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New Paths to Design Management
April 15 2024

Companies including Apple and Target have helped the buying public more aware and hungry for good design . The efforts of these firms leading to success has raised awareness within the business community about the economic value of design along with the methodologies it offers to resolve various issues. The number of graduate programs are increasing that encourages business communities to invest in design thinking and pursue MBA in design management.

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The Master in Design Management brings together a diverse group aspiring to initiate and lead change in emerging fields: Business professionals wishing to address business challenges through design, design practitioners seeking to acquire expertise in business and leadership, and entrepreneurs looking to develop transformative business propositions for an evolving global economy. 

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The result of this transformation will show itself in where design managers come from and how they are trained. Traditionally,those in corporations and firms who manage the development and application of design were trained as practitioners and learned business either on the job, through supplemental training, or both. Now business schools are offering an alternative path that combines their core strengths with the type of thinking that previously distinguished design practitioners and education programs. 

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 In a complex global economy characterized by rapidly evolving standards for the production and management of information, services, and experiences, leaders must exhibit flexibility and a capacity for innovation. Academically rigorous and industry focused, the Global Executive Master’s is specially designed for working professionals, preparing them to confidently create, manage, and lead design process–driven organizations.

  • Design thinking and its power to create positive change globally
  • Sustainable business models
  • Key principles of the evolving global economy
  • Design innovation and leadership
  • Management skills for creative projects and teams
  • Governance, regulations, and how both are transforming today’s global economy

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In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses are increasingly required to have the ability to create opportunity out of the ambiguous, tangibility out of the intangible and create worth and wealth out of the constraints. This can only be achieved by the capability and the capacity to continuously contextually reinvent, renovate and ‘design’ their business strategies, processes, tools and techniques. The competitive edge of the enterprises of the future will be dependent on their ability and agility to dynamically steer and realign their modes of operation and further increase on their ability to master the intangibles and the multifarious. Basically, organizations will either win or perish based on their ability to detect and deliver to both, the minds and hearts of the consumers by being able to sense and serve not only what is wanted but also forecast and provide what maybe wanted in a way that is seeking to improve, evolve and enrich the life and lives rather than just be profit maximizing. 

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Businesses today have to be inclusive and holistic and maximize worth and dignity rather than just revenues. Such businesses require leaders who, apart from being entrepreneurial, can adroitly envision and decode the future, simplify the complex and offer enchantment. Such leaders have the ability to design contextually relevant imaginative, creative, informational and intuitive strategies, business processes, tools and techniques rather than just copy, follow and run the operations. They have the ability to design and make the future present. Management and leadership practices of today are found wanting to meet these requirements and direly need re-imagination. Design as a discipline has been addressing these issues and Design Management is a program specifically designed powered by design methodologies to meet these demands and fill these gaps.

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The narrative of indigenous design is replete with references to spiritual and cultural forces that are more profound than any individual’s intervention.



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