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Life at IIM by Nivedita Das (IIM Sirmaur)
April 11 2024

Life at IIM is pretty much what you get to hear from outside. However, I would like to describe life at an IIM situated on a temporary campus. A typical day at our college starts at about 8:30 am. This is mainly because we are not fully established yet. So most of our faculty are visiting faculties. Hence, when they visit our campus, the classes start early in the morning and continues till 1-1:30 pm. Each session continues for 90 minutes and between two sessions there is a gap of 15 minutes. Just like any other student, most of us wake up just half an hour before the class!! It goes like this: If the class is at 8:00 am 7: 35 am: One of the roommates wakes up and books the toilet 7:40 am: Gets out and wakes up the other room-mate. 7:45 am: Gets ready and leaves for the mess. 7: 47 am: Stands in the queue for breakfast. 7:50 am: Gets breakfast. Starts gulping. 7:55 am: Pours coffee and leaves for class with the mug in hand. It goes without saying, the other room-mate misses breakfast!! The classes go on till 1-1:30. We hurriedly come back to our rooms and take a bath. Have lunch and then again leave for class at around 2:20 pm. The classes again resume and extend till 5:45-6 pm. Snacks are served from 5:30 till 6:30 pm. After snacks, we usually indulge ourselves in badminton, table-tennis or gym. Every other day various clubs and committees like the marketing club, finance club, the cultural committee conducts some events and the students participate enthusiastically. Dinner is served from 8:00 pm and it continues till 9:30 pm. That is the time when we fight over tv remotes like siblings!! The fight is usually over movies and matches. At 9:30 pm, milk is served and that’s when we usually move to the library for studying. Studying usually comprises of making presentations for the next day’s class and reading Harvard cases. This usually continues till 2-3 am in the night. After this, the students usually play another one or two matches of volleyball or badminton. To let go of the frustration of case studies!! Prepare for CAT from the best experts!  After a long day, we usually go to sleep by 4 am and the next day again starts at 7:30 am. Given all these, life at an IIM is really mesmerizing. You won’t get bored for a moment. The schedules are packed with sports tournaments, club events, and guest lectures. Even the weekends are packed with classes and guest lectures. And if lucky, we get a holiday of 2-3 days, we pack our bags and leave for a trip. This is the beauty of an IIM. You are given full freedom to do everything. You can live life to the fullest but yet again the boundaries like presentations and case studies never let you forget your actual purpose. Above all, the residential campus ensures amazing bonding between students of both the batches and the professors. There is no power gap between the professors, students and the support staff. It is a big family which embraces people from the length and breadth of the country with open arms. The college welcomes everyone to the huge IIM family. It is a home away from home. Lunch is served from 1:30About the Author:


I am Nivedita Das from Kolkata, West-Bengal. I pursued B-Tech in Electronics and Communication engineering from Netaji Subhash Engineering college. Then, I have worked with TCS Kolkata for 3 years as a developer. I have experience of working with an NGO, where we spent time with Autistic children, trying to help them live a better life. Apart from being an avid reader, I also like listening to music, baking, and stitching. Currently, I am pursuing MBA from IIM Sirmaur.    

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