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List of Stock Exchanges in the world
April 24 2024

List of Stock Exchanges in the World (IIFT)

You will find GK questions based on stock exchanges mainly in MBA exams like IIFT. These questions can be asked in the form of Match the following. Hence, it is easier to score than most other questions, students should not miss out on an opportunity to answer questions related to this. So read on about the list of stock exchanges in the world.

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List of Stock Exchanges in the world with their Indexes,  Headquarters, and key highlights:

Rank Exchange Indexes Economy Head­quarters Key Highlights
1 New York Stock Exchange NYSE United States New York. World’s largest exchange in terms of market capital and monthly trading. Also nicknamed as "The Big Board"
2 NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) NASDAQ-100 United States New York NASDAQ is the world’s first Electronic Stock Exchange
3 London Stock Exchange Group (LSE, FTSE-100) FTSE-100 United Kingdom & Italy London the London Stock Exchange Group is a vital institution in the global financial system
4 Japan Exchange Group – Tokyo Nikkei 225 Japan Tokyo Asia’s largest exchange
5 Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE Composite China Shanghai the largest exchange in mainland China
6 Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hang Seng Hong Kong Hong Kong Innovation
7 Euronext  CAC40 European  Amsterdam  Pan-European Exchange
8 Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE Component China Shenzhen Emerging Technology Hub
9 Toronto Stock Exchange S&P/TSX Composite Canada Toronto the largest stock exchange in Canada and one of the largest in North America
10 Deutsche Börse DAX Germany Frankfurt. provide fair and transparent, reliable and stable infrastructures that ensure safe and efficient markets around the globe
11 Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) BSE Sensex India Mumbai BSE is the oldest exchange in Asia. It is located at Dalal Street, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Maharashtra, India
12 National Stock Exchange of India Nifty 50 India Mumbai Electronic Trading: One of the most significant features of the National Stock Exchange is its fully automated electronic trading system
13 SIX Swiss Exchange SMI(SWISS MARKET INDEX) Switzerland Zurich Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange. SIX is globally active, with its headquarters in Zurich.
14 Australian Securities Exchange ASX 200 Australia Sydney ASX offers trading in major stocks, ETF, derivatives, fixed income, commodities and energy and holds more than 80% of market share of the Australian Cash Market with S&P/ASX 200 as primary index.
15 Korea Exchange KOSPI South Korea Busan the Korea Stock Exchange is a division of the much larger Korea Exchange (KRX).
16 OMX Nordic Exchange OMX Nordic 40 Northern Europe, Armenia Stockholm, Sweden OMX provides a fully integrated Nordic derivatives exchange
17 JSE Limited FTSE/JSE South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa Oldest existing and largest stock exchange in Africa.
18 BME Spanish Exchanges IBEX 35 Spain Madrid At BME Exchange we care about you and your business. This is why all our services are tailored to support your growth, both in the listing space as well as across your trading activities.
19 Taiwan Stock Exchange TAIEX Taiwan Taipei The main stock index is the Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index (TAIEX), often referred to as the Taiwan Weighted.
20 BM&F Bovespa Ibovespa Brazil São Paulo one of the largest exchanges in the Americas


We hope you found this article on the list of stock exchanges in the world useful. All IIFT aspirants have to learn this list in and out, as every mark counts in GK for you to score well in the exam.

Happy preparations! 

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Anisha Mukhija

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