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NITIE Mumbai Personal Interview Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive NITIE Personal Interview Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 1:

April 5, 2021 – 9 months work ex in electric vehicles domain.
20min of interview

No acad questions as such specifically.
Some casual talk on my name for a minute as they found it unique.

– Tell me about yourself

– About my major project and work ex and They both align on the same line as my long term goal

– Discussion on electric vehicles (my project, work ex are on this) – about 4 to 5 min

– Electric vehicles batteries tech and opinion on the same.

– My major project

– About simulations as I deal with those in work ex and graduation.

– How does simulation help u in mba. How do u contribute to diversity

– Opinion about analytics being taught and learnt and applied in mba for future. What are the poasibilities with the same.

– About other projects I took up

– Why mba

– Are u working from home

– What is your opinion on it and how did you manage it (felt they suddenly gave me a extempore topic )

– Its great talking to you and hearing things from you. All the best.

They seemed fine with almost all the answers I gave them. Very chill and very responsive.

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NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 2:

Approx duration-15 mins
1 Male proffesor (OB and HRM)
1 female proffesor (Economics)

F- Tell us about yourself.

F- How auto industries were affected in COVID situation? (I mentioned in my intro that I was part of my College’s BAJA SAE club)

F- countered my answer with example of Hero corp doing well. I think I made a good counterpoint wrt that.

M- why do you want to do management? What factors motivate you for it?

M- Have you got any job offers from college?

M- Why do you want to join NITIE?

M- Before I could fully explain my reasons, cut me in between and asked about my other calls and their ranking.

M- Do you think car sales would go up in the upcoming quarter? What all process can be done virtually in a car manufacturing plant and what need to be done physically?

M- Tell me about inflation. What is it?

M- Question on RBI function. Who is the present governor? Who was the previous governor?

Both-Thats all. Thank you and all the best.
I think I was doing reasonably well until the car sales question. Nervousness crept in after that and I botched the RBI questions. The panel was quite chill though.

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 3:

Chemical Engineering , fresher~20 mins
profile- 95/92.2/82.6 99.04

panel F1-Environment F-2 HRM

1. Tell us about yourself

2. Contribution manufacturing sector in gdp(idk)

3. why nitie, why not psus through gate?

4. do idealistic people succeed in life?

5. mass balance on a reactor

6. project

7. leadership skills

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 4:

P1 M, P2 F


1) Tell me about yourself

2) Favourite Chemical Engineering subject ( Told Biochemistry)

3) Tell me about Biofuels in India( about agricultural waste, getting methane and combustion etc)

4) What about Ethanol ( I said it’s there but getting it is a polluting process, distillation etc)

5) What was your work profile? technical or management ( I said tech for a while and later management on production)

6) what did you learn ? ( Analysing data, using lean methods etc to improve process)


1) What’s your general field of interest ? ( I said geopolitics and its impact)

2) Should Pakistan be given MFN status? ( No, omly 300Mn Dollar Trade, same can be achieved by increasing trade with other ASEAN nations, and FTA with them)

3) Are FTAs good for India ? ( said if it’s signed between two democratic govts etc)

4) Explain the Impact of demonitization on Fintech ( said Phonepay, PayTm became household names, rural shops have QR codes now etc)

5) Talk about the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme during Covid times in India( Said it’s a great feat, around 14 Cr beneficiaries, a few left out because of mandatory de-linking of Aadhar, Ration card and Bank account)

Both were satisfied with the answers, there was very little cross questioning/cutting in between.

Time- 12Mins

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 5:

CS Engineer with 21 months work ex

P1: tell me about yourself
Me: told

P1: have you worked in ai, ml
Me: told am web developer but aware of these fields

P1: explain AI
Me: told basic defn

P1: give one application
Me: told

P1: what’s your final year proj
Me: told ( thankfully no follow up)

P2: what is cryptocurrency, what’s the underlying tech
Me: told

P2: elaborate further
Me: told about proof of work and so on

P2: why mba
Me: told

P2: what is opportunity cost
Me: sorry sir not aware

P2: how is inflation calculated
Me: told

P2: what are the indices
Me: consumer price….not sure sir

P2: don’t read newspaper?
Me: I do sir, can’t recall now

P2: never heard of CPI?
Me: oh yeah sorry sir misunderstood qn, CPI and wpi

P2: what other calls
Me: told

P2: what percentile
Me: told

P2: what’s your priority
Me: usual bs about deciding after interacting with seniors, alumni

P2: so you’ve not made up your mind?
Me: not yet sir

P2: okay thank you have a nice day
Me: thanks sir, great experience

Chill panel. Hardly 12-14 minutes

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 6:

GEM Fresher(CSE)
2 panelist 1 M and 1 F(it was supposed to be 2 males though)

F:-( she was very kind, asked a lot of questions from my hobby and was patiently hearing my answers)

Q) Compare Chess and Football to management

Q) Fav footballer and Why

Q) Most imp quality of a manager

Q) difference between management and administration


Onto M. He’s an IITian in Industrial Engg. All in all, he just wanted to know the latest tech stuff and how, who is using it in the Manufacturing industry

Q) So you are a CSE

Q) Industry 4.0

Q) Explain Industry(1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0) and the difference between 3.0 and 4.0

Q) Any company who has implemented 4.0

Q) Which company in manufacturing sector and why that particular tech?(follow up to prev question)

Q) CNN uses

Q) uses apart from image recognition and processing. Uses in manufacturing industry.

Q) Digital transformation?

Q) digital strategy?

Q) Data mining? How is it different from Database? Types of data

Q) Why MBA as fresher?

Q) 2 things you will bring to NITIE if we select you

Thank you, All the best, you can log off.
Time:- 19 min 32 seconds

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 7:

GEM – 95.91 CAT (only SM call)
2 panelists (M,F)

F: Why sustainability management

F: What do you mean by sustainability management

F: How to improve sustainability in FMCG

F: How to handle the extra costs which would deter sales

F: Hobbies

F: In football who plays the more important role ? Player or coach ?

M: Work ex and role

M: what is Smart manufacturing

M: Difference between CNN and ANN

M: application of CNN in manufacturing

M: Final year project-(detailed discussion followed by a use case discussion)

M: Cat score

M: How would you choose a college.

M: Thank you. You may log off.

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NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 8:

Mechanical engineering,(GEM), 22 month work ex as data scientist:

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Role and responsibilities of a data scientist

3. Why analytics from mechanical

4. Data driven approach help business more than experience-Explain

5. How modeling is selected for different scenarios

6. What is clustering and its use cases

7. What is data selection? Tell me a scenario where only one domain of data will give all data.

8. Sports management-Future in India (mentioned sport management and sport analytics as entrepreneur plans)

9. Does a manager need knowledge of algorithms

10. Tell me softwares you use at different stages for modeling project

11. Any question for us( Asked how competition of NITIE is with top IIM inspite of less diversity—what is different here)

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 9:


1st Panellist :-
1. Tell me about yourself.

2. after graduating in 2020, What are you doing right now? (2 cross questions on this)

Then 2nd Panelists (From CS background):
You are from CS background, tell me programming languages you are comfortable. I told C++ , R and Python.

So asked about projects I did in R. Based on that she asked
1) Difference between linear regression and logistic regression.

2) where logistic regression is used. give example.

3)What is confusion matrix ?

4) how is confusion matrix and logistic regression related? I Explained this. Then asked the example on this.

5) What is classification ?

6) Can we use classification in logistic regression ?

7) She gave one example and said how can we classification using logistic regression.

8) What you are goals after MBA from NITIE.

It was a good interview. Time around 13-14 minutes.
All the Best.

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 10:

2 Female

2. about rural background

3. about how being in business family helped in receñt activities. told to elaborate the instance.

4. asked about placements and college

5. appreciation for taking petroleum branch

6. about courses in UG

7. how is taking risk? what do you get out of it?

12 mins
interactive panel, no grilling

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 11:

BE Computer Engineering
2.5 Years Experience

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Tell me about your hobbies

3. Why you leave previous organisation

4. What is your role in organisation

5. What are your future plans

6. how you will develop credit card scenario in application, technically

7. Last year project

8. what is K in Kmeans algorithm

9. How to calculate distance between 2 clusters

10. Which specific area in MBA you want to specialise in?

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NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 12:

ECE Grad, 2.7 years exp

2 panelists- 1 M & 1 F
M Panelist
1. What is field of your graduation?

2. Where are you working?

3. Work-ex related questions to explain the job role.

F Panelist
4. What are your general areas of interest?

5. What do you do for self development?

6. What is UPI?

7. What are the different methods of digital transactions in India?

8. Why MBA?

10 mins interview

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 13:

Btech It Engineering 42 months work ex

1. Introduce yourself

2. Where do you work?

3. Role responsibilities

4. Best working practice at work

5. Role model

6. Why NITIE and how is it different from IIM’s

7. Career goals

8. Btech project

Some more work related questions

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 14:

Civil engineer 95/95/84

1. A little about work ex.

2. Techniques of project management (pert and cpm)- differences

3. Why mba

4. Difference between Delhi and Bombay

5. What is GST?

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 15:

Panelist 1M, 1F
10min exact

M- where are you currently

F- Your area is affected?

M- I see your interest in astronomy, tell me in which part of the universe we are in, name of our galaxy?

M- nearest star to earth?

M- Distance between earth and sun?
Answered 8 light mins

M- try to calculate in km

M- what do you aspire to become?

M- But this business plan has been practiced at iit kgp in 2018, What is unique in yours?

F-what is your final year project?
Some follow-up questions on it

F- Your branch?

F- Fav subject? (Automobile Engineering)

F- Tell me types of engine like 2-stroke and….?
(Tried to give basic definition)

F- is this engineer speaking or 8th std boy speaking? Explain me process
(Was explaining the detail process…she interrupted and said ok)

M- which other calls you have?

Then female panelist greeted me for my future and day

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 16:

Electrical engineer, Work ex : 30months as Quality Assurance Engineer.

P1 (16minutes). Panelist with a background of HRM and Organisational Behaviour

1. Introduce yourself
Answered in 5-6 sentences concluding with hobby.

2. Which Treks did you go for ? Which one was most thrilling ? (Asked bcoz I mentioned trekking as hobby)
Discussed a couple of them

3. Do you know about spiti? ( Continuation based on hobby )
Answered and discussed about my clg visits in northern region and my future plans.

4. Question about a specific hydro plant in north region. ( Asked May be bcoz i’m an Electrical engineer )
Couldn’t answer as I heard that name for the first time.

5. Which industries did you visit in north. ?
(Asked bcoz of my answer in ques 3)
Honestly answered NO.

6. How is engineering linked to trekking. (Asked bcoz I’m an engineer)
Answered by linking the mindset that one has while doing both.

7. Panelist repeated the above question as he wasn’t satisfied with the answer.
Wrote down the points showed it on camera.

8. Panelist still unsatisfied , asked to link the technical expertise of engg that can be used while trekking.
Couldn’t tackle the question and messed up in the end somehow explained about the equipments and safety.

9. Which is highest fort that u have visited ?
Answered it by stating the height. Panelist denied and Cross questioned.

10. Challenges faced at workplace.
Explained with example.

11. How is sampling done for inspection.(asked bcoz I mentioned Material inspection as one of my job roles)
Answered with ease

12. What you do when there is a complaint related to the product. ( asked in Continuation to my job role as quality engineer)
Answered with ease

13. If there is conflict between you and your manager how will you tackle the situation.(situational based on above question bcoz I said I submit a report to my manager)
Gave a diplomatic answer

14. Your company is bound to repay the customer a very big amount as a penalty in case the product fails. You have the responsibility of saving your company by making fake reports and manipulating the customer will you do that.( Situational question )
Gave a straight forward answer NO along with justification.

15. if you don’t do it the company shuts down and your job is at stake then will you do it. ( Cross question based on my answer to above question )
Gave the same answer again with elaboration

16. Anything you would like to ask. ?
I asked for a suggestion on where should I focus more as quality engg to improve.
I think this backfired as the panelist dint respond well.

P2 ( 6mins )

1.What is quality assurance ? (Based on work ex )
Answered with ease.

2. Which standards do you follow ? ISO ?(Based on work ex )
Mentioned the applicable standards and it’s purpose.

3. What is ERP ?
Couldn’t answer as I was unaware about this term.

4. Panelist Explained the ERP( enterprise resource planning ) term and asked how it is done in your company.
Answered the question after reconfirming what exactly the panelist wanted to ask.

5.What is circular economy.?
Couldn’t answer as I was unaware about the term.


NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 17:

Profile – B.Tech CSE, 9 month work ex in a financial firm.

1. Where do you stay?

2. What do you do?

3. Give a brief introduction of yourself.

4. What is Black swan theory?

5. What is BSE Sensex?

6. Explain the various normal forms in DBMS.

7. What are the 5 V’s of Big data?

8. What is repo rate?

9. Fiscal Vs monetary policy.

10. India’s fiscal and monetary policies to combat Covid.

11. Why MBA?

12. Other calls.

13. Why NITIE

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 18:

20 months exp

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Why MBA from NITIE

3. Relevance of industrial engineer in a organization

4. Difference between simplex and big M method

5. What are the social responsible projects you wish to work on?

6. What are the challenges faced while working on those projects? ( I had already worked on few)

7. What can different organizations do to support people affected by covid?

8. Hobbies

9. Favorite genres

10. Last thing you read

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 19:

Profile -87/78/77 – mechanical engineer
CAT percentile -99.51 (94.4/98.66/99.46)
4 months work ex

PI was on Microsoft teams. Glitches all around .
Hello sir am i audible and visible ? ( A bit confused kyuki screen freeze ho raha tha and the buttons not working)
Fortunately they said

M1 – Yes pavan. you are audible. our video is off
( I decided to leave the laptop alone )

Me – Ok sir

M1 – Introduce yourself

Me -Live in pune
Family background and business
F1 interest and SAE SUPRA Rank 3 and Research paper
Ppo from atlas copco

M1 – Hobbies ?

Me- F1 enthusiast
read novels
loke to watch sitcoms for leisure

M1 – What electives did you have?
Sir we had very few electives in our college. I took CFD in final year

M1- In third year ?
No sir. unfortunately our college changed the portion for my batch and we didn’t have electives.

M1- Why industrial management ?
Me-Told about interest in management with was developed through various participation and through reading a few books. The goal etc.

M1- What operations subject did you have ?
Me- None. Cuz we didn’t have any electives.

M1- Not even production planning ?
Me – No sir there was a small part of it in Manufacturing technology. There was introduction to six sigma basics.

M1- Asked about “D. ” i had no idea what that was
Me – i dont know that

M1 – You know six sigma right ?
Me – Just the basics

M1 – Ok tell me what you know about six sigma?
Went on a monologue about six sigma

Over to M2
M2- Difference between shaper nd planer ?
Said something and i know it wasn’t right

M2- Are you sure. theres a more basic difference.
Me- I don’t remember that

M2- Ok your favourite subjects ?
Me- FEA, RAC, Manufacturing Technology

M1 again
M1 – What kind of novels or books do you read ?
Me – Mostly thriller novels but i like to mix it up with a few non fiction too

M1- What non fiction di you read last ?
Me- Gandhi before India , Ramchandra Guha and told a bit about that

M1 – Are there more books in series ?
Me – Yes sir there is India after Gandhi and Modern leaders of india.

M1- What are your long term goals ?
Me- Told that i want to learn and apply that in the industrial management field.

M1 – Dont you want to lead a company or a business of your own
Me- I would definitely like that but first i want to explore all the opportunities and then take a decision about the bigger picture.

M2 again
M2 – What quality is required as a manager ?
Started explaining

M2- Explain precisely we have limited time
Me- Yes sir the most important quality is embracing criticism. If we dont take feedback we might drive the company down the road. etc.

M2- Ok pavan you can leave now
Thankyou Sir

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 20:

7th april
10th,12th,UG – 96,93,75

1. Introduce yourself

2. why mba after chem engg, why operations

3. discussion on final year project

4. what is life cycle analysis( from project)

5. what tools did u use for simulation

6.  what other calls do u have

7. would u still prefer nitie over them?

8. opinion on govt policy towards chemical industry during pandemic

9. view on petroleum prices and etc

10. asked about analytics in chem engg

11. how did digital payments , help create databases and how this data helps in optimizing supply chains especially during pandemic( stuff like bigbasket, amazon , fipola etc )

Cool interview

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 21:

CAT 99.21
Mechanical engineer with workex in IT – TCS – 41 months
Kolkata – Hometown
2 panelists –
P1: Prof Shankar Murty
P2: Dr Priyanka

P1: Please introduce yourself? Please elaborate on your workex? What did you do in your final year project? Did they implement the changes that you recommended?

P2: Have you heard about ISO 14001? What is PDCA cycle? What subjects did you studied in Mechanical?
– I said Operations Research and Industrial Engineering and Management

P2: What is forecasting and its types? What is MAD and MAPE? What is regression? Give an example? What is y,x,a,b in the regression equation? What is AI and ML? Difference between AI and ML with example?

Time: ~15 min

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 22:

Panel 11
CSE Gem fresher
Both male professors

1. Introduce yourself

2. are u placed and in which company?

3. Tell me about your final year project

4. difference between AI, Ml and deep learning with their applications.

5. which specialization do you want to do your mba in ?

6. difference between the operations of pharmaceutical vs automotive vs fresh produce industries.

It lasted for about 15 mins

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 23:

8th April
2 male panelist
M1: okay so where are you from

M1: cat percentile?

M1: tell me something about yourself

M1: so you work at CTS what exactly do you do

M1: okay so which course have you applied for?

M1: what are your expectations after IM course

M1: do you want to switch industry or stay in the one you are currently in
Me: said I would prefer to stay but given good opportunity can change

M1: how do you define good opportunity? Jyada paisa?
Everyone started laughing

M1: okay what is your team size

M1: where are you in the hierarchy?

M1: name 3 women CEO

M1: who is arundhati bhattarchya

M1: ( asked another person whose name I can’t recall and didn’t even know)

M1: okay I’m good over to you sir.

M2: okay what does your name mean?
Me : told to collect

M2: so what do you collect?
Me: nothing sir!

M2: that’s unfair! Okay so what do you do in office

M2: so you are in AIML part? Surely you would love to continue in analytics later on as well
Me: yes told few stuff

M2: tell me about some tools you worked in

M2: okay so you are trained in python can you tell some packages

M2: okay you have won Olympiad I assume you are good in mathematics
Me: I’m ok sir.

M2: okay what is step function
Me: can I explain graphically?

M2: sure
Me: drew and drived functionally too

M2: okay what is Fibonacci numbers
Me: wrote

M2: can you draw graphically?
Me: drew

M2: good.. correct.. how many months experience you have?

M2: I’m good.

M1: which other calls you have?
Me: told

M1: we are good, thank you for joining.

It was a smooth interview. Around 12-15 mins

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 24:

CSE Engineer

1)Tell me about yourself

2)What are your achievements

3)Explain about your work experience

4)Since you’re a computer science engineer you must be good at logic( I said yes)

5) what is logic? ()( Stumbled but answered)

6)What are graphs

7)Computational graphs as well as normal graphs

8)How do computational graphs work(stumbled a bit)

9)How do we represent a process in terms of a graph?

10) what is tautology(couldn’t answer)

11)why MBA? What inspired you?

12)what are your short term goals?

13)what are your favourite subjects?(answered DBMS)

14)what are normal forms?

15) what are it’s advantages and disadvantages?

16) what is the difference between join and union?

Again M
17) What are your hobbies? ( Answered movies and football)

18) Who is your favourite football player?

19) What is the last match you saw and who scored in it?

Thank you all the best we are done.

Chill interview

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 25:

Mech Engineer

1)Tell me about yourself

2)What poems did you write

3)Explain title of the poem

4) Can you buy love?

5) what types of maintenance are there

6) whats your final year

7) subjects in engineering

8) what is operations research

1) do you know programming languages

2)write a program to find factorial

3) what are your strengths and weaknesses ( cross questions)

Thank you all the best we are done.

Chill interview

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 26:

GEM 98.45 89/81/76
Workex in Product management

1. Tell us about your work profile?

2. Is automation good in cctv industry

3. How is voice recognition used in Production floors.
Answered can be used to give an alert and when we start using safety stock apart from that used machines with basic commands like lift, up,down etc

4. So you think voice recognition is beneicial in Production
I said alone voice recognition can be prone to misuse if along with voice recognition we are using another authentication like face recognition to remove the treat caused if someone records the voice it can be benificial

5. What are other methods of pricing?
Answered but with fumbles

6. What is marginal Cost?
I said I was not able to recall

7. Why MBA?

8. Total volume of Transaction through UPI
I said I don’t know the exact no but phone pay leads the list

8. What advantage does Vadodara have as compared to Ahmedabad and Surat and does it have any?
I said it is catching up talked about GIFT city in Gandhinagar and GIDC concept in Vadodara. Then whether these were helpful to my industry of work or not.

End. 10 min total

NITIE Mumbai PI Experience 27:

Fresher Civil Eng.

1. Project management

2. Pert cpm

3. Cross questions of cpm

4. Time uncertainty

5. Electives in college

6. Final year project and cross questions

7. Environmental assessment – how it’s done

8. Why civil engineering?

9. Why civil is not advancing

10. What is carbon credit

11. What is inflation and how to measure it

12. What is docomo in TATA Docomo

13. Market share of jio?

14. What is hero honda

15. Who has market share higher among the 2 now?

16. Hobbies?

17. Some static gk from indian football scenario.

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