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NIRF ranking does not consider research output
May 04 2024

NIRF ranking does not consider research output

AHMEDABAD: The much-feted National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of the Union education ministry doesn't consider research output before assigning the tutorial ranking to an establishment. A recent study by researchers of library and knowledge sciences of the 2018-19 NIRF ranking showed that among 20 IIMs of the country, number of research citations wasn't the criterion for the rankings.

For instance, within the 2023-24 NIRF, IIM-Bangalore — which had 8,124 citations from the research produced by 28 authors — was ranked favorite . IIM-Ahmedabad, which had 38,594 research citations out of 110 authors, was however ranked second. Similarly, IIM Lucknow had 32,095 citations of research produced by 75 authors, was ranked fourth, while IIM-Calcutta which had 21, 437 citations, a good 10,658 fewer citations than IIM-Lucknow, was ranked third.

There was also no correlation between the score assigned by NIRF and therefore the corresponding research citations for IIMs also . as an example , research works out of IIM-Udaipur had 22,504 citations out of 13 authors, but their score was just 60.79, and ranked as 13, while IIM-Indore was ranked fifth with a score of 67.01 with just 7,164 citations with research works of 87 authors.


 “This indicates that there's no role for research output choose the NIRF ranking of the IIMs which is ironic to several major studies conducted previously,” claimed the study by C Vysakh, Rajendra Babu H and RL Spandana of the department of library and knowledge sciences from Tumkur University in Karnataka. The public profile of every of the 20 IIMs was searched on the web program where the amount of authors and their corresponding citations were counted. The findings were also presented at the 4th National Conference on Management of recent Libraries (NACML) held in Manipal.

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Anisha Mukhija

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