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Most Affordable Universities in the UK
October 12 2023

Most Affordable Universities in the UK

If One Wants To Study Abroad, Why Choose The UK?

Every time an Indian student thinks of manifesting his/her study abroad plans into reality, UK tops the list. But, why? And is it worth it? Let's see: The UK is home to a zillion educational institutes, having its roots back to the 12th and 13th centuries. On average it receives over 500000 enrollments of international students a year. It is second only to the United States Of America. Not only does it offer quality education to its students but also promises a plethora of job opportunities. Taking advantage of its central position on the geographical map, it gravitates recruiters from all across the globe. An average undergraduate student in the UK is estimated to earn 24179 Euros (as of 2020). Now that we have a brief idea about The UK and its education system, let's enumerate its benefits:  
  • A1 Academics: 

The UK differs in its way of teaching and as a result of which it stands out among other universities. It focuses more on practical learning and hands-on experience. So if you plan to study there be ready to add a few analytical and logical skills to your creative ones. It tops the rank when it comes to 360-degree learning modus operandi. In addition to that, most of the faculties teaching at the universities hold respectable degrees in their chosen fields. Thus imparting knowledge from such individuals hones one for life. Also, owing to its reputation and legacy, entering such universities requires you to be adept at your subjects, if you are considering to take an entrance exam for the same, you may refer to CatKing's Official Website.    
  • Flexibility:

Another feature that the UK universities boast of, is its paramount flexibility. The students get an array of subjects/ electives to choose from. So if you are an engineering students and are intrigued by literature, you may choose it as an elective. The universities here champion diversity and overall growth.  
  • Multifariousness: 

The country is home to universities that essentially have an element of multiplicity in them. Not only does it offer a wide range of courses to choose from but also welcomes students from all around the world. In fact, according to a study, the inhabitants of the country compose merely 30% of the class.  
  • Start Early, Work Early: 

  All of us dream of working at a young age, however, given our education system and eligibility criteria it is not always possible to do so. The UK defies this conventional system and allows its students to finish off their masters in 1 year instead of two, with most undergraduate degrees limited to 3 years. Thus making it possible for the students to finish off their studies earlier and bag a job early, cool right?  
  • Employment Opportunities:

When it comes to job opportunities, the country's universities win here too. Taking advantage of its geographic location and rich pool of young minds, they intrigue recruiters from all across the globe. Thus if you are planning to bag a good placement and ensure value for money, you know which country to choose whilst evaluating your options of studying abroad. Also Read: Study Abroad Benefits Although the country offers a plethora of benefits, it comes at a cost. The country not only tops the rank in terms of academics but also in terms of its standard or cost of living. However, there are always exceptions. At the end of the blog, if you are considering studying abroad, and possibly studying in the UK, you'd know what options to choose from without feeling a pinch in your pocket.   List of Universities in the UK, to consider whilst studying abroad at affordable fees:  

#1. Staffordshire University:

The renowned university owns two campuses in the country, One of them is in the towns of Stoke-On-Trend whilst the other one lies in the heart of the city; Stafford. The university boasts of a total of 12000 students enrolled currently. So if you are planning to study abroad, and are intrigued by the UK, you may consider the university. Also, it is renowned for its unique 2-year fast track undergraduate courses ranging from Business to Computer Science.
  • UG Fees: £10,900
  • PG Fees: £12,800
  • MBA Fees: £13,95

#2. Teesside University:

Situated in the heart of Middlesbrough, the university was granted full university status in 1992. The pride of the university lies in the fact was the first of its kind to win a Times Higher Education Award. Ever since 1992, it has won a total of 9 awards, validating its caliber and status. An option worth considering whilst finalizing your study abroad plans.
  • UG Fees: £10,750
  • PG Fees: £10,950
  • MBA Fees: £13,000

#3. Leeds Trinity University:

Founded in the year 1966 and been awarded full university status in 2012, the university is one of the only two Catholic universities in the country. In recent years it has expanded its number of courses too. One can choose from a number of options, namely: Teacher training, Theology, Media studies, and journalism degrees.
  • UG Fees: £11,250
  • PG Fees: £11,750
  • MBA Fees: £12,250
Most Affordable Universities in the UK

#4. University Of Cumbria:

Formed in the year, this university has made a foothold in the entire North-west part of England. The university has a sense of diversity in ti, both in terms of students and subjects. It offers a plethora of courses ranging from Agriculture to English.
  • UG Fees: £10,500
  • PG Fees: £10,800-12,000
  • MBA Fees: £15,500

#5. London Metropolitan University

Located in the heart of London, the city. The university is home to 22000 students coming from all across the globe. It is also known as London Met University. The university was formed when two major universities: North London and London Guildhall, merged. It has three campuses in the country, namely, Moorgate, Aldgate, and Holloway respectively.
  • UG Fees: £10,950
  • PG Fees: £11,700
  • MBA Fees: £14,100
The list is obviously not exhaustive but these are some of the most affordable universities in the UK. So if you are considering studying abroad, and especially in the UK, make sure you consider the above-mentioned universities. You may check out Catking for further reference. We offer a plethora of services that will help you land in your dream graduate school. All the best!! Also Read: Improve Your Profile              
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