Can I go to IIMs with 50-60% in graduation?

Well, this question has been asked by so many candidates who all are planning to pursue an MBA. These candidates will eventually target IIM’s and the next question that pops up is if they have scored low in their graduation, is there any possibility that they will get into top B-schools? Like IIMs or FMS?


Not in every IIM but yes IIMs like Calcutta, Banglore, and all the mini IIMs who have taken the students who scored 50 to 60% in their graduation or have a potty profile. These students are in these top B-schools because they perform well in their CAT scores and Interview rounds.

The good news for all the students who have bad profiles, this year due to the pandemic IIMs have removed graduation scores because of the obvious reason “ONLINE EXAM” So this can turn out to be a blessing in disguise where you only have to focus on CAT preparation and your graduation marks will not be considered.

Make the best out of this opportunity.

All the Best!