How can you increase your chances of getting into IIMs?

Getting into an IIM is competitive! To improve your odds, focus on three areas: acing the CAT exam, particularly the 95+ percentile range. Next, build a strong academic record with good scores in 10th, 12th, and graduation. Finally, develop well-rounded skills through extracurriculars, work experience (if applicable) and hone your communication for the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

CAT courses and mocks

What do IIMs look for? What is it? Can I work on it now? How?
CAT percentile Overall percentile in CAT  Learn, Practise, Analyse.
10th & 12th Score Aggregate % scored in board exams ———-
Graduation Score Aggregate % scored in graduation exams If a student gets good grades- A top performer
Personal Interview PI & GD/WAT is the most important part of the admission process in IIM Build your profile, personality, speaking skills & knowledge base
Academic Diversity Engg, Non- engg, doctor, arts etc. ————
Gender Diversity More weightage is given to female/transgender candidates ———–
Work Experience Both fresher (0-2yrs) & experienced individuals have their own perks & are preferred by companies differently


  • Consult, Finance,
  • Marketing- Both
  • PM Tech- Experienced
  • Freshers- Good grades, internships, competitions.
  • Experienced- Good company, Significant work role & responsibilities, Work Recognition & Appreciation


Selection criteria

In order to get admission to top b schools, one needs to score well in any of the competitive exams but that’s not it. Scoring well only qualifies you to run the half marathon, the other half is yet to be covered. All of it gets evaluated in terms of profile, academics, interview, group discussion, etc. Also, there are heaps of dilemmas regarding profiles. People who crack profiles have astounded profiles evaluated on these parameters most commonly:

  • Academics - This includes your marks in 10th, 12th & under graduation level. Improve this whenever you can.
  • Co-curricular – This will have weightage after your exam qualification.
  • Extra-Curricular – This will have weightage after your competitive exam qualification & includes activities done apart from your college or school curriculum.
  • Gender Diversity – This is an unsaid quota that more commonly includes the women’s quota. There is a ballpark estimate of all the corporate institutions and organizations to have a 50% quota of women presence as women bring a different perspective.
  • Academic Diversity – There are different categories on this point here. The first one lies in Engineers, Non-Engineers (20-25% fixed), Weird category (doctor, law, vet, etc.), and GMAT category (valid in India & Abroad).

CAT Syllabus

  • Quantitative Ability- These are,
    • Arithmetic
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Number System
    • Modern Maths
    • Special Topics (includes Set Theory, trigonometry, etc.)
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension- Divide this section into topics i.e. RC and Verbal then Para jumbles & Para summary (PS).
  • Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation- Arrangements, Blood Relations, Graph charts, Venn diagram, etc.

Must know things (do not skip!!)

  • Start with VPAR. This will boost the speed of your preparation just like chyawanprash boosts immunity.
  • Prepare for the syllabus that builds up 50% of the total topics, mainly, Arithmetic, RC, and LRDI.

First 2 months: In QA-  Arithmetic, DI/LR- Pick any 1 and take it to the moon.

Dashboard– Bible LOD 1, LOD 2, Shortcuts.

Timetable for CAT

Daily, cover the topic in two sections at least, for example

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Quantitative Ability Data Interpretation Verbal Ability
Data Interpretation Verbal Ability Quantitative Ability


Here, in 3 days, you are covering everything at least twice. You need to do this on weekdays repeatedly and then on weekends, Revise everything, Consolidate, and give a mock. Give a mock on Saturday preferably then analyze the same on Sunday.

Work-ex individuals are recommended to study 1 hour before going to the office and 1 hour after coming from the office daily.

Freshers have plenty of time to study. They must target solving at least 20 questions each day.

  • May\June – 2hrs/day.

July/ August/ September- 3hrs/day

October/ November- 4+ hrs/day

Weekdays- cover at least 2 topics in a day

Weekends- Saturday- Consolidate & take mocks.

                    Sunday- Do an analysis of each mock thoroughly.

Monetary Plan for MBA

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All the best!!