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O P Jindal Global University Interview Experiences
May 16 2024

About O P Jindal Global University

O P Jindal Global University offers a multidisciplinary global business education to foster academic excellence through industry partnerships and global collaborations. JGBS seeks to make an impact through its various degree programs, executive education, research, and consulting. It promotes global courses and curriculum, global research and collaborations, and global programs and interaction through a global faculty. JGBS ranked at 52nd position in the list of top 100 by Business Today in India’s Best B-School and ranked 77 out of 284 colleges. JGBS offers MBA, BBA (Hons.), Integrated BBA+MBA and Ph.D. The B-School has an experienced 70+ faculty members from universities like IIMs, IITs, XLRI, ISB, Oxford, and Harvard.

O P Jindal Global University Interview Experiences

In this article, we will consolidate all the Personal Interview Experiences at O P Jindal Global University. Apply Now to O. P. Jindal Global University

Shreyas Krishnan

It is so hard to believe that almost a year is over since I attend my interview at JGU for MBA. I am Shreyas Krishnan currently pursuing an MBA (1st year) at Jindal Global University (Jindal Global Business School). I was interviewed by Prof.  Mr. Tejpavan Gandhok (JGBS) and Prof. Mr. VN Mohan, Additional Director (OCS) through a skype call. It was a great experience talking to these experienced faculty of the University. I initially thought that this interview was going to be more of technical stuff. But it was a very casual interview. The interview panel made me feel very comfortable and got a feeling that I was a part of JGU even before the interview results were declared. The members of the admissions outreach team, Mr. Vikram Singh Tomar, Director of Admissions Outreach, and Mrs. Kalpana Dahiya, Admissions Outreach too played a major role. Their swift response to all my queries is much appreciated. I thank each and everyone involved in this process and I also thank the faculties who interviewed me. Looking forward to meeting you all and learning more from the best brains of our country on campus this February 2022. Thank you and Stay Safe.

Mudhita Nagpal, a student of JGBS MBA 21 Batch

When I got to know that the first semester of the course is going to be online, I was devastated but now that I’m almost through it, I’d like to mention that it has been the most enriching & fulfilling experience of my life. There was ample opportunity to learn & the exposure to extracurricular activities has been limitless. Talking about my college interview, it was another fun experience. I was interviewed by two esteemed college professors & my interview lasted for about 30 minutes. I was certainly very nervous initially but 2 minutes into it & I was extremely comfortable. The professors asked me questions that covered various aspects of my life.

They gave me real-life situations & asked me how I’d deal with them. Unlike most college interviews I appeared for, this one was more focused on my personality & understanding than anything else. I was given a lot of time to talk about my views about life in general. I spoke about everything from my grades, achievements to hobbies & interests. The professors made me so comfortable & brought the best out of me. I was tested on my business knowledge & skill set. At the end of the interview, I asked the professors for feedback & I was amazingly surprised to know that they were able to see the real side of me & in fact when I think about it, the half an hour was more of an enriching conversation. It was anything but scary or intimidating which was the case with other college interviews.

I’d like to mention that I got selected in all the B school interviews I appeared for, but what drew me to JGBS is its focus on the overall development along with its pedagogy which focuses on business knowledge & soft skills similar to the Harvard Business School. With its excellent faculty & focus on global education, I am thrilled to say that I’m grateful to study at this prestigious University.

Devyani Gupta - MBA 2021

Giving an interview is always a big challenge for us since we know we are being evaluated for who we are. I have been through a lot of interviews for different MBA colleges throughout India and couldn’t stand the fact that people are just looking for our skills and experience since our graduation and not many questions about who we are and what made us perfect in our skills, which reminds me of my interview with Jindal Global Business School, where I am currently pursuing my MBA. I was excited by the fact that the number of personality questions they asked which actually let me describe my enhancement of learning throughout the three years of my college life and the job experience I gained.

 The part where I was able to bring out my true self was that I was not only being asked about the job experience I had but also about what competencies I saw in myself after my graduation in BBA. My knowledge and experience made sense because I was able to answer the questions like who I am and what made me like that, what business outlook perspective I had when I was entering MBA, and what made me think I should go in for it.

Otherwise, I have got questions, from some other colleges, like “Why do you think we should select you for MBA in our University?” or “Why 1 year of the job, why not 2-3 years”, such questions make an individual unsure and hence, create confusion about oneself? I am very happy with the amount of friendliness that the JGBS faculty shared while taking my interview, which helped me get in my comfort zone and speak about myself."

Shaina Madan

The difference which I saw among Jindal and other colleges was apart from Jindal nobody cared about extracurricular,  I was never asked about it when I gave Interviews at VIPS or Jaipuria. Plus it was covid time, the spread was low but still, they called for a face2face interview unlike Jindal, and finally, they wasted so much time, taking so many tests and eventually selecting all who came for the interview. Moreover,  at Jindal the interview wasn't don't by professors like everywhere else, it was done by Mr. Vikram and VN Mohan, two of the very important people which just shows that they care about every student they select by letting important people decide who gets in.

Rishabh K Sehgal

The moment I saw the campus of O P Jindal university I knew it was different from the rest. The university overall in the way of its education, its pattern for education is completely different from the studies of other universities. The study approach is more practical and is made for the student to use in real life. I similarly experienced this concept while I was sitting for the entrance interview for my undergraduate course (BBA) as well as for my entrance interview for my Postgraduate course (MBA). Both times I experienced completely practical thought of questions whereas I prepared for completely theoretical questions.

While I was preparing for my interview for my BBA I prepared more theory questions from my high school commerce textbooks, whereas I was asked questions related to my professions working such as me being a finance student I was asked about investments in the stock market and the reason behind, I was asked questions related hypothetical cases, etc. I had a similar experience while I sat for my MBA interview I was asked questions relating to making portfolios for hypothetical clients and solving tax problems for hypothetical clients whereas I prepared definitions from the textbooks.

I have been giving various interviews nationally and internationally I can say that the interview questions completely stood out to what other interviewers asked me. Me being alumni can easily state that I have benefited a lot from what I have been taught during the three years of my undergraduate course I have used to in day-to-day life and while I was working as an intern in various organizations such as Kotak securities and J M Financials. I have noticed a couple of times that while working in offices I stand out with what I have been taught and the way I have been taught by the university.  

Anisha Mukhija

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