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Privatization of Public Sector in India
October 20 2023

June 2017: Union Cabinet approved the recommendation of NITI Aayog to privatize government-owned ‘Air-India’.


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  • The debt burden will be reduced.
  • Increased competition and hence the quality of services will be improved.


  • Unions are arguing that privatization will lead to job losses for those who fall in the reserved categories as the private sector does not follow the reservation policy.
  • Air India has to clear the salaries of staff, privatization will create uncertainties


Privatization of Indian Railway

  • July 2020: India Railways invited private companies to run 151 passenger trains on 109 routes. It was announced that private trains will start from April 2023.

India’s 1st private train is Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express (inaugurated in October 2019). CAT online courses and mocks


  • World-class trains with better facilities
  • Lesser transit time
  • More safety and security
  • Competitive spirit and can bring more facilities at affordable rates.

Challenges to privatization

  • Privatization can deepen the already existing inequality between rich and poor.
  • With the use of modern technologies, many jobs can become redundant.
  • It’s the government’s duty to modify the fees and make the adventure in them


  • Corruption is not dependent on whether it is private or public; it is entirely dependent on the mentality of the individual. However, privatization can help to curb corruption to some extent.
  • Government should lay more emphasis on welfare schemes contributing to the social development of the society. Government has the power to impose restrictions on rates, if the prices due to privatization, soar high to unprecedented levels.
  • Privatization definitely leads to job losses to some extent, but if the government is unable to run the entity and if the entity sinks, then it would lead to 100% job losses. If enough jobs are being created in some other sector, then job loss won’t be a major issue.

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Anisha Mukhija

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