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Strategies to crack MICA Group exercise
April 10 2024

MICA is India's premier management institute which is popularly known for creating Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication. It's an interesting and heavy task to clear the entrance and reach the level where you start searching for guidance, and land here. MICA’s screening process is as strenuous as it gets, to and through each level. The group exercise is the second step that builds or breaks your final step; the personal interview though both are independent of each other.

  1. Every candidate gets to sit for both, despite individual performance in any. Though the sequential order is Group Exercise followed by the Personal Interview.
  2. These rounds are part of the selection process so that the institution can figure out a candidate’s overall personality, clarity in thought, ability to work in a team, knowledge, determination, maturity and find whether they fit into the culture of MICA.
  3. Usually, you’re given 10 minutes in total where a part is allocated to preparation and the rest to the presentation. How you work in a team is what they want to know from the top of it. Groups of 8-10 candidates are formed after you’ve submitted your SOP and registered.
  4. Since it’s not a Group Discussion, your main goal is to complete the task at hand. The best way to approach it is, to think of it as a Board Meeting and come to a plausible conclusion after having logical arguments, instead of an idiotic emulation of the politicians in the assembly.
  5. It’s important to state your point. But to stubbornly stress on it is a waste of energy as well as time if the group does not regard it as agreeable. If the group thinks it’s wrong, it might not be right.
  6. In order to talk with logic, it’s advisable to be aware of what is happening around you. You should have a solid understanding of the events that go by in the year that you lived in or are living in.
  7.  In the end, it comes down to the fact that how eventful or important were you in the team’s ultimate decision. It is not a platform to show off your exuberant knowledge, but one to exhibit articulation and personality.

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