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Mastering the Art of Networking: Insights from Prof. Arun Thukral K. J. Somaiya
June 04 2024

In a recent conversation with Prof. Arun Thukral, CEO and MD of Axis Securities, the focus was on the essence of networking, particularly in the realm of pursuing an MBA. Prof. Thukral's extensive corporate background and wisdom shed light on the vital role networking plays in shaping one's career trajectory.

Networking, as Prof. Thukral emphasized, transcends mere exchanges of business cards or attendance at conferences. It's about cultivating authentic relationships built on trust, empathy, and mutual support. He challenges the notion that networking is merely about accumulating contacts, asserting that true networking involves forging genuine connections that delve deeper than surface-level interactions.

Drawing from personal experiences, Prof. Thukral shares anecdotes and lessons learned, stressing the significance of venturing beyond comfort zones to explore new opportunities. He underscores the importance of taking risks in driving both personal and professional growth, recognizing that progress often lies outside familiar territories.

A pivotal takeaway from the discussion is the transformative potential of networking within the finance sector. Prof. Thukral illustrates how networking paved his own path to career advancement, from starting in treasury operations to assuming leadership roles in esteemed financial institutions.

Furthermore, Prof. Thukral dispels the misconception that networking is exclusive to a privileged few. He advocates for inclusivity, urging individuals from diverse backgrounds to actively participate in networking endeavors. By fostering a culture of collaboration and solidarity, he believes everyone can unlock their potential and broaden their professional horizons.

In essence, Prof. Arun Thukral's discourse on networking serves as a valuable compass for MBA students and aspiring professionals alike. By embracing the principles of genuine relationship-building and stepping outside comfort zones, individuals can harness the true power of networking to propel their careers forward. As Prof. Thukral aptly states, "Networking isn't just about who you know, but how you build and nurture those connections."

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