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Master of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management
April 15 2024
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management is a course that helps students learn about SAP ERP business processes across Financial Accounting, Human Resources, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution and helps to learn how to design, configure and perform business transactions related to these modules on the SAP ERP system. ERP uses integrated applications to manage important operations and to support all functions conducted in the organization such as Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Production, Procurement & Supply Chain.

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Students gain practical experience in designing SAP Enterprise structures and configuring basic SAP ERP transactions. After the completion of the course, students may get employed as ERP Business Analyst in ERP Consulting Organizations or Enterprises using ERP Systems. This course helps students to gain knowledge and increase their potential/ capability of being successful in ERP. After finishing this course, students will be able to understand business processes across various functions in an enterprise and how to implement and maintain an SAP ERP system, considering the business context of the enterprise.

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This course comprises of following modules with an integrated mix of technical, organizational communication and problem-solving components:
  1. The Information Systems Professional (BCO6672)
  2. Business Research Methods (BMO6630)
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems  (BCO6603)
  4. Business Process Engineering (BCO5501)
  5. Organisation Change Management (BMO6624)
  6. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation (BCO5651)
  7. Applications Programming Techniques (BCO5647)
  8. Business Research Project (BGP7730)
  9. Computerised Accounting in an ERP System (BAO6714)
  10. Human Resource Information Systems (BMO5565)
  11. IS Project ( JES005)
  12. Elective (Choose 1):
i) Material Management (JES0001) ii) Sales & Distribution (JES002) iii) Customer Relationship Management (BCO6604) Learn from CET toppers and aim for JBIMS  Following are the certificates that students receive after completing their course in Enterprise Resource Planning Management:
  • SAP Alliance Certificate: BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • SAP Alliance Certificate: BCO5501 Business Process Engineering
  • SAP Alliance Certificate: BCO5651 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation
  • SAP Alliance Certificate: BCO5647 Applications Programming Techniques
  • SAP Alliance Certificate: BAO6714 Computerised Accounting in an ERP System
  • SAP Alliance Certificate: BMO5565 Human Resource Information Systems


To conclude, this course is going to be an additional factor in increasing a student's skill in being an ERP business analyst. They can also achieve a successful career as companies are seeking ERP business analysts thus making it a career which is in high demand.
Anisha Mukhija

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