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NMAT Exam: How to prepare for NMAT Quants
May 04 2024

How to start preparing for NMAT Quants? What should be the strategy?

Quant preparation of NMAT involves a proper strategy and this three-step process helps you to prepare for each topic in a systematic way. For each topic under quants, this process will help in understanding the basics and escalate oneself to benchmark NMAT questions. Learning the basics is a vital part along with the proper amount of drill. NMAT is an exhaustive exam that requires an automatic way of solving to cater the time crunch so it is very important to work with a variety of sums to get a grip of the topic before moving to NMAT level sums. The three distinct steps involved are Learning, Drill/Practice, and NMAT level Questions by going back to basics.


One can become a pro in quants by emphasizing on understanding the basics. Is it really tough to understand math or are my basics weak? Where am I going wrong in my math prep? When there are 1000’s of videos that give an idea on how to prepare for Quants, this one unfolds things that one must avoid during Quant Preparation. Watch the video below to make quants simpler!

How to prepare for Arithmetic in NMAT Quants?

Arithmetic plays a crucial role in Quant preparation and a kick-starter. A major portion of Arithmetic compliments the Data Interpretation preparation. Arithmetic Topics include Percentages, Profit and Loss, SI & CI, Ratios, Mixtures, Averages, Speed, Time, Distance, Races, Pipes Cisterns & Time work. The sequencing of arithmetic topics makes life simpler as its concepts are built over the other, for example, Simple interest is a percentage increase and compound interest is a successive percentage increase this is the way one should start looking at arithmetic topics. Learning Arithmetic topics conceptually is vital, watch the video on the left to learn how arithmetic works.

How to prepare for Number Systems NMAT Quants?

Number Systems is a vast topic and contributes around 1-3 questions in. There is a range of topics under Number Systems - Factors and Multiples, HCF and LCM, Factorials, Base Systems, Remainders, and Miscellaneous topics. Number theory is a topic in which one needs to understand the basics: Factors, Multiples, etc and there are no specific solving techniques, tips, and shortcuts required. Know all the rules and practice enough questions. To know how to start learning number theory watch the video below!

How to prepare for Algebra?

Algebra is the second most vital topic following Arithmetic. Preparing for Algebra involves getting accustomed to working with variables, the x’s y’s, etc. The topics under Algebra are Linear & Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, Functions, Progressions, Algebraic Expressions to Polynomials. Algebra is an interesting topic that should be prepared with fun, however, students get stuck in between asking themselves how should I start my preparation with Algebra. Let's break the ice and make Algebra learning real fun, Watch the video on the right to know how to start Algebra.

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How to prepare for Modern Maths?

You will observe that Modern Maths has been the favorite topic of the NMAT exam. In the NMAT by GMAC Official mock, a lot of questions were seen from the Modern Maths section. it is not something that you can ignore Typically you get 5-6% of the NMAT paper or 15-18% of the Quantitative Aptitude portion from Modern Maths. More often than not, the questions are based on basic concepts and their applications. Rarely you get a question which is based on a formula that a class 10th student would not know. A lot of students spend a lot of time mugging up fancy formulae. It would be much better for them if they just knew the basic concepts of permutation and combination like nCr and nPr. The topics and chapters which are covered in the Modern Maths syllabus for NMAT exam are as follows:

  • Set Theory
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Sequence and Series

What books to refer to for NMAT Quants?

Following is the list of Generic books that are recommended for the Quantitative ability section that is helpful for all the MBA entrance exams:

  • NMAT Official guide
  • Arun Sharma- How to prepare for Quantitative Ability for CAT
  • RS Aggarwal- Quantitative Ability
  • Quantitative Ability for CAT by Nitish Sharma

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