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IIM Raipur launches MBA in a blended mode
April 25 2024

IIM Ranchi launches MBA in blended mode

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur Indian has launched an MBA in a Blended mode in collaboration With Nulearn one of the leading ed-tech organizations in India.

What is it offering?
The programme is designed to provide a blend of general management theories while teaching numerous analytical and soft skills strategies for dealing with the real-world corporate environment through reputable scenarios. The blended-mode MBA programme's course structure was designed with IIM Raipur's Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in mind.

The online delivery of the two-year blended-mode MBA programme demands a pathway that includes two mandatory five-day campus immersion sessions. The modules will be held twice: once at the start of the programme and again at the end. 

The two-year MBA curriculum at IIM Raipur takes this into account and has developed the course accordingly.

Focus of the program
The MBA programme focuses on assisting individuals in developing their leadership skills as well as their social and professional networks. As participants develop a more global perspective, the program's core shifts to peer learning methods and strategies to gain a full awareness of current market techniques and industry trends. 

IIM Raipur has always taken pleasure in preparing leaders who are not only business-savvy, but also ethically sound and aware of their social responsibilities by contributing to the ongoing process of nation-building. Keeping in mind the pandemic threat, the curriculum focuses on delivering online lectures while also exposing students to campus life and academic precision through campus immersion programs.


The programme entails online course delivery along with two mandatory campus immersion modules of five days each. These two campus immersion modules would be at the start and towards the end of the programme respectively. On successful completion of the programme, students would be awarded the Master of Business Administration degree by IIM Raipur. The course has been structured meticulously for working professionals and executives to enrich their managerial skills which will help them take their organisations to higher growth trajectories. The programme focuses on multiple facets like honing leadership skills, developing a global perspective, enriching one's professional network, growing through peer learning and acquiring an understanding of general management as well as the specialization chosen. Adhering to a state-of-the-art management curriculum, the programme enhances the potential of participants by comprehensively covering ongoing trends and techniques in the industry. CAT ONLINE COURSE  More about IIM Ranchi launches MBA in blended mode:  IIM Raipur believes in preparing ethical leaders who are not only committed to business and industry but are also socially conscious towards their contributions in nation-building and bringing name and fame for the country globally. The institute is typically abuzz with activities carried out by the student clubs which are now expanding their scope of influence and including luminaries from the corporate world. The two years EPGP offers a blend of various general management theories, soft skills and analytical methods with real-world business scenarios covered through reputed cases. In terms of course structure, its design is along the lines of the flagship Post Graduate Programme (PGP) of IIM Raipur. The main objective of this programme is to prepare participants for an advanced career in management by giving them a solid foundation in various management topics that are essential for building capabilities to succeed in the modern business landscape. Must read: About IIM Raipur    
Anisha Mukhija

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