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What makes MICA a Marketing Mecca
April 15 2024

MICA, Known as marketing Mecca is the favourite destination for all the aspirants wishing to pursue a career in Communication Marketing. Let’s see the main reasons behind it.

 1. The only school in Asia Pacific dedicated to core marketing with its flagship programme; PGDM(C).

 2. MICA has focused only on marketing since it’s inception 26 years ago. Prime focus and diligence in delivery make it a successful choice for a lot that have passed out of it, and the growing many who will.

3. With its historicity, the institution has a strong hold in the industry as major leaders are/have been associated with it.

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4. Focused and expert approach to understand marketing as function of the company, brand as a concept and customer as the center of all of this.

5. Creative liberty that each individual gets, to perceive and infer his/her own validation. There is competition at             MICA too, and students are constantly motivated to buckle up, but there is a stronger sense of culture and interest in what is being taught, because of which they have that edge over an external not belonging to the institution.

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     6. Multiple chances/opportunities that a student of the flagship course gets to associate with other courses like CCC and FPM add to the experience of a marketer to be who needs to adopt associations in order to build his              career.

7.  The course modules are one major reason behind MICA being “the”place for Marketing. Marketing’s for and/or           of  the consumer; and what better than: Imagining India, Semiotics, Culture and Communication and                             Communication for Social Impact; to learn and understand the differences that make a community.

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8.  As conveyed through the site; “MICA’s stringent selection norms coupled with the rigour of the curriculum ensure  a highly committed, creatively and innovatively anchored, professionally-oriented manager, skilled in the practice  of Strategic Marketing and Communication for the industry and the society.”

9. With specializations in marketing, brand management, research & analytics, advertising, media and digital, MICA  assures effective delivery of Strategic Marketing and Communication solutions to the industry, government and  community.

10. For any college, exposure is essential as well as obvious. In MICA’s case there are companies that just want to recruit from the student pool at the institution, hence validating the trust that the industry puts in the effectiveness of quality knowledge transfer that happens at MICA.

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