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NMAT : NMAT by GMAC Official New Paper Pattern Mock Analysis by NMAT Toppers
April 30 2024

NMAT - NMAT by GMAC official mock Analysis by NMAT Topper: Difficulty level and Topics for NMAT exam 

NMAT by GMAC's first official mock has been launched. So people who have do not have an idea yet about how the paper is different NMAT has changed the pattern completely. So read ahead to discover more about the official mock analysis so that we get an idea about what are the kind of questions coming in and what should be your target scores.

You should go ahead and practice these mocks so that further you can prepare for your entire exam thoroughly. Read further to get detailed insights on the analysis of the NMAT by GMAC official mock Analysis by NMAT Topper.

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Summary of the new paper pattern of NMAT by GMAC official mock as per Analysis by NMAT Topper:

You have a total of 108 questions divided into three sections: Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation (36 questions), Logical Reasoning (36 questions), and Verbal Ability (36 questions). Each section carries equal weightage. Here's the time allocation for each section:

  • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation (QA/DI): 52 minutes
  • Logical Reasoning (LR): 40 minutes
  • Verbal Ability: 28 minutes


New scoring system:

Another interesting fact is that you will get your scaled scores within 48 hours of the exam so you don't have to worry about the window normalization, when will you get your scores and face anxiety of those things. That's not required. You will get the scores in a range that is similar to GMAT because the entire exam is now adaptive exactly like how GMAT used to be.

Why should you attempt the official NMAT by GMAC mock?

The official NMAT by GMAC mock or the cat king free mock - you should give any one of these mocks get an idea about the kind of questions that are coming in and to get insights about each section as to what kind of questions came and how many questions were present from each of the modules. The best perspective or the best idea you can get from is the NMAT by GMAC official mock because it is GMAC which is the official exam conducting body for the NMAT. GMAC is the exam conducting body for GMAT as well.

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Individual section-wise analysis for NMAT by GMAC official mock:

Observation in the Quantitative Ability section in the NMAT by GMAC official mock:

The quants section of the NMAT exam mock the bifurcation was - 36 questions 52 minutes. If we look at each individual area one very big important change which you should keep in mind is there is no geometry. It was noticed that there were absolutely no geometry questions so that is something which is a very big change that NMAT is coming up with this year. Apart from that, you will see an increase in the number of questions coming from modern maths.

  • Total Questions: 36
  • Mathematics Questions: 20
    • Data Interpretation (DI) and Data Sufficiency: 16
      • Caselets-based questions
      • Bar graph questions
      • DI tables-based questions
      • Pie chart tables
    • Data Sufficiency: 4-5
  • Other Topics:
    • No Geometry questions
    • Increase in questions from Modern Mathematics

These 20 questions are divided into three - that is number properties which is the remainder theorem number system kind of questions. Arithmetic was a major chunk. Out of the 20, more than 40 to 50% was arithmetic based questions.

Arithmetic consists of:

  • percentages
  • averages
  • ratios
  • simple compound interest
  • profit loss
  • time and work
  • time speed and distance
  • mixtures and allegations

Earlier there used to be one question from modern maths - PnC, probability. But in the official mock there were six questions from Modern Maths. Now you have to give a lot of weightage to all of these topics so you can not leave it out into option.

Because at the end of the day there is sectional cut off also for NMAT that you have to clear. Another major observation was that in the quants section, number properties and arithmetic based questions were easy to moderate. But from modern Maths questions were on the moderate to difficult side.

Data interpretation was observed to be moderate to difficult level. That means NMAT lives by the fact that DI should be more calculation intensive.


Focus on quants' all topics equally and do study modern maths because it will be easy to score if you know your concepts.

Ideal attempting the quants section: Ideally you should attempt all 36 questions.

You have to keep on moving ahead. The strategy you need to adapt to make sure you clear the NMAT all sectional cutoffs is to learn to move on. This simply means if in 30 seconds to 60 seconds you're not able to solve a particular question, you have to mark something and move ahead.

Marking randomly is as good as a negative marking question because it's an adaptive test. So mark and go ahead and don't leave the questions blank because it's going to be considered the same thing even if you do it wrong or if you don't attempt.

Observation in the Verbal Ability section in the NMAT official mock:

  • Total Questions: 36
  • Time Allotted: 28 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension (RC): 3 sets
    • Factual & Inference-based questions
    • Vocabulary-based questions (word meaning or meaning of phrases)
  • Other Question Types:
    • Para forming / para jumbles / para construction

There were also some grammar-based questions which are error identification and prepositions. Prepositions are coming in the form of fill in the blanks. Also, you have sentence completion which was easy. Analogies are again based on vocabulary.


Overall this section was easy only para jumbles was something which was on the tougher side. Rest verbal was not a challenge for the first mock test.

Observation in the Reasoning section in the NMAT official mock:

In the reasoning section, people who gave NMAT last year would know that verbal reasoning had seen a spike in the weightage last year and that still stays though the number of questions is reduced the total number of verbal reasoning questions is still fixed at 15 which is a huge chunk and all of them were moderate. They were not very easy because you need to build a practice for them.

This is something which is one of the most neglected sections because verbal reasoning does not come in CAT.  So the most important in your preparation phase is the verbal section because verbal reasoning(critical reasoning) and verbal together invariably are the same concept it's going to have the same ideology and structure to be thought of.

Importance of focusing on verbal in NMAT by GMAC 

Verbal Section:

  • Total Questions: 51
  • Time Allotted: Less than 60 seconds per question

Verbal Reasoning:

  • Total Questions: 15
  • Question Types:
    • Statement and Conclusion
    • Assumption
    • Course of Action
    • Inference-based questions
    • Critical Reasoning (GMAT-style)
      • Strengthening and weakening the argument
  • Equal Distribution: Each type of question has an equal distribution in the official mock.

Other Reasoning:

  • Reduction in Weightage:
    • Syllogism
    • Venn diagrams
    • Set theory
    • Directions
    • Blood relations
    • Ranking
    • Mathematical operations
    • Number series

Additional Question Types:

  • Analytical Puzzles: Expected
  • Input-Output: Expected
    • Expected Sets:
      • 2 puzzles
      • 1 input-output set, based on previous year's analysis.


The level of difficulty would be varying for people based on your preparation and your strengths. The level of difficulty as compared to the previous years of NMAT papers. This mock is a general perspective. But the most important thing for you to understand is the distribution of questions coming in from various sections, various topics because that is something which is very essential when you start preparing for any competitive exam or for any exam for that matter.

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