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Is GMAT difficult? Way to crack the GMAT easily
May 16 2024

The GMAT is a state-mandated test considered necessary for management programs at top business schools around the world. There is more to the GMAT test than a straightforward explanation. Learning about the GMAT test and its guidelines will help you prepare for it best. This will undoubtedly aid you in answering the question, “Is the GMAT difficult?” way to crack the GMAT easily.

An aspirant must achieve a good GMAT score range in order to pass the exam. So, how difficult is it to get good GMAT scores? To help you understand this better, we have included all of the necessary information about the exam’s difficulty level, how difficult the GMAT exam is to crack, and much more.

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The GMAT Exam Pattern and the Difficulty Level

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is a standardized entrance test for admission to business management at various universities abroad. It is a management test whose scores are widely accepted in over 114 countries and in more than 7,100 programs across the world.

So, if you’re wondering, “Is the GMAT difficult to score?” The answer is difficult to give because the GMAT is not difficult but challenging. To get into the top business schools, you may need to do a lot of GMAT prep. Only 6% of all students who enroll for the exam are able to score 720 or higher on the exam and gain admission to the top b-schools.

How hard is the GMAT? - MBA Crystal Ball

How Difficult Is the GMAT Exam?

Every year, over two lakh students take the GMAT exam. The average GMAT score among all aspirants taking the exam is around 565. Only 27% of all aspirants score higher than 650, and only 12% reach the 700 mark. Thus, based on the information provided above, we can consider how difficult the GMAT is to pass.

The majority of the problems on the exam require higher-order logical reasoning, which is necessary in business and in the increasingly competitive environment around the world. To achieve high GMAT scores, make sure to prepare well for the examination. Aspirants need commitment and strategic planning.

What Makes the GMAT Difficult?

The GMAT is a computer-based standardized exam that is administered in two modes. Although you can take the exam at home, most aspirants find it tough. Here are some of the elements of the GMAT test that are challenging for aspirants:

1. Content

Do you want to know how difficult the GMAT is in terms of content? The content of the GMAT test is primarily based on high school and undergraduate curricula, such as algebra, basic geometry, number properties, and quantitative statistics. while the verbal section covers fundamental grammar, inferences, reading comprehension, and so on.

Though the syllabus appears to be simpler, the types of questions posed by it are difficult to solve. GMAT exam questions are always designed to mislead or trick you into focusing on the wrong things. And this could cost you a lot of valuable exam time and scores.


2. Format

GMAT exam papers are divided into four sections: quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing assessment. Each section may contain a variety of questions that are going to require varying levels of skill and ability to solve. On exam day, you must be completely prepared to attempt all sections properly.

3. Computer Adaptive

Although the GMAT is computer adaptable, it may be made more challenging in order to achieve a higher score. If you have clearly answered any questions, no one knows about the next question because it may look identical but have a greater difficulty level, or vice versa.

This demonstrates your GMAT score. which is determined by the number of successfully answered questions. and the difficulty level of the questions. The better your score, the more tough questions you can properly answer.

Another disadvantage of computer adaptive is that you cannot return to prior questions once you have answered them. Even if you accidentally mark an erroneous response, it will remain the same.

4. Timing

Another factor that makes the GMAT difficult is timing. Including time constraints in the standardised test gives a sense of how challenging the GMAT is. To begin, the GMAT exam is only 3 hours long, but you must sit for up to 4 hours at the testing centres. Break time, sign-in, and receiving the unofficial score report are all part of the additional time.

5. Additional Considerations

Aside from the aforementioned considerations, the following may make the GMAT difficult for you:

  1. Not at ease taking standardized tests.
  2. Excessive absence from school
  3. Test-taking nervousness

All of this can make the GMAT appear to be a difficult nut to crack. However, the only way to solve the above problems is to prepare smartly for the GMAT exams by conducting as many mock tests as you can.

So these are some of the GMAT test components that make it difficult to solve. Make a well-planned timetable to prepare for the GMAT exam. During your GMAT exam preparation, consistency is more crucial than intensity. Whether you are a student or a working professional, if you are wondering if the GMAT is difficult, you may attain the greatest results with consistent preparation. If you are still having difficulty, they will help you with your preparation.

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