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Last Minute Tips To Crack MBA MAH CET
May 20 2024

MAH CET usually happens in the month of March. Due to covid, the chances are that the 2022 CET exam will get delayed. MAH CET MBA 2022 Application Forms will most probably be available from the third week of March,2022. Candidates should be aware that the MAH CET 2022 application fee is INR 1000. Here are the steps to fill MBA MAH CET Registration Form. Let us find out some Last Minute tips to crack MBA MAH CET. CET Online Course MAH MBA/MMS-CET, also known as the MAH CET exam, is a state-level management exam administered by the State Common Entrance Test Cell to candidates seeking admission to MBA/MMS programs offered by top management institutes throughout the state of Maharashtra. The MAH CET exam consists of 200 questions, each worth one mark. As an MBA exam candidate with so little time on your hands, you must be worried about last-minute preparation. This article will provide you with some simple and effective tips to help you revise for the exam promptly.


MBA MAH CET Exam Pattern

Know the MBA CET Exam Pattern to crack the exam [table id=213 /]

Last-Minute Tips To Crack MBA MAH CET

Last-minute tips are available to remind you about the exam and any prerequisites that you may have forgotten due to exam anxiety. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your MAH CET Exam day goes smoothly:

1. Know your Syllabus

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the syllabus so that you can go through the notes for each chapter in order when it comes time to revise. [table id=214 /] Read More: MAH CET Exam Syllabus & Difficulty Level

2. Practice Previous Year Paper

Practice a few previous year's exams to get a sense of the type of questions that will be asked on the exam. This will also serve as a practice test, accelerating your rate of answering questions. It will also help you understand your strengths and weakness and things you need to work on. Past CET Paper

3. Always Start Study from your Strengths

Another vital point to keep in mind! When completing a last-minute study, avoid starting with topics and concepts you are unfamiliar with. Starts with the topics which you are good at to gain confidence and later on switch. Rather than attempting to achieve perfection on something new, we recommend that you focus on strengthening the topics in which you can perform at your best. MBA CET Strategy 

4. Revise Concepts, Formulas & Mocks

One of the important tips is to revise all the concepts shortcuts and formulas you have to grasp each topic once again before the exam, which will help you gain confidence before the exam. Also, revise mocks so that you can avoid the mistakes that you have performed in the mocks you have practiced. Read More: How to prepare for CET in one month?

5. Check Location Beforehand 

The MAH CET admit card will contain information about the exam center, reporting time, and other pertinent information. As a result, one of the last-minute suggestions for passing the MAH CET exam is to check the exam center ahead of time to avoid any confusion on exam day. Any type of duplication can cause fear and lower your score on the MAH CET MBA exam.

6. Attempt All Four Sections

There will be four sections in the MAH CET MBA exam paper. Candidates taking the MAH CET MBA are encouraged to take all four sections to improve their overall score. While answering, try to strike a balance between all four areas so that time for revision of marked answers is always accessible. Read More: CET Analysis

7. Take Short Breaks

As the elders have said, all work and no play is a bad thing. After every two hours of study, take a little break to rest before returning to your revising spot. This will allow you to concentrate more on your studies while also allowing you to grasp things more quickly.

8. Follow Social Distancing 

Following the COVID 19 preventative procedures, all candidates are asked to practice social distancing. This is a basic practical aspect for the applicants' safety as well as the safety of other test-takers. Candidates should also bring their own hand sanitizers and masks.

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