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MBA vs BANK PO exam. Which has a better scope?
May 16 2024

If you are eager to build a career in management and are interested in the business and finance sector, an MBA might be the better choice. Therefore, MBA programs offer a diversity of business and management courses and provide opportunities for networking and professional development.

On the other hand, if you are keen to pursue a career in banking, a Bank PO position might be a better fit. Hence, Bank PO positions provide exposure to various banking and financial operations and allow for career growth within the banking sector.

Ultimately, the better option for you will depend on your interests, skills, and career aspirations.

Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul), CEO & Director of CATKing Educare had a session with students on career scope comparison of MBA and Bank PO exam.

Here’s what he said :

“My advice to all the students giving BANK PO, it’s a government job but it has lost its shine.
I have said earlier, you can give BANK PO 1 or 2 times only, if you can’t clear it let it go.
I am the  son of a Banker. My father has worked for 37 years in this sector.
But in his generation banking was the most secure job.
But now things have changed. If you are hard working enough any job can be a secured job
If you really want to try out banking you can..
If you would be my own son, I would ask you if you can see yourself working like them everyday?
For me personally it’s a NO.
For MBA , speak to the students who have done MBA.
The person who has done his MBA in 2011 will be earning in crores.
Talk to them and then make your own decision. If you are my own son, I would recommend MBA.”

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