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Life at SIBM Pune
May 08 2024

After a year of grueling preparations, cracking the doorway examinations, and another three months of nervous anticipation, every incumbent batch enters the Hilltop campus at Lavale with an important heart and a bucketful of questions. For several of the scholars, it may be difficult staying far away from their hometown, while for others, it’s yet one more adventure. “Seeing is believing” – they assert, before joining, one only imagines and speculates about what to expect, but experiencing it first hand may be a different ball game altogether.

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In SIBM, a typical day starts at 8 in the morning, when after grabbing a fast bite from the mess, we rush to the school rooms to attend our lectures. One gets to experience a varied opinion on the mess food from people on campus, so to satisfy the taste buds of the people with a penchant for pickiness in food, they need the posh of getting to Delhi Chat or Symbieats, to possess a meal of their liking. The lectures, on the opposite hand, are engaging yet tiring at an equivalent time.

Post lectures, students re-energize themselves by pursuing their hobbies and interests. a number of us play sports like cricket, football, badminton, Ping-Pong, and basketball, while others may prefer spending their time singing and dancing. The Lavale hilltop heaven brings together as many as six different campuses under one umbrella, giving us the prospect to interact and ‘network’ with different people from diverse regions and cultures. Making lifelong friends along this exciting journey is what makes the MBA life in SIBM worthwhile. 

Apart from sports and other extracurricular activities, students also get an opportunity to participate in various b- school competitions. These competitions provide them with a chance to interact with industry professionals and alumni, preparing them for the company life ahead. B-school competitions are a drive-in for any top MBA college within the country, and SIBM being one among the absolute best allows its students the chance to participate within the topmost competitions.

SIBM Pune also boasts of a student-driven culture, where they take hold to represent the school to the surface world. There are a complete 9 councils and 6 interest groups which give the scholars an opportunity to use their deciding and communication abilities in places where it matters the foremost. Juggling studies, competitions, and council work, then leaving a while for other recreation is what makes the scholars of SIBM corporate ready. It hones time management skills while teaching the importance of prioritizing the tasks at hand. It’s this rigor through exposure that separates SIBM from most other b-schools within the country.

Within the campus, another highlight for any student is the hostel life. Staying far away from home, but finding friends who you’ll call family may be a truly remarkable experience. These are people that will laugh with you during your joyous days and share your burden during your tough times. you’ll attend classes together, complete assignments, participate in competitions, play different sports, and even spend the occasional cold Pune night during a hostel room playing cards while taking note of some loud music. 

Talking about life at SIBM is incomplete without mentioning the weekend shenanigans. The weekends are when the campus is least populated because almost everyone goes bent exploring the town and eat something aside from mess food. There are multiple food joints within the city that magnetize students year-round. Albeit the 2 years travel by within the blink of an eye fixed, the memories we create will stay for a lifetime.

Anisha Mukhija

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