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Mastering Tips and Tricks for CAT 2024
March 19 2024

We know that CAT 2023 was difficult, and we’ve come back with the best tips and tricks to crack CAT 2024. Let’s face it, it’s not an easy exam. There’s a lot of grinding to do and much midnight oil to burn! Let’s get started!

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is of course one of the most competitive and prestigious entrance exams to secure admissions at top-tier management programs in India. The best part of CAT is that it helps you target the best international business schools and the country's top-notch business schools.

Let’s get started! Here are a few things to focus on!

1. Revise Exam Patterns:

Going through previous CAT papers and checking for questions and the patterns in which the paper has been set can help you prepare for the exams.  

2. Create an easy–follow study plan:

Make an easy-follow study plan something you won’t bored looking at on your wall. But something easy which makes you motivated for your preparation.

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3. Master the Basics:

Ensure you have a strong foundation in all basic concepts of mathematics and English. Strengthen your fundamentals so that it becomes easier for you to tackle complex problems. Knowing your basics is important for any exam preparation.


4. Focus on Time Management:

Time management is the most critical part of an exam. Knowing how much to give to every problem in the paper is important. To tackle this, you could try practicing solving questions under a set time to check on your speed and accuracy.

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5. Practice Regularly:

Make sure that you are practicing previous papers and online mock papers to develop a strategic approach for the examinations. The more you test yourself with similar paper patterns, the more prepared you are for the examination.

6. Section-wise Strategies:

VARC: Work on your reading speed and comprehension skills, there are many mock papers on which you can practice passages and related questions. You increase your reading speed by reading newspapers and books.

DILR: Develop a systematic approach to solving puzzles and logical reasoning questions. Practice interpreting data quickly and accurately.

QA: Increase your grasp of mathematical concepts. To achieve that you can solve a variety of problems to understand the patterns of different problems and how to solve them. That way during the exam, you won’t be caught by surprise!

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7. Revision is Key:

Revision is the key to keeping in touch with the concepts in your mind. Make sure you revise the topics you've covered every day so that you are familiar with concepts as you move ahead with the topics. Create summary notes cheat sheets or even flash cards for pointers so you can refer to them quickly. Revision helps reinforce concepts and improves retention.


8. Stay Updated with Current Affairs:
CAT exams sometimes have questions about current events. To be ready, read newspapers, magazines, and online articles. This will not only help you in the reading section but also in group discussions and personal interviews.

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9. Positive Mindset:

Keep a positive attitude. CAT is not just a test; it's a challenge to face. Stay motivated, have confidence in yourself, and take the exam with a calm and focused mind.


Succeeding in CAT 2024 needs smart planning, hard work, and a positive attitude. Learn about the test, make a doable study plan, and practice regularly. Each time you practice, you get better, and every difficulty is a chance to improve. Good luck with your CAT 2024 preparations and break a leg!


1. How can I effectively revise for CAT 2024?

To revise effectively, analyze previous CAT papers for question patterns and topics. Practice under timed conditions to simulate the exam environment.

2. What should be included in my CAT 2024 study plan?

Include a balanced mix of topics from each CAT section: VARC, DILR, and QA. Allocate time for concept building, practice, and regular revisions.


3. What strategies can I use to improve time management for CAT?

Practice solving questions under timed conditions and allocate specific time slots for each section. Learn to identify time-consuming questions and when to skip or revisit them.


4. How do I master each section of the CAT exam?

For VARC, focus on reading speed and comprehension. Develop systematic approaches for DILR and strengthen mathematical concepts for QA.


5. What methods can I use to increase accuracy in CAT?

Regular practice and understanding of underlying concepts are key. Analyze mistakes and learn from them to improve accuracy.


6. What is the role of current affairs in CAT preparation?

While not a primary focus, staying updated with current affairs helps in VARC and during group discussions/interviews. Regularly read newspapers, magazines, and online articles.


7. How important is a positive mindset in CAT preparation?

Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial for motivation, stress management, and confidence during CAT preparation. Approach challenges with a positive attitude to enhance performance.

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