Most people in India have this dilemma of whether they should opt for a government job or an MBA. Well, it solely depends on what kind of career you want to pursue. Few individuals are more toward having a secure job rather than no job security they are not risk-takers. And on the other side, MBA aspirants who want to face challenges and learn from them help them grow and think better.


Government jobs v/s MBA

Work-life Balance in a government job is slightly better as you have to work for 5 days a week, with no stress, job security and a lot of free time but overall growth will become zero in the government sector, It’s a boring job and you’ll get stuck at one place whereas if you’re an MBA aspirant and working in a corporate sector you will challenge yourself on daily basis. You will find overall growth and confidence in your personality. 

One can easily differentiate between a government and a private employee. The private employee has a completely different aura they are risk-takers and game-changers who have leadership qualities and tackle any problem whereas in the government sector, the employees are reserved and don’t like taking risks. Like if we talk about a Banker who is working 10 am to 5 pm every day at the same place until his retirement their life becomes monotonous they don’t adapt to changes and get stuck.

However, in the corporate sector, people deal with challenges every day and they find solutions for those challenges which help them to grow and learn new things. One gets many opportunities while working. And MBA colleges give tremendous growth and learning experiences to individuals. So the choice depends on the individual whether they want to have a secure life or choose the one full of challenges and opportunities.

All the Best!