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May 15 2024

GD/GE/GI Critical Evaluation Format: These are the points mainly considered as important parameters for the 2nd round of examination after taking MBA entrance exams, clearing cut-offs and getting a call from respective b-schools. CAT online courses  

  • Cognitive Skills or Knowledge- This skill will get you with the ranking they will give you out of 10 as part of marks in your GD/PI score.
  • Comprehension of Core Idea- In any GD, ensure to comprehend what your topic is and then re-iterate the same as your opening strategy. After this, do not run for being the initiator, rather be the 2nd speaker and beat the 1st The trick here to do so is to know the history of the topic and give an overview portraying to be well read infront of the panelists.
  • Logical Reasoning- Are you the one who is asking about assumptions, statements, reasoning etc. of the topic but be subtle yet effective to do so.
  • Behavioral and Personality Skills- This is shown when you let other speakers answer by being a team player. Add all the feathers to your personality by being humble yet effective in speaking and take up interesting points. The only way is to read a lot about current affairs or reading case studies.
  • Communication Skills- Your ability to give chances to others shoes leadership qualities, bring back the compass of discussion to the point given without getting deviated.
  • Body Language and Eye Contact- keep yourself conscious of how you keep your body. Be in attentive pose by tucking stomach in, no slouching and backbone straight. Try to point towards the direction of the panelist too and keep your head such that no person should get conscious except for observing panelists.

 CAT online courses and mocks   Don’t’ s of this session:

  • Avoid finger pointing- keep your fingers to yourself only.
  • Don’t interrupt the females- there we could see the panelists might be pissed if you interrupt any female kid there.
  • Do not do anything too bling in you so try something doing as it will only piss the strangers.

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