final year)
Date: – 31.03.2021
Slot: – 10am (started at 10:20)
Panel 1(Male and Female)

P1: So XX you are in the process
P1: Give a brief intro xx
A: My name is YYY. I was born in a small village called Karhagola Road in the Katihar district of Bihar and brought up in Odisha. I did my schooling from Odisha as well and currently I am pursuing Bcom(H) from PGDAV, DU though I had science in my intermediate. I have always been an active child since my school days like I won few sports competition in the school level and even in college I am an active member of various clubs and societies like NSS, Enactus. I am also the Vice-President of Career Counselling Club of my college. In the past I have incorporated activities with the intentions of contributing back to the society like while staying at my village, I have been teaching in a school and some underprivileged children and am trying to figure out the problems the kids are facing and how I can contribute after doing MBA and that’s my main long-term purpose to do MBA now.
P1: Mr. XX, Who is Pannalal Girdharlal?
A: Sir Pannalal Girdharlal are the founders of the college and they have contributed some money to the institute and presently they are the leading business people of Delhi having corporates like Victor Cables Ltd and Pannalal Ltd.
P1: How old are the Vedas? What is AD and BC?
A: Vedas are very old (he asked me to give specific no. so I said 15th century) BC means Before Christ, AD I do not know:
P1: Oh!! XX you studied Business law and what did you learn?
A: Sir, Business pardon
P1: Business law… anything you remember jo bhi yaad hai boldo
A: Sir I studied Business law in my 1st year and I remember there was something contract, offer, acceptance and contract is offer + acceptance & also Indian Contract Act was enabled in 1872.This is what I remembered.
P1: When can a contract be null or void?
A: Sir When there is no offer or acceptance then the contract will be void.

P1: What’s your favourite subject?
A: Sir I like (phir yaad aaya yeh toh Ma’am hai) Ma’am I like Entrepreneurship subject a more because I want to do something in the education sector.
F2: What do you want to do in education sector?
A: Ma’am I want to do something like after MBA in the initial years I would like to do job and at the same time would set up my organization where I would take some students from the village area and would personally train them and make sure they get some rank in the school, district or may be in state and that would provide me a brand equity and then I will contribute in a good way to the society and convert it into a business.
F1: What is artificial intelligence in the entrepreneurial sector (aysa kuch tha Question, yaad nhi)
A: Took 2 second pause and said, I am not aware of it
F 1: ohhk what you know about IIM K?
A: Ma’am IIM K is the 5th IIM estb in 1996 and it’s completed 25years this year. Its the most diverse institute all over India (fumbled a bit) and IIM K is situated… (Ma’am interrupted)
F1: What are the courses that are provided here? Are you aware?
A: Course like PGP, LSM, Business Leadership and Director is also planning to make more business programme in the upcoming years.
F1: Why don’t you take Business Leadership programme then wo toh sirf 1year ka hai and you are interested in entrepreneurship more?
A: Ma’am that’s for the experience people and I do not have experience now that’s why I would do MBA now and then will shift to business in the future.
F1: Ohh it’s okay then… (she seemed satisfied)
P1: In which all states the election are going on?
A: Sir Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal and there is a union territory too i.e. Pondicherry (I should not say this as they didn’t ask)
1)How many states are there?
A: 28
2)Any new state recently added?
A: After thinking for 3-4 seconds, Sir I think there is no state that is currently made or added in a country (fumbled more)
Sir was smiling So I said to cover it “there are some UT that’s been added”
(PS: – Telangana was the answer)
3)RBI Governor
A: Hmm Shaktikanta Das
4) Chief Election Commissioner?
A: Sir I do not know
5) What’s your Hobbies?
A: Sir I like singing Bollywood songs and independent artist songs and also like to write some lyrics of my own. In fact, Sir, I have written few lines for IIM K as well. I mean my aspiration for IIM K (They said thik hai thik hai)
P1: Ok so you know A.R. Rahman won a Oscar for a song in the Movie? Name the movie.

A: Sir Slumdog Millionaire
P1: Who is the Director?
A: Sorry Sir, Not aware of it
P1: What you think the director was Indian or Foreigner?
A: Sir definitely Indian
P1: Definitely with smiling
A: Yes sir (with 200% confidence)
(PS: – It’s foreigner)
P1: Who is your favourite singer?
A: hmm …Sir my favourite singers are like Jubin Nautiyal, Darshan Raval, Arijit Singh.
P1: What about Kishore Kumar?
A: Sir I actually dont listen much older songs but I do like him.
Okay that’s it!! Thank you
I greeted: – Thank you so much Sir, Thank you so much Ma’am.

I feel satisfied as I think I was very confident, doesn’t matter whether I know the answer or not and I kept smiling throughout (shayad thoda zyada hee smile kar rha tha)

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IIM-K Interview Experience 3

Profile: General Engineering Male, 18 months’ work-ex
10th/12th/grad/CAT: 10/98.5/8.3/99.76
Date: March 26th, 2021.
Overall experience: The interview lived up to the expectations. IIM K interviews are known to be longer, touching upon all aspects of your profile. Mine was no exception, however there was of more emphasis on general knowledge.
Two male panellists, both in 40s, let’s say M1, M2

M1: Which firm do you work at? What’s your role? Describe about your firm.
Me: *This was already expected and I gave a well-prepared answer*
M2: What’s Adobe’s market capitalisation?
Me: 200 billion dollars.
M1: Do you know how many classical languages are there in India?
Me: I know that there are 16 languages on currency but I don’t know about classical languages.
M1: Ok I will give u the definition, they are languages which are 1500 yrs old.
Me: In that case, Tamil and Sanskrit will be there. Telugu also should be there. It’s derived from Tamil and definitely has a history of more than 1500 yrs. But regarding north Indian languages, I don’t have much idea.
M1: why do you think north Indian languages are not classical languages?
Me: I know that there is a language called Prakriti which evolved from Sanskrit. All other languages evolved from that. But I don’t really know whether this happened 1500 yrs ago.

(*Looks like the guess mostly worked, there are 6 classical languages they are Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Sanskrit, Odia*)
M1: Ok do u know about the city which is the reference for IST — Indian standard time
Me: I don’t know but I can take a guess
M1: Ok
Me: Nagpur or Indore
M1:(*grins*) what? How?
Me: It should be somewhere near the midpoint, so Nagpur lies straight above Hyderabad and its almost closer to centre point of India.
M1:(*faint smile*) (*Answer is prayagraj, made a blunder*)
Now M2 takes over…
M2: So you know digital circuits right?
Me: Yes sir.
M2: what’s the significance of NAND gate?
Me: It’s a universal gate and building block of most of the digital circuits in the processors.
M2: Can you tell me the Boolean expression for that?
Me: *told*
M2: How does a USB drive work?
Me: it connects to the data bus of the processor. From there the data goes to internal registers and flow is controlled by the control unit.
M2: What’s the probability of you getting selected in any IIM?
Me: There are 4000 seats. Me being a GEM, the probability will be lower than usual.
M2: Give me a number
Me:(*trying to use pen and paper*)
M2: without using pen and paper
Me:(*took sometime*) I am making a simple assumption that 4 candidates are interviewed per seat. So, it’s 0.25.
M2: Ok, can you name two women ministers of India?
Me: Nirmala Sitaraman and Smriti Irani.
M2: Do you know about spectrum scam?
Me: yes sir, it happened in 2011 2012
M2: Was it 2g,3g,4g? Which party’s minister was involved?
Me: it was 2g and DMK’s minister was involved.
M2: Who is the minister?
Me: I think it was D raja (*it was A raja*)
M2: Do you know the difference between pandemic, epidemic, endemic?
Me: pandemic is worldwide spread; endemic is a spread in localized area or a group. Epidemic should be somewhere in between.
M2: What is the meaning of between? (*Laughs*)
Me: May be at a country or a state level…
M2: what are the vaccines produced in India? Who are the manufacturers?

Me: Covishield — Serum Institute, Pune; Covaxin — Bharat Biotech, Hyd.
M2: what about Russia’s vaccine and China’s vaccine?
Me Yes sir, Dr Reddy’s labs is in consultation to produce them. China’s vaccine is not produced in India.
M2: what’s the name of the Russia’s vaccine? Do u know why it’s named so?
Me: it’s sputnik, named after Russia’s first space mission.
M1: What other calls do you have?
Me: B, C, L
M1: So, you have all these calls, which IIM is best according to you? It’s doesn’t have to be K.
Me: Sir, coming from an IIT background, I can say that all older IIMs offer more or less similar quality infrastructure, faculty and peer group. I would be happy to be selected in anyone of them. But my personal choice would be IIM B, because of its geographical proximity and also, I know seniors in IIM B.
M2: what’s the oldest IIM?
Me: Calcutta.
M2: that’s the interview, any questions from your side?
Me: No sir, I am fine.
M2: All the best for your other interviews.
Me: Thanks sir.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 4

Background: 1 work ex (as of July 2020) in a Software firm
CAT’20: 98.79 %tile
Acads (10th, 12th, Grad): 95,89,83
General engineer female
2 male panelists: M1 and M2

M1: So you work in XYZ. Tell me what do you do?
Me: Told
M1: So you’re a core software engineer
Me: Yes sir
M1: Which language do you code in
Me: Sir Java
M1: Okay so what are the advantages of Java over other languages like Python, SQL, etc
Me: Spoke about platform independence, JVM, benefit of no pointers, extensive usage in banking industry, garbage collection
M1: (Seemed Satisfied) So where is your company headquartered?
Me: Told
M1: So you’re born and brought up in Mumbai, who is the Governor of Maharashtra?
Me: Sir it’s Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari Ji
M1: Okay so tell me 3 top Indian IT firms and their CEOs.
*Starts thinking TCS, Wipro, Infosys but then realizes doesn’t know their CEO names so thinks lets mention some startups*

Me: Sir I know some start up CEO names
M1: No I want CEOs of top companies
Me: Okay sir I know Infosys, TCS, Wipro. Wipro chairman is Azim Premji … *gets interrupted *
M1: That we all know but do you know the CEOs name?
Me: No sir
M1: Okay have you heard about NAS****, how is it related to sport? (I couldn’t hear, so I asked to repeat)
Me: (Wondering what sport, what is he saying) Sir I don’t know, will read about it.
M1: Okay what are the major stock exchanges in India
Me: Sir it’s NSE and BSE.
M1: What is the difference?
Me: Sir NSE is national stock exchange and BSE is Bombay Stock exchange. NSE has an index called as Nifty and BSE has an index called SENSEX. BSE is the oldest stock exchange of Asia. Nifty is calculated using market capitalization of top 500 companies. And SENSEX using top 50 companies. Nifty also has an index called Nifty 50 which uses market capitalization of top 50 companies.
** Now that he asked BSE and NSE I wonder if in the previous question he meant “NASDAQ” and “stock” instead of “sport”(because this is what i heard) because I know about NASDAQ, ugh these online interviews **

M1: Why is your company called Pvt. Ltd? What is Ltd?
Me: Sir Ltd means that the company’s liability is restricted to a limited number of shareholders. I guess the number is 50 shareholders. (Was right) Public companies are listed on the stock exchange and private companies are not. Whenever any private firm defaults the losses will be limited to that company’s shareholders.
M1: Okay I am done, sir (points to M2) you can take on.
M2: So, who is Jijabai? (My college has Jijabai in its name)
Me: *Proudly smiles and mentions* Sir she is the mother of Chhattrapatti Shivaji Maharaj. She had 8 children, 6 daughters and 2 sons. (Then, spoke about how she brought them up, the values she taught Shivaji, how Shivaji treated women with respect and how he ruled the then Bombay State which later became Mumbai city, etc)
M2: Okay so you graduated in 2019, you must be remembering your academics then
Me: Yes sir, will try my best to answer
M2: What is your favorite subject?
Me: Sir DBMS and Data Structures.
M2: So, what is RDMBS?
Me: Sir it’s relational database management system. Then I spoke about how data is stored in tables in rows and columns, advantage over traditional dbms, consistency, normalized data, etc
M2: So what is primary and foreign key?
Me: (easy-peasy) Told
M2: So what are your long term goals?
Me: Started speaking, got interrupted
M2: why IIM K why not any other college? What do you like about IIM K?

Me: Told
M2: So you told me the advantages of RDMBS tell me some disadvantages
Me: Told about centralised architecture so can have single point of failure, mentioned how distributed systems like hadoop solve this problem, mentioned storing unstructured data is tough in RBDMS *gets interrupted again*
M2: What is unstructured data? Give examples
Me: Told
M2: What was your rank in class
Me: Sir I was in the top 10-15 %tile
M2: Top 10%tile, okay we are done thank you.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 5

Profile: 93/79/65
B.Sc Hons. from Calcutta University
M.Sc from Calcutta University (final year)
Date: 23rd Feb, 2021
Morning slot: 9:30 am (started at 9:40am)
Panel: 1 female professor (P1 in her 30’s), 1 male professor (P2 in his 40’s)

P1: Good morning Shruti.
S: Good morning, ma’am, good morning, sir.
P1: Introduce yourself.
S: I’m XX from yy place, West Bengal. I have done my schooling from zz. I have done my graduation in Zoology hons. from www. Currently I’m pursuing masters in zoology from xxxx. I’m keen on crafting, painting. I enjoy singing.
P1: So you are from South 24 pgs. How many districts are there in West Bengal?
S: 19 ma’am (I read this in my childhood, but now a few districts added, so now it’s 24, so gave the wrong answer confidently)
P1: Name some districts from north, south and middle.
S: Named a few districts from north and south but recalled only one from middle.
P1: So you are pursuing masters in zoology.
S: yes ma’am.
P1: I have been always curious about the matter that who feel more pain among a dog, octopus and fish?
S: The dog feels more pain ma’am.
P1: Why so?
S: As per the evolutionary tree, the dog is more developed, so it feels more pain.
P1: What about the fish and octopus?
S: The fish will feel more pain than octopus.
P1: Same reason?
S: Yes ma’am. (I googled this question later, but there was no proper answer and research till now, as scientists have ethical issues)
P1: ok, as you mentioned about evolution, tell me which animal is in the lowest grade of evolution?
S: protozoa
P1: Can you name a few grades after that?
S: porifera, cnidaria, ctenophora, platyhelminthes, aschelminthes, annelida, arthropoda, mollusca, achinodermata
(I told all the invertebrate classes in a flow, but was only asked for a few. So, me and P1 both were smiling)
P1: I’m sorry but can you please repeat what are your hobbies?
S: I like to do painting, singing songs.
P1: What kind of painting?
S: Now mostly I do doodling but I have done pastel drawing too.

P1: Name a few types of painting?
S: oil painting, water colour, pastel colour, acrylic painting.
P1: Can you tell me the differences between all these types of painting?
S: pastel colours are done in paper by oil pastel colours, water colour is done in paper and we use water soluble colours, and acrylic colours are thicker than water colour but water soluble and we can do acrylic colours in paper, wall or even in a t- shirt. (told whatever came into my mind)
P1: What about oil painting?
S: I have never done oil painting, so I don’t know much about that.
P1: Okay. Name 2 famous painters.
S: Abanindranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore.
P1: Do you know any living painters?
S: No ma’am. I’m not aware of that.
P1: What kind of songs do you sing?
S: I am interested mostly in Bengali folk songs and Rabindra sangeet.
P1: Do you know any Indian singer who got national award in recent years?
S: I don’t know about Indian singer but I know Iman Chakraborty, a Bengali singer who got national award for best playback singer recently.
P1: Then the person got a national award, that’s what I was asking. (Both me and P1 were smiling)
(P1 to P2: I’m done, you can start)
P2: As I can see your academic grades are low in the 1st year of graduation as well in 12th.
S: Gave proper explanation about both separately
P2: Fair enough. Why is your college named Dinabandhu Andrews? It’s an old college, when is it founded?
S: Gave a well-prepared answer, explained why Andrews, then why Dinabandhu.
P2: So do you follow news, what are the covid vaccines made in India?
S: Covaxin manufactured by Bharat Biotech and I couldn’t recall another one, the Indian version of Oxford Antrazeneca made by Serum Institute of India. (I couldn’t recall Covisheild at that moment)
P2: What do you think, how much effective are the vaccines and is it safe?
S: Told about their effectiveness, and deficiency in data and trials and safety issues briefly.
P2: As you are planning to study MBA, you have to do a few maths here.
S: I’m not in touch with maths after my 12th but yes, I’ll do.
P2: Ok, as we all heard, Covid is having an exponential growth. What is it? Can you draw the growth curve?
S: I drew in a few seconds and showed.
P2: What is the equation of straight line?
S: mx+ c
P2: what’s in the left side of the equation?
S: f(x)= mx+c
P2: Draw a graph of the equation.
S: Drew and showed.
P2: Ok thank you Shruti. You can disconnect.

S: Thank you sir, thank you ma’am.

I shared my interview experience as I have quite different academic background. It might be helpful for the freshers and academically diverse students.

Rejected on 16th May, 2021
Converted to IIML for PGP ABM & IIMI for PGPM & PGP-HR

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IIM-K Interview Experience 6

The called me before schedule to join to be prepared.Two panelists, both males P1,P2
They asked me to show the id card

P1: introduce yourself.
Me: told

P1: what do you think of your 12th score compared to degree.
Me : told

P1 : okay so tell me what work exactly you do
Me: told

P1: can you elaborate what is data modernization ( I work in this)
Me : told

P1: are you updated of current affairs?
Me : I try to be

P1: what is the difference between SEBI and RBI
Me : told

P1: what is reverse repo rate and repo rate
Me : told

P1: ok which Indian states share border with China
Me: told

P1: name a river that starts from China and enters India
Me : didn’t know told that

P1: ok have you read about the budget?
Me : yes

P1: can you tell about 5important points
Me : told

P1: what is the latest technology which is selling well in computer industry
Me : told

P1: tell 5 south Indian states and their capitals
Me : told

P1: okay I’m done.
He signalled the other prof.

P2: okay what is quantum computing
Me : didn’t know properly still told

P2: okay you deal with data can you tell me the quanties in which it is measured
Me : could tell only till TB

P2: ok are you interested in trading?
Me : No sir

P2: do you know about it atleast?
Me : yes sir

P2: what are the exchange bodies in India
Me : told

P2: how their performance is measured ?
Me: told

P2: how nifty and sensex price is calculated
Me : told

P2: okay so you work in CTS , there is TCS also but CTS is Pvt lmt but TCS is not. So what is the difference.
Me: told

P2: so you are saying tcs stocks are listed but CTS is not?
Me: yes , but even CTS stock is listed

P2: in India?
Me : no in us

P2: how good are you in mathematics
Me : decent sir

P2: what is exponential
Me : told something

P2: how is it written mathematically?
Me : told
P2: ok what is the mountain peak which I can see behind you ( there was a photo)
Me : Kanchenjunga

P2: which range is it in
Me : told

P2: is it the highest?
Me : no

P2: are you sure?
Me : yes Everest is the highest in Himalayan range

P2: so what is Kanchenjunga ? 2nd 3rd 4th?
Me : 3rd sir

P2: what is 2nd highest?
Me : K2

P2: are you sure?
Me : yes

P2: what is the full name?
Me : don’t know sir

P2: ok so Uttarakhand in divided into two parts , (he named the two which I can’t recall) can you name any peak or range there?
Me: I know karakoram

P2: okay np,who was the first president of India?
Me : Rajendra prasad ( took 5 sec to recall is name)

P2: are you sure?
Me : yes sir
P2: okay I’m done thanks all the best !

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IIM-K Interview Experience 7

My slot was 5.30 pm but they called me at 4.30 to join soon if I can.
So I just had to wait for 3-4 minutes.
2 prof. Both Male.
They asked if I was waiting for a long time.

P1- Tell me something about yourself.

P1- why MBA?

P2- Are you only child of your parents?

P1- who was first Indian to go into space?

P2- which laptop model do you use? Where is its headquarters?

P2- Do you know anything about analytics or data science?
I just answered that I’ve done a project and 2-3 lines about that. No cross questions.

P1- Do you read any books?
The first two books I named were of Paulo coelho. They asked in btw and we had a conversation over BELIEF .

P1- hobbies?

P2- Continent which speak Spanish language?

P1- Do you know where kozhikode is?
During the whole interview both panelist were smiling and they seemed quite impressed by my answers.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 8

Two panelists, 1 female (P1) and 1 male (P2)

Workex – 24 months, data analyst

After exchanging pleasantries

P1: So you graduated from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, who is it named after?
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: So what is your job role?
Me: (prepared answer)

P1: You’ve won a couple of awards at the time of graduation, what were they about?
Me: explained the two awards. One on acads and the other was leadership. Explained the leadership award in detail.

P1: Clearly you have spent a lot of time in public speaking, so who’s the orator you look up to?
Me: Spoke about Barack Obama at length.

P1: Okay what is his structure of giving speeches? Or how do you begin a speech?
Me: Gave an answer on how to structure a speech. She asked me to use an example on the lockdown and determination for students.

Thereafter the interview became a pure conversation on the existing skill gap between the industry and colleges and how the jobs available aren’t in sync with our studies. This leads to students moving towards IT sector roles.
A very casual discussion on the state of higher education and how industry is complicit in the oft-mentioned skill gap.

P1 and P2 then asked me about ABC calls, and wished me the best of luck for the same.

Was a very nice discussion. Nothing on acads or general awareness.

IIM-K Interview Experience 9

M1, M2; both in late 40s

1. M2: So How are you?
Fine Sir

2. M2: Where are you actually from?
I am from Bihar but currently live in Delhi

3. M1: So where do you work?
Sir I work for PQR at an oil rig and I take care of various equipments at rig.

4. M1: But there is nothing for PQR in Delhi to do then What do you do here?
Sir I have ON OFF culture and I am posted at Andhra Pradesh. I am currently giving this interview from my rig in Andhra Pradesh only. I go to my home in Delhi during my OFF period.

5. M1: OK so why do you want an MBA you are already in a high paying job?
Sir you said correctly that its paying me well but its a very niche field and I want to work in more diversified areas.

6. M1: I know people who have worked for PQR and went to Middle east now they are earning 3 crores per month, you have a great future ahead.
Sir I know oil business is a high paying job but its the not only highly paid job, there are several options as well which I want to explore

7. M1: You people just want to earn more and more money, you want to do nothing for country. How much was college fees?
Sir I have done my whole BTech in 2lacs rupees.

8. M1: See Government provide you so much subsidised education and you do nothing for country, you are wasting your knowledge and money by coming to MBA and just want to earn more money.
Sir I never mentioned in my interview that I want to earn more money, I just want to work in more diverse areas, and we can serve our country thru several means, at present we work in extreme areas and help people there.

9. M1: But you are wasting your knowledge, you shud have worked more harder and found new wells so that India’s dependance on foreign for oil reduces.
Sir to run a company not only technology is used but money management, resource allocation, people’s management is also required which help us to do our work more properly thats why I think a MBA degree will help me.

10. M1: All your answers are contradictory and not convincing, all you want is to earn more money, okay tell me names of three previous Deputy PM of India, let me check your knowledge.
Sir I could not recall at moment any name

11. M1: You could not recall or you dont know, dont lie to me
Sorry sir I dont know its answer

12. M1: See you are not ready for MBA you need to practice more, okay tell me three of your previous CMD aprt from present.
Sir at present it is Mr. ABC apart from that I could only recall Mr. XYZ

13. M1: See you dont know anything you need to prepare more you are not ready, okay tell me name of any five presidents of India.
Sir to begin with Mr. Rjendra Prasad then Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, then Madam Pratibha Patil, currently Mr Ram Nath Kovind and lastly I remember Sir Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

14. M1: Okay, good. So you r a Mechanical Engineer, tell me you have seen huge tankers of oil what is there shape
Sir they are cylindrical in shape and at ends they are semispherical in shape

15. M1: Why they are semispherical at end and not flat at needs
Sir its basically related to pressure distribution inside the vessef if it would be flat then there would be stress cencentration at the ends.

16. M1: Then what should be ideal shape
Sir the ideal shape should be spherical

17. M1: Okay from my side

18. M2: So what do you know about Kozhikode
Sir Kozhikode is situated on western banks of India and is in state of Kerala. It is a part of Western Ghats and the nearby hills are beautiful Nilgiri Hills.

19. M2: What do know about Calicut port
Sir Calicut port has huge significance in history. It was one of the major trading port of one of the European forces which I could not recall now whether it was British, french or Portuguese

20. M2: Okay do you know abt Lakshadweep island
Yes Sir

21. M2: What is the language spoken there
Sir I dont know the exact language but since it is near to Kerala then some people might be definitely speaking Malayalam

22. M2: Okay Thats all from my side
Thank you sir it was a pleasure talking to you

23. M1: Dont worry we just ask in such way it has nothing to do with your selection
Okk sir, It was nice talking to you

Overall M1 was heavy throughout the interview, he was not letting to either answer or complete my answer. He was just repeating that I know nothing and only want to earn more money. M2 was silent throughout the period and was just observing me during my interview. No questions were asked from the application form or about my hobbies. I don’t know what they were looking or how I performed. But I tried my best to not let my demeanor down throughout the grilling process.

In short Dhaga khol diye.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 10

P1: Name is Lengthy , does it include inputs from your mother’s and father’s family
Me : Yes ,that is what happened , each part is an input from a family member.(About to say something..cuts me off)

P1 : So you work in data analysis ..now a days everybody is ..do you actually work on this or its just for name sake.
Me : Explained my work .

P1: What is the difference between data and information
Me : Tried to explain (There was a good amount of cross questioning )

P1: Im done I will come to the data part later

P2:Do you know equator?
ME: Yes madam..answered it

P2:Name some countries that it passes through
ME:Named a few (out of which only 2 are right)

P2:What lies at north pole and south pole?

P2:What lies between poles and equator (tropic of cancer or Capricorn?)

P2:Are you sure?
ME: Yes madam.as far as I remember those lie between respective poles and equator

P1:That is not how it is ..you cant draw equator and tropics..the way someone remembers..(goes on for a minute about it)
ME:I meant.. it has been a while since I read about those

P1:Okay..you say “I think” in your answers (which I did)..so you are not confident?
Me: It is my mannerism of answering questions

P1:ok..cool..I will not ask many qsns ..its lunch time you are hungry and we are too..tell me the subject that you are confident in
Me: Thermo dynamics sir

P1:What is carnot cycle?
Me: explained (with a lot of cross questioning and cutting off)

P1:OK..im done…you can log off
Overall 11 mins of interview with one panelist trying to stress us out

IIM-K Interview Experience 11

B.com Hons (Accounts and finance)
Work-ex 27 month.

1M 35ish, 1F 30s.

Asked me to show my ID and CAT score card.
1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What is management and fuctions of management

3. Difference between a leader and a manager

4. Asked me about reasons for petrol price hike

5. Different types of taxes levied on petroleum

6. Tell me about your co-curricular activities

7. Badminton world champion.

8. Two indian female badminton player

9. Asked me about my job role and follow up questions.

10. What is your view regarding that horrible picture of a person suffering from cancer in a cigarette packet.
Will it help smoked to quit.

11. Do you smoke 
I said no then he said you are probably lying, you must have atleast tried. I said I smoke hukkah sometimes but not cigarette. They started laughing.

12. Which other calls?
Thanks you, all the best.

Chilled out panel, made me comfortable and were friendly.
Also as I write poetries they asked me my inspiration and asked me to recite one of his poem.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 12

Mech IITB, 1.5 years work ex
Two Panelists(1M 1F), Himanshu(H)

M: Show your ID
H: Should I screen share it or show the original?

M: Original. Screen share can be a fake too
H: * weird smile * Showed the ID

M: Tell me a joke
H: A kid and his fat aunt are walking below a bridge. The kid stops and lets the aunt walk. When the aunt asked him why did he stop, he replies, ” There is a that sign which says let the heavy vehicles pass first. ”

M: Laughs and says, dont you think that this is a sexist joke?
H: No sir, I dont think there is so much to think about this.

M: If you replace the fat aunt with a fat uncle, will it be funny?
H: To me, it’ll be.

M: Let me tell you a joke. * Tells that joke where a kid asks his parents how we are born and the father says, the your mother’s family evolved from monkeys”. Is this a sexist joke?
H: No sir, it is not.

M: Why?
H: Coz no one knows what happened to the father after that. May he RIP

M: Laughs out loud
F: You are funny. Do you have a girlfriend?
H: Yes ma’am, I do.

F: Can you hide your emotions
H: No ma’am struggle with that.

F: Since you like taking a dig on women, does your girlfriend feel bad about dating you?
H: Why will she feel bad? If she had, she wouldn’t have taken the first step

F: * smiles* Since you are so good at Maths and all, why dont you play poker in Vegas
H: That is not how my parents brought me up
Both of them laughed

M: Next time someone asks you to tell a joke, tell a gender neutral joke.
H: Sir, I will replace fat aunt by fat uncle and conduct a social experiment.

M: Yes, lets collect some data.
H: Would love to!


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IIM-K Interview Experience 13

2 Panelists-1 male(30-35 yrs) 1 Female(Alumni age-25-30 yrs)
BA economics Fresher

1.Tell me about youself
Ans-Told the prepared one

2 why not pursued cricket when you are a district player
Ans-told about narrow scope of cricket in bihar

3.what is insolvency

4. What is Happines index?
Ans-Told and then some follow up questions on development economics

5.who is your favourite politician
Ans-AS I am from bihar this question was expected ..so told the prepared answer.i said nithish kumar.
then some followed question on politics.

Then female panelist started
1. Name 3 economists who have won nobel prizes.
Ans-I dont remember but I remember names of some economists but not sure about they have received the
nobel prize or not.Then named some economist.

2 Differentiate between developed and under developed countries?

3.Is india a developed countries or under developed?
Ans-Told it is developing economy.Gave reasons.

4.why MBA?

5.If I were to visit Bihar which 3 places would you suggest me to visit?
Ans- Told.Followed by questions on those historical places.

Then they Said Very well..Thats it from our side.

IIM-K Interview Experience 14

March 10 2021, CSE 2019 passout (9.2/98.4/8.2)

1. What did you do in the last 2 years?

2. Are you interested in business or management?

3. What are the subjects you are good at in CSE?

4. Is Relational Database still in use? What is the latest trend in DBMS?

5. Have you heard about Data Lakes?

6. What is Critical Section problem?

7. Is mutual exclusion is followed by it?

8. Can semaphore take negative values? (Tried to confuse a lot)

9. Is it a shareable resource that is being shared or non-shareable resource being shared?

10. If it is a shareable resource why there is a problem?

11. Travelling Salesman Problem – Time complexity?

12. What is Article 370?

13. Is there something related that is being followed by other states? (Recent happening on reservation policy)

14. Have you heard about recent OTT controversy? – Explain

15. Who is the Governer of Andhra Pradesh(I’m from AP)

16. Name 3 Forest reserves in South India?

17. A Chief Minister resigned recently, heard?

18. Which area is suitable for living low, mid or high area? Why – give reason?

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IIM-K Interview Experience 15

IIM Kozhikode interview experience-
Profile- 9/9/8 Cat-94.85%le

P1- I can see you have a very consistent academic record, good cgpa, I have never scored so much marks. You are a much better student than I am so I won’t talk to you about studies. Do you know who the CM of Uttarakhand is?
Me- No sir

P1- He recently made a comment that “Women who wear ripped jeans are responsible for the moral degeneration of our society” what are your thoughts on this”
Me- Shared my thoughts

P1- Good. So you’re working in Barclays,what is it like?

P2- you’ve mentioned abacus, what is abacus?

P2- So what else are you interested in?
Me- Mythology
Spoke on this for a while

P1- Have you heard about the war in Karbala
Me- Not aware of it

P1- okay thanks, do you have any questions for us?
I thanked them for managing the entire process really well and keeping it timely. Said I really hope to be given the opportunity to join the institute.

P1- We hope to see you here as well  Thanks, you may drop off now.

Not sure what to expect from this.. There was no grilling from their end and the questions were pretty abstract. It was a short interview of about 5 minutes

IIM-K Interview Experience 16

EWS Engg (ECE) Male
10/12/BTech/CAT- 9.8,93.8,64.5, 98.31

2 Male Panelists
P1 goes through my form and I mentioned about quizzes. He says we don’t care about these jalebi competitions.

P1:- You have a huge remuneration drop, Can I know the reason..??

P1:- You have a steep decrease in your marks. But I don’t want to go into it.

P1:- What do you do at Infosys?
Explained the whole thing which I do (Manual testing)

P1:- Using common sense tell me difference between 4G and 5G

P1:- How are these allocated

P1:- How are spectrums allocated

P1:- Why were spectrums not allocated 10 years back. If they were allocated they could have used that Bands since then…??

Hands over to P2
P2:- what do you do in your free time..??

P2:- Do you read newspaper, Tell me some international news..??

P2:- Why are petrol prices increasing ??
Told about price decomposition of petrol, different state taxes etc

P2:- How can we regulate the prices of petrol..??

P2:- Why is petrol not brought under GST..??

P2:- Where do you want to see yourself in 2 years from now

P2:- your fav FMCG
Told ITC

P2:- Product portfolio of ITC
Told many and told John Players

P2:- Does ITC own a clothing brand

P1:- In my whole career it’s first time I’m listening that ITC owns a clothing brand ( Tells this with a demoralising look)
I stutter and say may be I’m wrong.
They looked unsatisfied for the whole interview. But at the end

P1:- you can Logoff Hope we come with a good news

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IIM-K Interview Experience 17

Two panelists very chill. 17 Mins Interview. We were laughing half of the time

P1: So u r from Christ University?

P1: So what have u done in the past one yr, after u graduated?

P1: Calls?

P1: Which will u choose?

P1: Why MBA?

P1: R u reading from a paper?
no, sir, I tend to speak really fast, it might look to u

P1: Did u take any coaching?
No, been in contact with some current students and alumni

P1: What’s ur biggest mistake?

P1: That’s a lie, in my time it was usually an overdose of alcohol or something
Gave an answer

P1: What ur parents do?

P1: Mother ka baad me kyu liya?
Then pulled my leg on this ques for some time

P2: So what do u do currently at ur firm?

P2: Do u read newspaper?
Some discussion about physical or digital newspaper

P2: Top 5 Companies according to market cap?
Could tell only 4

P2: What’s ur biggest drawback?

P1: U r lying, based on ur confidence u have very good public speaking skills

Thanks, Bye

IIM-K Interview Experience 18

IIM K PGP-F interview
Interview time was 11:50 but started at 11:10 itself

First starts with id proof verification
1M 1F

– tell me about yourself

– Why did you quit your job

– What is stock market

– Why do companies come into stock market

– What is repo rate

– How much is the repo rate right now(couldn’t answer)

– What is inflation rate

– How much is it right now(couldn’t answer)

– What is an ipo?

– Suppose if I give you two stocks A and B. And their past prices, can you suggest me which stock to invest in? (I said no, only the past price is not enough to suggest)

– Then what all factors do you consider before suggesting me?

– What is risk in stock market? How do you define it in the above scenario?

– Are you willing to take a risk in stock market?

– Why are you not willing to take a risk?

– What is CAPM?

– what are you from cse?

– What’s your favorite subject?

– What’s the difference between c and Java?

– How will you write a program for shortlisting students with marks above 80 in c and Java?

– What is the difference between those two programs?

-What is the object in Java?

– What was your role in capgemini?

– Why did AP split into AP and Telangana?

Ohkayy thank you all the best
Though it was a bit long(25min), they were very cool.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 19

Gef fresher ece
Panel 5
Extempore- Globalization vs Deglobalization

– Which is better according to you…in general and then for India..and what policies should we make for it..

– Why MBA

– Which corporate leaders do u look upto..

– Their personal or professional skills..

– How would ur friends and colleagues describe u and why

– If same product at 10 rs from china and 12 rs from India ..where would u buy from ..what factors to consider..very long discussion on that..

– What do u look at quality or taste in pani puri and then cars..

– What factors do you consider while choosing a product and while marketing it ..

– An ece question- Doping

– And then one question
” Are impurities important in life?”

Good healthy discussion..
20-22 mins interview

IIM-K Interview Experience 20

IIM K PGP finance

1. where do you live ? where do you work, your role and products you re working on

2. why MBA finance instead of a regular ? why interest in finance being an engineer ?

3. do you have any knowledge about finance?

4. what are types of financial statements ?

5. where does balance sheet and income statement link?

6 . why reserves are liability?

7. is cash an asset?

8. types of cash flow statements

1. asked more about work ex
why is it called c++ and not c+?

2. asked if know probability
que- if I buy a product for 100 rs and immediately sell it for 100 rs. What is the probability that 100rs has the same value ?

3. CMs of Chhattisgarh, gujurat, Goa.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 21

Profile – ECE Engineer, work ex in Software Automation
Panel 2

1. What’s the special thing about you that we definitely select you?
2. Which robot recently got citizenship?
3. Effect of robotics on economy
4. Future of AI in robotics.
5. Disadvantages of automation
6. Two favourite subjects from undergrad (ECE)
7. Which comm is best for Armed forces in Leh Laddakh area?
8. How would you protect the messages from Pakistan?
9. What bands are used in satellite comm?
10. ISRO uses Ku bands for what purpose?
11. Any 3 (international and national) business news.

IIM-K Interview Experience 22

Dt- 1st Feb, 2022 , Panel – 2

Profile: Chemical Engineer
Working as business analyst.
2 panelists.

Part 1
Are you working? (Direct question without intro)

What is your role?

Which data analysis techniques do you use?

Which is the most interesting chart that you have made?

How do you make a bubble chart?

What is fortune 500 Pharma companies? (Took some names)

Which one would you like to work in? And why?

What is something special about the one that you did not choose?

Some chill conversation.

Part 2:

What do you expect from budget wrt Pharma industry?

Other than Pharma, education, health what are your expectations from budget?

The tone was very friendly and comfortable. They did try to grill a little in part 1 but both panelists were smiling all the time. All in all chill interview.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 23

Date – 1st February, 2022, 10 a.m.

Profile: 10th – 81.7% , 12th – 91.17% , UG – BMS (Finance), 84.17%

Fresher , CAT Percentile – 96.57

2 Panelist, One male (age: 50+) P1; One female (age: 35–40) P2

It was an Online Personal Interview (OPI).

I joined at 9:20 a.m. Got my documents verified. Waited for 30 minutes and then got entry at 10:05 a.m. for the interview.

P1 – Hi Lakshay, Good Morning. How are you?

Me – Hi sir, I am fine. Good morning to you too. How are you?

P1 – I am fine too. So Lakshay please introduce yourself. Tell us about what you are doing currently.

Me – Gave a prepared answer. Also mentioned I love to sing in my free time.

P1 – You love singing? What do you sing?

Me – I love to sing any kind of music.

P1 – You sing music or do you sing songs? (Fucked up in the beginning only)

Me – Songs sir, Sorry. I was actually a part of the music society of SSCBS and I have also learned Classical singing.

P1 – Who is this person in your college name?

Me – (was confused about what he was talking about, so I repeated) Sir, my college is Shaheed Sukhdev College.

P1 – Yes yes, Who is Shaheed Sukhdev?

(Never expected my interview to go in this direction 

Me – Sir, he was a freedom fighter who fought along with Shaheed Bhagat Singh. (Didn’t know much about him)

P1 – Okay, so. And he was hanged?

Me – Yes sir, he was hanged.

P1 – Anybody else was there in that group?

Me – Yes sir, There was another person with them. But I can’t really remember his name now. (Later searched, It was Shaheed Rajguru)

P1 – So along with Bhagat Sing and Sukhdev, there was another person. But you don’t the name.

Me – Yes Sir.

P1 – You did specialization in?

Me – Finance, sir.

P1 – So what do you like in Finance?

Me – Gave prepared answer. Also mentioned a little about stock markets.

P1 – So what have you learned about the stock market.

For the next 5 10 minutes, the discussion went on about the stock market only.

What is NSE; Fundamental vs Technical analysis; Candlestick Charts; Stock Volatility; Standard Deviation; How to make a portfolio; Stop Loss

Entering P2

P2 – How would you select stocks? Make a portfolio for me.

Me – I asked some preliminary questions. Then suggested an approach.

P2 – Okay. Where are you from? Delhi?

Me – Yes mam.

P2 – If I were to travel to Delhi and want to visit historical places, what are the 5 historical places you would suggest me to visit?

Me – (was only able to name 4; post-interview remember 3 more  )

P2 – So why is Delhi a historic place?

Me – (I honestly didn’t know the answer) I am sorry mam, But I can’t really think of any reason for Delhi to be a historic city.

P2 – Which city in India you would consider a historic city and why?

Me – Mam, I think Punjab would be a historic city.

P2 – Punjab is a city? (F*cked up again)

Me – Sorry mam, State.

P2 – Why is Punjab a historic state?

Me – Told some basic reasons like partition, Shaheed Bhagat Singh death.

P2 – Okay sir. I think we are done. Thank you.

Me – Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.

Overall, I was happy until history came into play.

Verdict – Waiting.

All the best to everyone who will be giving the interview in the coming days.

IIM-K Interview Experience 24

At first a female staff member asked me to show my ID proof. After verification interview started.

Electrical Engineering from IITK and then work ex in Data Science and Analytics domain

Then Panel of two Male Professors

Professor(P1) asked some questions:-

1. At the starting they asked me to introduce myself

2. Tell me how was your transition journey from Hindi Medium school to all English medium school.

2. Asked me about my primary role and project details

3. Asked me abt Regression in detail like Adjusted-R^2, Assumptions Of Regression Model

4. Is Adjusted-R^2 of 95% good?

Then 2nd Professor started asking questions:-

4. Do you know abt BERT

5. What is Employee Turn-Over?

6. Do you know about Internet Policy in IIT Kanpur

7. What is Onion Network?

8. Tell me some highlights about Budget-2022

After I finished answering the interview ended.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 25

Dt : 2/Feb/2022 – 12:30 PM
Profile: CA/CAT-96.78/98/96.50/60.00/Workex-14 months
1. After verification of ID- interview started.
Panel: 1 Alumni(F) and 1 Professor(M)-40-45

1. Where is your work location and where are you right now
2. Tell me about your hobbies and pass time
3. Why MBA
1. Tell me about paritala Ravi(Local Leader)
2. Tell me about famous food and cusine in your area(Generic)
3. Tell difference between Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting
4. Tell me about IND AS-109
5. Tell me about normal distribution curve
6. Who is the governor of AP
7. Who is winner of Gyanpeet Award from AP
8. Who is potti sri ramulu(Famous freedom fighter from AP)
9. Why is Andra Pradesh Divided from erst while Madras State in 1953 and on what basis the division was done.
10. Who won the noble prize for fighting racism
11. Who is the recent personality who passed away fighting against racism and won nobel prize?
12. How is state government ruling in Andhra Pradesh(current state government)

IIM-K Interview Experience 26

Dt- 3 Feb, 2022

My profile – 9/9/9 acads – Chemical Engineer Fresher

Total time – 10 mins


1. As a fresher, Which company do you want to join if given a chance?
Gave answer as ONGC
2. Why ONGC?
3. What are the products of distillation of crude oil?
4. When do you call a crude sweet or sour?
5. If the crude is sour, how do you distillate?
6. Any idea about oil spills
7. Suppose you got no final admission offers from any of the iim, what is your backup plan?
8. What are chemicals imported to India from china?


1. What is your long term goal ?
Mentioned CMO
2. What does a CMO do in case of CRED?
3. CRED marketing strategies?


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IIM-K Interview Experience 27

Dt – 4th Feb 2022 , Duration – 20 mins
Panel, 1 female and 1 male

Profile 95/92.4/78.19 – BSc Electronics Fresher (DU)
2021 passout

P1 Female
1. Hi. What have you done since graduation?
2. Why Bsc? Why didn’t you go for BTech?
3. Your college doesn’t have placements for your stream. Doing BTech you could have been sitting for placements right now? Wouldn’t that be better?
4. Do you regret your decision to do BSc?
5. What other calls do you have?
6. What would be your preference order if you were to rank?
I ranked IIM K as 1st priority. Also have call from IIML.
7. Why not Lucknow as your 1st priority? You are from Uttar Pradesh and you’ll come all the way to Kerala. Why?
8. What do you do in your free time?
I said I like to cook.
9. What all do you cook?
10. What is this Indo-Chinese?
11. What do you think if the difference between north indian cuisine and south indian cuisine?
12. What are the components of a Dosa?
13. Do you think Indian cuisine have influence of other countries also? Why ?
14. Where are you from?
I am from Baghpat district in UP.
15. Is your area im NCR or NCT?
16. What is the reason for having NCR?
17. Is NCR an administrative region or just an imaginary entity?
18. So, is Delhi a state or a UT?
19. What makes Delhi special? Why is Delhi a UT and not a state? How does it differ from other UTs?

P2 Male
1. So if I go from Kozhikode to Mahe(a UT area) and get petrol filed in my car, there is a price difference. Why?
2. Can you name a few items which can have additional state tax?
3. You are from north india. Tell me about GT road. Which countries does it pass from?
4. When did Bangladesh become independent?
5. Last question, name a few non congress and non BJP PMs of our country.

Overall felt like a normal conversation and no acads.

IIM-K Interview Experience 28

Dt – 04/02/2022 , IIM K panel 3
2 prof one female one male
Profile EEE

1. Why less in 12th
2. Why mna

18. PSU’s doing work on electrical and electronics
19. Director of ISRO
20. Tell anything about banglore
21. Which prime minister died an unnatural death?
22. How did homi baba died
22. Why switching to mba
23. Experiences where u realised u need to do an MBA
24. Which dynasty ruled madras
25. Rulers of bangalore
26. Famous places of banglore

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IIM-K Interview Experience 29

Dt- 04/2/2022
IIM K panel 3
2 profs, 1 male and 1 female
Bsc.(H) Maths

1) Which is your favourite subject?
2)It’s applications
3)How did Ghaziabad get it’s name? Which river flows adjacent to it?
4)Your views on the budget?
5)Number of seats in Lok Sabha from Uttar Pradesh?
6)Nobel prize in maths?
7)Highest maths award?
+some math questions
8) what is lithography?
9) artist who painted Mona Lisa?
10) Name an artist from the 16th century?
11) your views on MGNREGA and capital expenditure.
12) which part of UP is Jhansi? Banaras?
13) biggest city in UP?
14) which river opens up in the bay of Bengal?
15) which mountain range is in the lower West end of India?
16) Sardar Sarover Dam on which river?
17) Gender ratio, and how it’s calculated, if it’s good or bad?
18) Yogi Adityanath’s constituency this election?
19) What all calls do you have?

IIM-K Interview Experience 30

Dt – 5th Feb, 2022

Profile: 95.39 (SC) – 8/8/7
Work ex – 2.5 years (Reliance E&P)

1 Coordinator for Id verification, 2 Panel Member (1 Sir, 1 Ma’am)

ID verification by showing hard copy of Aadhar Card (nothing else)

Ma’am First;
Que – Confirmed the college and Company details
Ans – that’s correct (greeted and asked her on how was she doing!!)
Que – Tell me about your job responsibilities at RIL E&P
Que – This is a lot for a new engineer, please elaborate it bit more (answered with Naming RIL Projects & details of operations, seemed satisfied)
Que – The E&P Business belongs to elder or younger brother?
Que – How is the other brother doing
Que – What are all business of the RIL (Mukesh)
Que – Other Business of Anil Ambani
Que – What’s in Budget for Oil and Gas Industries, are you happy or not?
Que – Reason why not happy?
Que – Effect of Budget on other Business of RIL
Que – Two things you like about the budget most?
Que – Details about those two things and reason for liking?
Que – I had mentioned Education Loss Compensation in my budget points under ‘Inclusive Development’ and 200 channels so she asked on ways to compensate any other than by online channels
Que – Few more budget related but easy ones

She was done and handed over to Sir;

Que – First Name?
Que – Why Tata’s are more famous in terms of CSR thing as compared to RIL?
Que – Which Company you would choose to Represent India – Tata or RIL or anyone else?
Que – 2nd Company to represent India at global level and why?
Que – 3rd Company (although no follow-up questions)
Que – Hobbies or what do you do apart from work and academics? – Answered Self Book and Gym
Que – Name Self help books you have read and any Indian one?
Final comment – Thanks Satya, it was a nice conversation with you, all the very best.

Thanked everyone including the coordinator and re-confirmed that I could disconnect.
Duration – around 22mins
Review – Didn’t feel it if interview was there, was more of a conversation
Tip – Smile effortlessly

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IIM-K Interview Experience 31

Dt- 7th Feb, 2022

93.1/85.04/6.24 ( B.tech- Chemical Engineering)
Work exp: 1yr (profile – APM )

Panel – 1M, 1F

P-1 (M)
1. Tell me about your self ?
2. Why MBA ?
3. Why did you change your job and your current roles ?
4. Since your from chemical background explain IT industry impact on enviornment ?
5. Why are your grads marks low ?

P-2 ( F)
1. What makes carbon so special ? Hybridation of Carbon ?
2. Is Si or C more reactive ? And why ?
3. What is fractional distillation ?
4. Tell something about Maharashtra politics ?
5. Any Business news in Maharashtra link with politics ?

Female prof. Grill me more on chemical Engineering and Maha poltics, nothing related to work ex or profile.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 32

Dt- 9th Feb, 2022

B.Tech Civil engineering
Workex- 9 month in IT
Panel 4- P1 male, P2 female

P1- Tell me something about yourself
Me- Gave a brief description of myself, PORs that I have held, Extracurricular activities.

P1- So you’re from Visakhapatnam, tell me something about Araku valley and history of Borra caves.
Me- Told what’s famous in araku, brief history of Borra Caves.

P1- that’s what everyone knows, you should tell something only a local would know.
Me- told a little more about how the caves were formed.

P1- okay, why do you want to do an MBA after Civil engineering?
Me- told about my interest in digital marketing.

P1-Great, so let me give you a situation. You are made the head to influence anti vaccins to get a covid vaccine. How would you go about it?
Me- told we can use social media, start a campaign and make sure they believe covid is not a hoax and is actually dangerous.

P1- But most of the anti vaccins are PhD scholars, how would you educate them?
Me- thought for a while and said we can research about their apprehensions and try to address them in our campaign.

P1- Okay, so you’re a civil engineer, what kind of beam do you use to construct a football stadium?
Me- a continuous raker beam.

P1- Why not a Cantilever beam?
Me- told Cantilevers are used mostly in temporary constructions and in some cases, rooftops.

P1- Okay, that’s it from my side.

P2- So you’re from Vizag, were you there in Vizag when HudHud hit? If yes, was there any change in the construction of buildings before and after HudHud?
Me- said yes and explained that new buildings get approval only if all the safety measures are taken into account.

P2- Okay, have you heard of the book that has been released today by the richest person of India?
Me- didn’t know the answer, but mentioned who the richest person was.

P2- Okay, no problem. So you’re from a civil engineering background, so there must have been very few women in your class. There are many companies where men dominate and don’t listen to a woman’s decision. If you face that situation, how would you handle it?
Me- said I’ll take the challenge faced by the company and put about Strong points in front of them and give insights as to why my solution would work, etc.

P2- That’s it I’m done. Thank you, have a good day.

Overall- 17-20 min

Mostly focus was on undergrad subjects and situation based questions. Nothing on workex.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 33

Dt – 10th Feb 2022, 10:30 am slot, panel 4
(Started early at 10:15 am)
Went on for almost 30 minutes.
2 panelists: 1 middle aged sir(M), 1 a bit senior(S).
Document verification done!

S: What does your name mean?(Told)
Very interesting! Is there any story behind it.(Told)
S: You’ve done your graduation from Scottish Church College,why it’s named so?
S: Are Scotland a part of Great Britain? (Told I’m not sure) Alright!!
S: You’ve given only the GPA of first to semesters.(told we hadn’t got the rest till then) It’s absolutely OK.
S: Are you comfortable in mathematics? Which are your favourite subjects?(named calculus & algebra)
S: They say, differentiation is the opposite of integration. How?
S: Are all continuous functions differentiable?(gave example)
S: What is the sum of all natural nos.? Prove it.
M: So after your graduation,what did you do except preparing for CAT?
M: What all calls do you have?
M: If you don’t get through any of these, what would you do?
M: Tell me 5 instances where you would apply mathematics in business.
M: Do you want us to ask anything? Tell us something that’s not in the form.( Gave a few instances where I had displayed leadership)
M: That’s all from our side. It was lovely talking to you.
Logged Out!

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IIM-K Interview Experience 34

Dt – 10th Feb, 2022

Panel 1 : 1 male professor and 1 female professor they are grilling in a friendly way

P1 : few questions about work experience and then started asking me maths questions in a rapid fire manner some number forms never heard of them.
Then shifted to statistics : mean deviation, standard deviation, gave a pblm and asked to solve without using paper and pen, integration, differentiation, arithmetic mean >= geometric mean with proofs

P2 : tell me why Telangana and AP divided ( I am from Andhra Pradesh). Which party do you think have to stay in power ? How are tax slabs for men different from women in the country ?

Overall : They were smiling and comforting and even helping out when I couldn’t answer questions.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 35

Date – 13/02/2022
Panel 7, Slot 1 (8.30am), 2nd in Panel
Duration – 15-20min
PI started around 9.20am.
Panelist – 2M, both looked like prof.

Profile – Engg in ECE, 7 months work ex

Questions asked –
– What are you currently doing?
– UG question – JK Flip Flop, D Flip Flop, What is thyristor and one more name I don’t remember.
– I have done a training workshop with Terence Lewis so question about him. Dancing style difference between Ganesh Aacharya and him. Any signature move. Where is he from?
– Graph of e^(-x)
– Which states are surrounding your state? Do you know which is the ruling party there?
– Any international affairs, I mentioned Russia-Ukriane, Semiconductor and Poland-Belarus
– Some discussion about Russia-Ukriane
– PM of UK, France, Germany, Australia
– Do you know anything major that’s going on in UK.
– Is Jammu Kashmir part of India? Something happened in 2020? What was it? (Answered about Article 370)
– Any questions for us.

No HR questions. No grilling. Overall a chill PI.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 36

Dt – 15th Feb, 2022

2 panelists – 2 male interviewers


1. How many times you attempted CAT and how confident are you this time?
2. Which news you follow?
3. Why Wion news call Corona virus as Wuhan virus? Your opinion on that
4. RBI governor
5. Monetary policy in news
6. Why Demonization
7. What is black money? Why it is stored in Swiss Bank?
8. Practical application of nand gate(background from ece)
9. Name Five TATA sons companies(manufacturing sector)
10. Wipro revenue( am working in Wipro)
11. How profit is calculated in large firms like this?
12. Hobbies


Questions on:
Q. How do we pronounce your name and what it means.
A. Explained
Q. Tell us about yourself.
A. Gave prepared answer.
Q. Difference between string based musical instrument and other instruments. [question on my interest]
A. Answered
Q. [technical question for my Data Engineer profile] what is the best data type to store data apart from Arrays?
A. Explained
Q. Explain lists and dataframe difference in layman terms.[based on previous question]
A. Explained in terms of excel sheet.
Q. Why MBA?
A. Gave prepared answer. (Were smiling)
Q. Did you prepare for this interview.
A. I said yes, I did but my answers are genuine because I relate to the reason for pursuing MBA in my day to day professional life.
Q. How do you keep yourself updated with news?
A. Answered
Q. Russia and Ukraine crisis
A. Explained
Q. Do you have any questions for us?

End. Not a stress interview, was infact more of a conversation! Thank you!

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IIM-K Interview Experience 37

Date: 17-02-2022. Slot: 11:30 Panel: 1
Profile: GNEF, 89.17/91.8/72.85
CAT: 99.42%ile
Panelists: P1 & P2, both males, middle-aged.

Started with P1

1. There are three words, commerce, amerce, and mercenary. What do you think is the meaning of the root word “merce”?
Answered that the root word seems to be related to ” trade”, explained the reasoning behind my answer. My answer wasn’t right though.

2. What is the difference between economic profit and accounting profit?
Told the definition and the difference in computation.

3. There is a special term that differentiates these both, can you name that?
Talked about implicit costs. The panelist agreed and said that’s the term I was looking for.

4. There are three projects with the benefit to cost ratio of each being: 0.5, 0.75, and 0.9. Which one would you choose and why?
Said I’d choose the one with 0.9 ratio as it is the best option available.

5. What is predatory pricing?
Didn’t know.

6. What is preemptive pricing?
Didn’t know.

Over to P2

7. Why didn’t you do CA, CMA or CFA? Do you plan to take it up in the future?

8. Have you studied statistics in your graduation?
Said yes.

9. Give me a practical example of standard deviation.
Told a small story, the panelist said that he loved the example.

10. If there are 2 stocks with different standard deviations, which one would you choose to invest?
Answered that I’d choose the one with lesser SD.

11. What if the stock with the lower standard deviation also gives lesser returns?
Said I’d still choose the one with the lesser SD because the returns would be consistent.

12. What is the coefficient of variation?

13. Why is it used?

14. Do you know the formula?
Said no.

15. Do you follow current affairs?

16. Can you tell me the states where elections are going on right now?

17. Can you tell me the current CM of Uttarakhand?
Said I can’t recall, the panelist told it’s fine, no worries.

P2: Thank you, it was great interacting with you. All the best!

Overall, great experience. The panelists were very friendly.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 38

Dt- 17/02/22, M1 & M2.
11:40 am, NEM fresher, final year, BMS Finance.

M1: So what are you doing nowadays ?
M1: Where are you from ?
M1: What made Mumbai a metro ? Why is it such a big city.
M1: What do you know about Kerala ?
M1: Who is the CM of Kerala ?
M1: Which newspaper do you read ?
M1: Where is the headquarters of The Hindu ?
M1: Who is the CM of Tamil Nadu ?
M1: Who is the CM of Maharashtra ?
M1: When was Shivsena founded ? Why was it founded ?
M1: What is the difference between Finance and Accounting ?

M2: What is GDP ?
M2: Who ruled Mumbai before the British ?
M2: Who was the first President of India ?
M2: Who was the head of India from 1947 to 1950 ?
M2: Do you have any question for us ?

Overall the panelist was chill and did not put any stress on me. They just asked me questions which were related to some word from my previous answer.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 39

IIM K Panel 13
Slot 2 time 10.30 (interview at 12.15)
Dt- 22.02.2022
GEM; 7 months of work experience in Software Development

1. Introduce yourself and Why MBA. Please tell us anything apart from learning and helping society.
2. What was the favourite course in HSS?
3. What books did u analyzed?
4. What is the controversy around Midnight’s Children?
5. Was DeMo good or bad and why?

1. Give me the glimpse of OTT industry.
2. Business model of OTT
3. List the stakeholders.
4. Tell me an increasing function with a decreasing rate.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 40

Dt- 22/02/2022

IIMK- 2.5yrs Work ex – Panel – 4

You mostly talked about extra curricular and mentioned less about academics, share more about it?
Why ece to IT?
Developed interest in coding during ECE
Then why did you pick ECE?
Told about lack of knowledge about different BTech fields in 12th standard, was more focused on getting admission and ECE seemed nice to explore.
GK questions – vice president, finance & external affairs ministers, where is Kozhikode and its language?
I heard foreign minister instead of finance, so next he asked me about external affairs. I said foreign and external affairs are the same. He said I asked about the finance minister earlier. So, I corrected that.
Must have visited the IIM-K website, what did you find there?
Infosys and my project related questions
Stock market indices
What is going on in Russia-Ukraine?

Review – Panel was really humble, interview was smooth and went for 15 mins, doubtful about academics.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 41

IIM Kozikode PI Experience
Dt- 22-02-2022
Panel 3, Both Female Panelist (30s and 50s)

Profile – 85.6/86/82.7, Cat 96.69, ECE Engg, 7 months work experience in marketing

– Discussion regarding my name (Ambar), it’s meaning, who kept it?
– What are the 5 elements of nature?
– So, if your name is Ambar, does that mean sky is your favorite element? (Yes)
– Why? (Because sky doesn’t have any limits) *she smiled
– What other calls do you have? Which are done? (C and Cap) How was that experience? (Told)
– Among the questions asked in C interview, which question do you think you answered the best? (Answer: 3 global events, they made me speak about Russia Ukraine)
– What were the other 2 events? (Semiconductor Issue, Canada Truckers Protests)
– What is happening in Canada?
– You did engineering then got into marketing jobs, why didn’t you get a job in engg, didn’t you had placements? (Told that I was the first batch of IIITN, so placements were a issue. But I did an internship as Web Developer in a marketing firm, and learnt and a lot there which grew my inclination towards marketing, and then decided to pursue it further) *she seemed satisfied.

– What measures is India taking for climate control?
– Any recent news you heard happening in India? (Talked about Hijab, and gave my opinion)
– Which are the north eastern states? (Told)
– These 7 sisters have a brother, which is that state? (Asked if I could guess, said Sikkim, it was correct)
– Where are you from? (Nagpur, Maharashtra)
– Apart of oranges, what else is it famous for? (Geographical center of India, Tiger capital of India, Many national-level institutions)
– Recently, India did a economic partnership agreement, with who? (UAE and Sri Lanka, but for SL it was mostly to boost their economy)
– Okay, you can log out now *smiling

Duration: 10min

Overall very friendly panel, throughout smiling. Felt like a conversation. No UG questions.

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IIM-K Interview Experience 42

Dt- 23/02/2022
CAT- 90.26 , 10th- 85.08 , 12th- 78.15 , BBA- 72.74

Panel 1 @ 9.30 A.M.

P1- Payal Anand ma’am
(As per my Google Search)

P1 –
1) Tell me about yourself in 2-3 sentences.
Ans:- Mentioned Sports n NGO n want to work in wealth management
Asked Where- Goldman Sachs

2) NGO long form
Non Governmental Organization

3) what nature position of work you had in NGO
Ans:- As Volunteer, Team Leader, Coordinator

4) Reliance is also NGO
Ans:- Yes, But it is Commercial Corporate Company.

5)Why not reliance? You didn’t got any salary from NGO
Ans. I am not get any offer since I didn’t approach to reliance.
My work for ngo is noble cause and non profit, got satisfaction, it will help me in future.

6) Kerala’s nebiouring States?
Ans- Karnataka and Tamilnadu

7) Karnataka, Tamilnadu’s Position to Kerala?
Ans:- North Karnataka, East- Tamilnadu

8) where is Sri Lanka to Kerala?
Ans:- South East

7) Kerala Prominent Persons
Ans:- Alphons Kannanthanm – Delhi’s Demolition Man & former Union Minister
CM P. Vijayan

8) Shashi Tharoor constituency?
He belongs to kochi but M.P. won from Tiruanantpuram

9) Assembly Election seats in UP?
Ans:- 403

10) I said, Prashant Kishor is my role Model
Asked…Who will win UP election
Ans:- Maybe incumbent government

11) Prashant Kishor’s guess about UP election
Ans:- BJP likely to win but seats will decrease

12) will BJP repeat government definitely.
Ans:- As per current circumstance it is possible.

1) Recently any NGO in News as you follow news & Politics
Ans:- Do not able to recall.

2) (I mentioned in intro Goldman Sachs)….Who is founded Goldman Sachs

And:- Mr Goldman &

3)Are they two different persons?

And:- Yes
(Sir Laughing at me)

4) Then J.P. Morgan must be 2 persons J. is one P. is another
Ans:- No Sir, Morgan & Stanley are two different persons

5) Just answer what we are asking to you. I don’t want what you know.
What is Big Mac Index?
Ans:- it’s related to PPP
Laughing at looking at me like I’m wrong

6) Ur major/favourite subject in BBA?
Ans:- Global business management
7) Another one
Ans:- Basics of International Finance

8) Tell me names of Management Thinkers
Ans:- I’m not able to recall now

9) In recent news Indian Management Thinkers?
Ans:- Maybe Mr. Raghuram Rajan

10) If Raghuram Rajan is Management Thinker then I also a Management Thinker.
Who is Ruchir Sharma?
Ans:- He is writer, appears in business news.
Laughing at just giving me expression like I made mistake

In loud voice you can leave now
Thank you Sir!

Feeling like total mess
Let’s C the Results 

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IIM-K Interview Experience 43

Dt- 23/02/2022

BSc Physics fresher

2 panelists (Male, Male)
Basic chill interview no grilling but I wanted grilling and was prepared but no grilling so I screwed up simple questions.

1.what is 5 business scope in sikkim(I live here) I told pharma, content marketing, Soft development, ….organic farming ….

2.content marketing ?

3. Questions on graduation ..basic of relativity..name scientists

4.how you utilized time in covid
5. Your best 2 extra curricular (m state lol sports person in sikkim)
6. Indian companies to manufacture covid vaccine
7. Top 5 Indian pharma companies.
8. You studies math in grad so tell how to know of two vectors are parallel and orthogonality related( ps. I mugged up all graphs but wasnt expecting this)

No questions related to CM or any states and elections or Ukraine I prepped so much…not even why mba etc I studied for marketing ….

Conclusion: expected 10 marks questions but was asked 2 marks questions so interview was aveeeeerage(bad acc to the lvl of preparation..over prepped and missed small things)

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IIM-K Interview Experience 44

Dt- 23-02-2022
Bsc Mathematics graduate
2 Male Panelists

Q1- Introduce yourself?
Q2- Why do you have such a low graduation score? ( Actually I have scored 9.17 cgpa)
Q3- Tell your hobbies?
Q4- Some gk ques related to geography. ( Which all states will you have to pass while travelling to IIMK from your state via train)
Q5- How many total IIMs are there in India?
Q6- Russia-Ukraine issue.
Grilled alot on it.
Q1- Tell me when and how mathematics originated?
Q2- Advancement of maths.
Q3- Difference between Roman numerals and Arabic numbers.

Don’t know what was this second panelist looking for

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IIM-K Interview Experience 45

Dt- 25/02/2022
CAT 97.19
Geography in grads, Workex in Amazon

Panel 1 Male Early 40s, in a grilling mood

– Tell me briefly about yourself
– What were your subjects in grad?
Geography, Political Science and English
– So, you studied maths only till 10th?
i said I studied it in 12th as well
– If two dice are thrown simultaneously, whats the probability of getting an even number on both?
-if three coins are tossed simultaneously, whats the probability of getting three heads
– what are the states surrounding Kereala
– Which is the largest state of india area wise
– how does rajasthan compare to kerala area wise
I said it should be close to one third. (its nowhere close to one third)
– What is the significance of Nagpur in Indian Geography
couldnt answer
– What is a longitude
– What is prime meridian
-where does it passes through
– what is international date line
– what are shipping rules or standards based on date line
couldnt understand the question

Panel 2 steps in
female, same age, very chill

– who is transport minister of India
– what does transport ministry called
– who is telecom minister
couldn’t answer
– what does Amazon logo means (workex related)
– name another company which is named on a forest or biosphere reserve
couldnt recall, but said himalaya
– tell one controversy related amazon, and a positive venture by Amazon
answered about amazon-future group tussle and Audible takeover by Amazon
– where are you from?
– Name 5 famous personalities from Varanasi
Named them
– Tell me some works of Munshi Prem chand
– Do you know about Harivansh Rai Bachan
said yes
– tell me one of his works
– Why is hindi not the national language
– should states be divided based on language
said yes, if there are no communal differences between the bifurcated states. Gave examples of states divided on the basis of language
– Name 5 strtegic regional group India is part of
said SAARC BRICS Quad, couldnt name other two

Thank you! You may leave now. End!

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