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Management Development Institute (MDI) PI Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive MDI Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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MDI Personal Interview Experience 19

GM 95/96/80
BCom hons
2 panelists both male-50+
30 mins

Q: What is Scientific Management?
Q: What is Management and 5 aspects of it?
Q: Principles of management
Q: How is your city?
Q: Why did Fayol make only 14 principles not 15?
Q: What is the shape of the earth with the specifics?
Q: Why is it shaped in that way?
Q: What are perpendicular lines on a map?
Q: How do you use these lines?
Q: How many latitudes are there?
Q: What is an isobar?
Q: What is isotope?
Q: What is hard water?
Q: What is heavy water?
Q: What is span of control?
Q: What is the difference between span of control and span of attention?
Q: Which is the majorly followed norm in a meeting between these?
Q: What is sustainability?
Q: Why companies aim for net 0?

Q: Why is a tv rectangular?
Q: What is the aspect ratio?
Q: What is the standard aspect ratio?
Q: Why do companies prefer that and not reverse?
Q: What is the height of your ceiling?
Q: Why is the ceiling made a little less higher than general by builders, give me 5 reasons?
Q: What is the standard in a village or less developed cities?
Q: Why is the ceiling height prefered to be higher by people? 3 reasons
Q: Why is a room rectangular?
Q: What is the problem with a circular room?
Q: What is the length of dimensions of a triangular room in ratio to the base?
Q: What is the reason roofs are generally painted lighter colour? 3 reasons
Q: Why do man made activities now release more gases than before?
Q: What is the meaning of carbon footprint?
Q: What is carbon backdating?
Q: How many isotopes carbon has?
Q: Do you have a girlfriend and a plan for later?
Q: Why do we fall in love?
Q: What is the meaning of falling in this phrase?
Q: Why not rise in love as it’s the best emotion for humans?
Q: You said there are 180 latitudes, why not 500?
Q: Why are there only 60 seconds in a minute?
Q: Does the world always follow the decision made by leaders?
Q: Coming back to 60 logic, why did they follow in the past as well?
Q: What is so good about the division of minutes and hours and days and months and years that it is easily accepted?
Q: Can you point out an alternative to the general system?
Q: Why 12 months and not less?
Q: What is the difference between critical thinking and organic thinking?
Q: What is the difference between critical thinking and analytical thinking?

Overall experience
A very grilling and long interview

MDI Personal Interview Experience 20

1 year work ex (Marketing)
CAT percentile – 92

2 panelists (1 Male, 1 female)

Panelist 1 (she looked really warm and nice)

1) Tell me about yourself
2) Give me 5 characteristics of a good leader
3) Who is your role model?
To which I said my firm’s founder
4) What does she do differently?
5) Some recent business news
6) which is your favourite country? How does its economy work?
7) Difference between Marketing and selling

Second panelist came in

8) What subjects did you study in graduation?
9) Favourite chapter in Financial Management
10) Tell me about the MM theory
11) PM of Bangladesh and New Zealand
12) PM of USA (trick question)
13) VP of USA
14) Percentile and other calls

Overall it felt like a conversation and was like a rapid fire but not extremely grilling.

MDI Personal Interview Experience 21

M1: Tell me about yourself
M1: What does your name signify?
M1: So where was the last time when you lived up to your name?
M1: Are you comfortable with Pythagoras Theorem?
M1: Just visualize and tell us practical application
M1: Asked if any application in daily life
M1: In business?
M1: You must have studied physics, can you recall some thermodynamic laws
M1: Explain Second Law of Motion with a practical application
M1: Explain Second law of thermodynamics with its application
M1: Diff between economic growth and development, Are they the same?
M1: What is GDP? Mention any other indicator to measure
M1: What indicator to check for growth?
M1: Consumer price index, Wholesale price index
And the trauma begins
M2: If God gives you 1cr what will you do? (My answer would be I would first count it)
Me: I would spend some on investments
M2 Whenever you are purchasing something you call it investment?
Kept cutting me in between and lot of cross questioning
M2: How much fees MDI is charging? Is it an investment or expense for you?
M2: Why investment?
I would learn got cut by him and he said what if you are not able to learn, me and my colleague would be vouching my people are actually not..
Me: They might not value the same
M2: MANY PEOPLE, in which stream are you graduating, gave me a question on math
(Gave a hint as well which was THINK SIMPLY)
M2: Was it a good hint?
M2: Don’t tell me the process just give me the answer, was my hint not helpful? I might be lying
M2: Tum apne dosto ke beech mein oh shit bolte ho kya? (Then he told me the answer and said) bolo oh shit, bolo bolo
M2: What is the fees of your graduation? So this means that this cost is a sunk cost for your parents as a maths graduate is faking and telling that aaj se do saal baad I will be using the investment of 24 lakh rs.
M2: I can ask you a second question and I guarantee you can’t answer that
M2: Daro nahi Dayitav, thoda sa mood kharab hai, mein tumse interview tough lera hu, tum answer do acha interview dere ho, But doesnt this means investment of your college fees is wasted?
(Before I could say anything)
M2: Anything you want to ask? Your interview is over, Actually Dayitav kya hai na we are quite senior teachers hum ek min mein samjh jaate h. We never think that you are gonna listen to us..
M2: But koi ni yr tum counter toh karo, Dayitav is a good student na, tum ghabrao nahi yr..
M2 Shall we ask in Management?
(I said yes)
M2: Haan aur tumhe lagta h tum bata doge? Hum puuchenge hi aisa jo tum bata na paao
M2: Difference between Coordination and Cooperation
M2: Give example
And before I could say anything
M2: Jab tumhara dost tumhari proxy lagata h toh kya kr raha h? lagaata tha?? Jhuth mat bolo, Jab tum exams mein cheating karte ho tab tum kya kar rahe ho? When you are telling your parents that you don’t have any girlfriend?
M2: So you have, tumhaari shakal dekh ke mein bataa sakta, Tell which one is better coordination or cooperation? One line answer and your interview is over..
M2: 100% correct answer, put an adjective before co-operation to differentiate between them, you are going great!
M2: Anything you want to ask MDI or about the program?  Your interview is over.
M1 and M2: All The Best!


MDI Personal Interview Experience 1

1. Tell me about yourself
2. What’s your work about?
3. What is your role in it?
4. Who are your clients?

1. What is the first internet called?
2. How does HTTP works?
3. Types of OS that we have?
4. Why do we use Windows not Linux?
5. Can the computer OS be used for mobiles?

They both are dull and seemed very disinterested.

Time: 15-20 min

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MDI Personal Interview Experience 2

1. Introduce yourself
2. Why Electronics and Communication in B Tech?
3. Current Affairs – About Atma Nirbhar Project
4. How did Covid affect automotive industry?
5. Tell me three new car manufacturers entered india?
6. What is MG in MG Hector?
7. Tell three automotive companies which left india?
8. Parents Company of Jaguar?
9. More about my work-ex

MDI Personal Interview Experience 3

1 M 1 F

1. Tell me about yourself that’s not written here?
2. Different types of software?
3. What is meta data and how can companies generate revenue from that?
4. Path to desktop?

6. Netizen?
7. Orkut still functional or not?
8. Liveware?
9. Any authors that you follow?
10. Differences between the book shiva trilogy and show mahadev?
11. Who is Abhijeet Banerjee?
12. Name any nobel prize winner who is also a computer science engg?
13. Any business person you follow and what quality you like about him?

Thanks all the best.

MDI Personal Interview Experience 4

2 panelists, 1 m and 1 f

F: What is the meaning of your name?
F: Do you live upto the meaning ?
F: Where are you working ?
(Followed by some discussion on work ex)
F: Opinion on cloud computing and data security
F: WhatsApp privacy policy
F: Issue with FB against Australian Government
F: Governor of west Bengal ?
F: Finance minister of West Bengal ?
F: Do state governments also have a budget ?
F: Where is townhall in Kolkata?
F: Where is Eden Gardens

Over to Male
M: Do you know what’s happening in Myanmar?
M: Do you know what is FATF ?
M: My job role
M: How many crypto currencies are there ?
M: Difference of Crypto currency and Fiat currency ?
M: Security of crypto currency ?

MDI Personal Interview Experience 5

Background- 97.18, 8/8/7
Non-engineer male (20 months workex)

2 Female panelists both in their 40s

F1: Tell us something not in your form – Talked about the family business and workex
F1: What kind of business? – Answered
F1: Impact of pandemic on your business – Answered
F1: Do you know about quad ? – Answered
F1: Impact of quad on brics – Answered that they are different and there wont be an impact as objectives are different
F1: What is make in India? – Answered but in brief
F1: Is there any difference in made in India and make in India?
F1: What are your core values? – Talked about empathy and philanthropy and mentioned my ngo work
F1: Answer in 5 seconds- a brother has 1 brother 1 sister and a sister has 2 brothers. How many brothers and sisters? – Answered 2 brothers 1 sister in 1 second (seemed impressed)
F2: So tell me the impact of rise in price of raw material on your business (asked this question twice) – Answered
F2: What kind of market structure do you have? – Didn’t understand what she was asking….told I don’t know
F2: If you have to measure the impact of covid on the economy, what factors will you look at? – Answered but fumbled a little (she look unimpressed at first and then looked satisfied)
F1: What were your grad subjects? – Told (no follow up questions on acads)
F1: What other calls do you have? – Told (again no follow up)

Asked to log out,
Lasted for 15 minutes don’t know what to make out of it, but the panelists were polite.

MDI Personal Interview Experience 6

B Com grad, 6 months exp

P1: Tell me something about yourself – Told
P1: So ur from Punjab, tell me the biggest contribution of Punjab – Told about independence, green revolution, etc
P1: What is Green Revolution? – Told
P1: Negative effects of Green Revolution – Told
P1: How to improve? – Told

Some follow up,

P2: Diff between afternoon and evening – Told about the English traditions
P2: What is cancer train? – Told
P2: U r an auditor, tell me how would u audit a b school? – Told
P2: So u r coming to MDI to join Unati? – Told
P2: What electives will you choose? – Told
P2: Name a few Finance faculty – Could name only one
P2: Is Rahul Gandhi a leader or manager? – Neither
P2: Are managers born or made? – Told

Max 12 min interview

MDI Personal Interview Experience 7

GEM 98.8 percentile
10/12/graduation: 9.6/78/81
2 male panelists

P1: Introduce yourself – Started with the introduction when I told him about my graduation from amity then he cut me saying ki amity th bht zoro se advertisements kar rha hai ki world no 1 wagerah wagerah so I had a smiled a bit and said yes sir and continued with my introduction
P1: What was your percentile and calls? – Answered
P1: What are your hobbies? – Answered
P2: Asked question regarding my work exp – Answered
P2: Asked me about DBMS and RDBMS – Jitna yaad tha sab bol diya maine with examples
P2: Do you remember anything in Statistics? – I said yes sir but just the basics so he asked me about normal distribution and regression analysis and I only knew normal distribution
P2: Abhigyan I am sure if you try for Amity you get admission for free, why do you want to join MDI? – Answered

MDI Personal Interview Experience 8

2 panelists (1M, 1F)

P1: Introduce yourself – I did
P1: Questions on labour laws – Answered whatever I knew
P1: GDP contribution of Kolkata towards the nation – I was not aware
P1: Kolkata’s business history – Answered
P2: work ex – Answered
P2: How does the startup you’re working in generate the revenue? – Answered
P2: Elections in West Bengal – Answered
P3: Mamata Banerjee’s broken leg – Answered but they didn’t seem convinced

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MDI Personal Interview Experience 9

X/XII/Grad: 9/9/8
B.Com(H) – Fresher (Male)

2 Panellists: 1M 1F (both middle aged)
Female panellist began with the interview:
1. Tell me about your educational background.
2. What do you put on the table? (Mentioned about creative inclination as I am into photography)
3. How will photography help in your management career?
4. Why have you wasted a few months? (Graduated In June 2022) (I told her that I was exploring my creative (photography) side)
5. You seem confused about your goals? (I was able to convince her that photography is just a hobby, and I am not confused about my career choice)
6. Any recent business/startup news except the budget? (Mentioned Adani’s cancelling of the FPO)
7. My opinion on the cancellation of FPO without mentioning what Adani said? (Unsatisfactory response from my side but I mentioned that since it came out yesterday night so I couldn’t do much research about the cancellation)
8. In which programs did you apply in MDI?
9. What other calls do you have?
10. What is your CAT percentile?
11. Lastly, how would you contribute to an MBA Classroom?

Male panellist takes over:
1. Your strengths and weaknesses.
2. How would an MBA help to overcome these weaknesses?
3. Subjects you liked in your graduation.
4. What are the 7 pillars of HRM? (Didn’t know)
5. Asked about profitability ratios and solvency ratios.
6. Asked about beta?

That’s all from our side.

Panel was chill and helpful. They had a smile on their faces so that I would not feel nervous. No grilling.

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MDI Personal Interview Experience 10

1st Feb 2023
Profile- Non-Engineer(BBA), Male, Fresher

2 Panelists- 1 Male and 1 Female

Initial Greetings
P1- Where are you logging in from?
P1- What is happening in New Delhi right now? (Union Budget)
P1- Tell us about yourself then we will come to the budget part
P1- So, right now you’re in BBA Final Year and what’s your CAT percentile?
P1- And What other calls do you have?
P1- What is your disability and other questions regarding it
P1- What all subjects have you studied in BBA?(Told, and also mentioned Financial Accounting as a Favourite)

Second person

P2-Name some of the financial ratios and tell us how they help in increasing the organizational profitability.
P2- If a company takes a loan, where should it come under the balance sheet?
P2- What about in the case of a Bank?
P2- Current CRR
P2- What is Repo Rate?
P2- Difference between Bank rate and Repo Rate.
P2- What is it that you learnt in your internship?

P1- If I have to review the company’s overall health, which statement should I look into and why?
P1-If I believe that cash is king, So by looking at the cash flow statement, will it not tell me the company’s overall health?
P1- Assets are those entities that perform, so what are these Non-performing assets?
P1-Why is it called an asset if it is non-performing and not be termed as a liability?
P1- How many Presidents of India have been in office so far? Name a few.
P1- First Finance Minister of India
P1- First Home Minister of India
P1- Current Finance Minister
P1- Prior to becoming a politician what was she?
P1- Vice President of India
P1- President of India
P1- Defence Minister of India
P1- Railway Minister of India

You can leave now. All the best and take care of yourself.

Duration- 15 minutes 30 seconds

MDI Personal Interview Experience 11

GEM, Fresher, Maharashtra

2nd Feb, 11AM

Panelist 1(Female)
-Tell me about your profile?
-What is social entrepreneurship? (Because I mentioned social activities)
-What is consulting? (Internship in KPMG)
-What is the market share of zomato?
-What is the market value of zomato,?
-What are listed companies?
-Competitors of zomato and their ranking?

Panelist 2 (Male)

Did not ask much just cross questioned in the previous questions.

MDI Personal Interview Experience 12

1st Feb, 2PM
Panelist 1 (Female)

Q1. Tell me something about yourself and why do you want to join MDI?
Q2. What are giffin goods?
Q3. What is price elasticity? Would a porche car’s demand be affected with a rise in price?
Q4. Do you read any books?
Q5. What have you been watching on YouTube lately?
Q6. One weakness of yours?
Q7. Who’s the governor of Delhi and why has Finland been in the news lately?

Panelist 2 (Male)

Q1. What was your favourite subject during graduation?
Q2. What are the factors affecting the dividend decision of a company?
Q3. Which profit is considered more important by the industry?
Q4. How do you value an asset?
Q5. Does capital structure affect the valuation of a company?

MDI Personal Interview Experience 13

Slot: 1st Feb 2023, 10:15AM

Profile: GEM, 9/9/8, CAT: 99.03%, 28 months workex

2 Panelists, one male, one female prof

P1: Introduce yourself
P1: Why do you want to pursue MBA when you’re already in Consulting?
P1: what specialisation would you prefer?
P1: How can we use ML in data engineering? What is KNN, Manhattan Distance?

P2 focussed purely on GK questions based on my work.
P2: Name the Big 4 firms?
P2: What is risk assurance?
P2: Have you heard of Arthur Anderson and the Enron case?
P2: Who founded Monitor? What are Porter’s 5 forces?
P2: What is your percentile, what calls do you have?

Overall a good interview, no grilling. Lasted around 15-20 minutes

MDI Personal Interview Experience 14

2 M +40+ & 50+)
B Com Hons. Fresher 2 years gap

-Asked meaning of my name ( further discussion about that )
-Then asked about what you learnt from your social media marketing internship
-What you did in 2 years gap (Mentioned about my failure)
-Asked your learning from it (Mentioned I love numbers)
-Asked me to make 24 out of 4 zeros by mathematical operation
-Asked me can 2+3 not be 5
-Asked me you are from physics bg i said no commerce
-Then asked about 5 subjects (Mentioned economic & a/c & all)
-Asked Golden accounting rule
-Asked WPI (couldn’t answer )
-Asked Philips curve ( couldn’t answer )
-Asked Gdp
-Asked GNP
-Asked NfIA

Overall it was first chill interview
Panelists were friendly

MDI Personal Interview Experience 15

08/02 3 pm

Profile – 97.4/92.5/73.3

Watch: MDI Gurgaon results OUT | GMAT 720 | Engineer | Proud of Animesh


Work ex : 0 months

CAT : 96.83

Watch: CAT 90.14 %ile MDI Gurgaon Convert | Proud of Revati

2 M panelists (40-50 age)

Panelist 1 –

Q . Tell us about yourself

  1. Have you taken any finance subjects in your degree?
  2. Who regulates and protects interests of investors in India and the US?
  3. What is one news regarding financial malpractices in news these days?
  4. Which key points should SEBI look at while investigating Adani group?
  5. If you are in your 4th year, you must have gotten placed. Where?
  6. If you’re already placed as a business consultant then why MBA?
  7. Since your degree is in electronics do you mind if I ask you a few questions about it? What are transistors? What is their application?
  8. Explain working of transistor as a switch. 

Panelist 2 –

  1. What’s your CAT percentile 
  2. Which other calls have you got?

PS – Panelist 1 was quite supportive and interactive. Panelist 2 was silent and keenly listening and staring the entire time

Overall – Pretty conversational

MDI Personal Interview Experience 16



2 yr workex

CAT: 94.42

Watch: MDI Gurgaon forms OUT | Admissions Process | Selection Criteria | Highest package

2 M panelists (40-50 age)


  1. which city are you from?
  2. what did you study?
  3. what specialisation do you want? ( I answered strategy management. )
  4. should i ask from strategy management or electronics? ( i said strategy management. P1 handed over to P2 )


  1. what is strategic management?
  2. what are Porters 5 Forces?
  3. does any one force have priority?
  4. What do you do for recreation? (i answered sudoku and football)
  5. which team do you support in football and why?
  6. what are the rules of football?
  7. one learning from football you applied to your acad or work


  1. are you good in analytics?
  2. what about creative thinking and problem solving?
  3. convert 4 zeroes into 24 ( came close but could not answer )
  4. a blind man has 2 red pills and 2 blue pills. he has to eat exactly 1 red and 1 blue pill. help him
  5. what did you learn from this?
  6. any questions about MDI?

MDI Personal Interview Experience 17

9th February, 8.15pm

Waiting time 15mins
Duration: 13-15mins
GEM 9/9/7 93.96%ile

2M – Near about 55yo,45yo

1.Where are you joining from ?
2.How is the weather there?
3. From which place are you at present?
4.Tell me about yourself
Interrupted when started talking about my work
5. For how much time are you working?
6. What does database admin does?
7. Who are your client?
8. Full form of the client company name
9. So they are outsourcing you from India to North America by a bank from japan?
10. Tell me about Japan.
11. How are the Japanese so successful ?
12. Inspite of being successful why are they stressed people?
13. Impacts of world War on japan
14. How did they comeback from that setback.
15. Any country with similar economic boom after ww2 other than japan?
Answered Germany.
16. Other country than Germany who wasn’t involved much in ww2?
Answered China.
17. asked what company is your phone?
Got the clue and answered south Korea
18. What is contribution of Samsung in South Korea GDP?
said I am not so sure about it
asked me to guess-
Guessed 10-12%
(Interviewer answered that it’s double of that)
19. So you can understand that how fragile South korean economy is based on single company.

Panelist 2

20.So you’re a mechanical engineer? Can I ask you from your academics ?
21. How is mechanical engineering related to IT industry?
22. Name one cycle
23. How does it work?
24.what is a turbo charger engine?
25.what are its components?

We are done
Have a nice day
You can log off

MDI Personal Interview Experience 18

Background: BTech Mechanical Engineer. 28 months Work Ex

Date- 8th Feb

Panelists: 1(M) 1(F)

Watch: MDI Gurgaon Calls Out | Batch Profile | Placement Highlights | Interview Preparation


Pan 1 –

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What did you do after you left your job?
  3. What did you learn from it?

Pan 2 –

  1. Who was the previous RBI governor?
  2. Name 5 regulatory bodies in India. 
  3. So, you are from WB, who is the governor of WB? (Couldn’t recall)
  4. Is it Jagdeep Dhankhar? (Trick qsn)
  5. What is the population of WB?
  6. Are you sure? I think you should check once. (I was correct, but still he insisted me to check)
  7. Name the North-Eastern states.
  8. Why didn’t you mention Sikkim?

Pan 1 –

  1. As you are from the same region, what did you know about Begusarai in Sikkim? (Corrected her that it’s in Bihar)
  2. What is the connectivity there? (Didn’t understand what she meant)
  3. Which river flows from Sikkim to Begusarai?
  4. What is the cultural significance of Begusarai?
  5. Speaking about culture, what has been done in NEP 2020 to preserve Indian culture?
  6. Which language is being tried to preserve?

Overall interview time: – 10-15 mins

MDI Personal Interview Experience 19

MDI Transcript
Slot: 6:00pm
8/9/8 – Btech (biotech)
Lasted 15-20mins

P1 –
– Anything outside what we know
– Are u Happy with your CAT percentile
– Happiness v/s contentment
– 3 ques about undergrad university (establishment year, no of campuses, trust)
– National security advisor
– Age of National security advisor
– Commerce vs Finance which is bigger (Said commerce)
– If commerce is bigger why is finance minister more important
– Commerce minister
– Finance minister
– All the national parties of India
– Why AAP failed in Gujarat

P2 –
– Use 6 matchsticks and make 4 equilateral triangles
– 3 managerial learnings from this case study
– Any questions for us

Log off

MDI Personal Interview Experience 20

2 Panelists- both male in their 50s
2. Testers are useless and such a role should not exist. Convince me otherwise, first in developer’s perspective and then in management’s perspective.
3. Which process in SDLC can not be used in Agile Methodology?
4. What is the turnover and profit of Cognizant? (I said I don’t know about anyone of them)
5. So you joined the company without knowing its financials?
6. Suppose you have taken a job as a manager at a company without knowing the financials of the company, then would you care to know them after that? What’s the use of knowing them?
(Got disconnected while he was asking this question and when I joined again he was waiting for the answer, so I asked him to repeat the question, he did not seem happy about it)
1. What is the disadvantage of transistors?
2. How to rectify them?
3. How to rectify the problem in rockets?
4. How many districts are there in Odisha?

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